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Do I really need a security system in my house/office? What should I consider buying in order to ensure my family safety? These questions will probably be answered through this post. Here are some things we recommend considering when choosing the perfect security Camera solution for your needs.
Security System Installation Tips | How Does One Go About Installing Their Own Security System?
1. Install Your Video Surveillance Systems
This step will save many headaches while installing your cameras. Make sure to install them properly as they’ll serve as good protection against thieves. Start by hanging the DVR near door handles, on peepholes or close but outside the doors. Also, be careful with locations like bathrooms and stairwells because these areas tend to get frequent intrusions. Be sure to place them strategically in rooms which contain items of value. For instance, put them above kitchen cabinets or next to bookshelves containing valuable documents. Remember to always test your video surveillance systems first. If everything goes well with testing then you can continue the installation. After that point, you can move forward with mounting the cameras around your property. Don’t forget to label each camera’s location when making note down. Doing so will help keep track of all your footage files.
2. Understand Cabling Issues
Since most people usually buy digital IP network cabled products nowadays, make sure that your cables run easily without being tangled or stuck anywhere. Since cables carry power supply, they can really damage other devices nearby. Install cable management products to minimize the chances of getting damaged wires. When setting up your CCTV, use only CAT5e rated wiring (or better). Keep in mind that older installations usually used CAT6, but that type isn’t enough anymore due to newer technologies requiring higher bandwidth.
3. Connect Up Your Devices & Power Supply
Nowadays, wireless technology gets easier to setup than ever. However, wired connections are still great for having extra control over your devices’ settings. Use extension cords or cables wisely since they take long periods of time to unplug after usage. To connect every device together, just pick either Wifi or Ethernet connection. Power supplies typically come with both options though Ethernet ports normally offer faster speeds.

Mission's Best Commercial Security Cameras

This week I will be going through some of the most common questions regarding buying commercial cameras. Here are my tips;
1- Keep these things in mind when choosing a security system:
2- Don’t get hung up too quickly on “features”. Ask yourself this question: would an average person care? If Yes then buy that feature, otherwise just pick another one.
3- Never settle on price. Always ask myself “If this was me and this was my business and I had 100% certainty my family and employees were safe, would I spend less than $X per month?” And go from there. Also keep in mind your ROI.
4- Find out who does installs. Ask them about training and testing requirements for the install. Is everything hooked up correctly? Do they have good customer service. All those things matter! Make sure your installer knows exactly how to use the equipment and they are trained well.
5- Think about long term savings. Will replacing old units save money? Will adding additional zones improve coverage? Most importantly are people going away? Does anyone ever leave lights on? Those are all things that influence whether you should replace something versus upgrading it. If yes, why not take advantage of technology advances to minimize costs while improving safety with night vision?
6- Have a test environment somewhere else. Just like anything digital, we still struggle with making sure stuff actually works properly after purchase. So having an extra rig somewhere is helpful.
7- Be realistic in expectations. It probably makes sense to invest in 2 or 3 monitors instead of 10. They won’t always cover areas perfectly but you’ll see better overall picture quality. Think about getting 4 HD video recorders instead of 1 big VHS cam. These days you are able to sync multiple systems together without much cost. Maybe consider investing in 3 separate doorbell units, one in each corner plus one central location. Why 3? Well, because 1 is always easier/cheaper than 5.
8- If possible try before you rent. A lot of places offer rentals. But sometimes these aren’t reliable. Especially newer companies trying to make it big. We’ve found many times customers lose cams when renting.

Mission Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

• Why Should I Investigate Hiding Camera Equipment Around My Property? [VIDEO]
• Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs IP Video Surveillance
• 3 Types Of Outdoor Cameras Available Today | 2020 Recommendations [CATALOG POST]
• 2 Ways to Hide Cameras For Maximum Privacy | Tips From A Professional Installer
In today’s technological world, hiding cameras and microphones around property isn’t just something used by criminal organizations anymore. Many homeowners who wish to protect themselves against burglars would be well served by installing some sort of hidden surveillance device. They aren’t that expensive either, making them easily accessible for most budgets. However, they should always be mounted high enough above ground level for the intruder’s face to appear larger than life — preferably outfitted with night vision capabilities — to ensure maximum effectiveness. When selecting which type of hidden video surveillancesystem to purchase, keep these factors in mind:
What types of intrusions are you concerned about? Is this a residential setting or commercial? Will the system operate 24/7/365? Where will the camera be placed? (This information isn’t available at every moment but, rather, once you’ve selected a particular vendor).
There are numerous vendors offering various levels of privacy and affordability; however, the following four companies stand head and shoulders above the competition.
1. Securifi Wireless Networked Dome HD 720P WiFi Security System
2. Arlo Pro Series Wireless Indoor 1080iHD Cloud Cam WIFI Security Camera Wi-Fi DVR System with Motion Detection, Smart Siren Functionality, Night Vision Technology, Two Way Audio, Voice Alert Feature, One Year Warranty, Remote Viewing App Included And Free Installation Service Directly Through SecureWebStore
3. Alarm Systems Inc Wi-Fi Indoor /Outdoor Weatherproof Hidden CCTV IP Camera Surveillance Product Line
4. Nighthawk X10 Smart Wi-Fi IP Thermal Imaging Day/Night Integrated Wired/Wireless Network Camera
5. Nest Thermostat 4
6. Amazon Fire TV Stick Gen 1
7. iStick AC750 802.11n Bluetooth Portable Hotspot Dual Band Gigabit Ethernet USB Modem Adapter Kit

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Mission

This article covers some of the top trending technologies of this decade. Some of them have become mainstream like WiFi. Others remain niche products but they will be part of many people’s daily lives in 2022. Here are some predictions:
Smartphone cameras will get better than human eyes. They will capture high quality images in almost every lighting condition. We expect smartphone cameras will continue to improve until the day we are able to buy a “camera phone” without needing glasses.
We predict that facial recognition technology will move beyond being used just in law enforcement. In fact, in 2022, most smartphones will be equipped with face detection software allowing us to unlock doors and gain entry to buildings simply by smiling at the door lock. Imagine walking through the front door of your office building and unlocking your desk. No key fob required.
Wireless charging stations will proliferate everywhere from coffee shops and restaurants to homes and offices. They could one day replace electrical outlets entirely, eliminating the need for plug adapters. Wireless chargers work well enough to charge phones while still plugged into power sources. But the industry is already making significant strides towards wireless charging becoming the norm.
WiFi routers will evolve further. As technology becomes easier to use, manufacturers continue to push technology forward. For example, WiFi routers that automatically adjust themselves according to traffic patterns will eventually become commonplace. These types of devices use artificial intelligence to detect which device needs bandwidth first, then allocate that bandwidth accordingly, ensuring everyone gets fair treatment regardless of location.
Security Camera Companies will offer more affordable options for consumers. As technology continues to advance, companies will find ways to lower prices. This includes offering smaller, cheaper cameras that are capable of providing similar functionality. We see these as the next step in improving customer experiences and reducing costs across the board.
Homeowners who install surveillance equipment should consider investing in motion sensors. While motion detectors aren’t the same level of sophistication as video recorders, they provide basic protection against intruders and burglars. Motion detectors are relatively inexpensive and are available in both wired models and those that operate via radio frequency signals.
Video recording capabilities will become standard for most residential home systems.

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26. How Can I Monitor My Children 24 Hours A Day?
27. How Should I Design My Living Room To Stay Vigilant Against Potential Crimes?
28. How Can I Monitor My Child’s School Activity Online From Anywhere In The World?
29. How Can I Protect My Employees And Students From Cyber Bullies?

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Mission BC

We live in a world where people are becoming increasingly vulnerable due to cyber threats, identity theft and other crimes committed through electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and many more.
Security cameras play a critical role in protecting homes, offices, vehicles, warehouses and retail establishments against these types of crimes which could be potentially catastrophic, financially devastating and even life threatening.
In fact, according to Gartner research report “Global IT Infrastructure Spending 2018: CIO Agenda Report” published in September 2017, the average annual spending per enterprise customer for cybersecurity was $11 million USD. And this figure will increase significantly every year going forward.
So it’s no wonder why people around the globe are installing more and more security systems in order to protect themselves and their families.
But with so many options available on the market, deciding which type of surveillance system that would suit them best becomes challenging.
And this guide helps you understand the different security camera types available today.
What’s Included in This Article?
– An introduction to security cameras in general;
– A comprehensive overview of the most common models currently being installed worldwide;
– A detailed explanation of each model, including key features and benefits;
– Detailed information on installation procedures; and
– Tips to help get you started in selecting the perfect solution for your needs.
Why Secure Cam is Right For YOU!
If you’re looking for professional assistance and guidance for choosing the correct surveillance camera for your home/office, then this article should answer all questions regarding your decision making process for the best security camera solutions for your mission home or office.
This detailed guide covers everything from understanding the various security camera technologies available on the market today (including IP and PTZ cameras), to determining the ideal camera size for your space, to finding a qualified installer who understands your specific requirements and can install your chosen device correctly.

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In my mission homes I like keeping things simple and I prefer to install the same type cameras across each area. For example; I use motion detection for front doorways, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen entrances, but if someone gets past me then I will put some cameras in more strategic areas around my house.
If possible, always try to position cameras away from windows and doors so they won’t get blocked or covered with window treatments. Also consider having the cameras face outward rather than inward because that way people who enter through glass doors and sliding barn style doors won’t be able to see them without being detected.
For monitoring purposes, you can go either wired or wireless depending on which devices are available. Wired connections offer better quality audio/video for voice alerts or other types of notifications, while wireless options provide greater convenience, mobility, flexibility and range. Both wired and wireless systems should come equipped with multiple power outlets so you’re ready whenever a notification occurs. If you choose wired connection for both monitoring and recording and decide that you only need live video (not just audio), you’ll still benefit by saving battery life by turning off the microphone during nonactive times of day. Wireless connectivity isn’t 100% reliable, though, especially indoors, so keep this in mind when selecting a system.
For remote viewing, you might want to check out video streaming software like Roku or Apple TV that allow you to view footage remotely via apps like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These applications stream high resolution content wirelessly over Wi-Fi networks so you don’t have to worry about running cables or setting up complicated network configurations. While these aren’t necessarily installed on every single camera model, they’re worth considering since your ability to monitor remotely depends on how well equipped your surveillance device was to begin with. When choosing a security system for yourself, you really have no choice but to include these functions in the equation; you simply must be aware.
Here’s a quick summary of the most popular brands for security cameras in the market today.

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Best Security Camera Product Trends to Watch Out For in 2022
What will be the most sought after feature for cameras in 2022? What will be the next great tech revolution like drones and artificial intelligence? All these questions will determine whether consumers will still love their smartphone cameras or they will look towards better picture quality through high definition 1080P HD video surveillance cameras.
In fact, according to research conducted by ABI Research nearly half (49%) of U.S. homeowners plan to install IP video cameras inside their homes this year. By 2025, experts predict that IP Video technology will become mainstream. So, while many people use smartphones today, cameras and related technologies will increasingly dominate the landscape during the coming years.
Security Cam Technology Innovation Trend in 2020 & Beyond
While we anticipate security cam innovation will continue to evolve rapidly in 2019, several developments stand out. These include:
High Definition Surveillance Cameras – More affordable than ever, these digital devices provide an immersive view without compromising on resolution. They support 4K and HDR content too. And thanks to AI features, operators can watch live feeds remotely and receive notifications whenever something happens.
3D Cams– Another trend gaining traction is 3D cams which offer 360 degree views and enable monitoring outdoors. While some models work solely indoors, most operate both day and night.
Smartphone Integration – Smartphone integration offers convenience but does nothing to improve image quality. On the other hand with the introduction of “Catch Me If I Blink™” apps, owners can automatically capture action shots from their mobile device anytime someone enters/leaves an area monitored by a security camera.
AI Enabled Videos – As AI becomes faster, cheaper, smarter and more powerful, expect to see improvements across every aspect of security camera software and hardware including detection algorithms, alerts, real-time analysis, motion sensing features, facial recognition, geofencing and automatic recording options. Even traditional functions like motion sensors, zoom capabilities and audio/video recording settings will eventually move under the control of Artificial Intelligence. We anticipate the market share of products incorporating Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to rise substantially by 2025.
Flexible Installation Options – Many owners are opting for custom installations rather than buying equipment only partially installed..

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