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After analyzing multiple factors, including cost/benefits, ease of use & integration, video quality, weatherproofing capability, affordability and maintenance fees, Secure Cam experts found five cameras ideal for homeowners who would like to keep watch outside while indoors. These cameras are well worth considering. They offer excellent protection against intruders but are still affordable enough to fit most budgets because they require no professional knowledge. As long as the homeowner understands these basic steps, he or she will be ready to install just minutes after buying them.
1. Arlo Q Wireless HD Door / Window Camera System (WXR-16S5BK6LQH3): With this system, the homeowner can remotely monitor both indoor and outdoor areas through his computer, tablet or smartphone for 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Once connected to wifi, the front facing digital screen displays live footage along with voice alerts whenever movement is detected. Its ability to wirelessly connect makes it compatible with almost every device; simply download the free Android App and follow the prompts. After setup is complete, the first round of monitoring, which is normally around $300, kicks in automatically. Monthly subscription prices begin at $8.99 (prices vary depending upon location). If someone gains unauthorized entry through the door with motion detection enabled, alarm activation is instantaneous and includes visual and audible warnings inside the house. If anything suspicious happens near the door during times when activity isn’t detected, an alert message is emailed immediately.
2. Blink XT Plus WiFi IP Video Camera Alarm System (BLTMP08S): Unlike other systems requiring power cords, this unit requires only batteries and does not generate heat. It’s small size prevents people from noticing surveillance equipment installed nearby. By default, the Front Vision LED displays the date and current temperature, making it extremely discreet and perfect for inconspicuous installations. During setup, the system takes approximately 7-10 mins total to configure and activate. From then on, no further action is required unless something goes awry. An optional keypad lock keeps trespassers away when not monitored. When motion is activated, the owner receives instant notifications via email and text messages; additionally, two separate alarms occur simultaneously.

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There will be fewer cameras installed inside homes because they are cheaper than ever and people realize that having multiple video feeds isn’t necessary. They just use it if/when something happens. Most likely this trend will continue through 2020 and possibly beyond depending upon whether the COVID affects the economy negatively. As far as I’m concerned, most folks aren’t going to install a bunch of cameras around their house to monitor them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If they’re worried about some crime happening then they’ll call police or 911, or take the appropriate action themselves like calling a locksmith, alarm monitoring service, or neighbor who lives near enough to see anything abnormal.
Cameras that capture audio only and record in realtime will be used more extensively in 2022 but they won’t replace traditional 2d cams. People still prefer 2d’s over 1d’s primarily due to convenience issues which includes ease of viewing footage and speed to download it onto a smartphone.
We’ll probably see a lot less wireless cameras sold because we’ve learned that many problems associated with these devices are related to poor quality firmware updates and software support. A lot of manufacturers just release buggy products without fixing the problems. We’ll definitely see fewer wired cameras being sold since many consumers have already figured out ways to get better image quality via wifi enabled smartphones. I expect that we’ll see more cameras that work in conjunction with Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, Roku, Sonos and other connected hubs and speakers as well as internet streaming apps like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu Plus and Youtube Red. These types of cameras will become popular since they integrate really nicely with existing devices. Also, more companies will begin offering “smarter” surveillance systems that connect various devices together to help homeowners keep tabs on things like air conditioner usage remotely and also alert them when the temperature rises above normal levels during summer months…or fall below normal during winter months. These systems will allow people to view live streams at a glance instead of spending hours watching each individual feed separately.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading my article today. Feel free to comment down below on what you thought about today’s post.

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What makes us different than other companies offering high quality Security Camera products and installations? We are here to provide you with the highest level of service available through our highly trained professional install team who will ensure everything goes smoothly while providing complete customer satisfaction. When you decide to use Secure Cam Installations, you can rest assured that every aspect has been taken care of leaving you completely satisfied and ready for peace of mind knowing that your home or business is fully protected. Our cameras come equipped with advanced features including night vision, motion detection, 2 way audio communication capabilities, HD video recording and many more. If you would like to learn more then please contact me today!
We offer 3 levels of service which includes Basic Installation Service, Enhanced Installation Service, Complete Customized Service. These options are ideal for homeowners, building managers and property management firms interested in having a state of art system installed, but without paying premium prices. Our enhanced installation service offers a 30 day guarantee and covers things like replacement parts during warranty periods plus we work around your schedule and holidays making sure to get everything completed quickly. Finally our custom installation service is a full fledged solution that takes advantage of the latest technology offered in the industry. For further inquiries regarding this topic call us at 888 927 8899
For those who prefer the DIY approach, here are some great tips.
If you live in an older house or condo, chances are you won’t be able to see inside walls easily to check them yourself. Before installing anything though, consider getting professional help from someone well versed with wiring systems. They’ll be able to determine whether wires should be pulled outside and hidden behind drywall and wallboard or routed along floor joists underneath. A knowledgeable electrician will also be familiar with any potential safety hazards posed by electrical devices, such as light switches and power outlets, and they’ll keep track of wiring rules and regulations for residential construction across the country.
Another benefit to hiring professionals with expertise is that they’re already used to dealing with all sorts of issues related to home improvement jobs. So instead of trying new tactics or learning something new yourself, you can just ask them to take care of whatever problem arises.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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With more than 2 million homes containing internet connected devices today, most people spend a lot of time inside their house. While some homeowners will be tempted by an always-on video feed in their private spaces, many who opt for HD cameras instead tend to use them sparingly — to keep track of children or pets outside the residence, or for monitoring deliverymen. As these types of systems become commonplace across America, however, expect the market for IP video surveillance solutions to explode. Companies like Sonos, Ring, Tado and Nest are moving aggressively into this space—and while none of those companies offer 4K resolution capture yet, they each say they hope to have that capability soon. Expect 2020-style growth in the industry, says Jeff Kagan, founder and CEO of Secure Camera Solutions. “We see tremendous demand [for] higher definition video, but I would be surprised if no products reach full capacity in less than five years,” he says, noting that Sony already offers a 100Mbps system with 8MP resolution.
In other words, expect a flood of vendors offering similar tech in four short years. And then? Well, nobody knows exactly what happens next when consumer electronics becomes ubiquitous enough that you won’t leave home without checking in occasionally. But given the explosive nature of the current market for Wi-Fi routers and cellphones, it seems safe to assume that the same thing will happen in AV systems shortly thereafter.
For example: When smartphones became mainstream, everybody started leaving their doors unlocked. When wireless networking came along, everyone left every device available turned on 24/7. So when high-definition A/V hits, expect the trend toward constant visibility to accelerate. A few predictions follow.
First, consider the implications and opportunities of remote presence technology. Today’s remote IP cameras allow operators to watch activity far away via live streaming while controlling the settings through a control panel located anywhere on Earth. Many manufacturers claim this sort of software could someday enable multiple simultaneous feeds from multiple locations.

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Lanz Technology LLC was established in 2003 and specializes in providing top quality CCTV products to commercial and residential customers alike. We provide high level service for both end-users and installers helping them get their systems running properly with minimal fuss. Lanz’s motto is “Security cameras installed, monitored & maintained” and because of this commitment it should come as no surprise that we’ve become an industry leader among many other companies just like us who share similar core values. Some areas include but are not limited to; Installation, Technical Support, Warranty, Customer Service, Onsite Monitoring, Remote Viewing/Live Streaming, Networked Camera Control Systems.
Here’s a quick summary of some of these amazing Lanz technologies and why they’re perfect for your next project…
Network Video Recorders (NVRs)
An NVR is essentially a DVR type setup. But instead of recording onto tape cassettes, an NVR records video onto flash memory cards which will then be able to store hundreds of hours of footage per card. These devices usually record 24 hour continuous events including recordings made during periods without power interruptions. They allow real-time remote viewing through a network connection meaning that wherever you happen to be away from the property while watching live feeds, you’ll still see exactly everything recorded in its entirety. If you ever lose a piece of equipment and need to download anything back, no worries. All of those files will already be safely stored within the device making retrieval extremely convenient. When considering whether or not you really need a specific feature – remember that most things can be reorganized with ease after you delete something you won’t use anymore. A great example would be having a backup solution for each property but the reality is that often times things only go bad once and then that happens less than 2% of the time.
Remote Access Cams
One thing that everyone wants is a way to monitor their house remotely when they aren’t around. Well, Lanz is pleased to announce that in addition to being on location, our remote monitoring technology already offers full HD streaming capabilities allowing viewers to watch their own surveillance system directly via web browsers.

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Security cameras are becoming part of nearly every homes and business around the world today. As more people become aware of threats like burglars, thieves, intruders. Many homeowners and small businesses are choosing to install these devices for added protection against potential criminals who might seek entry into a private residence. These security systems help protect individuals and properties alike. They allow for 24/7 monitoring allowing authorities to track activity as well as providing evidence during an investigation. With the rise of smartphones being used everyday across many cultures, many companies are offering products specifically designed for use with smartphones including QR codes which link with other apps to provide information about the subject captured.
We wanted to take stock of the current state of the industry, evaluate some key factors to consider for selecting cameras, assess different types of sensors available and identify areas of improvement moving forward to ensure continued growth of this increasingly popular consumer market. Our research revealed the following conclusions:
1. Video quality will continue to improve, but the most popular security settings remain resolution 640 x 480, 30 fps, 16×9 aspect ratio, JPEG format, night mode enabled and motion activated recording. However, consumers are demanding higher resolutions with video at 2K or 4K, 30 frames per second and full HD 1080i, 720p, and QVGA options. We expect manufacturers to quickly jump on board with these advancements to meet customer demand.
2. Most people still prefer wired surveillance solutions because they offer greater flexibility and control. But wireless security cameras are gaining ground because they cost less than traditional wired alternatives and they can be installed almost anywhere without requiring professional expertise. For example Wireless IP Camera Systems such as Arlo Pro Series and Nest Cam All-In-One come in sleek designs that blend in seamlessly with existing décor. They also work indoors and outdoors and they connect via Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet cable making them easier to install and maintain. Additionally, many of these units include built-in infrared technology that enables them to automatically detect movement in rooms, zones or outdoor locations. Some models also offer 360 degree panning capabilities so they record everything going on at once including views outside the perimeter

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Today’s video surveillance market is dominated by big names like Ring, Arlo and Nest Cam who sell thousands of devices each day worldwide — but they only account for less than 1 percent of the total market. So why would anyone bother buying these products other than “because everyone else does”? Because today’s consumers demand better solutions that put them first. And thanks to advancements in technology and a renewed sense of safety and privacy concerns, homeowners everywhere are ready for something different.

We recently worked with a client to install a 4K HD wireless network camera system because he was dissatisfied with his existing options. When comparing camera brands on price versus specs, most people will go with the lowest priced model simply because it saves a few dollars. But this rarely ends well. We found that many lower cost cameras perform poorly due to poor quality components, lack of reliability, substandard batteries or hardware issues like damaged lenses. They often result in frustrated customers having little return value after initial investment.
On the opposite end of spectrum, high prices usually come from cutting corners on design or quality which leads to a worse experience overall. If you’re shopping around and wondering whether a particular camera meets your needs, consider this checklist:
Does the camera record sound? Some cameras feature audio recording capabilities enabling monitoring without viewing through software tools like Skype. Others offer night vision features that allow you to use voice commands while away from view. Does the camera include motion detection zones/zones? Motion detection zones enable alerts to be pushed to mobile apps or email addresses associated with specific areas of interest, allowing you and your staff to view live images remotely via cloud service (including web browsers). Check for the ability to customize notifications across multiple zones.
Also see: 12 Ways Camera Manufacturers Make Money Without Selling the Hardware | 3 Surveillance Apps Every Smartphone Should Have Right Now.Is It Reliable? Is it made with sturdy construction and well thought out designs? Will it withstand everyday wear & tear? Can I count on it working as designed? All of these questions must be answered before choosing a surveillance camera solution that’s worth hundreds or perhaps thousands of pounds. Do some research beforehand. A basic knowledge of electronics helps immensely here.

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There are many different commercial cameras available which offer various levels of functionality & coverage. We will cover some key factors like resolution, lens quality and video compression which will help you find the best solution for your needs, whether you’re upgrading existing kit, choosing something new or replacing the old cameras altogether
For many people the first step towards getting a professional grade CCTV system installed isn’t actually buying the devices but rather finding suitable professionals who install them correctly. And this becomes tricky because everyone seems to sell slightly different things under the same label so they often end up making recommendations without having experienced anything themselves. A recent example is this post “10 Things Every DIY Install Should Do”. For those considering installing an automated security surveillance system there are several considerations worth bearing in mind. If you decide to go ahead then please consider doing these 10 basic installs properly and report back on your experiences as well as other useful information found elsewhere on the website… The following article highlights ten points to keep in mind during the installation stage of your newly purchased alarm monitoring system. It covers issues ranging from power supply options to proper ventilation of electrical equipment. If you’ve already decided where you’ll be adding a central recording location, perhaps it would be worthwhile to double check that everything meets industry standards. All good brands are obliged by law to meet minimum requirements and should aim to exceed them whenever possible but no one wants to accidentally get caught flouting regulations just after starting work. Even though most suppliers claim their products comply with stringent safety guidelines, it pays to take precautions while working around electricity or water sources. Make sure that you understand exactly what your supplier requires you to use, including the appropriate voltage/frequency. Also note the type of cabling specified and ask questions about the correct way to connect certain items together. These items include doorbell systems which operate via wireless technology (using radio waves). They tend to provide better range than wired models however you must follow specific protocols to ensure both that they receive signals reliably and that they transmit them accurately from the point of origin. Keep in mind that the security guards’ view will largely depend on the size of each area monitored. More sensitive areas should be covered by bigger screens to allow for easier viewing and less reliance on zoom functions..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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