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In this article I will talk about my personal recommendations and experiences buying cameras for use around my house and office/business as well some other useful things like setting them up and getting started. My experience was using 3 different companies but Secure Cam came through at the end after lots of research I found great reviews from customers. We purchased 2 DVRs and 1 HD IP Camera system which runs live feed 24 hours 7 days a week without fail since day one.
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I had read through several articles discussing various types of CCTV systems including wireless, wired and hybrid and then settled upon the one that felt most reliable and cost effective while giving me maximum flexibility and control over everything from remote viewing via mobile phone apps, recording video footage and taking snapshots.
So lets discuss each type of surveillance equipment available today, starting with the wireless solutions. Wireless technology offers many advantages; however they tend to be less reliable due because they communicate wirelessly instead of connecting to a network cable. One common disadvantage is that these devices often run slowly due to battery drain issues. But these limitations aside, wireless systems offer better reliability than wired ones and can allow you to place multiple units anywhere in your property. They also provide flexibility allowing you to move or rotate individual cameras in case something happens to them.
Lets begin by describing the basic terminology used for the products we discussed above. A “camera” simply refers to the device that captures images. A “recorder” is something else entirely. It records motion and audio events occurring in view. So while both capture still images, only recordrs can continuously record activity happening near where they reside. And finally, a DVR “digital video recorder” records what is seen in real time, while another similar unit called an IP camera takes snapshots automatically once motion occurs nearby. All four pieces of equipment work together to form part of a complete package known as a security system.
Wireless cameras typically come from either manufacturers whose brands include Axis Communications, Dahua Technologies, Hikvision, LumaSense Technology, iOmega Electronics, Netgear Inc., Skylink Solutions Ltd.and Viewsonic Corporation among other notable names.

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There are many types of security cameras available in Australia including wireless IP cam, CCTV cameras, night vision cam, indoor motion sensor cams and outdoor flood light security cameras among others. These come in different sizes depending upon the purpose they serve. Some are designed specifically for residential environments while some are made to be used by commercial establishments like banks and shopping centers. But regardless of the type of security camera you buy, a few things remain common across them. If you are planning to install any security system in Lethbridge this must include these factors.
1. Camera placement and view coverage area.
2. Type/brand of video storage device.
3. Security software compatibility.
4. Connectivity options.
5. Connection method. (cable / WiFi / Cloud).
6. Installation method. (hard wired).
7. Video resolution.
8. Warranty period
9. Return policy.etc..
10. Budget.
11. Cost per square foot.
12. Frequency of monitoring required
13. Features desired in the security camera systems used in Lethbridge.
14. Monitoring frequency range.15. Budget allocated for Security Cam Systems.16. Time frame for installing them in Lethbridge.

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Security cameras help homeowners monitor areas they care most about. They’re especially useful during times like these, where people tend to be less vigilant than usual — but they can provide peace of mind for everyone. And in this day and age, security cameras aren’t just used to protect against thieves; they can keep track of kids or pets, monitor activity around the house, spot intruders, prevent fires, or alert authorities.
In a study published earlier this year, researchers found that a surprising majority — 72 percent — of burglaries occur because victims leave doors unlocked. But even though many homes lack alarms, security systems can reduce break-ins. A 2018 report from CNET noted that “homeowners who install video surveillance see their burglary risk drop significantly — sometimes by 80 percent or more.”
So whether you live somewhere safe, or you want to stay ahead of crime, installing security cameras is the first step towards keeping yourself protected while staying comfortable.
But choosing which system is best for you isn’t always straightforward. For instance, some models cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, whereas other affordable options offer poor image quality, limited functionality, or unreliable connectivity. So what should you consider before buying a security camera? Here are seven things to check out before making a purchase.
1) Camera Type
There are four main types of security cameras: IP cameras, PTZ/Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, wireless cameras, and doorbell cams. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses.
For example, IP cameras typically have better resolution, and they often include motion detection capabilities, whereas PTZs are easier to use for DIY installations. Wireless cameras are great for remote viewing, and doorbell cameras work well for alerts and notifications. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, choose a model that covers several uses, including those mentioned above.
2) Resolution
Resolution refers to how high or low an area appears in sharp focus on screen. High resolutions allow you to see more details in images captured by cameras, so they’re perfect for capturing faces, license plates on cars, and small items.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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There are many types of CCTV solutions available today, but few people really understand which cameras will be most suitable for them.
This guide breaks down which models of CCTV system will suit different needs, budgets, and locations within the home. We’ve selected some great options for each location including indoors and outdoors, and we hope this helps homeowners pick the ideal solution for their needs. Our guides cover both indoor and outdoor cameras along with a range of other useful information like price points, warranty periods, and technical specifications. These are just some examples of the wide selection of products offered by Secure Cam; they aim to help every customer find a perfect fit regardless of whether they are looking for a small or large scale project. If you’d like any assistance choosing the correct type and model of home security camera then please get in touch via email

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In this post I will cover everything you need to understand about installing the perfect monitoring system at home or office. We provide security cameras for every type of environment whether you are a homeowner, business owner, contractor or builder. We offer a range of security systems for different environments including; homes, commercial properties, construction sites, schools, hospitals, retail locations, manufacturing facilities and many other types of premises. If you need help choosing the correct solution for your location call us today on 403-233-4455 or email
We offer a wide selection of high quality CCTV solutions that you can install yourself without having to pay expensive fees for professional installations. Our goal is to help customers save thousands of dollars by offering affordable prices while maintaining top notch customer service. All products come with 3 years warranty and 24/7 technical support. We will be adding more products to our website soon.
For example:
1) A typical residential surveillance setup consists of 2-3 HD IP camera models installed inside or outside your property along with 1-2 video recorder units and an indoor / outdoor motion detector (if required). These components are connected through Ethernet cable, usually running across multiple walls, floors, ceilings or rooms to ensure that your entire house is monitored by a single system. The most common configuration includes 4-6 IP cameras, 2+ video recorders and a few indoor & outdoor motion detectors.
2) For small offices we typically recommend a single video recording unit to monitor your desk area only. For large commercial buildings a full network monitoring system consisting of several cameras and video recorders should be used.
3) If you are building a custom home and require additional security measures we can assist you with setting up a complete alarm and security package for your house.
Please visit to see some examples of the various monitoring configurations available.
If you would like assistance please feel free to reach out via phone 403-233-4455 or email
Thank you.

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The world today has become a dangerous place. Criminals are constantly searching for ways to steal your personal information, commit fraud, break-ins and burglars will take advantage of every gap they see to gain entry into your property.
In order for you to protect yourself against these threats, having some form of surveillance in your life should be top priority. A quality CCTV solution that’s installed correctly with professional assistance could go a long way towards protecting your family, friends and business assets.
If you live in Lethbridge, Alberta then Secure Cam can help! We specialize in providing high end residential and commercial solutions, including both fixed cameras and IP cameras. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions possible.
For your convenience, we offer a wide range of options, including wireless and wired systems, indoor and outdoor models, as well as DVR solutions and accessories. All of our products come fully backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and industry leading warranties.
We also understand just how overwhelming choosing which system would work best for you can be. That being said, we’ve developed a step-by-step guide to ensure everything runs smoothly during installation. From selecting the perfect location for your new home security device, through the setup process, and finally monitoring and troubleshooting, we’ve made it a breeze to install a reliable system for you.
So get started today by contacting us, and discover how much easier it can be to keep watch over your loved ones and possessions.

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In this blog I’ll be sharing my favourite commercial security cameras products for each category as well as some tips on setting them up correctly.
There are many different types of security cameras available to purchase which often makes choosing one overwhelming. However, here are my recommendations based upon years of working with clients who install these systems in homes across Canada and the USA including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal & Ottawa. These choices are specifically selected because they allow me to provide the type of high quality service & equipment which will protect your business most effectively while having minimum impact on the environment. They work efficiently, cost less than other options but still offer excellent image resolution, motion detection capabilities, night vision capability, ease of use and the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing alarm monitoring software packages.
Best Small Business CCTV Camera Types
Cameras used should suit your particular needs with regards to size, price range and function; however, my top picks are those listed below and are generally considered to provide the best value for money. Many come complete with mounts. Note: If you decide to mount your own cameras please check the manufacturer guidelines carefully regarding mounting methods, height restrictions / requirements and orientation. These items must be taken into account prior to finalising your chosen design and setup.
1. IP66 rated dome style outdoor and indoor digital video surveillance cameras include internal power supply units, USB charging ports and remote controls. Mounting kits are usually supplied, although some models are designed to attach without additional hardware. Most IP66 cameras feature built-in infrared LEDs allowing for automatic recognition under all lighting conditions. Some IP65 models are also suitable for outdoor installations with adequate care being exercised during transport. All cameras support wireless connectivity via WIFI/WiFi 802.11b/g/n standards. Wireless connection via GSM networks is supported on select models only. Please refer to specific model specifications for further details.
2. Fixed mount digital video cameras come mounted either inside or outside buildings such as warehouses and factories. Models vary greatly depending upon type of industry and intended purpose. For example, fixed mount industrial grade CCTV cameras designed for warehouse usage might differ significantly from those installed outdoors.

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This page will provide you information about installing digital video cameras in Lethbridge Canada so they can be monitored remotely.(We specialize in providing remote viewing monitoring with high definition live streaming capabilities via your computer / tablet, mobile phones, computers, laptops). We install these types of devices inside business building/properties and homes to record activity 24/7 in realtime through webcams and other monitoring options. We offer several different packages depending on your needs including monthly recurring fees versus usage fees. Some clients prefer us just to have installed devices while some clients only wish they had them but could use the service.
Many times people are unsure whether this type of surveillance will work correctly because there’s little knowledge available regarding the function of wireless networked IP Video Surveillance Systems(IPVSS) systems. Our system was designed by experienced industry professionals who understand the requirements and wants of today’s customers. So this webpage contains everything you’ll ever need to know about choosing to implement an effective IPvideo solution in Lethbridge.
In order to protect property against theft and vandalism we strongly recommend having CCTV cameras placed strategically around your property. These cameras allow you to see exactly what is happening in real time without leaving the comfort of your own office.
When selecting which cameras to purchase please keep in mind the following factors:
1. Deterrent Value – A deterrent value of 1 dollar per hour equates to $10 dollars per day, and $30 dollars per week at minimum wage rates. For example, imagine setting up a series of motion sensitive IP cctv cameras around your house that would send notifications every half hour reminding thieves to stop stealing cars or breaking windows. After ten days, and assuming no thefts occurred during those 10 days, each stolen car would cost you approximately $180 dollars; a total loss of 7 years pay ($2160), plus damage costs resulting in $3600 additional losses incurred. This equals $2616 dollars taken out of your personal pocket account during a period of time that lasted 4 weeks. Even though this scenario shows minimal losses, it illustrates the deterrent power of properly installed cctvs that remind criminals that they better find something useful than stay away..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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