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Nanaimo has become a hub for tech innovation and creative entrepreneurship in Canada. Its thriving technology sector creates employment opportunities across countless industries including the financial, medical, software development, IT outsourcing, energy, real estate, education, government sectors and many more.
Nanaimo’s downtown core area hosts dozens of locally owned shops, restaurants and coffeehouses along Hastings Street which is often referred to as ‘the street’. But most importantly, Nanaimo truly offers excellent quality of life amenities for residents & visitors alike. And many people who live outside these borders come each day because they love living in this beautiful city. Nanaimo truly is “Canada’s Coolest Little Town”.
There are 2 main factors why nanaimo homes would be ideal for a Nanaimo camera system; firstly, having cameras installed in the exterior of your house provides protection against break ins/burglars while giving peace of mind. Secondly, having video recording systems available means you are able to easily record anything happening around the home for evidence purposes should something happen. A small cost of $200-$300 per camper will provide some great benefits for you and your family’s safety and well being in the long term.
Why Install a Nanaimo Camera System in Your House?
1. Protect yourself – Having external motion detection devices like doorbell cams or CCTV surveillance products gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll get instant notification should someone try getting inside while you’re away. If a burglar breaks in you’d immediately receive notice via email/text message alerting you to the situation. If nothing happens after 10 minutes then no alarm was triggered, however the next hour you check your email/phone messages could find multiple alerts regarding suspicious activity in your neighbourhood. Once the police arrive at your residence they will investigate what happened and determine whether you still need additional protection.
2. Record events – For example, during parties or celebrations with alcohol, drugs, children present etc…if something ever goes “wrong” then simply recording the event makes keeping track of it easier than having to remember every single detail of what occurred and subsequently losing proof of said occurrences.

Nanaimo's Best Commercial Security Cameras

One thing I learned during my research was that most people still rely heavily on technology and they’d like to protect themselves and their loved ones. And while many modern technologies provide great convenience, some are just downright creepy.
For example, according to a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, 73% of Americans believe artificial intelligence will be able to take jobs performed by humans someday soon. This opinion holds true among both genders – men were equally concerned about AI taking away human work, whereas women viewed automation as a bigger threat than a loss of employment.
These perceptions reflect something else I discovered through my own research: most residential surveillance products available today offer high resolution video recording capabilities, but few capture audio or motion detection alarms. And surprisingly, this gap exists despite nearly every home owner already owning a smartphone. If these devices simply added additional functionality or value by combining multiple sensors with powerful software algorithms, then why aren’t consumer brands leveraging those advancements today instead of waiting until 2023 for the next version release?
Why wait around for your alarm system vendor to incorporate voice recognition, facial recognition, object identification, and other tech advances for the first time? Wouldn’t you rather install them yourself than wait years to receive updates after being caught unaware by yet another hacking scandal involving someone stealing personal information or violating your privacy? Or worse?
Of course, there is always the risk of installing nonsecure cameras. But while most brands claim they sell only top quality indoor/outdoor DVRs, there remain significant concerns regarding the safety of Internet-connected “smart homes.” A report released earlier this summer found that almost half (46%) of respondents said hackers could easily break into IoT products without a physical intrusion. Furthermore, 60% admitted to believing cybersecurity was not well understood.
To avoid becoming part of the 46%, and potentially leaving thousands of your neighbors vulnerable to digital attacks, consider choosing commercial grade security systems designed specifically for monitoring homes and offices in 2022. By incorporating state-of-the art technology straight from the lab, these leading vendors are offering innovative solutions capable of protecting your home or business against intruders, vandalism, fire, flooding, theft, burglary, carbon monoxide poisoning and natural disasters.

Best Security Cameras Nanaimo

How many cameras should I use?
Use only 1 in every area. Use 2+ whenever possible especially in high traffic areas like doorways, drive ways, hallways & stair cases.
What type of camera?
Buy an HD IP Camera for indoor viewing and recording purposes; A PTZ/CCTV camera will help ensure your system records everything including faces and license plates.
Why buy Security Cameras in Nanaimo?
Security Cam surveillance systems are designed specifically to work together with an Alarm Monitoring System in order to provide 24 hour coverage around sensitive locations. These include the following things:
• Doors – When triggered, the alarm sends alerts via email, voicemail, SMS text message, push notifications, phone calls, radio signals, pager messages, mobile apps and other methods. They record footage on video storage disks that can be emailed to clients, uploaded to cloud servers, transmitted to remote monitoring stations, recorded onto DVDs or VHS tapes which can then be mailed back to customers if they wish.
• Windows – Alerts occur if motion sensors detect opening windows and the owner of the property cannot reach his home/business during business hours because he was working elsewhere. He gets notified of this situation immediately and footage is automatically saved on recording devices for inspection anytime afterwards. Notifications can come via email, fax, voice mails or texts, or by sending audio/video clips through encrypted messaging channels. Other options allow for the uploading of images captured by multiple live cams as well as recordings made by the existing ones.
• Parking Lots– Most models incorporate parking lot alarms allowing for detection of vehicles parked in spaces designated for customer vehicles. Once detected a vehicle movement alert occurs letting managers track down lost keys, stolen cars and suspicious activity. Other functions include providing directions to the nearest customer accessible zone thus eliminating having to send someone else out to find them. All these aspects combined enable greater peace of mind for both private and commercial properties alike. Each model comes equipped with various settings enabling you to decide exactly how often and how long to keep recordings on stand still footage and when to delete active videos after a certain period of time.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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In 2020, most home owners will install some type of video security system, whether it be IP cameras or physical DVRs. These devices serve many purposes including recording footage while protecting against intruders, monitoring activity outside of homes/offices and providing proof should anything happen during the day. However, not every device on the market today is made equal. We found several products that offer amazing customer support, great features and quality that will fit your family’s needs perfectly; however, others offer nothing but gimmicks. Here is a quick guide to help determine if a certain model is worth buying or staying away from.
If a business already uses the Hikvision DVR systems, they are usually reliable and dependable. Their software is intuitive making setup easier than ever. They provide high resolution streaming which makes them perfect for surveillance use cases such as retail stores or office environments.
This Chinese manufacturer offers affordable yet powerful DVR options. If price isn’t a concern, this could be a good way to get started without spending thousands on equipment.
Known for being a trusted name in consumer electronics, Panasonic produces high end security camera models. Although the quality seems great, these units tend to run pricey.
While Siemens offers excellent hardware, their software often leaves something to be desired. Most people find the UI confusing making setups harder and sometimes impossible.
Sony XDR V3200NXR
These Sony cameras are known for having exceptional image qualities. Many consumers prefer the sleek aesthetic these cameras bring along with them. Unfortunately, the software lacks customer service which leads to lots of issues with setup and maintenance.
YI Technology
Chinese manufacturers YI technology produces some of the highest quality CCTV cameras currently available. They produce both indoor and outdoor security cams and provide excellent reliability. Unfortunately, support can vary wildly among different units depending upon which part of China the unit was manufactured.
Zonera Systems
Based in Toronto Canada, Zonaera is another reputable manufacturer offering top class security cam solutions. While their prices aren’t cheap, they’re still well below competitors like Panasonics’ offerings. Support has always proved responsive and knowledgeable.

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Security cameras have become commonplace in modern homes today. They provide peace of mind, allowing homeowners to monitor activity inside and outside of their property 24/7. However, many people still find themselves relying solely upon video surveillance systems to protect their personal space without taking other precautions, which often leave them vulnerable. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your home safe and well protected.
Keep Your Front Door Locked When Not At Work
One common mistake made by many residents who use doorbell camcorders is leaving doors unlocked during times they are away. While this seems like a harmless practice, it actually makes you a prime target for thieves and burglars because anyone could walk right past your front door undetected. If someone does enter through an unlocked door, then it only takes seconds for your valuables, including cash and jewelry, and electronics to be taken. This problem becomes especially acute when it gets cold outside. Many criminals will wait until after dark or even the next day and break in while everyone else sleeps. So always remember to lock your entryways and windows whenever possible.
Install A Smart Lock
Installing a digital keypad-controlled smart lock on your door is another way to deter would-be thieves. These locks come equipped with a small screen, making it easier than ever for you to see who enters or leaves from your house. Some models also include motion detectors that automatically trigger alerts when movement is detected within certain areas around your residence. These types of locks are great deterrents against break ins but should not replace traditional locks on exterior doors. Always install these devices along with regular deadbolt locks so no one can unlock or bypass your home’s main entrance.
Use Window Locks Instead Of Doors
Many homeowners opt to install window sensors instead of door bells or door chimes to prevent unwanted visitors. While this method isn’t foolproof, it’s far better than nothing and a good alternative to a door bell. Window sensors work in conjunction with your alarm system, sending signals when someone opens or closes a particular pane of glass. This type of device is typically installed along the bottom edge of the frame near the sill or top corner of the window.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Nanaimo

Nanaimo-based Security Camera Solutions Inc. offers a full range of surveillance products including professional grade cameras, DVR systems, networked CCTV, motion detection, video analysis software, audio recorders, digital recording systems, IP addressable cameras and many other types of security solutions. SecureCam is proud to be able to help people protect themselves through better safety technology.
If you own a business that needs a higher level of protection than the average homeowner does, then consider having us install state of the art wireless security cameras, which can provide 24/7 monitoring for as little as $99 per month. The system consists of small sensors that can detect movement anywhere inside or outside your building. These devices will alert you instantly via email, text messages, phone calls and online alerts when they sense something is happening. They are great tools for both homes and offices.
In addition to installing high end commercial grade cameras, we offer custom designed wiring diagrams. Our highly trained technicians use only premium wire gauge materials to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. We also can design a unique alarm sound profile just for your property; this way you can customize the type of noise your clients hear at each doorbell push button. And finally, we always have spare parts available for most brands.
We have years experience dealing with a wide range of surveillance equipment manufacturers and have seen first hand why companies like Axis Networks, Hikvision, Vivotek, Dahua, Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Samsung among others continue to invest millions in research and development, leading to today’s advanced technologies including night vision capabilities, HD and 4K resolution cameras, dual band antennas and Wi-Fi connectivity. If you would rather install the latest technology, call us for no obligation quotes today. Secure Cam has helped thousands of homeowners across Canada successfully protect themselves against crime, accidents and fire damage. Call us today for a quote.

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Cameras are like eyes; they record everything that happens inside and outside your premises. And whether it is indoors or outdoors, cameras help keep watch over those who enter it. But just because these devices capture images does not mean we should be taking them lightly. While most people regard safety cameras as passive devices, there is actually no true ‘passive mode’ when it concerns this technology. If anything goes amiss, a security cam will alert authorities immediately. Besides being able to provide evidence against offenders, these cameras come equipped with advanced technologies which makes crime reporting easier and faster than ever. As long as the data collected is backed up properly, they also serve to document crucial events such as burglaries, break ins, robberies, fires, floods, accidents, theft, and other emergencies. Today, cameras are widely used by companies to monitor stores, banks, offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and more. They are even installed in homes and apartments to enhance property value. Whether you live in a big city or small town, safety cameras should always be present at your place of residence. So for your own sake, check out some of the various categories available today: outdoor monitors, indoor video surveillance systems, wireless, networked, and IP digital cameras. Each category offers products to suit different needs and prices to match. Take note that prices differ depending on factors including quality of equipment and operating hours. All manufacturers offer multiple benefits, making choosing a model a tricky prospect. Here’s why buying a camera shouldn’t cost a fortune. First of all, it pays well to do research on each manufacturer’s website. Find useful information concerning reliability, warranty, technical support, availability, and return policies. Also ask yourself questions like whether you prefer wired or wifi connections, resolution size and distance monitoring range, ease of use, audio output capabilities, ability to connect via smartphone apps or web browsers, compatibility with existing lighting fixtures, and many others.. Do you live near heavy traffic areas or rural locations? Is it important to know exactly what happened during certain sensitive times? Consider answering these questions before settling on a particular model or series.

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For those who haven’t heard of them yet… Secure Cam cameras are small, affordable security cameras that record video 24/7 inside your home or business, anywhere that’s connected to WiFi and powered by batteries. They’re perfect for monitoring pets, kids, baby monitors, alarm systems and other items that deserve extra attention. Our products come with everything you could possibly wish for including a high-resolution SD card, a wall mount base, motion alerts plus optional cloud recording and remote viewing capabilities. Plus they use Wi-Fi instead of cables which makes setup faster than ever. All this added value for less than $80 per camera. If you live outside of Canada please contact us via email or phone.
We install each camera ourselves! We will come to your location of choice and monitor the unit after completion. Please note that we cannot be responsible for damages caused while installing the equipment. Once the camera arrives at your door step, make sure to read the instructions carefully. We recommend keeping the lens pointed towards the ground floor in case of power loss but most importantly ensure there isn’t anything obstructing view of the area being monitored. A good rule of thumb is if something looks suspicious you should take action immediately. We understand these things happen everyday so if you notice anything unusual just call 9-1-1. We’ll gladly assist you with anything else you need.
So far 2020 has brought great weather conditions allowing for excellent outdoor living and events. As people prepare for summer, I thought it would be appropriate to update my post regarding indoor plant care. Below are some tips on caring for plants during winter months and beyond.
Winter Plant Care Tips 1. Watering Your Indoor Plants During Winter While most home gardening enthusiasts look forward to spring planting season, many homeowners find the cold temperatures quite challenging. With indoor climates ranging from dry to humid, it’s imperative to maintain proper humidity levels indoors. Humidity helps water move in and out of a plant’s leaves, ensuring healthy growth. When watering or misting your indoor garden, keep in mind that colder air holds moisture longer than warmer air, causing condensation inside containers and drips on floors..

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“These guys did a great job. We’ve used secure cam Toronto to install a commercial grade security/surveillance camera system for our shutter manufacturing facility in Markham. Fair price, quality installation, excellent service. I can access all the footage easily on my phone!! Thanks Dan & team. Definitely recommend!”

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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