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Lambton County Ontario has seen some significant changes since 2017 and many residents are still unaware of how much they will benefit from having a video surveillance system installed. Many people who live in this region of Canada are now concerned that criminals are breaking in to residences without being noticed. They worry that thieves could potentially take items that belong to them while inside their homes.
Many homeowners and landlords are starting to realize the importance of installing video cameras for added safety in their homes. If someone should be looking for something valuable, like cash, jewelry, or electronics, these types of surveillance devices would allow the person to capture images of anyone suspiciously lurking around.
In fact, in 2018, a study conducted by Pew Research Center found that nearly half of Americans think video surveillance systems help protect against crime more than anything else. However, most people are unsure exactly why they believe this type of device helps reduce crimes in their area. Some feel that video surveillance is useful because it can deter burglars by capturing evidence of their presence, but the truth is that it actually makes a big difference whether or not they see the footage.
If someone sees themselves committing theft in front of your eyes, then they are going to try really hard to avoid getting caught. This includes hiding stolen property, which often leads police officers to find items in places that they wouldn’t normally search, including basements, garages, and sheds. When this happens, video surveillance systems are able to record the entire incident, allowing law enforcement officials to quickly apprehend suspects after viewing the recordings.
This technology also serves another purpose; it allows homeowners to monitor their properties remotely. While there is no way to stop a thief once he/she enters through an unlocked door, having video surveillance allows you to keep tabs on your home from wherever you happen to be. In other words, you’re always aware that your house is protected when you leave it. And if you ever return from work or vacation, you won’t have to spend hours combing through security tapes trying to figure out who was there. Instead, you’ll just watch your recorded events play out for you in real-time.

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Why Lambton Shores Is A Great Place For Your Business AND Family to Live in 2022
Lambton Shores is a great place to live in 2022. As you scroll through this page, keep these facts in mind.
If you currently live in another community, moving across town could be scary because there is no way for you to prepare yourself. If you move just 10 miles away from your current zipcode, however, then making a few changes will allow you to feel confident in your decision. Here is why I believe moving to Lambton Shores offers you peace of mind.
What Does The Future Hold For Lambton Shores Area Residents and Visitors?
I am excited for my hometown. I love living in Ontario’s 7th most populated city. People who relocate to Canada generally appreciate the country’s beauty, but many times they miss being near nature. Even though Ottawa and Toronto still have plenty of green space available today, those cities aren’t perfect either. My hope is that communities like Lamboon Shores continue developing better amenities to help people connect with Nature.
In addition to improving quality of life in places like Lambton Shores, these developments should inspire other Canadians to get outside and explore. We must find ways for individuals to reconnect with Nature while boosting economies in areas where this type of recreation isn’t typically accessible. Some things to consider include:
• Recreational parks and facilities
• Greenways/walking paths
There are already several locations throughout Lambton Shores offering recreational spaces including Lac des Isles Park, St Clair Park, the Community Centre and Lambton Mills Mall. These types of spots provide opportunities for residents and visitors alike to spend some good old fashioned fun outdoors. Other ideas that would work well in 2022 would involve greenways connected to lakes, rivers, trails, beaches, mountains — basically anywhere people can enjoy nature without leaving their own backyard.

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If you live in a community without good quality surveillance cameras installed, chances are high people will break in and steal something.
In fact, some studies suggest that one third of robberies happen because of lack of proper video protection. And according to statistics published by Verizon Wireless and TELUS Canada, most crimes occur during business hours, which suggests that most burglars target homes and small office buildings. But why would someone commit burglary just because he could get away with it? What motivates them? We take a deeper dive into these questions to help homeowners better protect themselves and catch criminals red handed.
So if you haven’t had security systems installed yet and you’re considering getting one, keep reading this guide. Here’s everything you should consider before installing a security system.
What Type Of Camera Do I Need For My Community?
Security camera types fall under 2 main categories: indoor & outdoor. Indoor cameras usually offer higher resolution images than outdoors ones due to less light interference. Outdoor units generally use lower resoluton digital sensors and larger lenses to capture greater detail from wider angles.
But don’t worry — both indoor and outdoor cameras come equipped with infrared LEDs that emit visible white light to illuminate dark areas, allowing you to see clearly whether an intruder enters or leaves while still having enough ambient lighting available indoors.
Indoors, many manufacturers provide motion detection and alarm capabilities, making them perfect for detecting intruders who enter your property unannounced. If your neighborhood isn’t well lit, motion detection systems detect movement through walls by listening intently to sounds like footsteps, moving furniture, appliances turning on/off and doorbell rings.
Outdoors, the majority of units sold today are HD capable; however they aren’t always equipped motion detectors. They still offer wide angle coverage and night-vision capability. Some models also include thermal imaging for seeing things like heat signatures and body outlines, and night shift modes that adjust brightness levels to optimize visibility in darkness.
How Much Should I Install Surveillance Systems At Once?
Depending on the size and layout of your residence, there’s no rule of thumb on how many cameras you’ll be able to fit inside.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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In 2020, technology will continue to evolve rapidly and it is estimated that 20 billion connected devices could be operational globally by 2025; the global market value of IoT products was $1 trillion in 2019 which is projected to reach $3.7 trillion in 2024.[1] As people become increasingly concerned about cyber threats they will demand higher levels of security across every industry—from personal devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, wearable tech gadgets, vehicles, homes to enterprise networks and infrastructure. A recent report revealed that nearly 70% of U.S. consumers who purchased consumer electronics had installed software updates in past 12 months[2].
We expect this trend towards increased adoption of surveillance equipment to only accelerate over next 5 years due to increasing concerns around internet privacy, terrorism, crime, government spying and other factors. We predict that by 2030 there would be almost 2.5 billion IP cameras operating worldwide.
It is predicted that in 2022, most homeowners and commercial property managers will install some form of video surveillance system whether it is through traditional wired methods, cloud solutions, networked DVRs, or mobile apps.[3][4] Most importantly these systems should offer realtime monitoring capabilities with remote viewing/control via web browser, smartphone, tablet & PC along with recording capability for both live view mode and motion detection that is configurable per zone or camera. This guide gives you details on top 3 types of Surveillance Camera System for home and office including their Pros and Cons and recommendations by Lambton Shores residents.

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Best Security Cameras Lambton Shores

Security Camera Installation Trends:
In this blog post I’m going explain some of my thoughts regarding security cameras and why they matter for homeowners, business, and builders/interior designers. We are seeing many changes in technology that impact how people watch video.
There was a time when only professionals had surveillance equipment installed in their businesses, homes or properties. Today, however, anyone can purchase high quality digital video products for both personal use and commercial purposes. As these products get better and cheaper, we see more consumers buying them and installing them in their own homes. These devices provide convenience and peace of mind when watching live video. However, the most valuable aspect is being able to capture the moment when something happens to help prevent crime before it occurs.
For example, if someone breaks into your house, they will be caught on camera. If they steal anything from inside your house, you can catch the thief red handed. Even if the thieves aren’t identified, you still benefit because your property has been protected.
If you’re building a home, you should consider adding security cameras for protection. This could include things like motion sensors to protect against burglars who come onto private property without permission. Or perhaps you just need to keep track of children and pets while you work outside. Whatever your reason, having cameras will allow you to monitor activity in real time.
Homeowners can install security cameras to monitor their properties while they are away. They can view a live stream remotely to check in on their kids and pets while working outside. Homeowners can also record events such as break ins for evidence if necessary. If a burglary takes place, the homeowner can send footage through email to law enforcement agencies. This helps ensure justice for victims.
Businesses also use security cameras to keep track of employees and assets. For example, in retail stores the owner can view a live feed from security cameras to monitor store traffic and employee behaviour. This way he knows which areas are busiest and whether staff members are following safety procedures properly. Businesses can also use security cams to keep track of inventory, customers, deliveries and other aspects of running the facility.

Lambton Shores Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this article I’m going to discuss my top recommendations for Lambon Shors based upon research and personal experience. These cameras offer great value while still providing excellent quality and functionality. If you would like me to install them for you just drop us a line via email or phone, we will be happy to help.
I am going to go through each category below, starting with the most popular categories first.
Cameras for Homes:
1. IP Camera Systems (IP stands for Internet Protocol).
2. Dome / Periscope cameras (also known as dome cameras), these cameras usually have 2 lenses. One lens faces upwards towards the ceiling/skyline with a wide angle view. And then another downwards facing lens which gives a 180° view. They tend to work better than other types of indoor cameras because they provide both 360 degree views of the space, but they also allow for some flexibility in positioning. Some models come equipped with night vision capabilities.
3. Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are similar in function to Dvr systems used in homes and business today. But instead of recording video only, NVRs record everything happening inside the networked area. So when motion detection is triggered the system records everything in full HD resolution in realtime. They are typically installed on servers, and can monitor multiple networks simultaneously. These systems are ideal for monitoring areas outside your office, or home.
4. Wireless Doorbell Cams. Most doorbell cams use wifi technology. These devices connect wirelessly to smartphones (iOS & Android) allowing people to see who’s ringing their bell remotely without ever having to step foot outside.
5. Smart Alarm System Cameras. Similar to Door Bell Cameras but with added intelligence. These are usually connected to a wireless hub that connects to your existing alarm system. These allow you to monitor activity outside and respond accordingly.
6.Motion Detecting Outdoor Cams. These outdoor cams detect movement around your property and take action automatically by sending alerts to your smartphone or tablet.
7. Outdoor Cam Panels. These panels are basically large screen displays mounted outdoors that show live footage or videos taken from various locations.

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HikVision cameras offer excellent HD resolution images for 1080P video and 16MP still photos with advanced motion detection technology that will alert you whenever movement is detected. They come equipped with night vision capabilities allowing them to capture high quality footage regardless of lighting conditions. These models feature tamper proof microSD card slots and are powered via USB ports, which allow the user to plug directly into a computer without needing power cords to operate the device. Both units include built-in wifi network interfaces. Furthermore, they can be configured to email alerts, remotely control devices, monitor doors/windows, record audio, take snapshots and provide live streaming 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Some models provide a wireless remote sensor that also can connect to Wi-Fi networks providing instant monitoring and recording capability. For outdoor use, these are weatherproofed for extreme temperatures (-40°F/-4°C to 140°F/60°C). Most model versions are available in 8 different sizes ranging from 2inch x 3⁄16 inch wide panoramic dome cameras to 10×10 foot domes. If space is an issue, most smaller model types only weigh 1 pound, while larger models typically weight 25 pounds. As well as indoor uses, some Hikvision units are suitable as perimeter security systems due to their range, ease of setup and ability to integrate with other surveillance equipment. Other than price being relatively cheaper than many of their competitors, such as Axis, DVR Cam, Samsung Smart Camera Systems and iVista, Hikvision cameras should always rank higher because their functionality and reliability surpass those offered by lower cost brands. When selecting specific model options to determine if they meet requirements, consider things like the size, storage capacity, image resolution, sensitivity, lens type, color depth, viewing angle, field of view and distance limitations. Also pay attention to warranty issues associated with individual components and overall unit lifespan. A basic rule of thumb is that the longer the warranty period the better the manufacturer. Another benefit of investing in this level of security system is that once installed, there isn’t anything else required apart from internet connectivity, making them ideal for apartment buildings or houses requiring multiple monitored areas.

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Cameras are great way to monitor areas inside and outside your house. If you own a commercial property, then cameras will help you keep an eye on things like employees who work late hours without proper supervision because they’re tired or inattentive. For homeowners, these devices allow them to see and hear everything going on around his/her residence. They provide valuable insight regarding day to day activity.
Lambton Shore’s residents could utilize many different types of security cameras but most people would end up choosing high quality cameras. While many companies sell cheaper models with lower image resolution than premium ones, this isn’t necessarily always the case. Premium cameras usually feature clearer images, which makes it easier to pinpoint and identify intruders. High quality video surveillance systems include advanced technology for night vision, infrared sensors, motion detection, zoom capabilities, audio recording, and cloud storage. A good system should be able to detect moving bodies, people walking through doors or windows, car movements, pets, footsteps, phone calls, and more. All of these functions ensure safety and peace of mind for individuals living in homes or offices.
When selecting a security camera for your home, consider factors including price range, type of use, whether you want outdoor monitoring, battery life, and other considerations. When buying a doorbell cam, a keychain camera, or another similar device, you’ll often find yourself paying $30+ per unit plus monthly fees of anywhere from $10-$100 depending on the manufacturer. An excellent alternative is to get a professionally installed professional security camera package. These packages typically come with multiple units, each featuring powerful 1080/60P full HD digital video capture along with 2 GB of internal memory storage space. Additionally, some packages incorporate automatic alerts via email, text messaging, smartphone notification applications, or custom software programs that can notify someone immediately should something go awry.
If you purchase a security cams package, installation will take just a few minutes and cost approximately $150, and you shouldn’t encounter any issues for years afterward. Many professional firms offer free consultations and estimates for potential customers interested in installing security cameras and other related products. Most professionals only charge additional costs after the first consultation session to complete the job..

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