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Morinville Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this edition of our series, we discuss some of the most popular models available today. As technology continues to evolve, homeowners often find themselves wondering which model will be effective against intruders while providing them maximum visibility around the property perimeter. Below is a short description of each of these cameras including price, key features, and typical applications. The information provided does not constitute professional advice and/or investment recommendation. We highly recommend that readers seek qualified help and guidance when making purchases regarding products discussed herein.
Cameras listed below come from Hikvisions; they typically cost $350–$450 but prices vary depending on model type. Note that all Hikvisions cameras use proprietary infrared sensors that operate in an invisible spectrum. We would suggest using both video and audio recording options. Many vendors offer cloud storage capabilities for recorded footage—which can greatly extend the life span of captured videos. These devices usually store recorded files via SD card slots inside (unless specified otherwise). If these cards become full quickly, many vendors provide USB memory stick replacements. Some are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing remote viewing through smartphone apps. All of these characteristics allow you to monitor your property without having to install cumbersome wiring every step of the way. When deciding upon a camera location, keep in mind that visible light is better than IR due to less intrusion of privacy.
Morinville Tikyda HD IP Camera Series (1TB Hard Drive Storage)—This small black box contains a 1080P resolution live view screen along with built-in Wi-Fi capability. Using this device, anyone standing next door could see everything occurring through the lens. No matter who tries to peer in, you will always get a crisp image thanks to a powerful CMOS sensor. Its compact size makes it great for unobtrusive mounting throughout your yard while maintaining excellent picture quality. At night, the unit automatically shifts to infrared mode and offers high sensitivity surveillance. If desired, a separate microphone module may be added for additional noise canceling benefits.

Morinville's Best Commercial Security Cameras

If your business needs surveillance cameras then this blog will help you choose the perfect commercial security solution for your Morinville office.
This guide covers everything you need to get started including choosing which type of camera system is ideal for your space (indoor/outdoor), budget and requirements; selecting the most cost effective options available; understanding how different types work and their limitations; and finally, getting them installed correctly.
We’ll walk through each step from initial purchase to final setup and testing.

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Looking Back On 2020 And Looking Forward At 2022 By Chris Smith, president of Secure Cam Technology Inc.
Chris will be sharing his thoughts on both 2019 & 2020 along with some predictions for what’s going to become popular in 2022.
What Makes A Good Surveillance Camera Installation?
This video gives us a basic idea of what makes a good surveillance system but does not go into depth like I did previously in my article called “Best Self Recording Outdoor Video Systems”. Click HERE
For this project, I recommend these 4 cameras with the following specs…
Cameras Included In My System Include: CCTU2 HD 1080P 720P Day/Night IP Camcorder DVR Night Vision Dome Camera
If you prefer a hardwired setup then use only 2 cameras instead of four if possible (1 day cam 1 night cam). Then mount them facing opposite directions. If the area behind the desk requires extra protection just place another dome in front of them and point away. This way they’ll still see everything while blocking out most visible light.
Most people would assume installing a security network wouldn’t be an issue but believe me it was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do since starting business back in 2015. Our clients weren’t happy and neither were we. We spent countless hours researching different systems and options available. For those who live in Canada finding quality installers can prove to be difficult without doing extensive research beforehand. If you’re considering adding another camera there could honestly be $200-$300 per camera installed depending on which installer you hire. Most people end up paying 3X+ the price of our competitors due to lack of knowledge and experience with building networks. Many are forced to purchase a cheap network card even though the manufacturer recommends otherwise leading to poor reliability issues down the road. Having said that, once you find reputable companies it can save some headache and cost, however many times these companies charge high prices because they force you to buy expensive products instead of getting a cheaper solution. So after months of research including lots of calls to other customers we finally found someone that gave us great service at competitive pricing. Here’s why Chris chose this person instead of our original choice: https://securecasetechinc.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Why SecureCam Morinville is right for YOU?

Security cameras are installed inside homes, offices, stores and other locations so people can keep a close watch on these areas 24/7. A good surveillance system makes us feel safe knowing someone will notice anything suspicious. But just because you’re paying good money and installing some high tech gear — your safety should be assured as well. We put together this guide detailing the best options available and the newest improvements made to existing products. Whether you need a simple HD video recording solution or advanced facial recognition software, find everything you need here.
We chose the top 10 most popular models and added our own comments to help inform your decision making process.
For complete details on each model listed below check out the individual reviews at
10. Nest Cam Outdoor WiFI Camera | $129.99 – Buy Here
9. Samsung SmartThings Wifi Camera for Android & iOS App Enabled Devices – $79.95 – Buy Here
8. Wyze Video Doorbell 2 | $49.00 – Buy Here
7. Blink XT2 Pro 1080P IP Based Wireless Night Vision Alarm System w Motion Detection Sensor | $69.25 – Buy Here
6. Ring Stick Up Cam Indoor WiFi Network Accessible Surveillance Camera & Siren|$79.90 – Buy Here(see full Review Below). For those who dont like to use mobile apps and prefer to stick to traditional webcams, Check out the latest version of Wink Hub and Wink APP enabled devices which include door locks, garage doors, alarm systems, thermostats, light bulbs, fans, air conditioners and appliances. Wink hub supports 802.11 bg/n wireless network while the Wink APP enables all compatible IoT devices connected to the same ZigBee network. Both Wink hub and Wink APP work seamlessly across multiple Zigbee networks in your house. No longer would you be unable to control various devices around in your house at once because they used different protocols. All things you connect to the internet including home automation sensors and switches get integrated and controlled via single smartphone application. Its really cool.

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We strive everyday to provide exceptional customer service to every client and homeowner; including providing quality products and affordable prices. We offer FREE estimates, FREE Shipping, and FREE Installation
1. If this business does not work for me long term I will be happy to refund my monies back within 30 days of purchase date without question. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our Guarantee.
2. All orders placed receive same day shipping via carrier choice. Your package generally arrives 2-3 Business Days Max after order placement. *If you would like expedited delivery please contact us prior to placing your order.*
3. To save yourself hundreds of dollars and help ensure reliable internet connectivity during install, order high speed fiber optic cabling at no additional cost upon your initial sale with Secure Cam.
4. We offer 24 hour telephone support 7 Days A Week Including Holidays. Our live chat feature is available 5AM PST Monday through 4PM EST Friday.
5. During busy holiday seasons expect slight increase in wait times but rest assured we always strive to maintain excellent Customer Service whether ordering online or over the phone.
6. For most clients choosing our Premium Series cameras gives them peace of mind knowing they purchased something premium. Many customers who buy standard series often call us wanting to upgrade because the quality appears lower than other brands. Often these homeowners have had great experiences installing higher end video systems previously which makes upgrading natural. Of course many people prefer the value proposition offered by the Standard Series models due to budgetary concerns, however both lines offer professional grade IP Surveillance cameras and offer comparable image qualities & price points.
7. We use only top tier surveillance equipment manufacturers that consistently outperform industry standards.
8. Since 2006 SecureCam has sold thousands of Residential/Commercial IP Camera Systems across North America & Internationally, while maintaining 100% Customer Satisfaction on virtually every single system installed. Over 98% of our sales come from word of mouth referrals meaning we are truly known for being experts in our field and dedicated to Client Success.
9. We care about our customers and take pride in delivering superior products at competitive rates along with quality products and outstanding customer service.
10. We love helping people and making life easier.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Morinville

If you’re thinking about getting a security system installed at home or business this year, then I recommend doing some research first.
There’s no point having expensive cameras around if they won’t be used properly. And it seems like most people get caught out because they just don’t understand basic things like motion detection and how to use them effectively.
We’ve compiled a quick guide below to help answer the questions you should ask yourself before buying a security camera system.
1) Where will your security camera(s) go? (Home or office).
This question isn’t really relevant if you only want to cover one area but it does apply to larger homes and offices. If you have multiple rooms in a property, consider installing different types of sensors. For example, you could place door/window detectors outside and motion detectors indoors. Or perhaps you could put a detector under each workstation.
2) Will you be able to see everything through the security footage?
Security systems can capture video from anywhere inside your property – this includes blindspots and areas outside of view. But if you’d rather keep those things private, you might find that it’s better to install cameras on specific points of interest.
3) Do you have enough space to install the security system correctly?
Security camera systems aren’t cheap and they take up quite a bit of flooring space. So if you’re planning on putting something like one on every desk or wall, you might be surprised by how big it ends up being. Make sure there is ample room for cables, power supply units and other equipment that goes along with it. Also check whether you have adequate lighting available. A dimly lit environment makes good viewing conditions tough.
4) Can you afford the security system?
If you’re going to go ahead with an investment like this, make sure you can handle the monthly fees involved. Most companies offer discounts if you pay upfront – so if possible try negotiating a lower price for a longer term contract.

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Best Security Cameras Morinville

This website will show you some of my best selling products for 2020. These are great devices for people who are interested in getting high quality video surveillance systems, but aren’t necessarily interested in spending hundreds of dollars up front for something they’re going to just put in a garage or closet somewhere.
In this guide I’m going to walk you through installing four different cameras. They range from $30-$400 each depending on what you want to get. Each system includes mounting hardware, cables/power supply, remote control, batteries, and everything else you’ll need in order to mount them properly. You should be able to install these yourself without needing professional help. If you’d like me to come and do the job for you, just ask 🙂
These cameras include both indoor units as well as outdoor ones. All of them offer night vision capabilities as well. Most of the models are IP66 rated meaning they’re waterproofed. Some of the indoor units offer wireless capability while most of the outdoor units are wired.
Here’s a link to my Amazon store where you can check prices on any of those units.
If you find anything interesting, let me know in the comments section below!
I hope this helps and thanks again for checking us out 🙂

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Morinville AB

In this post, I will talk about some tips & tricks you should keep in mind as you shop around for the perfect security cameras system for your business or personal use. Some people believe security cameras just aren’t worth it. But they’re really useful devices to help protect your property, no matter who owns it, whether it’s you personally or someone else. So let me tell you why these systems still work today.
I’ll be talking mostly about indoor surveillance cameras because those usually come installed in homes already. Outdoor surveillance cams have a lot going against them, though you could argue that outdoor systems would be cheaper than indoor ones so long as you get quality gear. And the price isn’t necessarily the issue either, since many companies sell high-quality cameras that cost hundreds less than other brands. If you’re willing to put some extra work into installing them yourself, then you can save even more.
So without further ado…let’s dive right into my recommendations.
1. Go Smaller
If your house was built in 2006 or earlier, chances are good you won’t find an entry doorbell button anywhere inside. Most newer buildings, however, contain buttons somewhere—maybe near the thermostat control panel. When you press them, you trigger motion sensors that send alerts via email, SMS text messages, landline calls, phone apps, and/or push notifications through various messaging software programs that you can install locally or remotely.
These days, it’s common place to see a networked video recorder like Ring Video Doorbell 2 ($100), which connects wirelessly to compatible Amazon Alexa voice assistants. They are available in most popular colors and sizes and can connect to multiple doors. These units record everything that happens, including sounds, voices, faces, license plate numbers, and motion in front of the camera, and store footage locally until it is transferred back to a remote server. This way you can watch live video 24/7 wherever you go with the Ring mobile app, tablet app, or web browser. A camera with night vision is optional. If you want something better suited for monitoring large areas, check out my picks in Part 3 of this series of articles.

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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