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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems North Bay

Security Camera Types & Features:
4k HD IP cameras, PTZ surveillance systems, doorbell camcorders, digital video recorder, and motion detectors are just some examples of popular products available today.
Installation Considerations:
For optimal quality, install your indoor / outdoor security camera system near trees, windows, skylights, electrical outlets, exterior lights, exterior light fixtures, and other locations with adequate natural lighting.
Video Quality/Resolution:
Most affordable 1080P resolution cameras will deliver sharp detail during daylight hours but won’t provide high enough image definition for long periods of night time use without artificial illumination. Most modern day DVRs record in 720P which delivers greater brightness than older 1080 format models.
Camera Motion Detection:
Motion detection alerts allow homeowners to view live views only while someone walks behind the camera. Some advanced features like face recognition technology enable realtime alerting via email notifications depending upon who passes through the designated areas inside your home.
Wifi Connectivity:
Many wireless options exist these days including wifi enabled security cams that connect wirelessly to cellphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, smartphones, and other devices like game consoles. Wi Fi connectivity offers several advantages; most importantly they do not rely on wired networks or power sources making them truly mobile.
Wireless Connection:
Most security camera manufacturers offer built in wi fi capabilities enabling you to monitor remotely anywhere you go. If you own a smartphone or tablet, this feature is convenient because you no longer have to manually plug anything in and then search for the correct network.
Cloud Storage Options:
Some cameras integrate with cloud storage companies like Amazon Cloud Services, Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, SpiderOak, MegaDropbox, Yandex Files and many more allowing you to store unlimited video footage securely away from your computer. These solutions can be used for archiving or backup purposes, providing additional peace of mind knowing your stored images aren’t tied to your PC hardware.
Network Protocol Capabilities:
Almost every security camera manufacturer uses either WIFI or LAN networking protocols to transmit and receive data across the internet.

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In order to stay ahead in this technology driven world, people should take advantage of these innovations. However, they still have to pay attention to details as well. As they say, prevention is better than cure. So, why wait till something bad happens? Why not be able to catch them early? We will discuss some key factors that could impact your decision making during the selection and install phases of your next security system.
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This article is going through the various types of cameras that exist today and what makes each type different. I am specifically talking about indoor surveillance systems and outdoor security cameras. I would love feedback or questions regarding this particular topic as I see it being quite useful especially since many companies use both indoor and outdoor video cams for both purposes. Here is my first post which was written almost 9 years ago but remains relevant due to the fact that there isn’t really anything else like this on the internet. Enjoy reading!
Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Systems
There are basically 2 types of video monitoring systems: indoors and outdoors. Indoor monitors typically run anywhere from $250-$2000 depending on size and feature sets. Outdoor surveillance systems range from $1000+ per monitor, however most outdoor units cost less than half that amount. Both outdoor and indoor units offer numerous recording options ranging from 1 hour recordings to 7 day long events. They come equipped with varying degrees of motion detection alerts as well as other bells and whistles to help improve overall operation efficiency. Some examples include remote viewing capabilities via IP connections as well as integrated alarm panels. All models usually contain either HD or SD resolution cameras, night vision capability, weatherproofing, wireless connectivity, audio/video recorders, DVR capabilities, event logging software, email notifications, and web interfaces. Many indoor units provide a live feed in realtime from multiple angles via HDMI port while others utilize VGA output for single angle views.
What is the difference between indoor and outdoor cameras then? Well, the main differences lie around the actual hardware used to capture the live footage and store it.

Best Security Cameras North Bay

Security cameras play a crucial role in maintaining safety and security around your property. They are highly effective deterrent against potential thieves, burglars, intruders and other unwanted guests who attempt breaking into your premises without being aware of its presence. But choosing the best quality surveillance system can be quite tricky especially if you’re unaware of the different types available on the market today.
We understand what it takes to get the job done right and provide high end products and service for homeowners and business owners alike. We offer the latest technology security systems to suit every individual customer needs. Our professional staff members are trained extensively to install these devices safely and securely ensuring that they meet your requirements in terms of both functionality and design. We believe that there should always be someone monitoring you wherever you go and you deserve nothing less than being protected 24/7.
For this reason; we aim to deliver only top class, reliable and affordable security cameras solutions while providing exceptional customer service experience along the way. All of our products come complete with state of the art features and accessories which include remote controls, motion detection alerts and video recording capabilities.
Our customers love us for delivering superior and unique designs of outdoor security cameras which includes customised options like LED lighting, heat resistant and weather proof housings, and remote viewing abilities. These cameras are designed for indoor use but will work flawlessly outdoors due to innovative weatherproofing technologies incorporated in them.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Why SecureCam North Bay is right for YOU?

Security cameras can be used both inside and outside homes and offices. As a business owner, having multiple cameras installed around the property will help protect the assets that are most valuable to them in case they are robbed.
Here is some background information about each type of security camera discussed below. These recommendations include different types of cameras that offer varying ranges of resolution. Also, note which models use day/night video capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity options. Lastly, keep in mind these products should allow homeowners install the devices themselves without professional experience.
Hikvision HD Wifi Camera Models HDW31080P WIFI Wireless Dome IP 1080 Pixels Day Night Vision Security Cam:
This model offers 720p HD quality pictures up to 90 ft away without wires. Its motion detection technology enables real-time monitoring. It supports 2 way talk for instant alerts. The device records videos at 30 fps while recording audio at 24 bits per sample. Additionally this model uses 1080 pixels for excellent picture quality. Finally, this security cam is compatible with Alexa Voice Remote Control for hands-free operation.
Tiandys WiFi Security Cameras Model T1R30SIPTIPWI2N WIFI 2 Way Talk Day Night Video Motion Detection 1080 High Definition Quality Digital Recording Alarm System:
This model offers 1080p resolution which ensures high image details at close range. Its night mode feature helps reduce glare in images when capturing outdoor scenes under low light conditions. Moreover, this security cam records videos at 60 FPS for smooth playback. A built-in microphone ensures reliable voice commands and remote control support through Amazon Echo or other Alexa enabled speakers. For additional convenience, there’s no need for a power supply since its wireless connection requires only 5V DC via a micro USB port. Last but certainly not least, this model operates independently with Alexa Enabled Speakers, Smart Plugs, Google Assistant Powered Speakers, Bluetooth Devices, Android Phones, Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, tablets, laptops, PCs, Alexa Compatible Echo Devices, Sonos Speaker Systems, Chromecast TV Stands.

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At Secure Cam you find yourself surrounded by high tech devices like iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and many other electronic gadgets that contain thousands of files containing sensitive information including passwords, usernames, email addresses, personal contact lists, credit card numbers, account details, private photos, videos, documents, financial records, medical histories, confidential memos, phone numbers, emails and chats—all this data has value if stolen.
We offer a solution to protect you against these threats while still allowing you full use of the electronics around you.
Your life would be easier without them as they are filled with sensitive data. You should take steps to safeguard that information. You shouldn’t rely solely on technology to provide protection; rather you should combine multiple layers of security with physical systems to prevent unauthorized entry of unwanted guests, intruders, hackers and surveillance cameras.
There’s no shortage of articles covering “the basics” of cybersecurity–how to keep your computer safe, avoid phishing scams, guard your privacy, stay protected, etc.–but most of those discussions focus only on protecting individual machines. But the truth is that many attacks happen across the network. As cybercriminals continue to evolve tactics, they’re also becoming better at compromising large amounts of connected computing power simultaneously, exploiting holes in widely used software and hardware components, and getting inside networks via the same vulnerabilities exploited by less sophisticated attackers.
Protecting against malware isn’t enough, though. At some point, something bad will get through anyway. To truly ensure safety and reliability, you’ll need to employ several levels of defense, ranging from strong authentication methods to encryption techniques designed specifically to counter certain kinds of attack at various points along the way. We discuss each component below, but first let’s explore why having a good network security system could save you hundreds of dollars in lost productivity.
Security measures work because people often forget, ignore, overlook or neglect them, which creates opportunities for criminals and makes it easy for them to steal critical data. If you’re going to spend $200 buying a fancy smartphone, chances are you won’t go to extreme lengths to lock down the device properly, either.

North Bay Home Security Cameras Done Right

Security cameras are used to keep an eye out for burglars and criminals. They work in conjunction with alarm systems to ensure safety and protection for homes, offices, properties, buildings and vehicles.
In today’s busy world of crime, many homeowners feel that they cannot afford to install expensive CCTV equipment at home.
However, this does not mean that you should compromise on quality or cost. If you are planning on monitoring the outside of your house, then you need to invest in high end security cameras with reliable battery backup. These will provide peace of mind throughout the day and night.
We offer affordable security cameras which come fully equipped with advanced technology designed specifically to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers alike. If you would like help installing these products yourself, please contact us via email or phone for professional assistance.
At Secure Cam Services Ltd, we specialize in home automation solutions including door locks, window alarms, fire detection and smoke detectors. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service while providing top tier products that will save you both time and money. Our team of experts and technicians understand that every homeowner has varying levels of experience and expertise when it comes to home improvement. As such, our friendly staff members are always willing to assist you with questions regarding the latest home improvement news, tips, and tools. Feel confident knowing that you’ll receive superior products and unparalleled support, no matter who you’re dealing with. At Secure Cam Services our primary objective is to serve our clients first and foremost. When you hire our highly skilled specialists, rest assured that you’re hiring professionals whom care enough about your family and property that they won’t stop till they’ve met your expectations. For further information, visit us on Twitter @SecureCams_NBla.
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When buying the first security camera system ever installed in many North Bay homes, some people will choose one that is “DIY ready” meaning they have everything else already put together like mounting brackets, power supply boxes, cabling, cameras, batteries and motion sensors. Not everyone has this type of experience though. Some folks end up spending way too long trying to install these systems themselves, only to realize most manufacturers provide professional contractors to take care of the entire project. No matter whether you buy DIY ready or contractor made units, it always helps to spend less time installing them and more time enjoying your peace & quiet. For those who prefer doing things differently than spending hours struggling with DIY projects, consider choosing an installer who offers both types of solutions. An experienced installer knows exactly how to get the job done quickly while still ensuring quality products. They won’t be happy unless they help you achieve maximum enjoyment from your investment. Read below to learn which ones offer the best support in delivering high quality installations. Here are 3 tips for selecting the perfect vendor for your next surveillance project: 1st: If you go through multiple companies and find that each service you use consistently delivers subpar workmanship or customer service, try another one. 2nd: Ensure you feel comfortable sending personal details into someone else’s hands, especially if your information could easily fall prey to cybercriminals or hackers. Consider taking pictures of documents instead, preferably scanned. Finally, check references and ask around town for recommendations. 3rd: Pay attention to the number of installs per week. A lot goes into keeping track of every detail involved in a full home security upgrade. Many good technicians are capable of performing dozens of jobs simultaneously. But for some reason, certain vendors seem obsessed with filling orders and generating revenue rather than building solid relationships with their clients. Ask yourself why would you pay $300-$500+ just because someone says he/she works fast? At Secure Cam Solutions, we guarantee same day response times whenever possible. We strive to eliminate delays caused by weather events and other factors outside our control. Our goal was to develop a loyal base of satisfied customers who are repeat buyers.

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North Bay’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

Security cameras are more popular than ever. And they’re being installed in homes across North America. But with this popularity come some concerns about privacy and safety—not just for homeowners but for those who work inside the home or visit frequently. So what’s the best way to protect yourself against intruders without sacrificing the convenience of having surveillance systems around the house? Here are five things you should consider before installing a system.
What type of video recording device will I use? Most people opt for the least expensive model possible because they assume the higher resolution will mean better images. While higher quality does help capture clearer details during daylight hours, night vision technology makes it easier to see in dimly lit areas.
How big a view am I getting? If you install a camera outside your window, you’ll be able to record everything happening outside, which could potentially include unwanted guests walking past your property. On top of that, you won’t get any footage inside your house unless you’ve got motion sensors or other security measures like peepholes and alarm bells.
Are there blind spots to watch for? Some security cameras offer infrared nightvision capabilities. These allow them to monitor spaces behind walls or furniture, which helps prevent false alarms caused by pets moving through the area. However, these types of devices do little good in front of windows—they simply illuminate whatever is beyond the glass rather than actually seeing what’s going on outside.
Which cameras are most effective? You’ll notice that many manufacturers tout “360 degree” views or wide angle lenses as key selling points. While these can be useful tools for capturing large amounts of space in a single frame, they can sometimes lead to blindspots. For example, if your living room has no doors leading to it, then a 360-degree camera would capture only half of the activity occurring inside.
If you’re thinking about buying a security monitoring service, then you probably already have a few questions running through your head about whether you need such a thing. After all, you don’t need to monitor every aspect of your life. So why bother with something so complicated and expensive? Well, if you ask me, the answer is obvious..

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