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Mount Royal Home Security Cameras Done Right

Installing cameras in your Mount Royal home today is a lot easier than ever before thanks to Secure Cam. We help people like yourself install professional quality video surveillance systems in minutes without having to rely on costly contractors, substandard products, or an unprofessional experience. Our experts take care of everything while you sit back and relax knowing your home will be protected 24/7.
We are committed to providing only cutting edge technologies, exceptional customer service, and industry leading warranties. So rest assured, once installed, the system will provide years of peace of mind for yourself and those who live with you. If this sounds good to you then read ahead because I am sharing the details of my favorite security cameras available on the market for you along with some tips to keep them working just fine no matter how long they stay around.
In addition to installing top notch security solutions, SecureCAM offers monitoring and remote support via our proprietary web portal which gives us full control to assist clients remotely whenever necessary. From day 1, you’ll get realtime alerts regarding issues and maintenance requests, allowing you to avoid expensive surprises down the line. All issues reported through the portal are immediately handled professionally by our techies ensuring quick response times and outstanding client satisfaction every single time.
What Makes Us Different?
Most other companies sell outdated technology that cannot perform basic functions. Not many offer reliable support either. At Secure Cam, we’re different. Our team uses modern hardware and software backed by superior expertise to bring unparalleled reliability across multiple markets making life a bit safer for homeowners everywhere. Read below for more information on why Secure CAM should be your first choice when buying security equipment for homes, offices, schools, retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, and other buildings.
Top 10 Most Affordable Cameras Listing
1. Sony HD 1080P IP Camera VTC5500BKW | $59.99 | View Price & Availability
2. Samsung SDI 860LN DVR 720p FullHD WVGA IR Camera | $299.00 | View Price & Availability
3. Panasonic HD Network Digital Video Recorder MDRX850R | $169.95 | View Price & Availability

Mount Royal's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Mount Royal offers the largest selection of commercial grade security cameras and video surveillance systems available today. We offer many different types of indoor/outdoor IP networked HD/SD video recorders including cameras with 2MP sensors, 4MP, 8MP, 12MP, 16MP, 18MP, 20MP and 24MP sensor resolutions as well as 720P or 1080P recording capabilities. All models come standard with 1GB memory card slots and include DVR software for use in most popular operating system and internet browser browsers. Our indoor security cameras feature night vision capability, pan / tilt function, wireless network connectivity options and motion detection alerts. They are great for both residential and business uses including schools, banks, office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, casinos, hotels, airports, military bases, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, universities, colleges, apartment complexes, government agencies, police departments, fire stations, shopping malls, sports stadiums, casinos, resorts, museums, zoos, aquariums, theme parks, concert halls, theaters, arenas, fairgrounds, convention centers, industrial facilities, farms, vineyards, wineries, breweries, distilleries, distillery/winery combinations, food processing plants, petrochemical companies, chemical plants, oil refineries, power generation sites, windmills, water treatment plants, sewage plants, manufacturing, mining, construction contractors, real estate sales offices, car dealerships, gas station attendants, parking lot operators, delivery drivers, taxi cabs, bus drivers, train conductors, airport workers, truck driving jobs, shipping container loading docks, package delivery trucks, cargo ships, cruise ship crew members, and any other location which requires reliable high definition network connected monitoring.
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Mount Royal Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Innovative design makes these cameras stand apart from the crowd. These are some of the most stylish IP surveillance systems on the market today. Some are sleek enough to be used outdoors while other models come equipped with weatherproofing technology. Others boast advanced motion detection capabilities. Many use 2D video feeds instead of 3D which many consumers prefer. Additionally, several options integrate with Amazon Alexa devices giving homeowners control and monitoring power through voice commands. For those who like simplicity, some HD cameras offer basic functions while offering full resolution 1080P HD Video Surveillance System. All of them feature powerful night vision capability making this selection easier than ever..

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Best Security Cameras Mount Royal

This blog covers everything you ever wanted to learn about installing security cameras. We cover topics ranging from choosing an ideal mounting location, selecting the best security camera brands and models, setting up motion detection alerts, and monitoring live video feeds.
In this post, I will discuss some basic things you should consider before buying a surveillance system, which will help you determine whether or not a particular type of device is appropriate for your situation.
In most cases, you won’t be able to tell just how good an alarm system’s coverage area really is until after the fact — but knowing a few key details beforehand could save you big bucks down the road, since you’ll get a better sense of which systems are worth investing in. Here are four questions to ask yourself before making a purchase…
1. Do my neighbors already own a similar system? If they already have a security camera installed, chances are it was probably purchased from us.
2. Is this going to cost me anything? Some companies charge extra fees if you’re going to install the equipment yourself; others offer discounts if you buy the entire package.
3. How many people am I planning to monitor? Depending on how many people you intend to keep track of, different types of devices will fit your needs better than others. For example, outdoor IP cams tend to work well when you only care to view activity inside the house (like during times when someone is away), while indoor/outdoor DVRs tend to work better if you need to see who’s coming in and out of the house.
4. Does this system include remote viewing capabilities? If the system includes remote viewing abilities, you may find yourself having to pay additional monthly charges. However, these services can come in handy if you’d like to check in on certain rooms remotely without being present (for instance, if you have children).
5. Can the device be monitored via mobile apps? Most modern security cameras can be connected to smartphones via Wi-Fi, allowing you to see exactly what’s happening wherever you happen to be.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Mount Royal

In this article I will be writing about best cameras to use inside your Mount Royal house or office space. A few years ago installing surveillance systems was super expensive because they required professional installs. But times have changed and thanks to the internet many products can be purchased online and installed yourself. Here’s my list in no particular order.
1. Axis Q300W IP Camera (IP66 Rated- Can monitor indoors/outdoors up to 25m away).
2. Samsung SEWC30R7KL 720P Wi-Fi HD Digital Camera Wireless Outdoor Monitor
3. Nest Cam Indoor 2nd Generation 1080HD Daytime & Night Vision WiFi Enabled Video Doorbell
4. iSmartAlarm Pro V8.0 8 Channel Alarm System Wi Fi Connected Motion Sensor Siren / Smoke Detector Remote Viewing App Control Smart Phone Monitoring Dashboard
5. Ring Max Wifi Home Automation Kit Surveillance System Starter Pack 4 Camera Package Wi Fi DVR Network Storage Cloud Recording Voice Controlled Lighting Control Accessories
6. NETGEAR Nighthawk R80 AC1200 WiFi Router
There are other options but these six are great ones with the most advanced technology and some of them come with cloud storage capabilities which makes monitoring footage easier than ever. Each model offers different viewing angles to help you pick the perfect camera placement according to your needs. Check each manufacturer website to see additional details. Most offer live streaming video via mobile apps allowing remote monitoring through a smartphone. Other cool things include the possibility of scheduling motion alerts to emails, texts, voice messages and more. Some also allow homeowners to remotely control lights, locks, thermostats, appliances and alarms while watching recorded video footage. All models work well with smartphones so you could get notifications whenever movement occurs whether human or otherwise. They’re small enough to mount inconspicuously without being visible from outside the premises. If you’d like another opinion check out this post comparing four brands of indoor wireless doorbell systems.
Your comments and questions are welcome below.
Best regards, SecureCam Team
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I’m constantly adding content to the site and am excited to hear feedback from you guys. It really helps me write better posts.

Why SecureCam Mount Royal is right for YOU?

Security Camera Installation & Management Trend: Secure Cam is introducing several innovative camera management solutions, including remote monitoring via mobile applications using Apple Watch™ and Android Wear™ devices, video analytics software, cloud connectivity, integrated doorbell technology, and many other exciting upgrades this year. These advancements will ensure customers enjoy better, faster service and enhanced customer experience! Remote Monitoring: As mentioned above, Secure Cam already offers multiple ways to remotely monitor cameras through mobile apps including iPhone/iPad iOS and Android Android operating systems. We offer live streaming web apps that allow people who own iPhones and iPads to check in and see exactly what is happening inside their homes with just touch screen controls. Using these tools, customers can view live feeds anywhere they like and instantly interact with the system through intuitive push notifications. Users get realtime alerts regarding motion events, such as “someone entered my backyard,” or received messages while away on vacation. Cloud Connectivity: Another upcoming feature will be the ability to transmit videos onto cloud storage. When someone presses stop recording, they simply press download link button on the device which triggers a prompt to upload them securely to the internet via email address provided. This eliminates the possibility of lost footage due to computer crashes or failure. Door Bell Technology: Secure Cam will release new products designed specifically for door bells and intercoms next summer. Our team created custom hardware designs tailored to integrate well with popular brands of door bell systems like Ring, iSmart Alarm, Schlage locksets, Kwiskey/Holland, Cymax and iDevices. Customers can easily control the volume level of alarms on these doors without having to use external switches.
Other New Features include:
*Remotely Monitor Your Home Automatically! – A camera equipped with Bluetooth capability enables automatic transmission and retrieval of images even after power loss. For example, this allows us to capture stills every 15 minutes automatically overnight. Also, it captures pictures immediately upon motion detection. And we send you an alert notification whenever something happens. So whether you go away for work during weekend or vacation; you won’t miss anything.
*Advanced HD Motion Detection Capabilities – This is another improvement we made recently.

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When people ask me why they should use a high quality indoor IP Network Camera system I always say “If you are going to buy Security cameras then get the highest quality network camera that you possibly can afford that will serve you the longest period of time because once you install them and leave them unattended their battery life will drain quickly and this makes these devices useless quickly. When it comes to buying the first good thing is knowing what you want and what size area you are trying to cover. Then you go find the lowest price in whatever category you chose whether it be web hosting providers like Amazon or network cable companies like Comcast. Once you have purchased those things and put them together you have to figure out where to place each device because every space inside of a house will be different but most importantly the living areas in a typical house contain windows which allow light to come through which usually gets rid of many types of night vision cameras leaving only thermal infrared cameras which are expensive and not great quality cameras since when light hits them the image turns white making everything blurry. Most residential houses also tend to have large rooms as well and some smaller ones depending on what you will be watching but generally anything under 20×30 feet is probably small enough and would warrant a good quality surveillance camera. Also keep in mind that the larger the distance between your camera and the subject in question the better the resolution becomes especially if you are wanting to see someone coming closer towards the camera rather than just seeing who walks past the front door. If you still feel unsure check my reviews page for detailed explanations on what each model does and how long they typically live. My suggestion is to spend no less than $1000 per window for the entire building and if you cannot reach that mark then do yourself a favor and move somewhere else until you can pay that amount. After figuring out where your cameras should be placed go back and read my post on choosing the type of camera to purchase. Finally after you have chosen the location and decided what kind of camera to purchase the next step is deciding the actual camera so lets talk specifically about the top 2 rated products today along side the top 5 rated overall security camera manufacturers for 2012.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Mount Royal QC

Here at Secure Cam we pride ourselves in providing customers with great service, quality products and competitive prices. We understand that you have a lot of options today when choosing cameras for your property but we aim to help you find the perfect fit and value your investment.
We work closely with professional installers who strive to provide superior customer care. Our team will be happy to assist you in selecting the right solution whether you’re building, renovating or just buying a house. Simply fill out the form below and your installer will get back shortly with an accurate proposal.
If this looks like something that would interest you then click here for further information. Otherwise check back often because every month we update our collection of articles to keep them current with changes in technology and market demands.

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“These guys did a great job. We’ve used secure cam Toronto to install a commercial grade security/surveillance camera system for our shutter manufacturing facility in Markham. Fair price, quality installation, excellent service. I can access all the footage easily on my phone!! Thanks Dan & team. Definitely recommend!”

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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