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Newcastle residents often worry about safety, whether they be parents worried about kids getting into trouble while unsupervised during summer holidays, or homeowners concerned about break ins and intruders trying gain entry into their homes without permission.
However, many people fail to realize just how vulnerable their properties really are. Most people leave doors wide open, which makes them prime targets for thieves. Some burglars use high powered tools to remove door hinges, allowing easier access to houses and leaving no trace evidence behind.
At Secure Cam we understand this issue better than most because we install thousands of CCTV cameras across Australia every week, but we also install hundreds of these systems each day nationwide. We work closely alongside police forces, and other government agencies to ensure all installations meet regulations, standards and industry requirements. Our installers must receive extensive training, including background checks and drug screening, before being allowed to carry out installations across NSW. All contractors who complete jobs for us undergo ongoing professional development and testing, to ensure they perform consistently well. All camera system and equipment used by our team is regularly serviced and monitored by our support crew 24/7. We take great pride in maintaining a quality service reputation, to provide reliable, trustworthy surveillance solutions across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and regional areas like Hunter Valley, Tamworth, Dubbo, Port Macquarie, Tweed Heads, Coffs Harbour & Northern Rivers areas including Byron Bay and Murwillumbah.
Newcastle is a relatively safe area as far as crime goes, however, some crimes still occur. A good alarm system will help deter criminals and protect against theft or vandalism. But just having an alarm does not mean the house is completely safe. An intruder could easily bypass the alarm by cutting through walls and ceilings.
We know there is nothing worse than having your property broken into and knowing you had a potential deterrent system installed and never heard of anything happening until afterwards, after you found a smashed window pane and missing items.
At Secure Cam, we offer a range of options designed specifically to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Best Security Cameras Newcastle

Security cameras are quickly replacing traditional doorbell systems as the most popular way people get notified they have visitors coming through the frontdoor. And while it seems like everyone knows that it’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with potentially dangerous strangers who knock on your door, few people realize just how often their doors remain unlocked during daylight hours. While your average person would probably assume this is simply down to carelessness on their own part, it turns out that many people’s homes aren’t properly secured against break ins because they haven’t installed a decent alarm system yet. But fortunately, installing a new security camera solution shouldn’t cost hundreds of pounds, and with plenty of high quality options available today there really should be something perfect for every homeowner. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you find exactly where to buy the best camera solutions, whether you live in London or New York City or somewhere else entirely around the world!
What’s The Current Situation?
There was once a point at which alarm companies could easily sell homeowners a single “all rounder” model security system that did everything well and nothing particularly badly. Sadly though, these days such products are rare in favour of multiple specialist models designed specifically for specific applications or problems. So rather than trying to shoehorn yourself some sort of general purpose security package for use both inside and outside your house, we suggest starting off by making sure your camera network covers everything you actually need and then working backwards to decide which of those items will work best within the context of the rest of your security setup. For instance, if you already have motion detection sensors covering your garden gates and driveway, why bother adding another outdoor unit? Conversely, if you only ever come back home via your garage entrance, you might be surprised to discover it lacks any type of monitoring whatsoever. If that’s the case, you’d probably benefit greatly from having a second indoor monitor positioned inside your main living area, allowing you to see who’s visiting without them being able to walk straight past unseen. Of course, the exact same logic applies to other parts of your property, particularly the bedrooms.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Newcastle ON

Homeowners install security cameras because they help protect property value and curb crime.
Businesses use them for protection against theft and/or employees and customers for accountability purposes.
For homeowners who need a good place to keep surveillance equipment, mounting the cameras outdoors usually makes sense. Outdoor installations provide greater coverage area than indoor ones but tend to be less reliable due to weather conditions. Indoor systems typically consist of ceiling mountable units which allow people to view the system via smartphone apps without being physically present at the location. They offer better control, visibility, and flexibility. But some consumers worry these units will ‘look like eyes’ on building exteriors.
Security Camera Buying Trends and How Things Will Change in 2022
There are many factors involved in choosing a camera including price, size, functionality, reliability, customer support, quality and design. Here are some trends we see developing for this market segment in 2022:
Cameras get smaller. Smaller models often include lower resolution video feeds; however, the small form factor still delivers improved image quality, especially when paired with 4K HDR capabilities. For instance, the YI Pro 3 Smartphone Camcorder has a 1.3 megapixel sensor while providing 8x zoom capabilities, 2k HD recording capability, Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud storage.
Automatic zoom. Automatic zooming technology enables operators to zoom automatically in and out of captured images without having to touch a button. These innovations improve operator efficiency by automating tedious processes while improving both the accuracy and range of motion required to capture images. For example, Nest Aware Zoom feature lets consumers capture panorama photos without needing multiple takes of manual fisheye lens adjustment.
Wi-Fi Enabled IP Technology. As wireless networks become ubiquitous, Wi-Fi enabled cameras gain appeal by allowing for remote monitoring through popular applications such as FaceTime and Skype. Consumers love convenience and affordability, especially given that in most cases they no longer need to pay monthly fees for service.
Intermittent Power Supply. An increasing amount of outdoor security camera manufacturers supply power via solar panels instead of batteries. This eliminates concerns associated with replacing drained internal battery packs.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Newcastle Home Security Cameras Done Right

#1 – Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Review (Best door bell system)
For starters, this entry level solution offers great value, quality design and exceptional sound recording ability. Plus, with no internet connection required, the device is perfect for use indoors and outdoors.
This model takes everything you enjoy about our original Ring Video Door Bell Pro, but adds several enhancements which makes the product far better than anything else currently available in Australia.
In addition, Ring’s newest version of the Video Doorbell Pro offers some incredible new features like facial recognition alerts via smartphone notifications and advanced cloud storage, making it easier than ever to keep tabs on who’s coming and going while maintaining full audio/visual privacy without having to install video cameras outside every entrance point of the house.
Ring Video Doorbell Pro2 will save you a tonne of money on installing additional surveillance systems, and gives you peace of mind knowing that wherever your family goes they’ll be able to monitor them and call you immediately should something happen.
Checkout website today and get yourself a Free Trial Pack of the #1 Rated Video Doorbell Ringing Device around!!
#3 – VTech Baby Monitor HD 720P Black Friday Sale 2020 Special Offer & Discount Code | Buy Today For Great Price!
If you’re looking for a high definition baby monitoring system that won’t break the bank then we recommend checking out these amazing deals by popular retailers including Amazon, Target and Walmart.
Vtech has always had fantastic products and we can only imagine why. Whether you’re buying a baby monitor or an entire starter package, you can rest assured that whatever you purchase is made well.
They usually come fully loaded with apps and other accessories as standard and many people find that those things help extend a child’s life expectancy, even though most parents wouldn’t dream of actually admitting that out loud.
So whether you’re buying a baby monitor or just considering getting one for your own child, make sure you check these out.

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Newcastle Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Newcastle homes are becoming increasingly connected, but many people still aren’t aware of exactly what they have installed in their homes. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help get you started. If you’re planning to install cameras in the near future, read through this guide first.
If you already have cameras installed in various locations around your house, keep reading below to learn about ways to improve them and how to monitor them remotely.
We’ve broken down each section into four key points below;
1) Why should I care about my CCTV system’s reliability?
2) Do I really need a dedicated IP address to use my CCTV network?
3) Should I consider installing multiple cameras instead of just one?
4) Can I monitor my entire home from work without having to leave my desk?
5) How will I be able to see what’s going on when I’m away?
6) How can I use a mobile device to view footage from anywhere?
7) What is remote viewing software and why does it matter?
8) Why would I pay extra for professional monitoring services?
9) Will the service providers I use offer me free 24/7 live streaming video?
10) Is it possible to stream my videos to other devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Android Boxes?
11) What are the best types of cameras available?
12) What are the top five most popular models currently being used today?
13) Where can I find a good deal on a quality security camera package?
14) What is the average price for a single DVR?
15) What type of storage space do these products provide?
16) Which model of camera offers the best value for money?
17) How long will it take to receive my order after placing it through the website?
18) Does my order come standardised, ready to go out the door or must it be unpacked first?
19) How do I know which camera works well with Alexa / Siri?
To answer these questions and more, check out Secure Cam’s latest guide below.
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Security Cameras Monitoring Company Newcastle

The Top 10 Security cameras of 2019-2020 are some of the most popular ones around the whole world. But which one should you buy from this years top sellers? Here are my recommendations based on actual usage experience. So these aren’t just random suggestions I threw together but carefully selected products by real people who actually use them every day. My personal recommendation would be to go for something like Netgear Arlo Pro 2 because they offer everything you will ever need in a good quality package. They cover almost all bases, including IP, motion detection sensitivity, video recording options, night vision modes, WiFI range extenders, weatherproofing and wireless operation. Plus it’s so affordable.
I recommend going for something like the Netgate NV2535P/SIP, the Netgear AC1900 Range Extender NRF9500W, TP Link WR841N router / Wifi Router, TP-LINK TL-WR740AC Wireless Gigabit Smart N300 Dual Band USB Adapter. Or else consider another trusted model from the same manufacturer depending on availability and price point. For example the TP LINK Archer C40 Tri band WiFi Mesh Kit
We also highly recommended checking out for your CCTV Camera needs as well as install service. We also provide after sales support via live chat and email, meaning that you get nothing short of professional help 24/7 whenever you ask us questions or have problems during and after setup. We are always available to assist or solve issues, including remote control software updates and firmware upgrades, camera network setting changes if required, plus anything else remotely related. Our team is trained and ready to help and answer any question quickly and efficiently. If we haven’t got a solution straight away then we will find someone who does! You won’t regret choosing us. And as mentioned earlier, we are Australia’s most trusted and experienced installer of Hikvision, Samsung and other leading brands of digital surveillance equipment.
If you already have a system installed you can check out our support page if you run in to compatibility issues, hardware incompatibility, bad connectivity, poor image capture rate etc.

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We will be posting articles covering topics like:
Which Camera Should I install?
Where should my cameras go?
How much does it cost? Where can I watch it live via internet stream?
What other products should people consider installing?
In this blog post we cover the following top 5 most popular models:
Arlo Pro HD and Arlo Smart Hub (2-camera package). These 2 cameras offer excellent resolution and high quality images. Both use Wi-Fi which makes them great for remote monitoring. They connect securely to each other through Wi-Fi and they both come with motion detection alarms, allowing you to view alerts straight away. If one goes down then the other will automatically take control and continue operating without losing video footage. They are ideal for indoor/outdoor surveillance applications including homes, apartments, offices, retail stores, and factories.
Cisco Secure Integrated Camera System (1x 1080 Full HD IP camera & 1x 720HD PTZ dome lens ). Cisco Secure offers a full range of network connected solutions designed specifically for business environments. These systems include integrated hardware components and software packages to provide complete coverage, visibility, and management capabilities across physical and virtual networks. A single system connects multiple devices and enables centralized monitoring & recording in real-time, providing a comprehensive overview of activity within the facility, wherever employees work or roam. This solution includes a powerful cloud-based service, enabling users to receive instant email notifications and view video streams via the web in addition to accessing activity information stored on the device.
Panasonic NV-GS8XG (7x 1080P HD IPTV Camera ). Panasonic’s latest line of IPTV camera systems delivers advanced functionality combined with industry leading image technology, making them perfect for residential and commercial applications. Using 4K ULTRA HD technology, these innovative multi-room viewing options provide exceptional picture quality and reliability. These cameras feature dual Gigabit ethernet ports supporting simultaneous streaming of content to multiple locations. Additionally, IP security cameras are available, featuring built-in firewall protection for added safety against hackers and unauthorized visitors.
Sony HDR-AS15 / HDR-AS12 (16 x 8mm CMOS Sensor).

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Newcastle’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

There is no doubt that CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly popular across Australia but choosing which model suits your needs will come down to careful consideration and research. There are many factors to consider such as functionality, quality and price point that must be carefully weighed against each other. If buying locally then having an installer contact you for an estimate would be beneficial to ensure they provide you with the most suitable solution given your specific requirements. When selecting cameras for use indoors and outdoors and considering different models it is essential to get them installed correctly to avoid issues down the road. We suggest that you buy in bulk and install yourself rather than going through a large store, this way you end up saving both money and time in the long run. A good rule of thumb while considering your choices is always ask the question ‘what happens after I purchase my products?” Do you have someone who installs your equipment professionally or are you simply setting these up at DIY level? Is that person qualified enough or are you placing yourself in jeopardy because you lack experience installing security systems and/or dealing with potential malfunctions or issues? Having a professional service like ours take care of the whole process relieves you completely of responsibility and leaves you only needing to focus on making sure everything runs smoothly day to day without worrying about whether your system is working properly. Our main concern lies with customer satisfaction and ensuring that if anything does go a bit amiss we rectify it quickly to ensure customers aren’t left stranded with broken or malfunctioning devices.
In the event you wish to find out more information regarding either the Security Camera or Installation please feel welcome to follow us via any of our following channels: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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