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This post explains why the use of the term “Security Camera” isn’t accurate anymore. The most common type of system today is called IP Surveillance cameras because these systems record video 24 hours per day 7 days per week across multiple channels including but not limited to wired Ethernet networks, wireless LAN radio frequencies, broadband Internet protocol network connections, digital optical fiber technology, satellite communications, cellular networks (2G through 5G), cellular networks (3G through 4G LTE), WiFi networking technologies, Bluetooth connectivity, infrared light signals, WiMAX/WiFi networking protocols like IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n/ac standards, or other proprietary technologies as well as analog television or cable TV broadcasts which transmit information digitally via coaxial cables, copper telephone lines, or both. Because this definition does not include things like audio surveillance, motion sensors (doorbells, automatic shutters, alarms,) CCTV with built-in video recording capabilities; voice recognition, face detection software, or webcams then they aren’t truly “security” devices, no matter what some manufacturers try to say. They can be used for monitoring purposes though. So instead of calling them cameras maybe we should call them systems that monitor 24/7. These systems typically operate through a control panel and often communicate wirelessly by way of standard technologies such as GSM cell phone technology (Global System for Mobile Communications). Some models will allow remote operation from anywhere around the world thanks to internet technology. For those who just can’t afford to install a professionally installed security system, you’ll find many different DIY kits available from small self-contained units to elaborate multi-camera arrays capable of handling thousands of square feet of coverage. In addition to being able to handle large areas, these kits usually come equipped with everything necessary to get started quickly after purchase except power supplies for each unit. Most people prefer to purchase preconfigured packages rather than trying to assemble one themselves but anyone interested in doing so can probably follow instructions found at a reputable electronics website. If you already own a security camera and wish to connect it to your existing alarm siren module, check your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

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Before installing a webcam, consider whether you will really benefit from having a digital surveillance system in place and know who has access to the video feeds you stream from these cameras. If you are just curious rather than truly concerned about safety, then feel free to skip this step. However, this could be a big mistake for your home or business. Many people spend thousands of dollars on quality webcams only to find themselves disappointed once they put them up. A high priced solution does not necessarily mean better protection against theft, fire, break-ins, vandalism and other mishaps. While some products provide excellent pictures and sound recordings, many cheap web cams simply don’t work as well they claim to.
So before you invest in a pricey Internet monitoring device, check out these five tips to ensure you get maximum value for every dollar spent.
1/ Install Your System Correctly First Time Around
While many websites offer DIY tutorials on mounting your own system, few actually tell you exactly what needs to go where and which screws should be used. When selecting a location for your security camera, take special care to avoid placing it near windows where light shines through, and avoid locations with lots of moving air currents because they can pick up movement and cause the image captured by the camera to flicker. Also keep in mind that sunlight causes overheating problems, particularly inside walls and under floors; thus, if possible opt for placement outside whenever possible. And finally, remember that even though your home’s exterior looks nice on paper, burglars won’t hesitate to break into anything that appears like it’s been neglected. So make certain it will stand up to weather damage and wear over time. After deciding where you would most prefer to install your system, consider making small cuts into drywall in order for electrical wires to run underneath without getting tied together. Then use plastic sheeting, wood sheets, shims or foam insulation products around pipes or cables to prevent rattling noises during filming. Finally, cover exposed studs inside wall cavities by applying wallpaper paste or caulking paint. 2/ Use High Quality Sensors Whenever Possible
When choosing sensors for door/window entry systems, it pays to buy high resolution ones that capture fine details in great detail.

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In this blog post I will be going through the main points of my research regarding the most popular products available on the market today. These reviews include cameras made specifically for indoor use only (most commonly used in homes), outdoor surveillance devices, and other niche products which aren’t available in Canada but would be beneficial for people living outside North America.
To start I first wanted to establish some sort of baseline. For me personally I prefer the idea of having multiple “eyes” watching my house instead of 1 big high resolution lens. However if the price point was similar then of course a single large high resolution lens would probably have better image quality due to size. From these initial searches I found 4 models worth discussing each being reviewed below:
– 2x 1080P HD Resolution Outdoor Surveillance Camera (Best overall pick). Includes night vision capability which should always be noted since so many cheaper devices don’t have this feature. Also supports wifi connection to monitor remotely via smartphone/tablets. Comes with mounting kit already attached meaning no additional drilling required for attachment.
– 880p WVGA Night Vision WiFi HD Indoor IP Camera (Second Overall Pick). A great deal of value considering it includes both day and night capabilities along with wifi connectivity. Supports 5W speakers which makes monitoring easier than smaller units. Has a built in microphone for talking to visitors without having to purchase separate items.
– 720p Night Vision Wireless Daytime IP Cam(Third Overall Pick). An inexpensive day only cam with excellent picture quality. Uses standard batteries which requires less frequent replacement. No speaker support however it still serves its purpose well enough. Does not offer motion sensing functionality.
– 1080p WVGA Day /Night IP Camera (Fourth Overal) This model does not contain any extra bells or whistles however it offers fantastic picture quality and a good range while offering wireless transmission capability. Very affordable yet again it contains standard replaceable batteries making them easy to install
All four options above come with mounting kits allowing ease of installation to those who are either unsure on how exactly they wish to mount the device or simply wish to attach it themselves.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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In recent years, security cameras have become increasingly popular within the United States due to increased crime rates across various parts of the country, which leads many homeowners in areas like Mount Royal to purchase these devices as part of an overall security system. However, choosing and installing the perfect security camera isn’t always so straightforward, especially considering the wide selection available on Amazon today. So whether you’re interested in high definition video recording or just want to keep track of who’s coming and going through your property, this guide will help you find the ideal HD security camera solution for your needs. Read More →

What was once simply called “the cloud”—a term first coined around 2000—is evolving quickly. While some still refer to the Internet as “cloud computing” or “virtualization,” the true meaning behind the word is shifting rapidly away from the server farms of old towards something far simpler: software as service (SaaS). And while SaaS has existed for decades, it wasn’t until recently that companies began adopting it en masse, and thus changing entire industries overnight. But why should anyone care? After all, if you’re building apps, websites, and databases, you’d naturally assume they would be hosted elsewhere. But in reality, SaaS solutions aren’t only becoming cheaper than traditional hosting methods like virtual private servers (VPSes), but often offer better functionality, too. As such, SaaS continues to transform every industry—and it looks as though it could play an ever bigger role in Canada moving forward.
If you’ve got questions about the cloud, read this guide and learn everything you need to know…
How Does Cloud Computing Work?
Cloud computing works differently depending upon whom you ask. For most consumers, the concept revolves around the Internet. They use web browsers to search, shop, pay bills, communicate, work remotely, watch cat videos, buy movies, and browse news stories. When browsing the web on a laptop computer, tablet device, or phone, a customer typically sees ads on each page they visit; however, because the Internet relies solely on centralized infrastructure, those same customers see similar advertisements whenever they load a website.

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Security cameras provide many benefits for homeowners and business owners alike including peace of mind while away, protection against crime, safety during travel, security monitoring, remote control, video recording, and surveillance. They are the perfect way to keep track of children and pets, monitor activity around a property, catch thieves red handed, monitor your home, check on elderly neighbors and loved ones remotely, and keep tabs on employees and clients. But choosing which type of camera system is right for YOU depends upon several factors like location, purpose, cost effectiveness and personal preferences. Here are some things you should consider when selecting a security camera system for your Mount Royal home or office.
Location: Where will you be placing the security camera(s)? Will they be indoors or outdoors? Do you live in a rural area? If so, will you use them outside or just inside? Consider placement carefully because outdoor units tend to get less attention than indoor ones due to weather conditions, lack of lighting or other obstacles. For example, a motion detection device on your front door won’t detect movement unless someone walks through the threshold; however, an alarm that’s triggered by motion could go off at 3 am if someone opens and closes the door without knocking. Also, remember that a good quality security camera needs to be able to see well both day and night; therefore, it must include infrared technology to capture images in pitch darkness. Outdoor security systems often include a dome lens, but this isn’t necessary. A standard lens works fine for most purposes.
Purpose: Why would you want a particular security system? If you’re trying to protect yourself, then chances are, you’ll probably want something more advanced than basic motion sensors. An IP Camera System is ideal for protecting large areas of space. These devices offer excellent resolution and high definition capabilities. However, these types of cameras are quite expensive and are typically only used on properties with multiple floors or lots of windows. On the opposite end of the spectrum, basic motion detectors work great for smaller spaces where you’d rather avoid having to pay extra for a larger unit.

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At Secure Cam, we like to stay ahead of the game when it comes to keeping our homes and offices safe. We pride ourselves on providing quality video surveillance solutions including CCTV cameras, IP Video Recorders (IPVR), wireless doorbell cameras and indoor/outdoor motion sensors to ensure residents, tenants, business owners, retailers and other property types feel confident knowing they live or work in a safe environment. As technology advances rapidly with regards to remote viewing capabilities and advancements, be assured that we’ll provide updates and recommendations related to these technologies long after this edition is published. Our team will continue to strive for excellence while supporting technological breakthroughs.
In 2020 we discussed several different topics and the following four will dominate in 2022. Here’s a brief discussion of each topic based upon feedback from customers who purchased Security Camera solutions through us:
Remote Viewing
Smart TVs & Tablets
Stream Monitoring Software
Smarthome Devices
We hope everyone had an amazing 2019 holiday season and wish you happy healthy years ahead! Feel free to contact me via phone at 905-687-5353 / email at for any questions you may have regarding this blog post. Also, check back every few days because I am always adding articles, information and new products! Happy reading!Mike M.Security Specialist | Customer Experience Manager | Secure CAM Technologies Inc., Tips For Better Business Intelligence
Business intelligence is crucial in today's world because it helps companies gain insight into how well they perform.

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Homeowners are increasingly worried about being targeted by criminals who could use video surveillance devices planted inside the house. Most people install cameras just because they like spying but often neglect to consider some things during camera installation. When choosing which type of camera system would be suitable for monitoring, keep in mind these guidelines as well as some of the most common questions we get asked by clients.
What kind of protection does my place really need?
Most homeowners buy cameras simply because they enjoy watching through them, without considering whether they will help protect against crime. However, many places can benefit greatly from having a security camera installed—from homes with young children to commercial offices; even outdoor locations. For example, video surveillance helps increase property value and reduce insurance premiums. Homeowners should always ask themselves if this investment makes sense given their particular situation.
Some homeowners choose motion detection systems because they enjoy knowing when someone enters or leaves the premises. While detection can offer peace of mind, it won’t deter potential thieves unless it’s triggered by movement outside the camera view. If no activity occurs during the night while your child sleeps, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep either. Motion detectors can easily trigger false alarms, especially when multiple family members are awake. They’re better suited for detecting noise caused by pets, appliances, and other household items than human action.
If possible, avoid installing a device indoors, unless you expect large numbers of visitors, since it’ll only result in higher electricity bills. Indoor setups are harder to maintain, meaning that repairs must take place frequently, whereas cameras located outdoors rarely need maintenance, except for cleaning lenses and mounting equipment. Make sure that your chosen location offers ample space around each side of the lens, since smaller spaces prevent good viewing angles. And finally, ensure that the area you’ve selected for your setup isn’t near windows, mirrors, heat sources, or anything else reflective. All these factors make it easier for burglars to see the screen.
Do I need external cameras?
Many potential customers worry that placing additional cameras increases risk of burglary. But this myth was debunked years ago when studies found that adding extra sensors had almost zero impact on reducing theft rates.

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At Secure Cam, we believe every single customer deserves the highest level of service available. Our mission statement embodies this philosophy; “to provide exceptional products and outstanding technical support coupled with state of the art web technology to protect people and property wherever they live, work, shop, go to school and play.
We strive to be known as top quality CCTV installers while providing professional, courteous and reliable service to each individual client. We understand how daunting installing video surveillance systems can be–and yet it does not take long till you see that our commitment to providing great value on our products makes sense.
This post will showcase some of the benefits provided by utilizing Secure Cam products along with many other key factors which should help you decide whether or not Secure Cam Mount Royal is the perfect solution to protecting your family, friends and business interests.
1. Superior Camera Quality & Resolution
One of the most challenging aspects of selecting a camera system is getting good quality yet affordable pictures. Here’s why; cameras come equipped with different levels of resolution and picture quality and these differences affect both the cost and ease of use.
There are 3 basic types of digital image sensors—CCDs, CMOS, and Super CCD (SACD). CCDs are currently used almost exclusively because they’re the only type capable of producing extremely detailed images in spite of their high price tag. SACDS offer higher capacity than CCD cameras but due to manufacturing limitations they generally aren’t able to produce as sharp an image as CCDs. But CCDs remain popular for a reason, namely they are inexpensive. And unlike SACDs, CCDs continue to produce excellent pictures at reasonable prices.
2. Smart Connectivity
Another challenge associated with choosing a DVR camera network is that many units rely solely on wired connections, meaning cables must physically connect the various devices together, often resulting a less than optimal viewing experience. However with the emergence of Wi-Fi enabled technologies like Wi-Fi Protected Access Version 2 (WPA2), 802.11n, IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus, and Bluetooth Low Energy, wireless connectivity capabilities are quickly becoming the standard way to link multiple components which would otherwise require expensive wiring..

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