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There are many types of cameras available in the market today ranging in size, price, quality, resolution, storage options, ease of use, and other various factors. These things being said, it becomes extremely confusing trying to find which type would be ideal to meet your needs. So, this guide will help you understand the basics, advantages, disadvantages, and features of each category and type of camera. In fact, these days, people use video surveillance systems to monitor their offices, homes, business places, parking lots and vehicles, but choosing the “best” one requires some research first since different products offer distinct benefits and drawbacks depending upon what you need them for.
Before getting started with selecting the best camera system, you should take note of the most common uses of a good system. For instance, if you just installed the perfect system for monitoring your office building and want only high definition videos, then you won’t need the same thing for checking the front door because HD isn’t enough to see who enters/exits. However, if you want to check a particular area inside your house like the backyard garden, you will certainly need something higher than 1080p for capturing images to identify visitors in real life. If this sounds familiar, then you must read ahead for further knowledge about the four main categories: IP Camera System, Networked CCTV Camera, NVR & Cloud Based Monitoring Software, and Self Recording Smartphones
If you own a small place, chances are no one will notice a camera watching them unless they commit some crime or have criminal intent. On top of that, the video feed captured could possibly cause unwanted disturbances among neighbors, especially during night hours when everyone else seems quiet. Therefore, installing an indoor camera might come across as useless due to privacy concerns. Nevertheless, if you intend on keeping track of someone on the outside without letting anyone watch on, you better opt for an outdoor camera setup instead. But again, if you live near busy streets, an outdoor camera might get noticed easily while driving around in case you are planning on catching criminals that frequent those areas.
Nowadays, technology advances every single day thanks to amazing innovations brought forth by brilliant minds.

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4. Our prices include everything. No hidden extras, no sales tax, nothing else but the price of the camera itself.
5. We offer FREE shipping on all orders. We ship via Canada Post and use only reliable carriers like DHL, UPS or Canada Post Express.
6. We offer great warranties on ALL items purchased from us. If something breaks during your warranty period you simply call customer service and we send another replacement immediately.
7. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Every single order receives personalized attention, whether it was your first time ordering from here or your thousandth time. Our customers are family and we treat each other accordingly.
8. We love Mount Pearl. We are happy to live here ourselves and we enjoy helping people who do the same.
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Best Security Cameras Mount Pearl

Security cameras allow homeowners and renters alike to keep track of who is coming and going. These devices are inexpensive and they provide 24/7 monitoring options which help safeguard against intruders. Some people prefer having video surveillance footage around but some feel uncomfortable keeping those videos accessible via cloud storage systems. Fortunately this problem appears to be decreasing due to advancements in technology. As these innovations continue, consumers will increasingly rely upon the power of HD Video Surveillance Systems.
In 2018, the average price per square foot of residential real estate was $1509.00 according to Zillow. This figure rose to approximately $1632.00 in 2019, representing 3% growth over the first five months of 2020. If you factor in inflationary pressures, then the rise in prices of property may only get bigger when the global economy continues to improve.
This increase puts pressure on the housing market and forces many first-time buyers to search far and wide for properties just like yours. While most Canadians live in urban centres, there still exist suburbs, towns, villages and rural areas across Canada waiting for someone to buy them. With demand exceeding supply, sellers in communities located near cities must accept reasonable offers to sell quickly.
One way we can all protect ourselves better when buying homes is to install our own high definition surveillance system. Many municipalities offer rebates for installing video recording equipment and some offer incentives for hiring private contractors to perform installations. One of the latest trends in home improvement is the development of smart thermostats. They control temperature settings according the weather conditions outside to save energy during winter while heating during summer. However, as long as they are connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi signals, hackers could potentially gain full access to this information. You should take caution and ensure that everything stays safe and secured when deciding to purchase a Smart Thermometer.
To find out what type of home security you would want, please see
If you decide to use Secure Cam, the initial investment cost will depend greatly on whether you go wired, wireless, or both. Each model is different depending on the camera placement, resolution and capabilities. For example, you can check out our website below; https://www.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Mount Pearl’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

How long will I be able to use my current camera after installing it? Will this new camera still work and provide me with footage and video surveillance during emergencies? If I lose/break/damage my old camera and purchase a new model, am I required to get the old camera replaced first? Can I install my own cameras and monitor them myself? Do I have to call someone to help me connect devices together? Is there going to be a monthly fee associated with the monitoring service? Am I required to buy equipment other than the actual camera unit in order to operate a full-scale system at my business?
What should I consider while choosing a security solution? What type of setup is most cost effective? Where does quality rank among cheap solutions? Should I go with professional level products like those offered by Secure Cam? What are some things that come standard with many higher priced brands? Does price matter to me? How often must I change batteries and why would changing battery life impact the overall system? How easy does that task become? Does the brand offer warranty support for their units (if applicable)?
Is there anything else that matters to me while selecting a security system? For example, who makes good systems that allow customization? Who offers 24 hour emergency response for any issues? What types of alerts could I expect on each device installed? What is the maximum distance for viewing the live feed? Some systems have remote control capabilities, but they aren’t always reliable; which ones are great for setting alarms through smartphone apps? Is it possible to integrate these cameras into an existing network through Wi-Fi hotspots or Ethernet connections? Do any models include motion detection sensors?
If the above questions sound familiar, then you already made the decision to invest in a CCTV System for your Mount Pearl property this spring. Congratulations, you did a thorough research regarding the available technologies and options available for securing your premises, thus narrowing down the choices to something that suits both your needs and your wallet.

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In 2018, the demand for commercial surveillance cameras increased dramatically. From 2017 through 2019, the average price per square foot for commercial property sales was $903. For 2020 the same area averages around $1,500 which is almost double what it did just 2 years ago! As people move away from living in apartments/condos they are turning to single family homes. These homes are generally less expensive than apartment buildings due to lack of amenities like common areas. Many people who live in these types of properties use them for vacation housing or investment real estate. They often aren’t aware that this type of property requires additional monitoring because a lot goes unnoticed until something bad happens. This could be anything such as vandalism, burglary attempts, fire, weather damage, etc.
If you’re planning to purchase a house soon here in Mount Pearl we recommend checking out SecureCamera, an authorized dealer for Panasonic & Hikvision products. We offer competitive prices and great service. Click below and visit us today!
For those of you in other communities across Canada I am happy to tell you about my business partner, John Fong, he is also a professional installer of security systems in Calgary Alberta. He offers quality installations and exceptional customer care. His company is called “Security Camera Experts” Check him out at If you’d prefer speaking with someone in person contact me anytime at 905-895-0444 x201
My name is James O’Connell. My goal is to help homeowners save money while increasing safety at their home or office. Please feel welcome to reach out with questions or inquiries. Thank you for reading 🙂
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Mount Pearl Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this blog post I will be giving my readers tips on installing security cameras without breaking the bank. My recommendations will help keep things affordable while still keeping everyone safe. Here are some of my suggested ways to install security cameras at no costs:
1. Use an existing IP Camera System instead buying a separate system. An example would be utilizing the ones that come packaged with cable TV systems like Comcast Xfinity. These devices already include built in Wi-Fi connectivity which makes them perfect candidates for remote viewing. Many times they use the same type cabling as internet routers/modems. If that device comes installed then just plug the video connection into HDMI port on your TV/monitor. No additional purchase price required!
2. Use Amazon Echo Show or similar Alexa enabled speaker. Most of these speakers offer a front facing display screen that lets you see who walks through the door but they can easily become a victim themselves because they require interaction with people via voice prompts. Instead try a system like Ring Video Doorbell 2 which offers motion detection capabilities that alert you whenever someone enters your property whether it’s a person or drone/bird/squirrel.
3. Keep an eye on your own network traffic. Do something like Wireshark and monitor if anybody else besides yourself was trying to hack into your home/office network. Try it sometime. I guarantee you won’t find anyone other than your self. Also make a note of any IP addresses associated with hacking attempts you detect during this exercise to avoid being hacked into again next week.
4. Be aware of your neighbors. Ask around and get to know your neighbor(s). Who knows, you could gain insight into potential safety concerns in your neighborhood. Or you could simply tell the police about suspicious activity if necessary.
5. Install outdoor motion sensors/security lights/alarm bells/doorbells. Even though most burglars aren’t going to break glass windows to enter a house, they typically will check out exterior lighting first. They tend to work better under cover of darkness making night hours a prime time to install those types of fixtures.

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Whether you live in a small condo or large multi unit building, installing quality cameras will keep everyone safe.
If you are considering getting a surveillance system, then this guide could be useful information. We would like to show you some common mistakes people make when trying to install a CCTV/security camera; which often leads them having problems during installations or after they get everything installed and connected.
This article covers five things that most homeowners tend to overlook, but could cause big issues down the road while causing inconvenience or worse injury.
These include 1. Knowing Your Neighbors 2. Getting Proper Permission 3. Finding Out If They Have CCTVs 4. Installed Camera Placement 5. Testing Everything Connection
So check these points out carefully to avoid frustration and costly repairs.
Your neighbors shouldn’t matter, unless you suspect something suspicious going on at their house. It’s just not worth spending any amount of effort worrying about who lives next door until someone does something illegal. But if you really feel concerned for safety and want to verify whether anyone else lives around you, call those neighbors up and ask nicely. Be cordial though, because this isn’t a place to be pushy and obnoxious.
Get proper permission first. Once you’ve identified your areas of interest, go ahead and talk to whomever owns whatever property you intend to spy. Depending upon how many other units are renting space in the same area and where exactly, you may have to speak to multiple landlords to cover all bases. And sometimes a single landlord won’t be able to answer certain questions without the owner or his/her tenants knowing what’s being discussed, especially since it involves private matters concerning their business or life outside work.
Nowadays, you can actually use apps like Facebook Messenger to send messages directly to potential renters. Just tell what you’d like to see, including photos or videos showing the property from different angles. (Make sure they’ll allow it, obviously!) Then explain why you’d prefer it was installed instead of hiring professional guards to watch 24 hours a day.

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In this era of increasing cyber risks it makes sense to install some type of surveillance system in your place of business. These days most people realize they need protection against burglars and thieves but many forget they should be worried about intruders snooping around while they work late at night and perhaps after hours during the day. A good quality video recording device will help alert you to suspicious activity in your business which could save you a lot of aggravation and trouble down the road.
We recommend installing a professionally installed digital IP Camera System in your office. We suggest placing them strategically in areas likely to experience break ins including walkways leading outside doors, entrances to offices rooms, storage closets; along walls near staircases or elevators, windows, hallways, bathrooms and other highly trafficked locations. Keep your video recordings stored securely at either a central location or onsite backup systems. You can view past files remotely through web browser software like GoProviewer for PC/Mac, Android tablet devices or smartphones. Your video footage can be reviewed easily via cloud storage applications allowing multiple personnel to watch live playback simultaneously making troubleshooting easier..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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