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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Lakeshore

If you are thinking of putting cameras around your house this is for you.
In 2019 we introduced 3 exciting models, 2 indoor cams, 1 outdoor cam, which gives us 5 different cameras models total. If you are interested in learning more visit We will be launching another new model next week!! Stay tuned…
We recommend installing these cameras outside in areas like near swimming pools, patios, car ports, walkways etc. They work great indoors but outdoors they get wet & dirty quickly.
Here’s my favorite one. I chose this one because it offers both night vision & thermal imaging.
Now lets talk about prices….
This system costs $699 plus shipping and handling so around $850 bucks.
But remember to factor in this..
$50 per cam. So you could end up spending almost double just buying them yourself. At Secure Cam we only charge $10-$15 dollars for each camera install, making the cost come down to less than half of that price tag.
For example, If you put 10 of these inside your garage door then you would spend more than $500 just getting everything installed. But if you just pay us for each cam we install then you’d save lots of dough, especially if your home gets broken into multiple times during the years. Our average install takes less than 20 minutes.
And as always..
If you purchase through this link you’ll support me while saving 50%+ on the install. Thanks, friend 🙂
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Lakeshore Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

If you’re looking for the latest, most advanced technology available today — check out these top 5 cameras listed below; they cover many different price points and provide excellent performance across multiple use cases. Some even come equipped with night-vision capability. We recommend taking advantage of this trend early!
1. Nest Cam Outdoor
This sleek, stylish little device will appeal to both aesthetically minded homeowners who enjoy keeping things minimalistic. For $130 per year, it offers 2160 x 1080 resolution video captured 24/7 with no subscription required. Plus, it takes only 30 seconds to install via Wi-Fi connection thanks to its built-in remote viewing function.
2. Ring Alarm Camera HD WiFi
Ring was founded with no intention of becoming an alarm monitoring service—just like the way Amazon started selling books without trying to become an eCommerce giant first. While other competitors offer similar products, few are designed specifically with homeowners in mind. At just under $200, Ring does everything you could possibly ask from an indoor video surveillance system. Not only can it be installed through smartphone apps and controlled remotely but it’s packed full of useful safety tools like motion detection and voice activation. It also happens to come ready to pair with Alexa devices in addition to being compatible with Apple HomeKit.
3. August Smart Lock Pro
August provides high quality hardware for less than half the price you’d expect from companies like ADT, Vivint, Comcast and others. Their entry level models come complete with keyless entry and customizable lighting effects, while higher end tiers include features found in competing systems like voice recognition and cloud connectivity. Add some color to those boring doors and windows with the August SmartLock doorbell cam ($100-$400), which lets people see inside your home live or record short videos from anywhere else in the world. Its battery life lasts nearly a year!
4. DSC Wireless Network Video Doorbell System WV1216WSM3KP
DSC’s wireless network video doorbell system delivers crisp images day or night, indoors or outdoors, making it ideal for detecting potential intruders in real-time or recording them after the fact.

Lakeshore Home Security Cameras Done Right

Home & Business Video Surveillance Systems (2020 Ed.): A video surveillance system consists of several components:
Cameras or sensors to detect movement. These could be cameras mounted on walls or ceilings or infrared motion detectors placed strategically around homes and offices.
Control units to view footage captured by the cameras. Control panels are typically wall or desk top mounted or integrated into home/office automation systems like Alexa / Amazon Echo /Google Assistant devices. Remotely control camera views and zoom in /out. Monitor live or recorded images via computer monitors and tablets or smartphones. Store recordings on servers for remote viewing. Play back stored files remotely through network connections to TVs, computers and mobile devices.
Network connectivity to stream live image feeds across networked locations. Connect multiple control panel units together to cover larger areas.
Data storage options including cloud recording, USB drive backups or NAS drives connected to networks. Data backup software is required along with external backup hardware. Backup schedules must be implemented into system design. Backups should run frequently to maintain optimal file integrity.
Power supply options include batteries, power lines, solar panels, generators, UPS units, or AC powered outlets / switches. Battery backup solutions provide continuous operation without electricity, but require periodic maintenance to ensure continued function.
Software applications available for both Windows OS and Apple iOS operating systems. Some manufacturers produce apps specifically designed to work with their specific control unit. Additional software tools allow users to record videos, edit audio levels, schedule recording times and monitor activity zones with geofences. More advanced applications also offer analytics reports such as total count of events logged per day; average event duration; most common type of activity detected, most active hours of day, etc.
Hardware accessories include mounting kits, hard wired connection boxes for permanent installations or battery operated wireless transmitters. Wireless transmitters eliminate the need for hard wiring, allowing remote monitoring capabilities. Most modern systems come supplied with transmitters already installed. They range depending upon size from small portable models to large fixed mount versions capable of transmitting wirelessly over long distances and covering expansive coverage areas. Transmitters transmit signals wirelessly to nearby receivers which convert radio frequencies received by them to usable electrical current to charge internal batteries used in cameras.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Lakeshore

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Lakeshore ON

We talk about the latest trends and products in Security Camera installations. We cover everything from the best way to get started to choosing the best cameras for different scenarios. Our install experts will help you find the perfect fit for your needs whether you’re installing a single camera or dozens across multiple buildings and locations around your property line. And you get FREE shipping and returns on orders shipped within Canada!
We provide an overview of some of our favourite brands including Axis, Vivint Smart home, Ring Video Doorbells & DVR Systems, Hikvision and more. We also discuss what makes each model unique and why they stand out from other options available today.
If you are interested in knowing more details on the security cameras market or just have questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask us anything via email:
For those who would like more information about us please visit
For those wanting additional information on the cameras mentioned in my video, please check out these articles below:
Axis Camera:…
Hikvision: https://www.securitycamerachannelblog.

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The Ultimate Guide to installing security cameras for Lake Shore homes and offices includes; A comprehensive guide for selecting the best outdoor HD Security Camera system. We provide detailed information on how to select the perfect camera location, size, color depth, lens type, resolution, power requirements, mounting options and many other factors that will help determine which camera solution will work best for your particular situation and needs.
We then go through step-by-step instructions on how to setup each individual camera.
Finally we take a closer look at some of today’s top monitoring software solutions and show you how they differ for both indoor and outdoor use.
In this ultimate guide you can learn everything you need to know about setting up your own home security solution. This is a must read for anyone who wants to get started on creating their next great lakeshore video surveillance adventure! If you are interested in becoming a Certified Secure Cam installer please contact us at
This is the latest edition of “the lake shore” series that goes live every summer season.
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Why SecureCam Lakeshore is right for YOU?

This was originally posted back in 2014 but I thought this post was still great enough to repost again and would be useful for those who are searching for a good quality yet affordable security camera system for lakeshores.. Here we go… First off lets talk about why having cameras installed around your property can actually save you some cash. One thing many people forget is they pay monthly maintenance fees for each alarm service whether it’s burglar alarms; fire alarm systems, home alert monitoring. So installing the same camera system across multiple sensors will help lower costs per person/household because most companies charge 1 sensor fee plus equipment rental per week regardless of the size of the house. Plus if you install the cameras yourself its cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you. We recommend getting multiple DVR monitors which record video 24/7 and store it onto SD cards which stores hundreds of hours worth of footage without charging storage space. And each unit usually only cost $120-$300 depending upon model selected. Most importantly though it helps us identify the problem first hand instead relying on a call center employee to get alerts and then respond to them after calling on a landline telephone. And finally if your lake shore area requires live streaming of events happening like weddings, parties, barbecues, holidays you should invest in a wireless N camera with NIR lightwave technology which makes it easier on our eyes due to less blue screen color interference and better image resolution due to using high ISO sensitivity settings. These types of cameras come for approx. $200-$500 retail depending on model selected. If you’re building a large property or doing something special that needs surveillance it probably isn’t cost effective for a single camera to cover your entire property.
So once you’ve got your eye on a few units it’s time to check out whats available in terms of brands and price points. Each manufacturer has different packages and types of products offered which range in price point and feature sets. Some things to note include how well the video recording lasts for example IP cameras typically have shorter battery life while Networked HDV cameras often get 2+ years use before needing replacement batteries. Another factor to consider is whether you’ll need to replace a faulty DVR or other component during warranty periods.

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Homeowners should be aware that most “home security cameras” products are actually surveillance cams disguised as home security devices. They can provide some benefit but they typically come loaded with many features consumers will find unnecessary, annoying
and/or expensive. Those who opt to invest in these systems often end up being disappointed because they aren’t really providing the level of protection they thought they purchased. That’s why I decided to research this topic further and came across the following findings. As someone living near lakes, rivers & streams my priorities include keeping an eye on my property, watching out for trespassers and monitoring wildlife around me. But beyond these basic requirements, I wanted something better than just another “surveillance cam”. Here are 3 things I found during my 7 months of researching various options:
1) Surveillance Cams Aren’t Always Useful… Some people use them to avoid getting caught doing things like petty theft (i.e. shoplifting). And while I appreciate taking steps to keep myself safe, this is NOT a feature that would interest us. We know exactly what goes down in our house; no sneaking behind bushes or peeking through windows
2)…They’re Not A One Size Fits All Solution Either. Most of the ones out there focus on only one thing which makes sense given the market niche they serve…but those focus areas leave big gaps when it comes to covering an entire lakefront residence. For example, most current solutions work great at detecting intruders walking past a window but fail miserably once they cross the threshold. So unless your place consists entirely of windows (which we’re guessing isn’t true), then chances are none of these gadgets offer sufficient coverage. Furthermore, each system offers different levels of detection depending on proximity to detected subjects which again limits their effectiveness at large scale. Finally, some systems limit themselves to certain types of events while ignoring everything else. If you own a pond full of koi fish, then a motion activated solution probably won’t do anything for most of you. On top of this, some older technology cameras tend to perform poorly in bright light conditions especially outdoors.

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Lets talk best commercial security cameras for lakeshore homes and offices for 2019/2020/2021 editions of this blog series. After covering residential products for many years, it is great to see lotsof growth in commercial products. We see some great innovations coming, especially around AI and facial recognition software. Lets dive into those areas and find the best security systems available in the commercial market today. As always these lists will continue to evolve as technology improves and newer models come onto the scene. Enjoy! This next edition covers commercial grade IP cameras. While they are less common than analog ones like Domecq, Hikvision or Dahua, they often offer superior image quality due to better optics and a higher bit rate. If there ever was a case of having “the right stuff” then this would be it…..
For most people, buying a video surveillance system for their business is probably one of life’s greatest mysteries. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on equipment only to use something sub par and never get good value out of it. But once we explain why this happens, things become clearer. Here are five key questions you should ask yourself before putting down cash to buy a video recording device.
Are Video Surveillance Systems All They’re Caught Up On A Great Idea Or Just Another Trend Worth Following

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