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Nelson Camera Systems was founded in 2014 by experienced industry insiders who recognized a gap in the market for high quality home/office security cameras without having to pay exorbitant prices. Our affordable system includes everything you need to protect your family including professionally mounted IP Cameras, 24×7 professional monitoring, video recording software, easy setup guides, and remote viewing via web browser. If you already own other products or devices like DVR systems, wireless routers, computer desktops computers laptops laptops / laptop towers and TV sets then they will work great together without needing additional hardware adapters. We provide complete solutions starting with initial ordering and install service to ongoing support after purchase. When buying our products please keep these things in mind..
In the end we hope that you enjoy our website and find this guide useful for whatever reason but most importantly because we’re providing information you need to stay safe.
Please take some time to check us out and see why people trust us and use us for their security needs every day. Contact if interested in getting started today. Happy New Year!! #2019 #2020

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If you are planning to buy a new system for your house, whether it be your office or your main residence, then your first step should always be to check out different camera models. If possible, take some images of the area yourself, especially around areas that will potentially face vandalism and theft.
This way, you won’t end up buying something unsuitable for the intended use. For most people these days who own residential properties, they might find a good idea to get themselves one of those IP cameras at least once every couple of weeks when checking outside their houses to ensure everything goes well and nobody bothers anyone’s privacy. These cameras come in handy because you could keep an eye onto certain places while doing other things like eating dinner, shopping, or having fun at night. They help us monitor our homes in realtime and allow us to stay alert whenever someone enters our property. We’ve got plenty of options available today including both indoor and outdoor ones which include wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi or 4G LTE networks, motion detection technology that alerts you when something happens, weatherproof cases made with rubber materials, adjustable pan/ tilt heads and long range transmitters depending on requirements.
For many, keeping track of their kids’ whereabouts might become an issue since we cannot easily see them through conventional methods unless we install surveillance systems indoors or outdoors. Luckily, this problem can easily be solved thanks to modern devices such as baby monitors, video doorbells, activity lights, alarm clocks, etc. All of these gadgets offer great performance in terms of quality audio, visual resolution, brightness and contrast levels, battery life, noise reduction technologies, ease of setup and so forth. All of these features combined with high security level ensures safety for babies and toddlers in case anything bad ever happened while they’re sleeping somewhere nearby. Most parents would prefer getting a device like Baby Monitor 2 for example which offers both day and night monitoring capabilities, remote viewing ability and is compatible with various types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs among numerous others. You could simply download the app on whichever device you’d want to view remotely from your smartphone and just press play whenever you feel worried about the kid’s location.

Best Security Cameras Nelson

In this article you will learn about the most popular products currently available with links to each manufacturer’s website. We’ve selected these cameras because they offer some unique options that may be better suited to specific situations than other models commonly found online and elsewhere. If you’re planning to monitor outdoor areas this summer, consider choosing something that offers weatherproofing – especially with the current extreme heat waves. These units include both wired/wireless DVRs plus wireless PTZs. They run anywhere from $100-$300 depending on what model and feature set you choose. Be aware that many models only allow 1 camera per unit for surveillance purposes, making multiple installations impractical unless you purchase several separate devices. Also note that while outdoor cameras provide superior image quality due to less obstructions than indoor models, outdoor images often suffer from motion blur caused by wind and air turbulence. Most people prefer wired DVRs indoors (or wired PTZs), but wireless versions can work well outdoors too. Wireless PTZs typically cost the same as wired PTZs. Wired PTZs (aka “remote controls”) use radio signals instead of infrared beams which makes them unsuitable for monitoring inside large structures like homes, offices, warehouses, churches, schools, hospitals, malls, airports, hotels, casinos and more. For example, you won’t get good video from a PTZ mounted under a table leg. And since the signal’s weak, the PTZ could easily miss anything happening in front of it. On the other hand, wireless PTZs can still operate indoors and are therefore ideal for those who wish to install multiple cameras around a property without having to rerun cables every day.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Nelson Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

There are currently several different options for high definition video surveillance cameras available today. While many consumers still prefer analog cams, digital networked IP cameras provide higher resolution, better image quality than other systems while improving ease of use. Here’s what you should be aware of when selecting a solution.
1. Resolution/Frame rate/Field of View(FOV). Camera resolution refers to the amount of pixels displayed per line of vertical screen resolution. Most devices will display 1920×1080 images which corresponds to 1080p videos. As this displays more detail, you’ll get less compression artifacts due to pixelization. However most people aren’t going to notice these issues since they’re only visible in specific lighting conditions like bright sunlight. A lot of times we see resolutions reported higher then actual frame rates because manufacturers tend to round up numbers rather than down. For example a device could say 1440p but really output 30fps because they rounded it up instead of rounding it down to match the true fps. Field of view refers to the distance around the subject being captured. This basically determines whether something gets cropped away like walls or if it just fills the entire monitor. Many modern day cameras feature a 120 degree FOV meaning most anything inside of 20ft radius would always show regardless if it was close to a wall or far from it. Some models however offer 180 degrees, allowing you to catch everything no matter where in front of you it stood. These typically cost more as well, especially if you already own a model with lower FOV. If possible try to pick up a camera specifically designed towards outdoor applications. They often have much larger fields of views with greater light sensitivity which help capture clearer footage outdoors. If not possible consider picking up 2 smaller units with some overlap in coverage area. I’m personally a big fan of the Arlo Pro series cameras myself. Notable specs include 1280 x 720 HD@30FPS, 110 degree field of view, 8MP photos @10 seconds, motion alerts, nightvision capabilities, live streaming through Alexa & Apple HomeKit enabled devices, wifi 802.11 bg/n, geofencing support and weather resistant design.

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Nelson's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this article I will be reviewing the top 5 most popular brands available on Amazon today for both residential and commercial applications. These 5 cameras include the following;
1. TIAYI NETGEAR: IP Camera Series 4
For those who would like to learn a bit more about these cameras and why they should be installed in homes and offices in Nelson please continue reading below.
Nelson Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras
Hikvision was founded in China in 1989. Since then the company has grown rapidly. They currently hold market positions in more than 100 countries and operate in almost every field including telecommunications, broadcasting, transportation, energy management, finance, retailing, healthcare, government institutions, military and many other industries.
They offer products such as surveillance equipment, video conferencing systems, fire alarm system, wireless networks and many other devices. Their products are widely used to monitor people’s safety, monitor traffic, control power supply, detect gas leakage, protect property and provide convenience to people. They also produce various kinds of intelligent monitoring solutions which are used for remote supervision of construction sites, factories and buildings, to ensure workers’ work efficiency, and to prevent accidents from happening.
Tiandy Security Systems Ltd. was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. They offer a wide range of digital monitoring products and professional service. Some examples are video doorbells, indoor and outdoor motion detection system, digital video recorder, video intercom, and other surveillance products. All the products come with the same high quality. They are mainly sold to customers across Asia Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, South East Asian nations, India, Middle Eastern states, Russia, North America and Europe.

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2. The Best Security Cameras for commercial buildings.
3. The Top 10 Most popular products for 2020.
4. The top 3 most popular installations for 2019.
5. The most popular products being sold currently.
6. Installation Trends for 2022
In this post I will be discussing some of my recent research into the most affordable surveillance solutions available today. Many manufacturers offer high end systems for hundreds of dollars, which often includes professional video recording quality HD footage, multiple zoom lens capabilities along with IP connectivity for remote viewing. Some of these devices cost $10k-$15k+, but many come with less expensive alternatives including the below mentioned options, although still featuring decent resolution images.
Some people like to use CCTV Camera Systems because they prefer the reliability of digital storage rather than analog tape recordings. While both methods record audio and video information, DVR and NVR recordings rely upon storage media in order to function whereas tape records simply store images onto physical material.
Nelson Digital has made several efforts to bring down prices on our entry level camera systems, yet maintain image clarity. Our first step was to eliminate unnecessary components. For example, instead of adding an extra power supply to extend battery life and provide additional monitoring capability, we designed a system capable of utilizing existing wall sockets. Another thing we did to reduce costs was reducing the amount of hardware required for each camera. Instead of requiring two webcams per monitor, we only used one. We eliminated the need for external monitors entirely by integrating them inside our enclosure. And since we integrated the IR illuminator directly into the housing, the unit requires no wiring whatsoever.
We took similar steps toward making our entry level camera system smaller and cheaper. Rather than designing large housings, we opted for slimmed down enclosures.
Finally, another way we saved costs while offering reliable service was through integration. Since almost every component of a networked camera setup could potentially fail or become defective, there had always been a fear associated with relying solely upon internal electronics. However, we created a unique design wherein the majority of the device relies upon software control; leaving the actual circuitry vulnerable to failure.

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Security cameras provide us peace of mind; they allow us to observe our homes remotely in realtime, no matter where we live or work. We even have them installed in offices and manufacturing plants—and many people install multiple units around their house just because of convenience. But did you realize that it was possible to get similar functionality without having these expensive cameras staring back at you every night? Well… yes. Here’s my experience installing multiple types of high quality IP Video Systems that will help keep watchful eyes wherever you go while keeping your monthly spending under $200/mo per system!
We’ve got some awesome systems available today. And I’m going to be sharing with you each week this fall what is new, which models we recommend, how much they cost and most importantly why it makes sense to purchase from Secure Cam instead of anywhere else! Check back weekly for what’s coming up next….
For instance:
What does “factory direct” mean when talking about security cameras products like ours? Simply put, we manufacture everything ourselves right from raw materials until packaging complete packages ready to send to YOU. No middlemen – nothing gets skimmed off the top to save pennies somewhere down line. This helps keep costs way lower than traditional retailers who must pay shipping fees along with markups in order to sell you the same exact item over and over again. So far, we’re still seeing great savings through this model. Our prices aren’t inflated to cover those added expenses either.
How Do They Work and Where Can I Buy Them For My Next Home Project?
Many homeowners simply take notice of “security cam reviews” or other online articles written by amateur enthusiasts that tell them how awesome a particular brand of video surveillance equipment is. Unfortunately, most of what is said isn’t supported by science but rather hearsay that could apply to another competitor’s device. Why? Because manufacturers often won’t disclose technical details like sensor resolution, frame rates, lens type, light sensitivity ranges, image compression method used, etc. to competitors since doing so would give them a leg up against rivals. Instead, we’ll talk about the advantages of various solutions that should convince you that buying our gear instead of someone else’s would benefit both you AND your customers long term.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Nelson BC

Security cameras allow homeowners and business owners alike to monitor their property remotely, keeping them safe, while giving peace of mind knowing they aren’t being overlooked.
In this post I will help guide you through some tips and tricks to choosing the perfect security system for your home or office (and yes, I’m biased).
If you find yourself asking “What’s my next move?” after reading through these posts, then feel confident that the answer lies in the security systems below… These are the top choices for security in today’s modern world. They offer many benefits including affordability, functionality, ease of use, flexibility and above all, safety.
We’re going to break down each category individually but keep in mind as you go along that every choice brings unique advantages and disadvantages depending on who you are, what type of place you live/work in, and whether you’re buying something used or newly built.
So grab a cup of coffee / tea because we’ve got quite a bit of information ahead of us.
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3. IP Based Surveillance System Reviews
4. Wireless Networked Door & Window Access Control System
5. Motion Sensitive Lighting Reviews
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7. Self Monitoring Alarms
8. Remote Viewing Solutions
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