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This blog gives some guidance and tips to help homeowners install home cameras in safe locations like bathrooms, laundry areas, children’s rooms, living spaces, kitchen and other places in home or office building they live/work in, this will protect them from burglars who tend to target homes or businesses with broken windows / doors. By installing quality home security systems and good quality high definition day/night video recorders you’ll be able to see things from outside of house easily such as people moving around out side, vehicles driving past with plates and registration numbers clearly visible, pets walking along drive ways looking back towards garden area and even inside your own premises while you’re away when you get back into home/office (if possible). Homeowners must take responsibility for protecting themselves against crime, but having a decent surveillance system installed is going to help prevent burglary, theft and many other crimes which occur every single day across Australia. These days Home Security Systems come with both audio recording capabilities and night vision technology, allowing residents to monitor activity in several different settings including bedrooms while sleeping or during early morning hours.
Home Security Camera Installation Tips For 2020 And Beyond:
In addition to getting a better view inside the home, some top level home alarm companies also equip the cameras with motion sensors enabling people to capture footage remotely via mobile phone should anything unusual happen. Another common thing most home security alarm companies offer today is ‘on demand’ monitoring where subscribers receive alerts anytime something happens in their neighbourhood via email, text message or through voice messaging apps in case anyone needs assistance such as emergency service providers, police or neighbours etc.. Also, if someone tries breaking into your home or business,you may benefit greatly from professional surveillance camera protection because these types of intrusions are recorded onto HD Video. Many of home security camera companies use IP network connections which allow cameras to connect and communicate wirelessly, therefore eliminating the need to run cables throughout various room/areas of the property. However, some higher end digital video recorder DVR devices can work without cable connection depending upon available internet bandwidth or wireless connectivity.

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Home Safety Products: When choosing your first security system for Mount Albert homes and business installations, you will find many options. Here are some recommendations to help guide you through this decision making process.
First things First, Start with Technology.
There are some obvious advantages to technology when choosing which type of cameras, sensors, alarm systems, and other components should be used during your build project. For example, most modern residential security systems use wireless communication protocols like Wi-Fi as well as Zigbee technologies. These types of networks allow for better range and speed than older wired protocols, meaning they can communicate wirelessly to multiple devices.
Second, Consider Your Budget.
Of course, having the latest technology available isn’t going to matter if you can afford only basic, entry level products. Luckily, you shouldn’t worry about breaking the bank either. Many reputable manufacturers offer affordable home safety solutions that cover everything but advanced tech. In fact, there’s often little difference in price between high end brands and lower tier competitors.
Third, Be Open Minded About Options.
If you don’t consider yourself technically inclined, you probably won’t enjoy learning your way around any complex device. If possible, try and go into this experience alongside someone else who knows how to operate these gadgets. They’ll surely come handy while helping you install your system properly. Alternatively, consider hiring professionals to complete your build instead of doing it yourself. Doing so makes sense in terms of costs and convenience, especially since installing your own system can take time and expertise beyond DIY capabilities. Either way, remember home safety and surveillance equipment aren’t just about getting the job finished quickly; they’re also important as part of overall home protection. After all, no amount of tech and fancy components can truly prevent someone from knocking down your front door or peering inside your windows. Thus, investing wisely in quality security systems goes hand in hand with being prepared in case anything really happens, whether you expect those events to occur every day, once per week or once per decade.
Fourth, Don’t Forget Insurance Coverage/Rent Protection.

Mount Albert's Best Commercial Security Cameras

We will be covering some of the newest developments in commercial camera technology. We’ll take a look back at 2019 trends we expect to see continue through 2020 and onward, and explore the next wave of innovations coming down the pipeline. Here are several highlights from 2019 and our predictions for the top technologies we believe will shape what happens in 2020:
1. 4K Resolution & HDR Video Recording Technology
4k cameras offer twice the resolution of 1080p HD video. They’re becoming increasingly popular in residential applications due to their ability to capture higher quality images than standard definition footage while consuming less bandwidth thanks to increased compression capabilities. As consumers demand better image quality across all areas of their lives, manufacturers are pushing this same high level of detail in surveillance cams. Our prediction for 2020 is even greater improvements in resolution. Expect to see higher megapixel models that support recording at 10mbps data rates instead of 8mbps. And, 4k cameras are already available today. Some brands like Axis include native 4k resolutions with most of their offerings.
2. IP Cam Software Integration
IP cam software was once considered a niche feature used only by larger companies who had enough capital to develop custom solutions. But, as consumer expectations rise and IP cameras become easier to use, many homeowners and small business owners are installing these products in place of traditional analog cams and other devices. One of the largest benefits of integrating IP camera software into existing systems is the ease of operation. No longer must users struggle manually switching between different modes or programs to view live feeds and recorded clips. Most modern operating system come integrated with an easy to navigate control panel featuring everything they should need to operate their camera(s). Another trend that could accelerate adoption of IP cameras is cloud integration via apps like Apple TVOS and AndroidTV OS. These apps allow customers to stream footage straight to mobile phones or tablets, making them ideal for remote monitoring and alerting purposes.
3. Networked Wi-Fi Sensors
Wired network sensors have largely replaced wired doorbell systems due to their lower cost. However, wireless doorbell systems still represent a viable alternative especially given their convenience of placement and ease of setup. Many companies including Doorbot, Ring, ADT Pulse Interactive Services Inc.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Why SecureCam Mount Albert is right for YOU?

If you are searching for a better way than traditional surveillance systems to keep yourself or your business safe; then consider installing IP cameras instead.
IP cameras offer many advantages including high definition footage recording, HD video streaming, multi channel audio recording and night vision technology.
These cameras will record every movement around or inside the house or office building and send those videos to your PC via WiFi connection. Not only does this mean you won’t miss anything while watching back live footage through software programs but it’s also easier to watch the live stream remotely anywhere else.
There are various types of IP cameras available which include indoor & outdoor options. Some models come with motion detection sensors like facial recognition software while other models just have basic functionality.
So which model should you buy? Well first decide whether you’d prefer a wired or wireless solution. Wired connections allow for greater control and higher quality images with less potential lag issues. Wireless connections however tend to be cheaper overall since they use WiFi signals rather than cables to transfer information.
In terms of location, most IP cameras have 3 built in viewing angles allowing you to view from different vantage points. Many models also feature pan tilt zoom capabilities meaning you’ll get crystal clear images no matter what angle you’re facing them from.
Finally, depending on the type of device you select, some models offer both day/night vision. These units work similar to regular CCTV cameras except they use infrared LEDs rather than visible light emitting diodes. They work really well indoors during normal daylight hours and also provide good quality imagery under darker conditions. However, these devices aren’t effective outdoors unless you place them somewhere shaded (e.g. near trees). So if it’s dark outside when you want to check things are ok, try placing a few IR lights around the area to help increase visibility.
For those who’d love to install and monitor multiple cameras simultaneously we’ve listed down various brands here that are considered reliable and reputable choices for security purposes. We’ve provided brief descriptions along with links to reviews on each specific unit. If you own an IP camera already, feel free to skip straight to section titled “How to Install”. Otherwise read on below…

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If your house was burglarized this morning then it could be disastrous; but imagine if someone steals your identity.
Even though many people rely on passwords these days to protect themselves, they really aren’t enough anymore. Many criminals use tools like keyloggers and malware programs to steal users’ personal information. These tools work behind the scenes without them knowing anything’s happened until they notice something strange popping up in their browser. All of a sudden the owner finds his/her credit card numbers being charged, bank account drained, or tax returns filed in another person’s name.
Many Canadians are waking up today after having experienced cybercrime first hand and realizing they’re victims of identity theft. A study conducted by Statistics Canada found that the average cost of damage caused by Canadian ID thieves is $636 per victim. But it doesn’t end there — it often takes years to rectify the situation because your financial institution will not recognize your stolen identities unless you file complaints with every single entity involved. And most times they won’t respond anyway…
In fact, according to the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), “ID Theft can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to increased insurance premiums.”
While some of us live near busy streets or walkways, not everyone can afford to put a high quality system in place. Or perhaps they just simply prefer to keep things simpler. Whatever reason, it’s possible to get great results with little effort. Here are five tips for installing a good residential wireless security camera solution:
1. Install cameras that cover the entire residence — including outside areas. Don’t forget doorbells, motion sensors, fire alarms and smoke detectors. Most systems come with everything already built-in, but adding additional devices isn’t always necessary. When you buy the equipment, ask the store clerk which types of items should be included with your purchase. If you feel they’ve missed something out, bring it back yourself and see whether they’ll include it. 2. Add extra batteries. Having backup power saves lives. Keep a spare battery handy whenever you install any sort of video surveillance device. 3. Consider wireless technology. Wireless solutions save consumers money while improving reliability. 4.

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Why Install Secure Cam Security Cameras Today?
One thing most Canadians will agree upon is they wish their homes had protection against intruders.
Most people understand that having personal safety measures in place can save lives (or protect them from harm). People would rather be safe than sorry, especially since technology costs keep dropping, improving quality, making things more affordable. And while you cannot stop criminals from getting inside your house, installing some type of surveillance cameras should help prevent an attack happening in the first place.
Most homeowners already have their own devices protecting their home networks like wireless routers, antivirus programs, firewalls, operating systems and/or software applications – but those aren’t enough, especially considering today’s increased reliance on internet connected appliances and gadgets as well. Because of this, many homeowners who live near busy roads or other areas deemed ‘at risk’ install additional monitoring tools such as motion sensors and video recorders to enhance their existing network infrastructure.
However, these added protections only provide basic visual details for an intruder without alerting anyone when something occurs or capturing important evidence. A true professional grade system designed specifically to identify real life activity through high resolution recording capabilities should improve overall property and family safety significantly. Fortunately, this market segment continues to expand quickly thanks to innovations made in modern technology and consumer expectations for better living experiences everywhere, including at home.
What Camera Is Right For Me?
At SecureCam, we specialize in delivering a complete solution for residential customers interested in enhancing their safety needs. We offer both wired or Wi-Fi options which allow residents to use either standard Ethernet cables or Internet connectivity for a reliable connection wherever they go. Additionally, we work closely with leading Canadian vendors enabling us to deliver fast, efficient, dependable service. Our team consists of professionally trained professionals who deliver exceptional customer experience every step of the way.
Wired / WiFi Installation Package Options:
– Motion Detection System (MDS): Includes hardware and software components required to monitor one or multiple locations.
– Wired Digital Video Recording Option: Allows for remote storage via email link.

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Mount Albert was founded in 1866 and is located between Auckland city and New Plymouth.
This suburb encompasses approximately 25 square kilometres.
There are currently over 7000 homes across this area, which makes Mount Albert one of the most diverse suburbs around.
In total, 9% of households are without internet connection meaning they cannot enjoy the benefits of modern life, and therefore require support from trusted experts like Secure Cam Installation.
We offer high quality CCTV Camera systems and reliable service, which includes installing professional grade cameras through an aluminium clad roofline, ensuring safe viewing for 24/7, day or night and weatherproofed with superior insulation to minimise heat gain during summer months.
We can install many different types of surveillance equipment including digital video recorders that capture footage onto computer memory cards, analogue video recorders that use VHS tapes and DVRs that store video digitally. Also we have installed hidden IP cameras that allow us to view live streaming videos of people either indoors or outdoors via Smartphone App applications. These include Face ID technology, Live Viewing software apps and Motion Detection capabilities. We provide FREE standard monitoring once every 30 days to ensure your property remains safe and compliant. If required, additional monitoring options can be accessed at competitive rates. Our aim is to help protect and preserve Mount Albert homes whilst providing excellent customer care and affordable prices.

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We will be updating this page regularly through 2022 to bring you the latest developments and technologies concerning home and business safety cameras, as well as providing relevant information regarding industry related news. Our aim is to provide reliable and helpful content that keeps you informed and helps you stay safe.
Today’s technology offers many convenient ways to monitor both homes and businesses remotely without having to sacrifice anything like comfort and convenience. While most people will agree that having an effective monitoring system installed in their property definitely adds value to their lives, they often overlook to consider some other factors while making these decisions. We take a closer look at why keeping your home/office secure should always remain high on your agenda and what you need to think about when choosing the right type of surveillance systems available today.

What Types Of Surveillance Systems Do People Install Today?
The vast majority of homeowners install a basic CCTV system; however, this is certainly not the only form of video surveillance equipment being used around. A typical CCTV package includes several things which together aid in providing total protection against intruders. However, if you really wish to protect yourself further than just locking down your doors and windows, then installing additional types of devices and accessories become necessary. These gadgets range widely in price, quality, and capabilities but each offers different benefits to help deter potential criminals. Here are three common forms of security cameras being purchased by Canadians today:
Integrated Access Control Camera System (IACCS)
These days, IACCS systems are among the most popular forms of intrusion detection systems because of their unique ability to work both independently and in conjunction to existing locksets/door hardware. They offer protection across multiple entry points, which makes them ideal solutions for protecting large buildings, including shopping malls, office spaces, apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, churches, banks, casinos and government facilities. As soon as someone tries to enter a secured area via certain access routes, the device recognizes the person walking towards the door and triggers the alarm immediately. Once notified, the owner can unlock, lock back up or block the entrance until police arrives..

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