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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems New Westminster

New in 2020
Security cameras come in many shapes and sizes but most people are familiar with the basic types like IP and Analog video surveillance systems. However, these days you will find some of them being replaced with newer technologies that offer better resolution, image quality, reliability, ease of use and connectivity than ever before. We take a look at the top four new technology developments in surveillance in the coming years:
4k Video
This year saw the introduction of affordable 4k HD cameras into the market which provide high definition recording capability. They are able to record footage at higher resolutions than 1080P and therefore produce sharper images with more detail. These days most of them are capable of recording videos in ultra-high definition or UHD format at 3840×2160 pixels. Some models even go beyond this offering 4096 x 2160 pixel recordings.
Smartphone Apps
Many modern smartphones already include built-in apps that allow them to connect wirelessly with the internet. These range from basic location finding apps to advanced voice recognition software. As a result they become useful tools for both professional monitoring applications and personal usage. For example, smartphone apps can be used to monitor activity such as door locks, alarm panels and motion sensor lights remotely, allowing homeowners and business operators to keep tabs on their properties without having to physically visit each location.
IP Camera Networks
An IP camera network connects multiple security cameras together via wireless networks. Using a central device or gateway, you can view live feeds simultaneously from each individual camera connected to your system.
Cloud Storage
In addition to storing footage locally, many cameras now record to remote cloud storage sites for backup purposes. Cloud storage is ideal as it gives peace of mind knowing that your camera records automatically to another place in case anything happens to your equipment. Many manufacturers also offer cloud storage options with subscription plans.

New Westminster Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

HikVision HD 2MP 720P IP Camera | Black for $39.99$79.95
Tiandys X8HD 10Mp 1080P Ultra High Definition IP Camera|Black/White for $19.98(Excluding GST). Free Installation Services Directly By Secure Cam For Our NW Residents Only!
New Homeowners should be aware that these wireless cameras come standard with 1Mb / 60Mhz technology which restricts the area around each lens to less than 9ft². As far back as they go, you will lose video quality near walls and obstructions. However, this makes them perfect for keeping track of small babies, pets, toddlers, vehicles and other items close to the house. It is recommended to use a DVR or TV monitor along side your camera system in order to capture footage. We recommend a screen resolution of 1440×900 pixels minimum but ideally 1920×1080 would provide better visual effects but increase storage requirements due to higher compression.
We can install the following model types:
• Wireless Doorbell Sensor • Wired Motion Sensors (for motion detection alerts only) • Video Surveillance Systems • Dome Cameras • Networked WiFi Cams (WiFi range approximately 100 meters indoors) • Networked WiFI Audio Speaker systems (Wii style audio streaming via wifi only) • Smart Phone Applications (Apps available through Play Store and App Store)
Home Addition Tips… If installing in the attic please check that the ceiling height is high enough as most roof top installations cannot see outside of the building with lower ceilings. Attached garage cinder block wall thickness will affect signal strength and coverage, as well as possible interference issues from appliances etc. A thicker brick wall could help to improve range. Avoid placing the camera inside the garage as you risk obstruction by cars moving across your driveway in front of the camera. Be careful when considering placement on power lines, poles and trees. Please contact us for details regarding specific models and applications.
For some areas (like Vancouver), we do offer a network monitoring service and remote viewing software to customers who purchase a premium package including 3 months internet connectivity, 24hr customer support and advanced cloud recording capabilities.
All packages include professional installation.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in New Westminster BC

New Westminster Camera Installations – Many people are installing their own cameras in their homes and offices. From baby monitors to doorbell cameras this becomes a great way to monitor your property without invading someone else’s privacy. Our team will come visit anyone who wants help monitoring their space 24/7. We specialize in wireless camera installation in homes and business locations like restaurants, retail stores, schools, doctors office buildings, malls, churches, private residences, apartment complexes, warehouses, industrial sites, hospitals, gyms, hotels, banks, government installations, real estate companies, restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, factories, manufacturing plants, farms, mining operations, construction sites, outdoor events and venues, commercial properties, condos, office parks, shopping centers, residential developments, and parking lots, garages, driveways…and much more!
Remote Viewing Services – Remote viewing service providers offer professional remote viewers who provide high quality surveillance solutions around Canada. If your situation calls for additional manpower they can be used for various types of jobs; including locating lost pets, finding underground utilities, spying on neighbours, searching for treasure maps, etc. Whatever the reason may be. Just ask them! Whether it’s hiring professionals or DIY enthusiasts, Secure Cam offers the highest standards of equipment, training and customer support in Canada.
Videos Of Us Working On Your Project – For those wishing to hire us for new home CCTV Camera Systems installs please watch these videos below showing some examples of us doing work. These customers are happy to show footage of us working at their residence. Video 1 shows part of our initial assessment of a new home, which includes measuring distances from doors/windows, detecting light sources, checking electrical wiring connections, testing alarm systems…etc.. Videos 2 and 3 go through the entire procedure of installing a video system. A typical install would consist of connecting wires running along walls, ceilings and floors, placing boxes and mounting cameras onto them, putting motion sensors in key areas of the house, programming the DVR and setting up email alerts for specific zones.
Security Schemes Can Be Used Via Email Alert Programs And Other Solutions Available Online Or Through Local Business – As technology continues to advance, most of the options available via internet become increasingly affordable.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras New Westminster

1. A great front door should be part of the overall building design and construction, but not everyone knows this. If you are designing/building or remodeling your home or business, keep these things in mind when choosing/installing doors. Not only will they protect both people and property inside your home, they’ll also increase curb appeal and make life easier for those who live nearby — like delivery drivers. Here are 5 key considerations every homeowner needs to consider during exterior door selection…
2. The first line of defense against intruders is through windows; however, you would assume that most of us don’t leave them unlocked. But many times, homeowners forget to lock their windows to prevent a break-in. Even though window locks aren’t foolproof, installing them helps deter potential burglars, especially when paired with other measures…
3. Many homes come with garage entry doors, which makes them convenient (and often cheap). However, because garages tend to accumulate items outside the house, having a back exit isn’t always ideal and could actually be detrimental. For example, a sliding glass patio door on the main level of the house opens away from a wall. When closed, it’s just another surface area of a glass panel that someone could easily walk through without being noticed. Instead, install a secondary entrance to provide quick escape while keeping valuables safe. The same logic applies to attic exits…
4. One of the top causes of fires involving residential structures is unattended cooking appliances, which burn down houses faster than flames consuming paper products or furniture. Fortunately, modern smoke alarms offer automatic monitoring options that alert residents of emergencies long after the fact. In addition, newer models include features like night lighting… 5. Most people don’t pay attention to their driveway until something goes awry. While a pothole looks bad enough on its own, adding cracks, loose gravel and debris further encourages a driver to swerve off the road and cause an accident. Make repairs immediately upon noticing signs of damage and take note of anything else worth changing, including nearby drainage issues or uneven terrain that could lead to hydroplaning or loss of traction…

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Security Cameras Monitoring Company New Westminster

We’ve put together this guide to help you find out which cameras will suit your needs perfectly and provide you with everything you could possibly wish for during your stay in New West. If you’re unsure whether or not a particular camera would be suitable for your purposes, then please feel completely assured that Secure Cam’s friendly customer service team will happily assist you.

There’s little doubt 2019 was quite busy for both businesses and consumers. And while there is no denying there was some good news regarding business productivity as well as overall consumer spending power, things did get hectic — sometimes to the point of stress — for many people around the world in 2020.
Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly once again, but whatever happens, I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled on these seven emerging trends to take place in the coming months and years. They represent just some of the changes that are currently taking shape throughout different industries, including those of retailing, ecommerce, digital commerce, hospitality and food & beverage, and education—and beyond. But first, let’s dive deeper into each trend individually…
1. Digital transformation continues to accelerate
Digital disruption is becoming evermore pronounced, especially in certain sectors. Whether it involves companies changing their approach to innovation/technology, processes, products or content/service offerings, there is rarely “one size fits all” in most organizations. For example, while retailers like Amazon (eCommerce), Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (online shopping mall operator) and Inc. (China’s largest retailer) have experienced incredible growth since being founded only several decades ago, other leading players like Walmart Inc. and Target Corp. remain largely unchanged and continue to face enormous competitive pressures. Meanwhile, traditional brick-and-mortar operators, including department stores like Macy’s Inc. -the U.S.’s third-largest apparel retailer-, clothing chains like Gap Inc. -U.S.’ sixth-biggest apparel retailer-, sportswear brands such as Nike Inc., sporting goods retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc.

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Homeowners often use cameras because they offer peace of mind; but sometimes homeowners install them incorrectly, leaving valuable property unprotected.
If this sounds like something that will happen to you, worry no longer—that’s why we created this guide. We’ve compiled some key tips on selecting an ideal camera system for your home or business and installed them correctly every step of the way.
This article outlines our top five things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect security solution for your home or office, including:
1. Which Camera Type Should I Use?
2. Is Wi-Fi Necessary With My Current Technology/System?
3. Will my Neighbours Have Problems Seeing Me Video Stream Over Signal Strength Issues?
4. Are There Better Ways To Monitor Than Using Live Viewing On A Smartphone App, For Example?
5. Do I Want An HD Or Ultra High Definition Solution?
After reading through these tips, hopefully you feel comfortable enough to start shopping around for the best surveillance technology available today. When you find the right device, you should be able to enjoy complete confidence knowing everything is protected.
In fact, according to a National Bureau of Economics study released this past July 2018, only 17% of Americans surveyed say they had ever used video recording devices in connection with crime prevention and detection.[9] Why aren’t more people turning to better ways of monitoring themselves than relying on what is arguably the most common method of detecting crime?
We believe that the answer lies in accessibility and cost. Most solutions still come attached to old smartphones that lack many of modern camera functions. The average citizen cannot afford the high prices that companies charge to replace phones, let along buy a new smartphone entirely just to run live streaming apps. Even worse, it seems that a lot of people who already own a phone simply won’t bother upgrading, since that would mean dropping thousands of dollars and losing access to popular cloud storage software packages like iCloud and Dropbox.
So instead of replacing your expensive cell phone with one which will become outdated soon anyway, take advantage of the latest advancements in cellular tech through more efficient cameras built specifically for 2020 and beyond.

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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular across North America. If you live outside North America then I invite you to use this guide as inspiration for making a case for installing security cameras in your own location. After reading this article you will hopefully be ready to place an order for yourself or a client through Secure Cam which is my preferred source for high quality products and installations.
New Year Resolution: Install security cameras in YOUR neighbourhood. Your neighbours deserve good privacy protection
We live in a world full of crime these days and there is no excuse why you should not protect your family and property. If someone steals something they did not pay for then maybe you could get them arrested but they could easily sell stolen goods on sites like eBay so unless you are willing to physically catch the thief then getting CCTV installed and keeping watch 24 hours 7days a week is probably the next most effective way to stop thieves and keep those things hidden until you catch the criminal red handed.
In today’s world many people feel insecure because crime rates seem too common. Even though this isn’t always true, having some form of video surveillance is still more than worth taking action towards protecting your loved ones. No longer must we allow criminals to roam freely without fear. Instead, we can take precautionary measures to ensure that we’re protected against potential crimes. Many homeowners install motion sensors for light bulbs, doors and windows which alerts us whenever activity occurs outside of normal operating hours; however, sometimes, all it takes is the proper equipment paired with advanced software intelligence to monitor everything going on around you every moment of each day. Homeowners who are considering placing a surveillance system in their house would have a lot of questions on their minds. Most of these concerns revolve around safety issues and whether it is actually worth paying for the monthly monitoring fee associated with security systems.
If you’re already convinced that investing in home safety is necessary, it’s time to learn more details about what makes certain types of home surveillance cameras better suited to your specific situation.
For starters, consider the type of footage you’d prefer. While many homeowners find peace of mind in being able to see potential intruders long before anyone notices anything suspicious happening, others opt to only check on areas after they’ve witnessed possible criminal behaviour.

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New Westminister has some amazing commercial buildings that provide excellent options for both indoor and outdoor cameras. Some of these include; Costco, Safeway, Bank of Montreal, Vancouver City Hall, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #818, and many other high profile locations across the city. We are always adding new locations and updating existing ones every week, so check back often!
New westminster is known for having some unique architecture around town including the beautiful old Carnegie Library building which was built in 1903. It is still being used today and now houses the downtown branch of the Vancouer Public Library. If anyone knows anything else cool about this historic structure then please comment below so I can update my post. Thanks.
Another interesting piece of architecture is the New Westminster Museum & Archives located inside the Old Court House Building. It is a very nice museum with exhibits covering topics ranging from early pioneer life in the area to current history. Check them out on Facebook here.
If you’re planning on visiting during the summer months be sure to visit the annual Canada Day celebration taking place July 1st each year. A parade through the streets will take place starting at 10am. Also if you like live music they play several bands on stages along Hastings St. The day concludes with fireworks going off at midnight and ending the celebrations! Here’s a link to get tickets for the event
The most recent addition to the architectural landscape of NWMI is the construction of a large apartment complex called ‘Westside’. These apartments are situated just north of the Columbia River Gorge Bridge in the industrial district near Main street. They offer great views of Mount Baker, Downtown Vancouver and North Surrey. Check out our website dedicated specifically to the latest developments in the area..

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“These guys did a great job. We’ve used secure cam Toronto to install a commercial grade security/surveillance camera system for our shutter manufacturing facility in Markham. Fair price, quality installation, excellent service. I can access all the footage easily on my phone!! Thanks Dan & team. Definitely recommend!”

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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