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In this post I would like to talk about my experience installing some of the most popular brands of cameras available today, including Ring Video Doorbell 2, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Camera, Arlo Q & A, Blink XT2, Canary Cams and many others that I will go through and discuss their strengths and weaknesses and which ones should be considered as the ideal choice for your specific requirements.
I will also show you a few examples of my clients who use these products in their homes or offices, along with links to reviews and customer comments on them. If you have installed your own system already, feel free to drop me a message and tell us about the experiences you have had, good and bad… We love hearing about other people’s successes and failures.
In case you haven’t heard yet, SecureCam have recently launched “the first ever UK wide security monitoring service”. If you would like to try it for yourself then simply fill in your details below and they will contact you shortly with a quote and a full package breakdown. You won’t need to install anything else, just plug everything in and sit back and relax while we take care of things remotely. (If there is something else required, let me know in the comment section and we will get straight back to you).
We’d really appreciate feedback and suggestions, please leave a link to your own blog posts/reviews in the box provided. Also if anyone knows of any other companies offering similar packages please let me know.

London's Best Commercial Security Cameras

There is no doubt that surveillance cameras play a vital role in keeping property safe for homeowners and business owners everywhere around the world.
Having said this, there will always be people who would try and find ways round securing themselves against being caught on film. If they ever manage to get past those defences though, then these hidden devices could prove crucial to catching burglars red handed. While many criminals these days use mobile phones to take photos, video footage and record audio clips, some prefer a simpler solution which requires little work other than plugging in a device and setting them up properly.
If you’re worried about anyone getting hold of your personal information while making purchases online, having a visible camera in place should keep watchful eyes away from your sensitive details. Of course, if you’ve got something like CCTV installed already but still feel nervous about leaving anything vulnerable, adding further layers of protection through discreet yet effective spy cams may just provide the extra reassurance you need.
While it seems unlikely that we’ll see most homes equipped with multiple high quality recording systems anytime soon, there are plenty of options available to both small and large enterprises alike that offer excellent image resolution, reliable functionality and impressive viewing angles; ensuring that whoever uses them feels comfortable watching whatever activity occurs inside their premises. As well as offering greater levels of privacy for individuals, security surveillance solutions can also help businesses increase productivity whilst reducing employee absenteeism and staff turnover rates; helping lower overall operating costs in addition to providing higher return on investment.
Many different types of security cam solutions exist designed specifically for any type of environment including indoor/outdoor installations, concealed locations or fixed posts. These range from basic models intended solely for checking doorways or patios, through to fully customisable’smart’ systems that integrate several additional functions including motion detection and alarm triggering. However, even after installing and configuring each system according to individual requirements, most homeowners will probably opt instead for upgrading their existing equipment rather than investing heavily in new hardware simply because changing things tends to save so much trouble down the line.

Why SecureCam London is right for YOU?

After years of research and development; Secure Cam products and installations service was born after some of us had personally experienced being burgled or robbed whilst staying overnight away from home. So this motivated us to develop a system which would deter opportunistic thieves while allowing those who really want to live safely at night to benefit from the benefits of having cameras installed without risking anything valuable inside. SecureCam’s core philosophy of providing solutions rather than just selling devices resonated well with many people across the UK who wanted to protect themselves against burglary but were struggling to find a suitable solution. At SecureCam, we believe that the most effective way to reduce burglars’ profits is through making house alarms, monitoring systems and intruder deterrent sensors widely available to both private homeowners and business companies alike…Read More
Our aim is to provide you with high quality video surveillance products and services of exceptional value, delivered professionally and always worry free… We offer top class 24/7 Customer Service support including technical helpdesk assistance via phone & email. If required, we will send technicians out (at no additional charge) immediately to install and test new equipment. Our team of highly trained engineers ensure a speedy resolution to issues onsite, along with professional recommendations on how to maximise the effectiveness and reliability of your networked CCTV systems. Our team understand each client situation individually, so they tailor their proposals accordingly based on existing requirements and budgets…We supply the latest technology such as IP addressable NVR units, Smart Video Recording software, wireless PTZ cameras, digital recorders, motion detection alarms, door entry locks, keypad control panels, intrusion detection sensors, remote viewing options, cloud storage facilities for back up recordings, plus advanced analytics capabilities….If you’ve been considering installing IPPTZ cameras, you’re probably wondering whether these days it makes sense to go down the route of installing traditional PIR / Passive IR detectors. While this approach certainly has merit, the newer generation IPPTZ cameras enable far more flexibility and better functionality than ever before. For example:
These cameras allow multiple zones to be monitored simultaneously, enabling the operator to remotely pan around areas of interest to identify intruders, check windows, doors etc.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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In order to get started installing cameras around your house or office, we recommend getting familiarized with some basic terms used while talking about home security systems like “Zones”, “Sensors/PIR”, “Motion Detection”, DVR recording capabilities, etc.
We will be sharing this knowledge in each post along with best practices for choosing the correct security system to fit every household needs. Also as part of this series, we offer professional home security installations service across London including Kitchener, Brampton, Etobicoke, North York, West Toronto and other cities. Our team specializes in residential alarm monitoring and video surveillance solutions. We are fully licensed and insured professionals who install the highest quality wireless home security devices. For further information visit us @securecamlondon
As far as motion detection technology goes, there are many different types available today, ranging anywhere from infrared sensors to laser beams which trigger alerts in specific zones depending upon whether movement was detected inside or outside those areas. Some models detect movement only indoors or outdoors whilst others cover both indoor and outdoor spaces. When selecting a model consider things like battery life, size, resolution, ease of use, price, compatibility, and your personal preferences. We always recommend checking reviews beforehand to help determine which is most suitable for your particular requirements. When deciding which type of sensor would work best, we always suggest going for something larger than necessary because you could end up having multiple units installed unnecessarily and wasting money. As well, the bigger the unit or amount of space covered, the higher chances of false positives occurring which leads to excessive energy usage. If you’d like to learn more about these topics feel free to check out the following posts below:-
(1st Post)-
(2nd Post)-
(3rd)Post)- https://youtu.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems London

Security cameras play a highly crucial role in many aspects of modern living. They protect us against crime whilst being convenient to use. But despite this huge rise in popularity they still remain something of a black box when it comes down to picking which type of monitoring system would be perfect for them. We’re going to take a closer view into just why security cameras aren’t as straightforward as you may assume; here are some things to consider before choosing yours.
Monitoring systems range across several categories but generally fall into two main types: wired versus wireless. Wired solutions tend to come with better picture quality along with greater flexibility but lack mobility. Wireless options, however allow flexibility without needing physical connection, but often offer poorer image quality. So depending on what feature you really need the answer isn’t always quite as black and white as first thought.
So let’s break each category down, starting with video quality…
Video Quality
Wireless surveillance tends to offer lower resolutions than its wired counterparts due to the limitations placed upon the device’s battery life. Video resolution falls somewhere around 640×480 pixels, whereas wired setups usually go above 1080p. If you’re looking to keep costs down then you will probably benefit most from installing a cheaper setup, especially as you won’t be able to get full HD.
If you’re aiming for a higher quality solution though and need something to satisfy both eyes rather than only one, you’ll find you should pay close attention to the frame rate provided. A typical standard definition setting offers 30fps while 720p models average 60fps. Higher framerate rates provide smoother motion and reduce blurring caused by jerky movement, making it easier to discern moving shadows and reflections. For example, 120 fps footage gives sharper images and less flicking which is great news for anyone who needs to see everything clearly, especially during night time recording. Unfortunately most high end devices aren’t capable of running 240 frames per second. However there are ways around this including upgrading to newer hardware like Raspberry Pi 3B+’s built-in GPU and overclocking it to 100%.
Camera Features
Another key consideration is whether you’d prefer indoor or outdoor installations.

London Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this post I am going to talk to you about top 10 high quality video surveillance systems in London, UK 2022 edition. If you are reading this article then you must be thinking “why should i install a Video Monitoring System to catch burglars, intruders and thieves? Why cant police departments use these cameras? Where can i get these types of products/services?” Well my answer to those questions will be ‘yes they should use them because they provide better value than traditional methods used for catching criminals’.
1. Axis M2M IP Network Camera VIA
This model comes equipped with both SD card storage and onboard memory which makes storing footage easy. The network settings ensure reliable transfer speeds and no latency issues while capturing motion detection zones automatically activates depending on temperature readings. Not only does this allow users to capture footage without being present but this camera is fully wireless meaning you won’t miss anything during installation thanks to its battery life.
What We Like About The Axis Monitor 2M Wi-Fi Network Camera:
Cameras always come with the possibility of false alerts especially when installing them in places like bedrooms, living rooms etc. However, the monitor 2m offers great reliability and efficiency due to its advanced technology with a range of 250 meters ensuring accurate recordings without having to rely on external power sources. If you would like something less flashy however still effective than this particular camera then check out some other models below too;
If you’re really concerned about keeping an eye on everything whilst away, why not consider getting yourself a doorbell cam which connects via Bluetooth allowing you to control who rings the bell when and whether or not it’s enabled remotely through your smartphone.
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In this post I will be talking through some of the essential aspects to consider when choosing a CCTV system, both indoors and outside. If you are interested in installing a networked system then read my other blogs about Networking & Internet Service providers. Please note these tips apply equally well to other cities around the world, but I have chosen London because it has had the most coverage of different types of systems. We see many more cameras being installed each week than ever before, and it’s still possible to find a great deal if you’re patient.
If you live near a busy road, shopping mall, high rise building or anywhere else where traffic could pose a threat, the chances are your house would benefit greatly. However, even if you live somewhere quieter, having some form of surveillance will help keep you and your family safer. Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of spying on themselves; however, the majority of people who watch television shows like CSI or NCIS use it as entertainment, rather than fear. As long as you are clear that you’ll only view footage of suspicious activity, you should be fine. Even better news is that some modern security cameras offer great viewing angles, making them ideal for discreet observation.
What Is A Good Camera Installation Job For Your House 2020 or earlier – If you decide to install a digital video recorder yourself, ensure you get good quality cabling and connectors. They will cost extra, but they won’t break when stressed, unlike older wiring which is prone to overheating and bursting. Ensure everything is working correctly with any camera/accessory equipment you connect first.
Cameras are often overlooked during design stages, especially in the case of small spaces. But there can be no denying that CCTV cameras play a significant role in deterring crime and saving lives. These devices provide peace of mind to homeowners as well as commercial clients, giving added reassurance. When you’re buying a property, take care to examine whether there are places vulnerable to theft (e.g.: windows, doors). Check security solutions in place to prevent burglary. Do check if you wish to put surveillance cameras in those areas before purchasing a property.

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Here at Secure Cam HQ, we love giving great value service and products through our customer experience and support, which includes the use of Hikvision cameras for CCTV systems across most UK cities/areas! We will continue working together in order to provide great user satisfaction and continued business development into the future.
We recently got some questions regarding our own customers who have purchased products in the past few years. One question came in saying “I was thinking about getting another system installed in my home but I wanted to upgrade to something newer, better, higher quality than just yet again getting a cheap Chinese made box mounted camera solution. So instead of a standard security camera that would be like $50-$100, I started considering upgrading to a professional level system that would cost upwards of £1000+. But then I found this post mentioning Hikvison DVR HD/720P models. These seem really good quality at around half the price of other brands like Axis and Bosch, plus they offer cloud storage.” And thus began our journey towards finding the perfect combination of affordability and reliability for many different environments including homes and offices alike.
So today we present our findings on what the market leaders in terms of technology offering the highest levels of reliability, quality, safety and convenience available on the market right now. All tested against each other under similar conditions in real world situations in locations ranging from small domestic setups to large office settings and everything inbetween.
This guide compares these leading manufacturers head to head in four key areas; Reliability, Performance/Feature Set, Price Point and User Experience. Each category contains several sub categories which contain specific criteria to help narrow down the choice further. Our analysis aims to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of choosing any particular manufacturer and hopefully point you in the direction of your ideal system, regardless of brand preference.
Hikvision – We feel the overall ranking is highly dependent upon the type and configuration of deployment used within an environment or area, so this is why all tests were performed on the same exact equipment using identical software configurations. However, our testing does reveal the following main positives and negatives associated with HIKVISION HD 720P IP Network Camera Technology..

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