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We’ve written some great posts on this website over the years, but I haven’t updated them since 2020. So instead of doing a huge update today, I thought I’d just write a quick post to say hello again; tell people what’s going on with Secure Cam these days, and remind readers of my most popular article from 2019…
In 2018/2019, the number one topic covered was video doorbell systems. We wrote lots of articles covering everything from design, technology, sales techniques, and customer service on top of giving readers detailed reviews of each available model on market. And while they’re still very relevant topics for many consumers today, the focus has shifted somewhat into cameras in general. But first, you should check out the following articles which cover those other areas!
So without further ado, I’m excited to announce that Secure Cam is working closely with several manufacturers in North America, who produce various models of IP surveillance cams that offer exceptional quality, functionality and price. Some are better than others, but overall we’ve found several models that meet our high standards, and we recommend checking out some of these below:
There are no shortage of companies who try to sell cheap, crappy webcams for under $40, usually marketed towards children. They often come loaded with spyware and malware. These types are almost always fake reviews of products designed to fool unsuspecting customers into buying them, because no reputable manufacturer would ever put spyware like that on their devices. For example:
I use only IP security cameras because I’m a huge privacy advocate, and believe every person deserves the same amount of protection against identity theft and hacking. If someone gets past the front door of your property to enter at night, then they already have access to your entire house or office. I feel safer knowing the camera(s), which also acts as motion detection system, will pick up intruders coming through the back door.
But with this being said, these aren’t just generic ‘cheap’ internet cams, and neither am I saying all expensive ones suck, especially the higher end models. Just take note of things like lens size, resolution, frame rates, image stability, color reproduction issues, etc.

Best Security Cameras Middle Sackville

This guide will be updated every few months so please check back regularly for updates. Our aim is to keep this post relevant to current middle sackville residents and business homeowners who wish to install cameras but would like some guidance along the way. We hope this keeps everyone informed on whats happening in the industry.
So what makes these products stand out above the rest? They offer better image quality than basic CCTV camera devices; they feature built-in 2-way audio communication; most come with motion sensing technology (also known as “smart” IP video cameras); there are many models on the market today equipped with advanced facial recognition software; many include wireless network connectivity which enables remote viewing via smartphone apps; and lastly, most manufacturers provide professional service after purchase.
We believe that any homeowner should consider an indoor security system whether he/she lives in New Brunswick, Canada, or somewhere else in North America. A good security camera system can protect his /her family against crime. So why wouldn’t anyone use them? Because installing a decent surveillance system takes work, expertise & technical understanding of modern electronic hardware. If you want something easy then go buy a cheap $25 webcam from Amazon or eBay. But if you want the real thing, read on.
Here are the main questions that people ask us when considering buying a security camera system: 1. Can I afford it? 2. Can I get my hands dirty and get everything installed myself without having to hire someone 3. Where does the extra cost come from
1. Can I Afford It?
There are lots of things in life worth spending money on including cars, houses, clothes, vacations and other big ticket items. However, the question is always going to remain ‘can I afford it?’ When buying a security device, especially for your first home and office, you must understand that the initial investment could well be higher. You are paying for the peace of mind knowing your family is protected and your property secured 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. And the fact is: if you live in a high risk area, chances are you already have protection anyway.

Middle Sackville Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Hikvision and Tiyand Technology are among the fastest-growing surveillance camera providers in North America today; they continue to provide excellent products backed by world-class support.
Both companies offer many high quality models of HD IP cameras with outstanding resolution, color depth and night vision capabilities. They both produce some of the most reliable and durable outdoor IP cameras available.
But which Hikvision model would be ideal for middle Sackville homes and office locations? We took a close look at several popular options, including the following models:
• HVWL-HD1080P-M3S
• HTG-HD1080PTN4
We hope this information will help homeowners select the best surveillance system for their home or office location. If you need additional assistance selecting the proper camera solution for your needs, please contact us at 1 888 983 4444 ext 2.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Middle Sackville

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Security cameras are getting smarter than ever thanks to advancements like 4k resolution video capture and AI facial recognition technology.
But while these systems provide convenience they come with some unique drawbacks including: high cost, complicated setup requirements and high maintenance costs. Here are four of the top rated 4K surveillance options in North America today.
Top pick: Canary Flex
Canary Flex offers a complete solution that combines cloud monitoring software with professional grade networked IP cameras. All models feature advanced face detection, motion alerting, automatic image stabilization and nightvision capability making them ideal for homeowners who wish to monitor both indoor and outdoor areas. Each unit is equipped with 4 gigabit ethernet ports for fast wired connectivity allowing multiple units, each with different views, to be connected simultaneously via CAT5e cable. A cloud subscription service enables remote viewing and control via mobile device apps available through the Apple store and Android market place. For those seeking wireless coverage Canary flex includes 3G/4g cellular backhaul which supports 802.11ac WiFis allowing users to connect anywhere within range without requiring additional adapters.
Second choice: Ring Spotlight Cam HD Pro
Ring’s popular Spotlights offer exceptional 1080P Full HD quality image recording and advanced object identification capabilities. Designed specifically for use indoors and outdoors this model is perfect for small spaces, apartments, hotels rooms, garages and basements. Ring’s patented TrueTrack 2-way audio system makes spotting intruders nearly effortless as it automatically detects movement and alerts the homeowner using a gentle chime. With built in speakerphone functionality, this camera can be used remotely or controlled locally to allow for monitoring via smartphone or tablet.
Second Choice: Nest Indoor Camera IQ2+
This high tech camera uses artificial intelligence in order to identify suspicious activity as well as track people moving around inside homes or offices. Featuring a powerful 8MP CMOS sensor, the IQ2+ records 1080P images at 30fps and 60 frames per second. The lens rotates 90 degrees horizontally 360 degrees vertically and features a wide 120 degree field of view. Users get real-time notifications on their phone whenever something happens in the frame of focus.

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Security Cameras Monitoring Company Middle Sackville

In this blog I am going to talk about some things you should be aware of when thinking of buying and installing middle sackville cameras.
Middle Sackville security cameras come in many different forms, shapes and sizes but most are designed to sit outside and provide 24/7 monitoring of your property.
Here’s a few things we recommend for home use.
1. Don’t buy a cheap security camera, they usually cost $50-$200 dollars and don’t offer great picture quality.
2. Don’t get a fancy expensive HD security camera, they will only end up costing you hundreds. A good mid range camera with the latest tech will work just fine.
3. Be cautious with your choice of mounting options. Make sure whatever solution you go for, it’s compatible with both indoor and outdoor installations.
4. Consider what type of motion detection feature you would like on your camera system, and ensure you purchase something that can detect movement indoors and outdoors and that you like the way their alerts sound.
5. If you have multiple entrances into your house or building then consider getting a camera which offers 2-way audio communication so you can communicate directly through the microphone in the camera itself if someone needs assistance entering your premises.
6. Finally, ensure you install them correctly and safely and you won’t regret it as these devices save lives everyday. They’re very affordable and are worth every dollar and cent spent.
For office use, here is a little bit about what we suggest for the office environment.
7. Get the smallest possible footprint. The smaller the better, especially when you are talking about mounting in the ceiling above reception desks or other areas where people enter and exit the offices regularly.
8. Get a high resolution image. Most modern day CCTV systems today capture images in 1080i or 720p format. These resolutions are sufficient enough for most situations and if anything higher than 1080i is required, you could always upgrade your camera after installation.
9. Ensure that you have adequate space for all your cameras. If you need to mount several cameras on top of each other, or around corners you will need additional space.

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Security cameras monitoring middle sackville homes and offices:
Homeowners who install surveillance video systems will find them useful both for crime prevention purposes and personal security as well. They provide a valuable resource for peace of mind, which makes people feel safer around their residence. A good CCTV system should include an HD recording capacity for capturing even minuscule details like faces and license plates. If someone enters your house while you’re away, a surveillance cam can catch the criminal redhanded. However, it isn’t uncommon for criminals to disable these devices after they’ve committed crimes. Some thieves take advantage of this fact by taking video footage of other homeowners’ properties. For those individuals whose primary concern is property loss, however, a reliable surveillance camera should be a deterrent rather than a tool used against them. As far as installing a security camera system goes, choosing the right type matters just as much as picking the proper location. A basic rule is to place security cams near windows to minimize blind spots. Make sure to use timers to ensure the cameras capture images during times when intruders aren’t present. Additionally, a professional installer should check your electrical system every few years to avoid damage caused by power surges. While most experts recommend using motion sensor technology instead of manual settings to reduce false alarms, some homeowners simply prefer having full control. Either way, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have complete confidence around your own space. When selecting a model, keep in mind whether the device offers night vision capabilities (ideal for nighttime burglars), motion sensors, remote viewing functionality, 2-way audio, and/or wireless streaming.
If you already got yourself a camera but still haven’t installed it yet, then follow the below guide carefully. We hope it helps you.
We would love to hear feedback from you regarding any issues and improvements. Our contact us form is available for you to reach us anytime. Thank you again for reading our article and please subscribe to our newsletter if you enjoyed it 🙂
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Email Address:- sales@securecam.

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Middle Sackville’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

There are many great advantages of having SmartHome cameras installed around your house.
They help protect your property against burglary, theft and fraud. And they allow you to easily monitor the safety of loved ones while away.
All this has made them extremely popular among homeowners today.
But did you realize that there are actually some disadvantages associated with installing these devices yourself?
Here are five things you should be aware of before getting started:
1: Installation Cost
Although there are many brands available on the market today, the upfront cost of buying security cameras will vary depending upon which model you purchase.
However, once they’re installed and connected to smart switches and appliances via Wi-Fi, most come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities—making them both convenient and affordable.
2: Learning Curve
Not only does buying a security system require understanding technical jargon like “IP address,” but you also must learn how to properly install every part involved.
If you hire a professional installer instead, then this task becomes easier than ever. But if you decide to take matters into your own hands, it could end up being quite frustrating.
3: Power Usage
Because these systems operate continuously, power usage begins building immediately after starting use. So just imagine waking up in the middle of the night worrying whether your internet or electricity provider will cut you off again because of excess consumption.
4: Connectivity
Unlike traditional monitors that run cable through walls or ceilings, wireless models usually send live feeds back to central control panels via antennas mounted near windows. As a result, they offer excellent coverage, especially indoors, but make no claim of complete visibility.
5: Unreliable Operation
Even top manufacturers admit that there are certain instances where quality and consistency across different parts cannot always be guaranteed due to poor manufacturing processes or lack of maintenance.
For instance, it’s become common knowledge lately, that newer indoor HD models often suffer interference issues caused by nearby electronics.
So if you already own smart lighting products or other electronic gadgets close to your window, expect your home security camera to experience similar troubles.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Middle Sackville NS

This Blog talks about the top 5 commercial cameras to install in your middle-size office space or home business location in 2020. We will be covering both indoor and outdoor options.
If you’re interested in finding the best-of-the-best for your Middle Sackville home, this is the place to go. We’ll cover everything from the latest technology available, to the most popular models, to which ones work well indoors/outdoors, and why they work well.
We’ve broken down the categories below to help guide you through the different types of cameras.
Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
These cameras work great inside and outside your house or office building. They’re perfect for capturing images around parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and other areas where people walk around.
They come in various sizes and price ranges, making them ideal solutions for small offices, large companies, schools, and government organizations.
Small Camera Options
Cameras like these are ideal for smaller homes or businesses. These are usually installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, stairwells, closets, storage spaces, and kitchens for security and surveillance purposes.
Bigger Camera Options
For larger houses or buildings, bigger cameras are often used. Big enough to capture entire floors and rooms without needing multiple units.
Smartphone Integration
Some modern cameras include smartphone apps to allow you to view live feeds remotely via Wi-Fi or mobile device. They also often offer motion alerts that notify you whenever movement occurs near the area being monitored.
Wi-Fi Cameras
Wi-Fi cameras use wireless signals instead of traditional cables. They’re typically easier to setup than the old analog cable systems but require additional hardware like routers and antennas. Some newer versions of Wi-Fi cameras have built-in video encoders, allowing you to stream videos to smartphones and tablets. If you already own a router, you should check out this post to see if the model supports the necessary protocols.
Camera Mounting Systems
Most modern cameras come with mounting kits that attach to ceilings, walls, windows, doors, garage cabinets, desks, tables, counters, and more..

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