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We recently had some feedback via Twitter and Facebook asking us which cameras would be best suited for protecting their families homes & business while being able to use their phone/tablets to monitor them remotely without having to physically see them.
So I thought this could provide value to readers who are just getting started investing in their own family’s safety with surveillance, and would like guidance based on experience. Hopefully these recommendations will help you get going quickly & safely!
1. Wireless Camera Systems
These days wireless technology makes it possible to install multiple IP network cameras across many different areas of your house without making a big mess of wires around the house.
Most people can find something suitable for the space they live in. If you’re lucky enough to have an attic then there are several options available. These come either wired or wireless depending on your needs. They work well for smaller spaces because of the ease of setup. Some models allow you to plug in extra batteries to extend run times.
Wireless systems typically cost less than $200 per camera but tend to sacrifice video quality. Wired ones typically range between $500-$3000 for each unit you purchase.
2. Monitors / Receivers
If you already have monitors, routers, tablets and laptops then installing additional devices isn’t necessary. But if you don’t yet have them then this is definitely worth considering. Most receivers and monitors offer WiFi connectivity allowing you to stream content straight onto these units. You’ll usually get better picture resolutions with newer sets than older products. For example, 1080P HDTV resolution displays are standard on most recent generation receivers.
3. DVRs / Video Recorders
I personally prefer standalone units rather than built in devices. This way I can easily move things around if i ever relocate my place of residence. Many companies sell standalones starting under $100 dollars. If you’d like something larger and built into a TV you can go for something closer to $1000 or more. A lot depends upon whether you want 4K recording capabilities.
4. Motion Sensors / Lights
Motion sensors aren’t actually really necessary unless you want to keep an eye on places where kids play outside, pets roam freely indoors, or other items in certain rooms.

North Vancouver's Best Commercial Security Cameras

This post will go over the Best North Van Commercial Camera Systems Available Today, including which cameras work better than most other brands. We’ll help you find the perfect combination of style, range, resolution, usability, durability, reliability, price — everything you could possibly want…and then some.
These days, having decent surveillance is something almost everyone wants – whether they’re talking about safety concerns, productivity gains, or just plain peace of mind. But choosing the ideal security system isn’t always obvious; that’s why this guide aims to cut through the hype surrounding many different systems. Instead, we hope to offer objective recommendations backed by extensive research and testing, so you can get an accurate assessment of each system available today. And since no one likes going broke buying a piece of equipment only to realize they should’ve gone bigger later on, we’re covering the prices associated with each solution. So grab a cup of coffee, pull back those blinds, and check these out…
Note: Some people prefer outdoor cameras because in certain cases security footage taken indoors could be confusing due to light issues. Outdoor solutions are great because you get a wider view of your property but indoor cameras are preferred.
A typical indoor camera

Indoor / Outdoor locations

Indoor / Outdoor Cam Locations

Camera Prices vary depending on manufacturer, model, and configuration. However, these examples illustrate a spectrum of possible configurations and approximate retail prices. Most commercial installations feature multiple cameras per location, usually placed strategically around a space and linked by Wi-Fi. These setups can provide excellent coverage area and resolution. For example, see the image above, which illustrates five cameras in various areas across a single house. All but one link via Wi-Fi to a central hub computer running a video monitoring program like Nest Aware, which aggregates live images from each camera connected to one another.
All four setups cost approximately $2,000-$3,200 USD.

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Security cameras offer many benefits including convenience & ease of use; but they also come with risks.
Whether you live in a big city; townhouse development in high rise condo towers; or own a small business like a restaurant, retail establishment, medical office or school;
If anything happens to your property then you will be responsible for paying the damages.
So whether you run a large enterprise or just looking after yourself and family, having installed CCTV systems around your home or offices will protect against theft and help keep criminals away from your property.
In this article I will talk about my personal experience installing security cameras in North Vancouver and why I chose specific brands/models. We cover everything from choosing which models to get, installation considerations and some tips on keeping them operational and well maintained. If you have questions please feel free to email me via
This article was written specifically for readers who wish to install their own surveillance system but are unsure which model is ideal; and who would benefit most from having professional help.
North Vancouver is known as being quiet yet crime rates continue to rise each year. Statistics show that residential crimes increased 9% from 2017 to 2018 while commercial properties experienced a 13% increase. These numbers should serve as enough evidence to convince anyone that security cameras must play a part in protecting your investment in North Vancouver homes and buildings. For those looking for help on selecting the top rated products available for purchase click below to view the table with details of price points, resolution, size options and other factors that will affect your decision making in regards to which type of camera to buy.
I recommend reading this article completely before buying a security camera system because it covers many topics including types of cameras, advantages and disadvantages of various manufacturers, which ones work better than others and what makes certain models stand above others. Once you read through these articles I am confident that you will be able to pick the correct solution for you home or place of business and decide on the exact model(s) you need.
For example: The DVR series offered by Secure Cam offers great value at a modest cost.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras North Vancouver

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems North Vancouver

This guide will walk through each component of a system including cameras, mounts, power supplies, control panels, video recorders and webcams. We will go over top vendors, products and provide recommendations for both residential and commercial installations. Also please see this post which covers topics like wifi enabled systems and other useful accessories.

“Video surveillance is critical today because, increasingly, people’s lives aren’t just governed by technology, they are defined by it. From smartphones to self driving cars, smart homes and automated factories; many aspects of modern life depend upon digital infrastructure built around networks—and these networks themselves rely heavily on video protection. Video is critical not only to safeguarding physical assets but it protects individuals and companies financially by providing evidence in case of theft, fraud, harassment and legal defense. Surveillance is no longer a tool for spying, but rather a fundamental part of business and personal safety. For example, over 30% of retail stores already use some form of video monitoring, and nearly 1 million Americans file police reports every day due to incidents captured in surveillance footage. A recent report found that 97% of burglars who had committed crime entered a house via an unlocked door, yet less than 5% get caught because of poor quality doors & locks. Another study showed that 96% percent of robberies occur outside of bank hours, however most banks fail to install cameras because high cost & maintenance concerns stand in their way. These types of statistics show us why investing in better networked surveillance systems is becoming evermore significant to keep business and society safe.” –Bethany Williams | Secure Cam Founder…

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North Vancouver Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Best Security Camera Installation Trends For 2022 | Secure Cam
Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular across Canada because they offer many benefits to both homeowners and business owners alike. Not only do these devices provide security against intruders but they help protect property values and increase overall safety.
One trend which has become quite prominent across North America since 2018 is the use of high definition video cameras. HD video surveillance systems offer a wide range of advantages and are quickly gaining popularity among consumers who prefer quality over quantity.
Security cameras allow people to monitor a particular area without having to be physically present, making them ideal for those working late hours or during weekends. Additionally, they can be used indoors and outdoors to ensure complete coverage around your house or office space.
In addition to monitoring your home or business from afar, security cameras can also act as a deterrent if someone tries to break in while you aren’t watching. These systems will send alerts in case something happens to your doorbell, alarm system, motion sensors, windows and other parts of your residence. They will also record footage when triggered, allowing you and law enforcement officials to view exactly what happened.
Best 4K Video Surveillance System North Vancouver
If you’re considering installing a security camera system in order to keep watch over your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find some of the latest trends in this industry including top rated models, prices, accessories, brands, reviews and more.
When searching for your next security camera solution, consider the following factors:
Camera Type & Resolution: While most modern day home/office security cameras feature 1080P resolution or higher, some manufacturers still stick to 720P. If you’d like to upgrade later down the line, it’s possible to install additional cameras that support different resolutions. However, it’s recommended to go with the highest available resolution to avoid unnecessary bandwidth usage.
Video Quality: When buying a digital security camera you should always opt for Full HD recording to maximize picture detail and minimize blurring effects due to movement. In terms of video quality, 4k Ultra High Definition technology produces crisp images, but it isn’t currently widely supported in North American markets. Most manufacturers will include a UHD capable sensor as standard equipment.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in North Vancouver BC

Hikvision offers one of the most comprehensive range of digital video surveillance solutions available today.
They offer CCTV systems ranging from small entryway cameras like IP66/IP67 weatherproof dome cameras, through medium resolution cameras like HD VGA 1080P outdoor fixed focus cameras with IR illuminators, 2 channel DVR recorders with storage drive and SD card reader, indoor/outdoor PTZ pan tilt zoom cameras, wireless keypad controllers, multiroom control units, and high definition network cabling products like CAT5e cable, power cables and Ethernet switches.
We have partnered with them for several years providing customers in North America and Europe custom designed solutions including both security camera hardware and full service managed monitoring solutions. Some examples include multi zone building management system integration, remote alarm reporting via text message alerts, automatic cloud recording and playback capability, live stream capabilities across mobile devices, email notifications, event driven automation, geo location database indexing, and many other innovative uses for advanced video analysis tools and software. We work closely with Hikvision to help our customer base achieve business objectives without compromising quality of life. These types of partnerships allow us to provide additional value added services to our clients beyond just selling high end technology equipment while allowing those same companies to get in front of potential leads, partners and suppliers at no cost.
Tiany Digital was founded in 2002 with offices located in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY offering complete integrated residential and commercial security systems design, sales, installations and support. Tiany Digital is known among security professionals worldwide due to our high level expertise, integrity and commitment towards meeting individual client requirements. Over 200 000 homes and office buildings around the world rely on trusted Tiany Digital’s security systems.
North American security experts will find extensive information regarding Hikvision North America Inc. Here is some general info:
Some people prefer to call these things “Security Systems”, because they’re usually used in places where someone lives or stays overnight, but we’re gonna stick to “Cameras”.

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North Vancouver, British Columbia is located near Vancouver and Port Metro Vancouver which makes life convenient as residents living here get around easily without the stress of traffic jams. Our town offers beautiful scenic surroundings along with some amazing views, parks, shopping centres and places of interest.
We live in a house made of brick, wood and glass overlooking Burrard Heights Park and Stanley Park. We love this area because we enjoy getting outside and walk through park paths. Being close enough to downtown Vancouver but far away from bustling city streets, many people feel like they own a piece of paradise in Southwestern British Columbia.
For us, security cameras are essential tools for everyday activity monitoring. They help us keep track of things around the house whether it be children playing outside or pets keeping themselves busy in bed. Whether you are a business owner or just a family person working inside home office, having proper surveillance around will provide peace of mind and save valuable times dealing with incidents occurring after hours when most people are asleep.
Security Camera Trends
When choosing a Surveillance system to install in your property, there are several factors to take into consideration. Some of these considerations include video resolution, angle coverage range, indoor lighting quality, motion detection, storage capacity, battery types, image processing, wireless connectivity and software compatibility. Depending upon the type of device you wish to purchase, prices vary widely. If you’re planning to buy a wired model then you would typically pay $100-$600 per unit depending upon its configuration. However, if you go with Wi-Fi enabled devices, then expect to shell out anywhere in the region of $75-$300+ per unit. Even if you opt to go for a Cloud based solution, costs still vary wildly. For example, cloud solutions that offer HD recording tend to cost upwards of $500 plus monthly fees while cheaper models only support standard definition images and footage. As technology evolves and changes, manufacturers strive to come up with newer versions of products with higher capacities and better options for installation which usually leads to increased price tags.
Best Security Cameras for 22nd Century Home & Business Owners
There has been a lot of improvements made in recent years regarding IP CCTV designs.

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In recent years, there has been rapid growth in the use of surveillance cameras across Canada — including security system installations—and these systems offer many benefits, but installing them properly requires some planning and expertise. As well, new devices allow homeowners to monitor multiple properties simultaneously making each installable property easier than ever.
For example, today’s most popular IP Surveillance Camera includes Wi-Fi technology which enables remote management and viewing capabilities. A small base station allows monitoring of several wired/wireless channels, eliminating costly wire drops and saving floor space while allowing homeowners to view live video feeds anywhere via web browser or smartphone. Wireless motion events will be transmitted through your home LAN via WAN port connections.
If you’re thinking about adding internet connected sensors to your business or home network, be aware that this type of device generates a lot of alerts and should always be monitored remotely. Remotely manage access to sensitive areas without leaving home or office. An inexpensive system consisting of 4 high quality cams can cost $40-$200 depending on options. For less than half the price, you can easily get similar results on Amazon with products like Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Smart Home WiFi Outdoor HD 1080P Ultra Wide Angle Day & Night Network Video Doorbell Cam ($59.99).
There are many types of indoor and outdoor cams available, ranging from traditional analog dome style models to modern digital IP model cameras. They come with either a fixed lens or zoom lens and the best ones include wifi connectivity along side power supply cord. Most companies provide 24 hour 7 day service; however, check warranty policies before purchase to ensure coverage period. If your camera malfunctions after 30 days, consider returning it and buying another. When selecting a cam, be certain to pick something that offers 720p resolution. If you choose higher pixel count resolutions, your bandwidth needs increase and you’ll need faster internet connection speeds. While lower priced cameras often deliver lower resolution images, they usually still capture better detail and color reproduction than larger image formats. Lastly, be sure your webcam meets your expectations in terms of lighting conditions.
An ideal place for an external camera would be next to windows or doors near entrances and exits..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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