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The Future Of Camera Installation Is A Cloud Based Solution. We offer this service because we believe every family deserves peace of mind knowing they can connect securely anywhere, anytime using the devices they already own. Our cloud solution enables clients to remotely control cameras while viewing live video feeds in a web browser using smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops. Viewing these videos through mobile apps like ios Apple TV & Android Boxes. Connectivity is secured via AES 256 Encryption while a dedicated network router secures internet connection which will be required to upload/download pictures and other files to/from home server. All images captured are stored safely in the cloud (AWS). When your Internet Service Provider shuts down during power failure; Your Cloud Storage System will continue running without losing any pictures or streaming videos. If you’re thinking about adding extra cameras to protect your property against burglars, robbers or thieves, then check out our range of high quality outdoor/indoor IP Security Camera’s
We recommend installing multiple indoor/outdoor cams around your home and office buildings. One cam should focus on monitoring entrances and exits, and another should cover areas near windows to ensure complete coverage of the premises. And finally an additional cam could be aimed towards exterior lighting fixtures to help improve visibility at night. These types of installations provide many benefits including early warning systems of potential intruders, improved crime deterrence and increased awareness of suspicious activity. For example, if there is no movement detected after several minutes with only lights flashing in specific locations, then someone is most likely inside. And if you see motion outside, but still nothing happens, that indicates a break-and-enter attempt in progress. So why wouldn’t you install some surveillance system to keep watch over your house, car, business building or apartment complex? Just contact us today!

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Security cameras should be installed as soon as possible after building construction begins — preferably while concrete work takes place. However, some companies will install them months ahead of this date due mostly to demand during remodeling projects or other high traffic periods.
Cameras also have to withstand extreme weather conditions and high foot traffic loads during peak business hours. If they cannot survive these harsh outdoor environments, they would not last long enough before being vandalized, stolen, broken, or removed altogether.
In order to determine whether your property meets the minimum requirements listed above, follow the checklist below; then contact us for more information. We’ll help answer any questions you may have along the way.
1. Does your space provide good lighting for night surveillance? This includes both exterior lights and interior fixtures/bulbs that illuminate walkways and rooms.
2. Is your location well-lit in daytime hours? Make sure the area surrounding your structure is brightly lit without shadows or obstructions like trees, fences and walls. Also note any windows facing away from streetlights. These areas may appear dark but actually reflect light back toward streets and sidewalks.
3. Do you expect heavy vehicle activity around your facility? Commercial vehicles like delivery trucks and garbage collection vehicles travel frequently, potentially putting undue wear on camera lenses, frames and bulbs (all parts exposed to the sun). They’re also subject to vandalism such as paintball gun shots, stickers or writing. All of which could damage their optics.
4. Can rain affect visibility? Rain affects camera operation just like driving does for drivers. Waterdrops bounce off windshield glass, causing reflections that obscure the view through front window sensors. Similarly, puddles and streams slow down movement of pedestrians, cars and bicycles on pavement surfaces, reducing the amount of motion available for image processing algorithms. When precipitation becomes torrential, the water is thrown horizontally across pavement and sidewalk areas, covering lenses and sensor components with mud and debris. Rainwater pooling near entrances can cause flooding.
5. Will your location experience strong winds? Wind speeds exceeding 45mph can blow dirt onto lens surfaces, impairing their ability to resolve images and reduce overall signal quality.

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In this post I will talk about some of my favourite products to install. Most importantly, will talk about why they suit different needs. Some people use cameras to simply monitor a space without having full control over settings like motion detection, recording video, sound activation, alerts, remote monitoring, night vision, zoom capabilities, etc. Others prefer being able to record events or take photos/videos of suspicious activity while the event occurs. And many people who purchase them just for fun and entertainment. Regardless of these preferences, most folks agree that security should be convenient, affordable, effective, reliable, high quality, durable, stylish, and discreet. As technology continues to advance, there’s no doubt that we’ll continue to see advancements in surveillance devices and systems. So keep reading below to find out which type of device would fit your specific situation.
For most consumers, choosing the correct indoor security system to protect their possessions and personal safety is essential today. But deciding whether or not to invest in an alarm could cause anxiety and fear among potential buyers. If you’re considering getting an alarm for the first time, then check out my guide of the top 10 ways to ensure you get the maximum protection. For more information visit Secure Cam Alarm System reviews.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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There are many different types of cameras available today, but most people will only consider buying a video surveillance system after they first determine what type of business they run and why they chose this particular line of work. Most of us use technology in every aspect of life these days; therefore, video surveillance systems should be no exception.
When considering which type of camera(s) to buy for your specific needs, ask yourself several questions including whether you want to monitor activity inside your home, outside your property boundaries, or both. Do you already own another piece of equipment like doorbells, alarm systems, or other motion detectors or sensors that could help solve some of the issues you see in monitoring your house? If so, then how does this affect your decision making? For example: Is monitoring activity in my backyard going to increase sales because I am being able to watch customers who are coming to my front porch better than if I just used my phone to take pictures through my window blinds? Can motion detection devices alert me faster than using my smartphone for recording videos? If you answered yes to those questions, congratulations – you are ready to purchase your first digital CCTV device(s). Here are four of the most popular options currently on market today that provide quality video footage while allowing the consumer to control the exact settings they desire for optimal viewing experiences.
#1 Sony CCTV IP Network Camera DVR:
Sony’s latest and greatest network camera was designed specifically for commercial applications, meaning this model includes everything necessary for remote monitoring and management (RMM), plus advanced analytics tools to ensure the highest level of operational efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the ability to stream HD live streaming content via Wi-Fi makes this model perfect for large scale installations requiring multiple feeds while keeping everyone informed about critical conditions in real time. However, the high price tag ($1500+) combined with lack of support for mobile apps and a 2 year contract may deter certain consumers away from choosing this unit. Still, the Sony DVR offers unmatched flexibility and functionality within the same affordable range.

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In this article I will discuss the most common types of cameras available today, including IP Camera Models, HD/4K Video Cameras, PTZ DVR Systems and Smart Surveillance Solutions. All these different products serve specific purposes depending upon who they are intended for. They range anywhere in price from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, which makes them ideal for homeowners and business owners alike. Some offer higher quality than others but each type serves a different purpose; some provide better resolution while others are great indoors. Most importantly though, each model should be able to cover a large area of coverage without being intrusive.
As technology continues to evolve, we expect to see more innovative and creative models coming onto the market in the following years. So far many companies continue with similar designs over and over again but I believe innovation lies within us. We must always strive towards something greater and the only way to do that successfully is through constant improvement, experimentation, and iteration. If we’d stop trying to improve everything and simply stick to doing what we do well enough then nothing would ever get done. Innovation, change, growth, and evolution are constants to life as we know it, so why shouldn’t they apply to the surveillance industry? Why shouldn’t we innovate every aspect of our lives just because other people aren’t interested in changing anything?
In my opinion that approach won’t work either and we need to move forward together instead of holding ourselves back. Technology advances at a rate faster than human comprehension so we cannot afford to sit around waiting for someone else to catch up with us because eventually no one else will care anymore. Everyone wants things to become easier, simpler, cheaper, quicker, cleaner, faster, greener, healthier, safer, quieter, stronger, and so on.
We, as a society, have already evolved past our primitive ways and there’s no reason for security products to remain stuck in those times unless someone tries to force them into it. Instead of being passive consumers, we should take control of our own destiny. If we as individuals refuse to embrace technological changes then nobody else is going to do it either.

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When shopping for video surveillance products we recommend starting with these criteria:
What type of cameras will be installed? Is it better to purchase standalone units like IP cameras, dome cameras or DVRs? Do I want a system that integrates a motion detector with my existing lighting fixtures? Should I go wireless instead of wired?
Should I use indoor/outdoor models? Or indoor only units? Will this device work indoors during winter months without freezing pipes or power failures? What types of mounts should I opt for if mounting outdoors? If installing inside, is it possible to integrate them into walls rather than having the unit hang down from ceiling joists? Does this camera need night lights? Can it function properly while running other equipment?
How many outdoor units will I need? How does each individual sensor impact battery life? Will additional sensors increase costs? The answers here depend largely upon factors like weather conditions, size of property, traffic volume, and whether pets are allowed. We offer both single outdoor and dual outdoor systems. Please see below which ones would fit your particular situation best:
1. All Terrain Outdoor Video Camera System – $2199. Includes 3 x 1080P HD PTZ Dome Cameras & 1 x 8GB SD card for every camera; 2x Power Supply; 5x M4 Screw Mounted Base Stations; 4 x Weatherproof Aluminum Housing Enclosures. Each base station includes a 120V wall plug.
2. Dual Outdoors Systems – $3999. Same configuration as above except you get 2 extra 720P HD PTZ domes in addition to your main pair. One of your domes can operate day and night, but you must manually swap the cables between the domes each shift with no automation.
3. Single Outdoor System – $1999. Same configuration as #1 with just one 8 GB SD Card or DVD recorder attached to each unit. No power supply required as they are powered via AC outlet and plugged into base stations. These units come in either 720 or 1080 resolution.
4. Indoor Only Units – $1499. Similar to the dual outdoor ones only they operate indoors only.

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For anyone who watches movies and TV shows like I do, you probably heard of this amazing technology called 360 degree video cameras, otherwise known as “Spherical cams.” Spherical cams capture images all around us, which gives us that sense of immersion. They offer a different perspective than other kinds of cameras because they allow people watching them to see themselves reflected back in the image they produce.
We believe these devices will become mainstream in 2020. But we wanted to take things further — beyond just capturing footage to help homeowners identify issues with homes and buildings — to provide real actionable information to those same customers through the use of AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities embedded into spherical cameras, allowing users to understand their own systems better while having peace of mind knowing they are being protected 24/7.
And we believe that in order to truly be ready for that world, we should get started early. That’s why we created SecureCam, our first ever cloud-based service built around AI powered analytics software specifically designed to monitor your entire home environment, detect potential problems automatically, then issue alerts and actions to prevent damage and save you money along the way. All backed by some of the most advanced safety and surveillance technologies available today.
This article walks you through everything you need to know about securing your property and getting started installing security cameras for yourself or your clients with ease.

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We work with many companies who have decided they would like some type of surveillance system installed, but just aren’t entirely certain what the best solution will be for them. We help guide customers through this decision making process. Here is a brief summary of what different types of cameras offer:
Cameras which connect remotely via internet connection to allow viewing and control of live video feeds anywhere a computer device can potentially be used, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming systems, IPTV devices, and more. Depending upon location, these webcams might transmit images, audio, or both across various networks/media. A typical web cam will provide basic framing and zoom capabilities, while advanced models include panoramic views, image capture, motion detection, facial recognition software, DVR functionality, nightvision technology, high dynamic range photography and other impressive options. Many commercial grade units combine multiple technologies under one roof allowing for flexibility when choosing solutions tailored to business needs.
Network Video Recorders / PTZ Cams (Pan Tilt Zoom Cam)
These networked cams use standard digital HDV/SDI recording formats along with various remote controls (PTZ & Pan & tilt functions). While usually connected to a PC or smartphone, the operator can “walk around” to view a wide field of view utilizing either hand held remote or fixed monitor. These units typically cost less than $200 per unit and are great for small retail stores because they utilize existing infrastructure. They often operate autonomously without human intervention except during power failures. Most come equipped with built-in alarm/security monitoring capability.
Digital Network Cameras (DNIC)
This category comprises most non-networked, point-of-sale (“POS”) based retail products today. Digital Network Cameras function similarly to CCTV cameras; however, instead of utilizing analog signals, these items produce digital pictures. DNICs are designed for use in areas where there is no live support available. Typically, these units are mounted outdoors facing walls and windows as well as indoors pointing toward entrances/exits and cash registers. When properly trained and implemented correctly, they can reduce theft rates significantly..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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