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There’s no doubt about it—the internet has changed everything. As technology advances every day, consumers are demanding better experiences across devices, applications, content delivery networks, websites, operating systems, apps, hardware, software, and connectivity standards. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, desktops, TVs, gaming consoles, cameras, and IoT products, people expect to be able to connect anywhere, anytime, and experience great things.
But while this evolution is exciting, it creates some unique issues related to cybercrime. In particular, hackers are constantly changing tactics to find and exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access or cause damage to computers, servers, mobile phones, and other connected electronic devices. Hackers can target individuals, companies, governments, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, financial firms, healthcare providers, utilities, retailers, manufacturers, transportation carriers, energy suppliers, communications service providers, cloud hosting providers, or virtually anything else connected via the Internet. As they continue to innovate and evolve, criminals will increasingly use advanced methods to bypass traditional cybersecurity solutions.
In addition, many modern technologies provide convenient but potentially risky ways to interact with each other. For example, consumers who install their own routers, Wi Fi hotspots, and wireless speakers and headphones can unwittingly enable remote attackers to take advantage of these devices. These threats could include malicious or self-propagating programs, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, spyware, worms, Trojans, adware, rootkits, viruses, denial of service attacks, distributed denial of service attacks, botnet command and control, man-in-the browser exploits, click fraud, account takeover attempts, session fixation attempts, fake accounts creation, spam campaigns, spearphishing email messages, business emails compromise, credential stuffing, spoofing IP addresses, DNS poisoning, DDoS attacks, port scans, brute force hacking attempts, cross network requests, information scraping, website defacements, data exfiltration, network sniffer/sniffing attacks, network mapping attacks, port scanning tools misuse, web bugs, keyloggers, webcam spying, and various forms of identity theft. All of these risks must be considered and managed carefully because they pose significant security threats against both individual and corporate customers.

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When thinking about installing a security system outside of the house we often hear things like “I just want to be able to see my kids playing around. I will use that footage for evidence purposes” and/or “my wife keeps forgetting she told me to take down those dead branches hanging from the tree limbs every day so they won’t fall during storms”. These statements are common among homeowners who live on rural properties without nearby neighbors and want to monitor their property lines. So why would anyone install a home / office surveillance system after hearing these comments? First, it makes sense if you aren’t interested in seeing what’s happening inside your residence. A home owner who lives several miles away could simply watch what his family does via web stream; however, having some form of visual proof shows accountability and helps avoid problems. Also, monitoring certain rooms of your residence gives peace of mind especially in emergency situations because knowing someone is watching over you might prevent burglary attempts.
Another common reason people purchase surveillance systems is wanting to protect themselves against potential insurance fraud claims. For example, say a friend calls them up asking for help getting her elderly parents locked in a nursing facility. When the call arrives, he quickly checks the phone records and discovers dozens of texts indicating suspicious activity involving medical billing codes. He immediately tells the police and then reports the claim to their insurer. They request copies of text messages for further investigation since this type of crime tends to involve older cell phones that lack the ability to store large files. If those texts had never made it onto the cloud storage device, the entire case wouldn’t hold water.
Yet another purpose for installing video surveillance cameras is to increase their productivity. Some business owners report increased profitability due to the high level of visibility provided through a comprehensive security system. Additionally, by capturing images at regular intervals it saves employees valuable time & energy. Plus, many companies offer benefits that include discounts for paying extra visits to doctor offices or providing additional vacation days for employees who regularly work longer hours than average.
So whether you’re concerned for safety, protection against fraudulent insurance claims, or to improve productivity, if you’d really love to protect yourself consider investing in the best Kitsilano Surveillance Camera System available today.

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There will be no shortage of ways in which people keep watch over their homes, workplaces & commercial properties; whether they prefer video streaming technology, network cameras or discreet sensors that record audio/visual activity.
In addition to this choice though, another growing trend is to install multiple devices across different areas which are often referred to as “home automation.” And like many other modern conveniences, installing these systems could become easier than ever thanks to software developments and affordable hardware solutions…
What Is the Ideal Size Of Your Camera System Installation? Most residential installations usually consist of 2–3 outdoor units connected via standard coaxial cable to a single indoor unit. For larger setups, several outdoor units plus additional indoor cameras can be used. However, larger numbers of indoor units can cause reliability issues as power supplies, networking equipment, and hard drives get crowded in tight quarters. Another problem with high density deployments is that most systems lack remote monitoring capabilities—a common feature among industrial surveillance products. If you’re considering expanding beyond just a few cameras for your setup, consider adding some sort of remote management device. These devices allow you to remotely view cameras live through IP addresses rather than relying on manual adjustments made locally. When it comes to choosing specific models of camera system components, a good rule of thumb is that every square foot of wall space should support at least 1 sensor per 3 ft2(1 sq m). This ratio ensures that each area receives adequate coverage while keeping the overall footprint small enough to prevent interference with surrounding fixtures and furniture or being blocked by curtains. You’ll notice that this same guideline applies to both analog CCTV and newer HD camera technologies. A similar ratio, but expressed as a fraction instead of a decimal point, can help determine the ideal size of your kit. One hundred feet equals 1⁄100thof a mile. So as long as 100ft(or 10 yards) of wall space supports approximately 1 indoor unit per 30yds of perimeter, then you’re ready. As for the distance covered by individual cameras, generally speaking the farther away something appears in relation to where the lens is fixed onto the sensor, the better resolution you’ll see.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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This post will go through some common questions people tend to ask us regarding security cameras. We’ve made this guide specifically designed for homeowners who wish to purchase security systems for their homes. If you’re planning to install security cameras for business purposes, please refer to our professional installer’s article.
What should I consider when selecting my first home security system kit?
1. Is your property located along water lines? Do you anticipate flooding issues? A good rule of thumb would be having flood insurance coverage available for every family member living onsite. Check with your homeowner’s policy to find out how much protection covers against floods. Also, check with your water utility if they offer discounts for flood damage mitigation programs. Having flood insurance gives you added peace of mind and saves additional cost to cover damages caused by rising waters.
2. Does the location include hazardous material zones? Certain areas like oil rigs and chemical plants and military bases often come with heightened radiation and potential health hazards. Findings from studies conducted by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration show that children, pregnant women, older adults, babies, pets and people living near these locations are most susceptible to developing cancers associated with exposure to radioactivity. It is wise to research these types of dangers that surround many properties today and seek ways to protect yourself during emergencies. For example, you could take advantage of special policies offered by the government that provide funding assistance for those affected due to acts of terrorism or natural disasters and help pay for repairs to buildings damaged by floods or other storms.
3. Will you use remote viewing capabilities? Remote surveillance lets you monitor activity in multiple rooms simultaneously including inside your house without physically being present in any of them. Our video doorbell and motion sensor options allow you see who is outside of the front door as well as receive notifications when visitors arrive remotely via text message, email or phone call. Some models feature voice recognition allowing you to verbally communicate with guests who ring the bell instead of answering the door manually. These functions also work in combination with our connected garage doors to keep unwanted individuals out while letting authorized personnel enter the premises safely and easily.

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In this article I will show you why the most popular security cameras should be installed in Kitimat homes or offices. Here’s my top five recommendations for the best security cameras:
5th Generation IP Camera
Cameras like these work well because they use image sensors instead of traditional video chips which means no noise reduction software required when viewing images from them and a wider range of lighting conditions to view under. They have higher resolution than older models and provide better night vision than those that only record black and white videos.
Flexible WiFi Connection
Most modern cameras come equipped with Wi-Fi networking capabilities. For example, Netgear offers a model called the “Home Hub Pro WN3000RP Wireless N300 Range Extender Router” which includes 2 x 3G/4G LTE Modems (2x1GB RAM), USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet port, 802.11ac wireless support, PoE function and other handy network connection options. Most manufacturers offer similar products including Amazon Firestick Connected 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Stick with Built-In Alexa Voice Control, Samsung Wireless Soundbar SMHW8030, Xiaomi Mi Band2 Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Headphones and many others. Some models include built-in speakers while some require external speakers connected via speaker cables. These devices allow you to stream content through a wired link, or connect wirelessly to the Internet.
Remote Access & Viewing Options
Depending upon the specific device, remote control will usually be available through the manufacturer’s website along with instructions on how to install additional apps that would enable you to remotely monitor and adjust settings. Many times, the customer service team might even assist with troubleshooting issues remotely without requiring you to get back to your office or home. If a device supports cloud storage then your video files could easily be accessed across multiple devices. Other security cameras also offer smartphone compatible apps and mobile applications for iOS or Android phones allowing you to remotely see what’s going on around your property.

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Kitimat is where I grew up and I love living back here but I always feel like I am behind on technology. As my family and I move around from town to another, I find myself wishing I had internet at every house/apartment, something which Kitimat does not provide.
This article gives us some idea why this should be changed. The world of IoT devices has exploded since 2017 when Amazon Echo was released. Since then we’ve seen countless connected speakers, lighting systems, thermostats, doorbells, video cameras, alarm companies, smoke detectors, air quality sensors. All of these items need constant updates, monitoring, maintenance, support, and repair. And most importantly, they’re expensive.
When people are moving away from traditional landlines because of rising costs, they often forget that having reliable telephone service isn’t only about getting calls made through them anymore. Today’s customers care about call quality, reliability, affordability, customer experience, convenience, and privacy. They expect their phone system to be intuitive and convenient without being complicated to use. So to get ahead in this market you’ll need to offer more than just phones. Your business needs to be able to meet today’s modern consumer demands.
In this case study we will take you step by step through the complete installation of a secure cam with no wires and minimal fuss. We will discuss all aspects of this project including hardware requirements, software configuration and troubleshooting steps so that you could install your own secure camera network yourself in the future or help someone else with theirs.

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When picking out a security system it should be thought through thoroughly; choosing cameras that will actually work with your existing cameras is a crucial consideration. Our top picks include some which use Wi-Fi but these tend to cost extra and they won’t offer video streaming unless you pay for another service like Canary who does this natively. We’ve also picked out two models with no internet connection required as well as those that aren’t IP addressable and offer remote monitoring only. Some of them support nightvision while others record footage in black & white only, but these are generally less expensive than ones designed around recording nighttime footage. Read more below in our guide.
Best All Rounder: Nest Cam Outdoor – $149 USD ($129 CAD / £99 GBP – see link)
If you can get past the slightly cheesy design, then Nest’s outdoor model offers a lot of value for money without costing loads. It includes everything you’d expect in a basic setup including motion detection plus cloud storage for both day/night clips and recorded events via Nest Aware. For example, you’ll automatically receive email alerts whenever movement is detected in addition to audio alerts, text notifications and photos taken during certain events. You’re able to view live streams and saved recordings either remotely or via mobile apps available across iOS and Android devices. If you want something a little fancier, check out our pick from Canary.

We recommend checking availability locally before buying in store. Please note: Nest Cam Pro requires a separate subscription called Nest Aware, which costs monthly fees depending upon whether you want just 1 hour per week of 24/7 HD recording, 7 days’ worth of 2hr high definition videos or the whole 9 months of 720p high resolution files. As long as you subscribe to Nest Aware, there’s no additional charge whatsoever for the Nest Cam Outdoor.
Nest Aware is part of the package for Nest Cam indoor products while both items from Nest Cam are separately priced under Nest Aware

What Is Internet Of Things? Why Do I Need An IoT System At My Business Or Residence?
IoT Solutions And Their Advantages:
Internet Of Things technology has given birth to numerous solutions for people to enjoy daily life easier.

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3.-Camera types you should consider: Wired IP/Zigbee / WiFi DVR cameras; Wireless Networked Video Doorbells / Alarm systems; Audio video interconnecting system, wireless home audio speakers; Motion activated light switches; Smart door locks; Smoke alarms.
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5.Security Camera types and brands to consider for Kitsilano homes.
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