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Nancy Smith-Williams founded Secure Cam after her husband was murdered while he slept in bed back in 2013. A series of events led that tragedy to happen, but you see the story of Nancy’s journey today because she refused to accept the circumstances and made things better, starting with helping another family go through this same exact thing. While doing research, Nancy felt like she had seen everything, until she discovered the perfect solution — cameras. She partnered up with other experts in technology and in August 2014 launched Secure Camera Systems & Services LLC, a full service monitoring center offering high quality wireless solutions for homeowners, business professionals, schools and government institutions along with custom installations. Since then they’ve gone above and beyond providing top products for customers and installing them correctly in their homes, offices, warehouses, shopping centers and universities. And, just recently, Nancy was recognized among the most influential women in cybersecurity by Forbes Magazine which includes being named #1 Influential Woman in Cybersecurity. These days she’s busy building and expanding the team to continue innovating and meeting customer needs while bringing peace of mind to those who live and work inside the walls of the world’s largest cities.
She wants people to feel safe knowing they’re watched 24/7 in case anything ever happens again.
In addition to leading a highly effective team with nearly 50 employees nationwide, Nancy travels regularly attending industry conferences around North America showcasing innovative technologies to educate consumers and install partners. Whether speaking on panels or speaking to audiences, her main focus these days involves sharing the many ways individuals can enjoy a sense of well-being, peace of mind and safety when choosing video surveillance systems and ensuring people understand what goes behind high tech solutions. For example, on average every minute of footage captured by a system installed in 2019 would be approximately 10 years of footage collected before 2018. But, how often does someone really watch those hours upon hours of recorded footage, and once it hits storage, will anyone actually find it? As an added incentive, they also offer discounts to military members.
We’d love to help you figure out what type of home cameras fit your lifestyle.

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Security Camera Systems: Most importantly this technology will allow citizens to report suspicious activity to authorities instantly while keeping watch 24/7. We don’t really expect this feature to ever be implemented across the US but they just recently announced that they are working on implementing facial recognition software on live streams. At some point they could use biometrics instead of video footage.
Home Automation Technology: Another exciting development will be smart homes integrated with AI through voice control. Smart homes already exist today and allow homeowners to monitor, regulate temperature levels remotely and receive alerts via text message. More people will begin buying these types appliances into their homes, along with Amazon Alexa devices. Some manufacturers are including built-in speakers to connect to existing audio systems. As soon as they become available as standard equipment, I am expecting them to increase demand significantly. For example, it was recently discovered that people listen to music while cooking because traditional kitchen gadgets tend to distract us during other mundane household chores.
Technology Advancements: Many products that would take years to develop will be introduced in the next decade due to the rapid pace of technological advancement. One of these examples include 3d printing which gives consumers the ability to order custom items at home without paying high retail prices. These products also come in various sizes and specifications allowing customers to customize them according to exact needs. Furthermore 3d printers can print multiple materials like plastic, metal alloys, wood, concrete, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, carbon fibers, rubber, foams, leather…etc.. They are currently making headlines in industries ranging from construction to industry manufacturing to medical care and many others. When applied correctly, I believe this innovation will only accelerate growth and further improve quality of life.
Energy Conservation / Sustainability Technologies: Energy conservation continues to gain momentum, especially with the Green New Deal pushing forward energy efficiency initiatives. By 2025 all buildings must be net zero emissions meaning no heat escapes and indoor temperatures should drop below 20° F (below freezing). A lot of work goes into creating efficient heating and cooling units that keep air conditioned rooms comfortable yet use less power than conventional air conditioning.

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Security cameras provide many benefits including crime deterrence, business visibility, asset management, safety monitoring and employee productivity. They help protect homes against break ins, fire, weather related damage, theft, vandalism and other property crimes. These devices offer convenience for homeowners while helping keep them safe by providing real time video footage of events happening inside their homes 24/7 and alerting authorities immediately should a crime occur.
Nanticoke offers a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial grade security solutions. Whether you’re installing a single camera system for surveillance purposes, adding additional units to enhance existing systems, or upgrading to high resolution HD models for better image quality and detail. We’ve got you covered. Our knowledgeable sales staff will work closely with you during every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you’re searching for. From design to installation, we’ll take care of everything so that you can focus on running your business safely and securely and knowing that you can rely on Nanticoke products when you need us most. So why wait? Let us show you just how affordable high definition security systems really are.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Nanticoke

Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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In this report I will be talking about some of the newest technologies being used today in both consumer products and professional applications. My focus will mainly cover cameras, but other areas like wireless communication systems, remote control solutions, IP video recorders, storage units, motion detection devices, alarm management software/systems, web cams, network monitoring, and many more types of sensors will be covered. All these items are constantly evolving within the industry to provide better capabilities than ever before. As always my focus is on technology advancements and their impact on consumers and business customers alike. I am going to try to keep things short and concise since most people only read blogs on a daily basis nowadays anyways. For anyone who wants to dig deeper they can easily go through the links provided below.
Cameras: If there was a single piece of gear that could really revolutionize home surveillance then it would probably be the digital camera. In fact, I believe that is already starting to happen. Digital cameras have become mainstream and with them come added benefits like ease of use, quality images taken during times of extreme light conditions, increased battery life, and affordability. Many companies continue to develop new technologies to further improve upon existing digital cameras including resolution, image processing, memory size, connectivity options, and more. But no matter which manufacturer creates the next generation camera model, there will always be those individuals who prefer analog cameras because of various factors. Perhaps they appreciate a classic style design, like a black & white film roll, perhaps they just feel safer having something old school around the house instead of trusting everything to an untested device. Whatever the case may be, analog cameras still offer numerous advantages over modern models. They just work.
Wireless Communication Systems: Another popular trend for the upcoming years includes incorporating wireless communications systems into everyday products. Wireless networks allow us to stay connected anywhere without running wires and connecting equipment together. These days almost every appliance manufactured can incorporate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ZigBee, ZWave, WiFi 802.11ac and many newer protocols allowing manufacturers to connect their appliances to each other wirelessly. Of course, there are limitations to consider; BLE won’t get near Wi-Fi range nor does Zigbee support longer distances.

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Cameras are used in many different ways but most people use them indoors so they will see this section talking about indoor cameras only. As well as indoors I like to include some outdoor ideas because there will be times when your outside system goes down, meaning the whole point of having external video surveillance becomes pointless. So lets talk about both types together.
Before starting I would recommend reading through my earlier posts first because they contain a lot of information about which products work best for specific applications. These recommendations cover general uses and some application examples.
When shopping around for the best security camera for your nanticoke area, consider these factors. Here are the primary things you should evaluate when buying the next security camera for your nanticoke location.
Most companies offer 3 basic levels of quality; Basic, Plus, Pro. If price was always the deciding factor then every person who wants high definition recording and great image quality would be forced to stick with basic level systems since those usually cost the least amount of money per hour of video footage recorded. However, HD recordings are far superior than standard resolution ones while good image quality is absolutely necessary especially for identifying criminals when reviewing days old videos. Most companies that sell the top end systems allow customers to upgrade to higher tiers once they can afford it. Check around to find out their prices before choosing one.
What type does your home office provide? Is it just for private viewing purposes or do you host public meetings where customers can come view live feeds or record past sessions online? Maybe it’s part of employee training program so employees can check in remotely whenever they enter or leave. Do you need to track people walking inside during working hours? A combination of 2 & 4 could result in some interesting security problems.
Do you intend to connect several external devices to your system? For example, if you installed motion detection zones along windows and doors, and connected your alarm system, you’d obviously save tons of manpower. But the potential drawback is that one sensor might detect noise coming from another device. Therefore, you’ll need to carefully select compatible devices to avoid false alarms. Additionally, you’d better ensure each zone is securely locked to prevent burglars forcing entry via other routes.

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Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022! We are excited for this upcoming year of technology advancements and innovation. As cameras become more affordable and accessible to homeowners, many people will be adding them as standard fixtures in homes and offices across the country. While some may still prefer traditional methods like peepholes and keyed locks, video surveillance will continue to play a significant role in securing buildings around the world in the years ahead. Here are four things to keep in mind when choosing which type of camera is best suited for your needs. 1. Size Matters Most security camera manufacturers today offer multiple models ranging from small pocketable options to large pan/tilt units capable of monitoring entire floors. If you are unsure whether you should go big or smaller, consider these factors:
* If you only need basic motion detection capabilities, then a compact system with just 2–3 channels could work perfectly well for you, while providing plenty of visibility for a relatively modest price tag. On the other hand, if you want advanced features, such as facial recognition software, IP address filtering, remote control, or live streaming capability, larger systems tend to provide better image quality and resolution than smaller ones. For example, the Panasonic SCV-HD50W offers excellent 1080P video, and includes an array of sophisticated features including facial ID, motion alerts, night vision, cloud recording, and more for less than $100 per channel. However, the Sony HDR-CX9200R, which boasts similar specifications but costs nearly twice as much, offers superior 720P HD performance and a wider field of view, making it ideal for applications such as high-end retail stores, casinos, airports, hotels, and banks. 2. Consider Your Needs When selecting a specific model, it helps to take a moment and really examine exactly why you would need to install one. Do you simply wish to monitor activity outside your house, office, or storefront? Or perhaps you need video coverage to deter potential thieves or intruders, or protect against employee theft or vandalism? Depending upon the answers to those questions, certain types of systems offer greater benefits than others. 3.

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There are many reasons why people install cameras in their homes and offices today. Some like them simply because they feel safer knowing that someone will see something if an intruder tries to enter their property. Others use cameras for monitoring purposes, keeping track of who comes through their front door and which areas of their house/business are frequently visited. Still other customers use video surveillance systems for business safety measures, such as verifying that employees follow proper procedure or that employees’ vehicles aren’t being driven away without authorization while on company grounds.
For those interested in having some extra peace of mind, there are several types of cameras available today that offer both audio and visual recording capabilities. While this certainly makes for great entertainment for family members and friends visiting the residence, these devices often come equipped with motion detectors and infrared lights that allow homeowners to view live footage right on their smartphone via Wi-Fi connection.
If you’re wondering whether you should invest in a wireless system instead of installing traditional analog equipment, keep reading. Many companies provide excellent products and customer service, but only SecureCam offers both a state-of-the art network infrastructure and industry-leading hardware solutions. Our technicians go above and beyond to ensure high quality service. We take care of every aspect of setting up your system — from initial sales calls and free consultation sessions to the final walkthrough — making our customers truly feel protected 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
We work closely with our clients to customize their individual needs. We understand their unique situations and help them find exactly the solution designed specifically for them — no matter the scale of their project. Whether it be small residential projects requiring just a single point-to-point camera system or large commercial buildings needing multiple video feeds across entire floors, we always deliver an exceptional level of customer support along with cutting edge technology. If and when needed, our team is happy to assist you in selecting appropriate mounting points based on the type of structure, as well as providing guidance regarding wiring requirements.

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Nanticoke homes and offices usually lack surveillance systems because they just haven’t considered doing so. But with advances in technology combined with rising crime rates, security cameras aren’t some futuristic idea anymore; they’re here and ready to help protect your business or private property.
Whether you run a small office building or own several houses across town, installing high quality video surveillance equipment gives you peace of mind that no matter who walks through those doors they see you, hear them and will report back to police authorities. And if you’re already thinking “I’ll wait until after I retire,” get these tips first and learn why this investment makes sense today.
What’s changed since 2010? For starters, more people are watching and sharing videos than ever before. YouTube had 150 hours of uploaded content every minute in 2012, according to Statista. Facebook added 1 billion monthly active users globally in 2016 — nearly twice as many people as reported in 2014. The mobile revolution has taken us away from static images, which made CCTV less valuable. With smartphones in almost everyone’s hands, anyone can film anything anywhere and immediately upload it. These days, CCTV isn’t really necessary at most companies — but it’s also essential at some of them. If you’ve got employees working late nights and/or long hours outside normal work hours, then night recording becomes vital. Night vision technology means you can take a peek at what goes down during parties without having to leave your house. Even better, these types of devices often come with infrared capabilities, making them perfect for use indoors. Many newer models can connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, too. As soon as you install a digital wireless IP camera on your network, you gain a host of other benefits, including remote viewing options like live streaming 24×7 via webcams on phones. This lets customers watch recorded footage remotely while simultaneously seeing exactly what someone sees themselves, eliminating potential time lags. A wired connection offers another advantage. Most modern analog HD cameras support HDMI connections, letting you output real-time footage straight onto big screen TV sets. Of course, depending on the resolution, picture quality and frame rate provided, cable costs could go way beyond $100 a pop..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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