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Security Camera Installation Trends For New South Wales Residents
Installing CCTV Systems Throughout Australia And Internationally
Top 5 Technologies Being Used By Today‟s Cybercriminals
In this age of information sharing and cyber threats, many people and business around the world install security cameras in order to prevent crime and maintain safety both inside and outside their homes/buildings.
For those who seek additional protection against burglary, robbery, vandalism and other criminal activity, they can opt for installing some type of surveillance system. A lot of homeowners and small businesses are turning towards the use of video recording technology nowadays because of its value added benefits. However, despite some disadvantages associated with them, there are still plenty of advantages that outweigh these drawbacks.
So, whether it be at home or office, it makes sense to consider having a security camera monitoring systems installed to reduce risks and dangers and improve overall safety while providing peace of mind. Below will provide essential info regarding which types of products are currently available online and how they work. Also, I will discuss various technologies being used today for more effective surveillance solutions for home & commercial property.
Now, let’s get started discussing common security camera monitoring techniques that are trending today.
Homeowners Can Use More Than One Surveillance System At Once
To begin with, there are several different kinds of security cameras for residential properties, each with varying capabilities but having the same objective – securing your dwelling place. Amongst the most popular ones include wireless network IP security cameras, fixed location security cameras and indoor outdoor thermal imaging infrared motion detection devices.
Regardless of the exact category you select, you can rest assured that there are enough options to suit your needs. Moreover, you should keep in mind that a well-chosen model would greatly help ensure greater safety and convenience since there are countless problems that could occur during the day. For instance, even though IP cameras offer high levels of security, sometimes it becomes challenging to find hidden cameras placed just under cabinets for example. Therefore, depending on the situation, you will definitely face difficulties locating the culprit no matter how cleverly he sets his spy device.

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Hi everyone, I am Paul, founder of secure cam web design agency website. We provide professional CCTV installations, monitoring systems & alarm solutions. Our motto is “We install only the best quality cameras, monitors and alarms for all customers across Australia, including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth & beyond! If its CCTV system then chances are we installed them. Call us today and experience Secure Cam Installation service direct to you.
Nowadays people spend most of their lives outside as they work. And many times this makes life easier but at same time presents problems when trying to keep track of things like valuable items, expensive possessions, property boundaries, pets and children while away. Many homeowners take pride in keeping eyes and ears around the house whilst they are gone. However, these days many systems aren’t capable of monitoring every inch of your home like once was and some will be downright impossible to operate due to their advanced functionality or complexity, especially when compared to older tech models which often had simpler options. For instance, did you ever try setting up motion sensors from 10 years ago without knowing anything about computers? Or perhaps even consider installing digital video recorders just because they came built in to TVs back in 2005? But thankfully those days are long behind us, and instead of buying and installing multiple products separately to cover everything, simply contact us and speak with a member of staff on our team who’ll offer recommendations tailored specifically for your individual needs. After doing research ourselves, we found that the following technologies provided the greatest value for the investment in terms of convenience and cost effectiveness when it come to protecting the safety and privacy of homes. Some would argue that they’re outdated technology however, when considered alongside other newer developments they still hold merit.
1. Motion Sensors
2. Wireless Alarms
3. IP Camera Systems
4. Access Control Devices
5. Video Management Software
6. Fire Detection Technology
7. Online Monitoring Services
8. Smartphone Apps
9. Digital VHS Recordings
10. Remote Viewing Features
11. Live Streaming/Time Lapse Recording Options (Yes!)
12. Audio Surveillance System Components (Again Yes…)
13. DVR Integration

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Newcastle

What is video surveillance?
Security cameras are used to monitor events, people or places through electronic devices. For instance a common use case would be in homes to help detect intruders or theft while another example would be in companies to prevent employee fraud. Security systems come in various shapes, sizes and price ranges but most commonly consist of either IP cameras or traditional wired CCTV units. When choosing which type of system will fit your needs the first thing to consider is whether these will go inside the unit they are monitoring or outside. Outdoor models typically include motion sensors to automatically trigger recording when movement is detected. If this isn’t desired then indoor only options should be considered instead. Once this decision is made then the next step is deciding on resolution quality. HD and Ultra High Definition (UHD), 720P and 1080P are both great choices although UHD tends to produce better images than lower resolutions due to improved image capturing methods. Finally the last consideration relates to power consumption. Depending on how long you intend to keep them running at full capacity battery life could be a concern especially during periods of high activity. Typically batteries for outdoor units last approximately 3 hours per day. As a rule of thumb 2/3 power supply voltage = 1 hour of continuous operation. Most modern security surveillance units are capable of battery recharging via USB connections meaning no additional cabling.
In today’s market there are many different types of cameras that range in cost from £15 upwards however in general terms the higher end products offer far superior picture quality whilst still being affordable enough to warrant purchase. We’ve compiled a guide below listing some of the top performing, reliable and user friendly cameras available across multiple categories. Whilst there are multiple factors determining camera preference including the intended location e.g. indoors or outdoors, weather protection, ease of setup and maintenance, image quality and overall functionality, affordability is always a factor. The following reviews detail each individual model reviewed along with brief summary information including links to the manufacturer website, key specifications and current prices. As technology rapidly advances and manufacturers introduce new innovations into their products, older models often find themselves relegated back to the bargain bin and thus become increasingly inexpensive yet outdated; consequently, it was necessary to list all currently available models regardless of current popularity.

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Best Security Cameras Newcastle

This is probably the single most common question we get answered at SecureCAM; ‘What should I buy?’ If we’d had access to this article 5 years ago then we would have saved us many hours trying to help people decide which cameras they need. So this edition of the guide is going back to the basics, providing everything you could possibly need to answer this question.

We will be adding videos to cover other topics which aren’t listed here but these are just the highlights so check them out below.
If you are building a commercial property you must ensure that your alarm system meets the requirements outlined above. We suggest you contact a qualified installer who can offer guidance, training and support throughout your project. These professionals will provide advice based around your situation with regards to location, size, design, materials used in construction and fire rating required. They will assess the overall risk posed by potential break ins and advise whether CCTV surveillance is appropriate. Finally, they will install your chosen CCTV solution.
There are many options available including standalone units, wall mounted units and ceiling installed monitors. You should consult your chosen professional about the specific technology and hardware you wish to use. For example, some systems rely upon IP video recording whereas others record onto SD cards. Some products work with infrared devices while others depend upon ambient light recording methods; therefore, selecting an equipment package is critical to achieving your desired outcome. As well as installing a device, you may want to consider investing in additional software packages to enhance operation. For instance, motion detection sensors will often trigger email alerts once movement is detected whilst event scheduling tools mean you can automatically view live footage at certain times each day. Most importantly though, it is vital that you fully understand how your particular setup operates prior to committing to paying monthly fees for monitoring service. When choosing a contractor, try to find someone with experience installing alarms. While contractors without expertise may attempt to save costs by cutting corners during installations, you really cannot trust this approach – especially since poor quality CCTV solutions tend to fail prematurely due to faulty cabling or incompatible hardware issues.

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In this article, you will discover some useful information about the latest Security cameras available to install in the home/office environment.
What Makes SecureCAM Different From Other Companies?
1.- Safe & Reliable Installation Service;
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9.- Fastest response and fastest shipping times;
10.- Friendly customer care agents who are always ready to help you;
11.- A full range of products including motion detection systems, door entry security system, indoor and outdoor security Camera Solutions and home automation technologies;
12.- Local sales representatives that ensure that only the highest quality items get shipped to customers’ homes.
13.- We specialize in installing high end home automation solutions, but we also sell other security equipment such as video surveillance systems (IP Cam System), baby monitoring devices, fire alarm systems, wireless lighting controls, wireless garage doors, electric gateways, power strips, surge protectors (home, car, computer).
14.- All packages come with same day delivery guarantee, fast order processing time(usually under 3 hours), and most importantly they include FREE SHIPPING!!.
15.- Our customers love us because we provide excellent customer service and our prices are just unbeatable!!!
16.- And finally our customer satisfaction rate is 99%.
So… If you’re planning to buy a security cam device, check out the reviews we provided above and then feel free to contact us anytime.
We’ll be happy to assist you with your purchase decisions.
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Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoy your stay here at safeandreliableinstallationservice.blogspot.

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What Makes Us Different From Other Installer Companies?
At Secure Cam Newcastle, our aim is always to provide quality products and install them properly according to customer requirements. We offer full service installations including everything required from the initial design through to completion. If you purchase your Security Camera system direct from us then typically it will be installed within 2 days after receipt of order and delivered back to the location specified by you at no charge. All equipment is supplied fully assembled and tested on delivery to ensure minimal downtime during setup.
Why Should I Buy Direct From Secure Cam Newcastle?
We strive to only work with reputable manufacturers who produce innovative hardware that meet market demands and consumer needs. Our range includes many top brands which include Axis Communications, Digital Vision, Genetec, Panasonic IP Camera Solutions, Samsung Smart Hub Pro (Smart TV), Samsung Smart Hub Lite (smart hub), Visonics & Opticam HD Network Video Doorbell, Vivotek Wireless Cameras, and Viewsonic CCTV Systems. Each manufacturer offers different product ranges suited towards various applications and budgets. These cameras come with a comprehensive guarantee and warranty package which ensures peace of mind on purchases made. As well as this they will cover parts replacement and repairs should these items become faulty. When buying a product from a retailer like Amazon or eBay, you cannot expect the same level of support should something go wrong after purchase.
Which type of Camera is Right For Me?
There are several factors involved in choosing suitable types of camera depending upon your particular circumstances. Some people prefer having multiple views of an event while others wish to monitor events remotely. Others still may find a combination of both useful e.g. monitoring their front door entry without being able to see outside. We would recommend taking a moment to consider each use case carefully before selecting a model specifically designed for the task. Once again we suggest contacting us with any questions regarding your specific requirement before making any final decisions.
Security Features
To help determine whether surveillance systems are the correct fit for you we have outlined some key areas below that may influence your choice of camera. Please note these points aren’t intended to represent exhaustive lists but rather highlight potential considerations or issues that could arise. They’re provided merely for guidance purposes.

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Security cameras offer many benefits when used correctly. They help protect against crime, improve traffic safety, deter theft, provide evidence in court proceedings and they can help keep children safe. However once installed, they don’t usually work properly until monitored regularly. If left unattended for long periods, CCTV will record everything but won’t send alerts until someone looks at the footage after hours.
Today’s top rated surveillance products include high definition video monitoring systems and IP cams which feature motion detection technology that makes them great tools to ensure peace of mind wherever you live or go. These devices include both indoor and outdoor models to meet different requirements and budgets. Most come with remote viewing capabilities enabling homeowners to monitor activity anywhere or anytime with just a smartphone.

What You Should Expect From Your Surveillance Camera System When Looking For A Good Quality Product?
Most people spend little thought while buying items like phones, furniture, clothes etc… however choosing the right type of camera system shouldn’t be ignored. As the owner of a building, business, hotel or shop these monitoring units can either increase or decrease property values and therefore are often overlooked during initial planning stages. Below are some factors that should be considered during this stage of decision making.
Camera Type
Whether opting for wired or wireless internet connectivity options available, each model offers various advantages and disadvantages depending upon circumstances. Wired connections allow control and power outlets to be placed exactly where required whilst fixed line WiFi’s require fewer wires to run than mobile/cellular networks. Furthermore, wired connections tend to have greater range allowing for use indoors where cellular signals struggle. Wireless solutions operate through radio waves rather than cables which limits coverage area but does away with running wires around the premises. Therefore whether your needs are mainly outside or inside, consider what solution most suits your particular situation. We recommend starting small initially then scaling up as demand requires.
Number Of Monitors Per Room
Many modern day designs utilise wall mounted monitors meaning you only need one per location, however other systems use multiple screens which mean you would ideally need more than one to cover every angle (especially those pesky angles). Consider the amount of space given and decide on the correct resolution that’ll satisfy the majority of the needs.

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Security Camera Installation Trends in Newcastle Home Security:
In this post I will be showing you some of my recent installations in the North East area of Australia in regards to CCTV cameras, alarm systems and other types of surveillance equipment.
I will go through each type of camera system that was installed and explain why they are great solutions for homes and business alike.
Why do people install them:
There are many reasons why someone would like their house / office protected. They could just simply feel safer, it could be because someone else lives in the property, it could be because the owner wants protection while away and they are worried about theft or vandalism. Whatever reason it is, installing these items should always be considered.
Types of cameras used:
Cameras come in various forms including dome/pepper style units which sit atop roofs or wall mounting boxes which fit inside ceilings. Some of the most popular brands include Hikvision, Axis, Samsung & Panasonic. These companies manufacture high quality products but the prices vary greatly depending on your needs and requirements.
Installation Types:
Depending on the size of the space being covered and the complexity of the project there may be multiple ways to achieve a result. For example, a large commercial building may benefit from having several different locations monitored at once and therefore require different types of cabling and hardware. On the other hand a small family residence may only require 1 camera in each location.
Camera Location:
This is another key part of the project. If you are unsure whether you require cameras on every window or door then you should speak to an installer who will help guide you towards what would work best for your property. It’s a common misconception that if windows aren’t boarded up that no camera will suffice. However, the truth is that the majority of break ins occur during daylight hours. Therefore it makes sense to use cameras to protect those areas where there is little foot traffic. In addition, it’s recommended to place one camera near the entry way.
What’s next:
If you’d like me to install a specific model please leave a comment below and i’ll get back to you shortly..

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