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1. Introduction | Secure Cam – A Preium Security Camera Company and Installer Serving Vancouver Island and Interior British Columbia.
2. Why should I use a security camera for my business or house? | Secure Cam – Businesses, homeowners and building contractors love us because every day they install many cameras on their properties to watch who enters and leaves their property. Some people say that a good CCTV system helps deter thieves but most importantly it gives them peace of mind to see something bad happens while being away. If someone breaks into your place then you will be able to call police immediately or notify next of kin through Live Viewing capabilities built into most modern network cams which makes installing these amazing devices very convenient.
3. Video Surveillance Systems – The Pros and Cons | Secure Cam – We provide professional installations but this video surveillance post tells you why you should consider buying a DIY solution first. If you are considering getting your own home cam system to protect yourself against theft, vandalism and intruders then read on.
4. Installing Your Own Network CCTV System | Secure Cam – Our technicians tell you everything you need to know including important information like safety issues about having live cams connected to power supply systems and wiring diagrams and specifications for both indoor wireless connections and outdoor wire wired connections. So whether you are a home owner contemplating getting a self installed security system or a builder deciding which types of cams would work well depending upon the environment, this guide covers it all.
5. How Often Should My Security Cams Be Used? | Secure Cam – Most experts suggest setting motion sensors once per day but some customers prefer watching the footage live even though no suspicious activity was captured during the day, just for better situational awareness. When installing multiple units you get to save money by turning off the inactive ones. For example, if you had 5 cams and only 2 units were running during certain hours, then 4 other units could go unused without burning energy wasting electricity. All things considered, choosing fewer high quality cams is usually cheaper than choosing large quantity cheap models.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Langley Township

4K video surveillance systems are the ultimate way to keep watch over your home or office 24/7 without having to pay a large monthly fee to hire someone to check in every day. They provide excellent quality pictures thanks to incredible resolution, giving people watching through them something worth seeing. And they offer plenty of other benefits like motion detection, night vision capabilities, infrared viewing options and many more. However you should be aware though that these products will cost you quite a lot of cash to purchase. Luckily though there are some great deals available that can help reduce this price down considerably. Here however we take a closer look at four of the most popular models currently on the market, which will hopefully save you both trouble and money when buying your next system.
Panasonic PTZ DMR944T 9MP 12mm Ultra Wide Angle Dome Camera Pan Tilt Zoom 1080P HD IP65 Rated Outdoor Wi-Fi Wireless Full Day Vision System $399 USD / $549 CAD |
Pros • Extremely powerful panorama picture with 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution• Easy plug & play setup. No wiring required• Comes with 2 built-in IR illuminators for night photography• Has a wide field of view making it perfect for monitoring long buildings• Can detect movement via IR LEDs, allowing users to track pets, children, vehicles, etc.Cons • Very expensive compared to similar competitors • Only operates in daylight hours• Does not come equipped with a remote control, although third party ones are available• Not suitable for indoor use due to lack of infrared technology
Samsung WF5500 7 Megapixel 720P HD Digital Night Vision WiFi Network 1080P 60 FPS Motion Detection Alarm Wired Remote Control $449.95 CAN |
Pros • Comes equipped with a digital zoom feature, allowing users to get close ups by zooming in on their subject for added detail• Works incredibly well during the daytime.

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Security cameras are becoming common fixtures in homes and offices across Canada, thanks largely to innovative technology improvements like high definition video resolution coupled with cloud storage capabilities which allow videos to be viewed anywhere at anytime through many different devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Even better, they provide excellent value to customers who purchase them due to lower operational costs than traditional wired security systems while providing greater peace of mind because they help keep property owners and residents aware of potential trouble spots around their properties such as broken doors, windows and garage door malfunctions and can assist law enforcement officials track down lost children during emergencies. As the world becomes increasingly connected these days, most people rely on multiple forms of digital communication – email, text messages, instant messaging, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and etc. These technologies enable us to communicate effectively without having face-to-face conversations, and when combined with high quality surveillance cameras installed, they form an effective deterrent against criminal activity because criminals tend to avoid known locations. If we take this principle further, these same types of communications could form valuable evidence used to convict someone should a crime ever occur.
This guide will discuss the top five choices available today, in order to provide homeowners or those interested in installing a DIY security system information about the products and their functionality. Each camera can handle both day and night viewing conditions, and some offer motion detection functions which automatically record footage when suspicious movement occurs around a monitored area. All come equipped with infrared LEDs for night-time visibility and night-vision capability. Additionally, some models can store recordings locally to memory cards while other models connect via Wi-Fi to cloud servers enabling remote monitoring. They also feature built-in speakers to broadcast audio alerts, or they can transmit sound signals wirelessly to external alarm panels. Most modern models include advanced privacy options to prevent strangers from seeing images recorded inside the house or office when no one is present. Finally, a few wireless IP cameras can stream live feeds remotely via internet protocol address over standard Internet connections to alert law enforcement authorities or fire departments when crimes happen in real time.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Langley Township Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

We recently came across some of these trending products while researching this article which will be added below along side with other popular articles like “10 tips to install a CCTV Camera System correctly” & “How to Install Your Own Commercial Alarm Systems”.
This blog post is intended to provide insight, knowledge and practical solutions for both residential & commercial customers who wish to have professional video surveillance systems installed in their homes or offices, without hassle. We hope you find this information useful. If you would like your own custom alarm system designed for your business premises then please contact us today for further details & quotes.
1- Airtime: An affordable wireless IP camera solution that supports 2 way audio communication through your router/modem and internet connection
2- Axis: Wireless cameras that support 4K HD resolution, motion detection, night vision etc., which makes them ideal for use indoors and outdoors to protect properties against intruders, burglars, thieves etc.
3- Arlo: One touch recording and cloud storage for every single event, allowing remote monitoring of your children, pets, vehicles etc. via smartphone / computer web browser. Ideal for families.
4- Bewell: High quality wired network DVR security system with built in Wi-Fi connectivity; perfect for those seeking high definition recordings of events. Supports 1TB+ HDD & SD card for long term storage. Available in 3 versions to suit different needs and budgets.
5- Blink: Affordable yet powerful surveillance camera that offers 1080P streaming at 30fps or 720p @ 60fps. Perfect for indoor applications, Blink records onto a USB drive, making footage accessible anywhere. Can also view remotely using the mobile app available on iOS and Android devices.
6- CamVu: Cloud service offering live 24/7/365 viewing of recorded clips, with instant playback when you receive alerts. Allows users to check live or archived images or videos on demand, as well as record short clips, send emails alerts, track movements and create reports from multiple cameras simultaneously.
7- Canary Flex: Smart WiFi enabled doorbell camera that lets you see visitors on the doorstep. Comes equipped with a speakerphone microphone that gives a crystal clear call.

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Security Camera Installation Trends
Hikvision & TIAY Digital Video Surveillance Solutions | Secure Cam
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What should I consider when choosing my next best Camera system? Here’s what you need to get started:
1. First thing first, which type of camera will work the best for me?
2. Does this particular model provide full HD recording quality at 1080 Resolution? If yes then what resolution should be selected?
3. Should I go with IP cameras or PTZ cameras? (PTZ refers to movement along X/Y axis while “IP” is short form for Internet Protocol.)
4. Do I wish to integrate voice recognition in order to capture specific events? Will having both video recording and audio recording help me solve problems quicker?
5. Most importantly, is the price tag reasonable enough to invest in a better solution for my needs?
6. And finally, what will be the overall experience after purchase and installation?
7. Can I configure a single unit through cloud control software like SmartCentral? Or is integration required for multiple units?
8. Is this vendor offering warranty support if something happens due to poor system setup, malfunctioning parts, network failure etc? Will they replace damaged device or simply refund your money back?
9. Will the monitoring company offer remote viewing capability via mobile devices? If no, why not? Why would someone pay monthly fees just to monitor his property 24 hours per day 7 days per week? It makes absolutely no sense!
10. Lastly, does this manufacturer have a positive track record so far? Have other customers reported good things regarding them or did they suffer some sort of issue and got burned?
11. When buying security systems whether it is for business purposes or residential use, always ask yourself these questions first before making your decision.
12. A wise man once said ‘If you cannot explain clearly what you mean, please say nothing at all’. So why bother asking questions if you do not intend to follow any answers? I guess the questions above are worth reading.
13. If you ever end-up in trouble, call 911 immediately and notify the police department who shall handle your problem accordingly. Just saying! 😉

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In today’s world, everyone wants the ultimate privacy protection for themselves and their families. Whether they live in a large city like New York City or small town like Stroudsberg Pennsylvania; people are always concerned about safety issues around them.
Security cameras can help people protect themselves against potential dangers by providing video surveillance of areas where there is no human presence, such as parking lots and other remote locations. These types of security systems allow people to monitor what goes on behind closed doors without being physically present there. They provide peace of mind and help keep a family safe.
There are several different models available in the market depending on the specific needs of each individual customer. Each model offers its own advantages and disadvantages, which makes finding the perfect fit challenging. We believe this guide will be useful when trying to find the right solution for your unique situation.
We offer the following solutions and products:
1. Remote Video Monitors: Remote Video Monitors
2. Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera DVR Systems: Outdoor & Indoors IP Camera Surveillance System
3. Wireless Security Cameras: Wireless Networked Security Cams
4. Access Control Systems: Security Gate Controller, Keypad Entry Device
5. Alarm Monitoring Devices: Smart Siren Alarms & Fire Detection Devices
6. Video Door Bells: Interactive Audio Visual Doorbell Solutions
7. Motion Detector: Passive IR Sensitive Detecting Products
8. Smoke / CO Gas Detecting Equipment: Portable Gas Detecting Units
9. Audio Recording Devices: Voice Recorders
10. Audio Transmitters: Portable Audio Transmission Products
11. Video Encoder/Decoder Device: Digital TV Receivers
12. Video Streaming Software Applications: IPTV & On Demand Services
13. Wireless Audio Video Intercom Systems: Audio Video Communication Devices
14. Wireless Audio Video Conferencing Systems: Conference Room Equipment
15. Wireless Audio Video Projector Screen Systems: LCD Wall Screens

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Best Security Cameras Langley Township

In this day and age, security cameras continue to be used every single day across virtually every industry. Their use continues to increase due to technological advancements which have enabled new ways for them to help keep employees, customers, clients, visitors & contractors safer than ever before. While they’ve become essential tools for companies across industries, many homeowners who live outside of large urban areas often find themselves without the benefit of having a proper monitoring system installed. Fortunately, while most people are familiar with “cameras,” few actually understand just what these devices do and why it’s imperative that they purchase a quality monitoring solution for their own homes. If you’re considering buying a surveillance camera but aren’t quite sure exactly what you should expect, read below to learn why you absolutely must install commercial grade security cameras.
Commercial grade systems offer several key benefits over standard residential security cameras; namely being able to connect multiple sensors together and monitor different angles simultaneously to provide you with full coverage around the property. When combined with the ability to record video footage, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on inside your business or home regardless whether anyone else is present or not! These types of cameras come available today in both standalone models and integrated versions which include a DVR capable IP Camera Network System. Whether you’d like to use these professionally made units yourself, hire someone else to install them for you or simply get some ideas to ensure that you pick the best possible options for your specific needs, consider the following suggestions regarding making the best decision for your situation.
1. Pick A Quality Surveillance Solution For Your Business Or Home Using All Of Its Features
Before you dive head first into researching your next security camera investment, take note of the fact that there’s no shortage of high tech solutions out there vying for attention and offering similar capabilities. That said, finding the perfect combination of features will allow you the flexibility to address whatever safety concerns you happen to encounter on a regular basis. As noted above, some common issues which surface are burglary, theft, vandalism, fire damage repair and break ins..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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