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We’ve talked about some great ways to protect yourself against burglars and thieves in 2019 and 2020 and some tips on how you can be prepared for them to come knocking in 2022. But how does a thief get around a good front door lock and alarm system? Here’s a few things they’re probably going to try first:
If someone wants to get inside your house, the most common way is through the side of the home. So if your windows aren’t well protected, you could end up paying big bucks for repairs down the road (and possibly lose valuable personal property). If you have a sliding glass patio door, consider getting a deadbolt installed so that no matter which direction the intruder approaches your house, he’ll find himself locked outside until police arrive to break him in. And remember — your garage should be secured just like the rest of your home, because that’s the next place thieves will head once they enter your backyard.
And speaking of backyards, we’d recommend putting up motion sensor lights along your walkway leading to your backdoor and/or driveway if possible. Motion sensors work really well in this case because they allow homeowners to monitor activity without having to actually go inside their homes. Plus, these types of devices often include night vision technology so they won’t bother anyone walking past your house during the evening hours either.
But if you want total protection from intruders, why not install a high-quality video surveillance system? These kinds of systems use cameras to capture images of people who enter your premises, whether they’re trying steal items or commit other crimes. They usually consist of multiple cameras positioned across different areas of your home or business, including entryways. Some models also feature night vision capabilities.
Of course, installing a video surveillance system isn’t cheap. Depending on the type of equipment you buy, you’re typically talking several thousand dollars. However, the benefits far outweigh the initial cost. Not only would a video surveillance system help keep you safe from criminals while giving you peace-of-mind, but they also provide a wealth of information to law enforcement officers when it comes to solving potential crimes in real time.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot

This article will show some of the top trends in 2020, including:
4k cameras (with 1080P), indoor/outdoor IP cameras (both wired and wireless) and outdoor dome cameras with zoom capabilities.
What’s Next For Cameras?
We’ve seen many advancements in technology and in camera systems, both hardware and software related. Here are just a few examples of things to expect this upcoming year:
1. More affordable options. As technology continues to advance, cameras become cheaper while still offering high quality. We’re already seeing these lower priced products come onto shelves. Some of the newest models offer HD video recording up to 30fps, night vision, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, motion detection and other advanced functions like facial recognition and cloud storage. This trend should continue for years to come.
2. Better image processing/processing algorithms. While most companies still rely largely on traditional video compression methods, there are newer technologies available which can provide better images than the typical H.264 standard. These include JPEG 2000, MPEG-7, HEVC, VP9 and AVC 1 (H.265).
3. Increased use of machine learning. Machine Learning has grown immensely during recent years and is becoming an integral part of many different industries. As cameras improve they’ll be able to collect large amounts of data and learn from them. They won’t always understand everything but they’ll get smarter every day.
4. Smartphone apps. Many people will soon use smartphones instead of dedicated point & shoot cameras because they are easier to carry around and can capture higher resolution videos without having to lug along heavy equipment.
5. Video analytics. Companies are starting to realize the potential in analyzing video footage to determine various parameters like traffic and parking lot occupancy levels.
6. Cloud Storage. The ability to store your video footage securely online will allow you to keep copies of your recordings regardless of whether your device crashes.
7. 3D imaging. 3d imaging is being used increasingly often for applications ranging from medical scans to architectural design. In the coming decades we’ll see this type of technology expand further into consumer markets.
8. AI assistants. Artificial Intelligence is quickly advancing.

Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security cameras have come a long way since they first appeared. Today’s digital video recorders allow us to capture, store and playback high quality images of people and places. These devices are now ubiquitous; most households today contain some sort of surveillance system installed for a number of good reasons.
We’re going to take a closer look at these systems, starting with those used for homes, offices and small business premises. We’ll be talking about the different types available, and how they perform in terms of both image resolution and price.
We’ll then move onto the big boys – CCTV networks, which provide coverage for large areas like malls, campuses and airports. Finally, we will talk about other types of security equipment, including fire alarms and intrusion detection sensors.
In this article, I’m going to explain why you should install security cameras, which type(s) would be suitable for your needs, and finally, which models we recommend in each category.
Before reading further, please note that while the following information covers a wide range of products, many of them are only suitable for use indoors. Some models are designed specifically for outdoor usage, but we won’t cover these until we get round to reviewing them.
If you’d prefer, you can skip straight to “What are the main differences between indoor/outdoor models?” below. However, bear in mind that these differences could affect the suitability of certain models for your particular requirements.
So without delay, lets begin…
Home Surveillance Systems: Indoor/Outdoor Differences
There are basically two broad categories of security cameras; those intended mainly for indoor use, and those intended primarily for outside environments. While there are certainly plenty of indoor-focused models that work just fine outdoors, most of the ones mentioned above aren’t particularly well suited for use in extreme weather conditions (e.g. submersion), as they tend to rely heavily upon external power sources. For example, the NetGear N750W Outdoor Camera Kit requires 12V DC and a standard mains socket connection for operation.
In contrast, many outdoor models offer built-in battery packs, allowing them to operate independently of external connections.

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Best Security Cameras Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot

We know that many of us will be living in Notre Dame de l’Ile perrot homes in 2022. So we wanted to help those who live there now get started setting up cameras and keeping watch over their properties in style. We’ve compiled this ultimate guide to installing the best security cameras available today for homes or offices.
What’s New In 2020 For Your Security Camera Installation Needs?
Security technology continues to advance, making new products easier to use and smarter to install than ever. Here’s some of what we’ll see coming soon…
1. Wireless Security Camera Systems
Wireless cameras offer convenience by eliminating wires and cables. But they’re still not always perfect—they can lose signal and sometimes have poor image quality. Fortunately, wireless solutions continue moving forward—and they’ve come down in price enough recently that they now compete well against traditional wired systems. They’re not yet ideal but they’re getting better.
2. Video Doorbells & Motion Sensors
Video doorbells have become the next big thing in video surveillance. These devices work like regular old doorbells and allow homeowners to see visitors through their windows without having to leave their seats. And because most modern doorbells are Wi-Fi enabled, we expect them to only improve over time. If you’d like more information on these products, check out our article: “Why Video Doorbells Will Be A Bigger Thing Than Ever.”
3. Smart Alarm Panels
Alarms have become far less dumb since smartphones became powerful enough to replace dedicated alarm panels. Today’s smartphone apps are far superior to standalone alarm controls, offering remote control, scheduling, arming/disarming functions, and more. They can even connect to other sensors in your house—like smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors—so you can arm your system automatically whenever someone enters certain rooms. Check out our full story for details about what smart alarm companies are doing now.
4. Video Surveillance Software
If your business relies on CCTV for security, then you probably already understand how important software tools can be for managing footage efficiently and easily.

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For those who are still living under a rock, a surveillance system consists of several cameras connected via wired connections and/or wireless technologies. Surveillance systems monitor activity at locations and provide realtime alerts and recordings when events happen such as motion detection alarms, doorbell alerts, smoke detectors, fire alarm activations, temperature sensors and many other types of devices.
Cameras come in different sizes from miniaturized ones that fit in small spaces like laptops and phones, to large format models which are mounted outside to capture footage of your property. Some of these larger models include the IP66 rated outdoor cameras, while some have indoor versions.
In general, the bigger the sensor size, the higher the quality image resolution. However, smaller sensors will be able to take better pictures indoors than outdoors due to light conditions.
We’ve compiled this guide on top 5 best security cameras for your house or office based on various factors such as price range, ease of use, video recording options, storage space, and more…
1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Best Value Camera): If you’re looking for something inexpensive but high end and reliable then a ring video door bell pro would serve well as they offer many bells and whistles for less than $200 including night vision capabilities. They work great with Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri voice recognition technology making them perfect for homes without internet connectivity. Ring Video Door Bell Pro offers 4K HD 1080P recording capability with 30 days cloud backup service. These cameras record audio, movement, and images in both day and nighttime modes.
2. Arlo Ultra 2 Outdoor Wireless Wi-Fi Smart Camera System (Top Budget Option): This affordable system includes 3 cameras that connect wirelessly through 802.11 b / g / n standards. All three cameras have infrared LEDs for night viewing. The cameras are weather sealed and operate on battery power so no AC or DC connection is required. The Arlo system supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, German, Dutch & Swedish. The Arlo app allows users to view live streaming videos and photos on mobile device screens or web browsers. Users can download recorded clips from the device’s SD card.

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While having some type of surveillance system would be wise for most homes, business properties, government buildings, retail stores, schools, hospitals, religious institutions, libraries and other locations across Canada, there isn’t necessarily going to be enough space, cost effectiveness nor manpower available to outfit every facility this way. But installing just a few cameras could go a long ways towards preventing crime, helping law enforcement investigate past incidents or deterring potential thieves — which will help keep citizens safe while maintaining their property values.
For many years, the standard of technology was simple analogue video recorders which used tape cartridges or cassettes to store video footage; the tapes and/or cartridges then had to be manually inspected, stored, archived and analyzed after they’d recorded the event. Although some more advanced models existed, these analog systems never really gained traction because the bulky nature made them expensive, inconvenient, unreliable and impractical for use in areas like residential settings. They couldn’t easily withstand weather extremes either – meaning you wouldn’t get the same high quality recordings in snowy conditions versus in hot temperatures.
Nowadays things have changed significantly thanks in part to digital video recording devices such as DVRs. These small units record live events onto microSD memory cards instead of physical cassette tapes, allowing them to automatically archive recorded material without requiring human intervention.
Digital Video Recorders in particular are perfect for monitoring multiple rooms inside the house, including those that aren’t accessible through windows, since they operate 24 hours a day regardless of whether or not people actually occupy the area being monitored. Another benefit is that they allow police officers to view video feeds of crimes unfolding remotely, rather than going door-to-door searching each location at peak times. And the fact that they’re relatively inexpensive makes them ideal for businesses who want to monitor employee behavior, shoplifters, potential break-ins or anyone else who wants a better sense of what’s happening outside their premises.
If you decide to buy a digital recorder for yourself though, you should try to find one that uses SD card storage so that you won’t lose valuable data if something happens to the device. The memory capacity on SD cards today ranges anywhere from 64GB to upwards of 1TB per chip.

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While many people enjoy living among nature, those who live near waterways often find they get less enjoyment than other types of homes because of water damage caused by flooding or ice jam problems.
Most importantly, however, these homeowners realize flood insurance costs them thousands of dollars every single year.
Flooding also poses safety issues and puts residents’ lives at risk since most floods occur during heavy rain storms. Floodwater covers driveways, basements, yards, streets and sidewalks making roads impassable until local authorities manage to cleanse everything away; this takes months — sometimes years.
Homes located along riversides or streams experience serious damage, especially after large amounts of snow melt come rushing down river banks. Water quickly rises to levels far above ground level resulting in significant property loss unless proper steps are taken quickly.
To prevent such situations, secure cameras installed inside the house help protect against potential dangers like unwanted visitors coming inside without permission, intruders breaking in, theft, fire or any sort of environmental concerns.
If you would like to learn more about what type of security camera is best suited for you, visit However, be advised that no system will offer total protection but rather, provide assistance when it matters the most.
We recommend installing multiple high quality HD IP cameras in order for complete coverage around the clock. These devices should ideally include motion detection capabilities that allow you to record images whenever movements are detected. Also ensure you have alarms setup on each camera which sends alerts to a central monitoring station. Finally, remember that having several systems working together helps alert emergency responders faster thus increasing chances of rescue operations being completed successfully.
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Security cameras provide valuable peace of mind for many homeowners and commercial establishments. While they offer protection against burglary and other threats, they also come with a wide array of potential problems. Here are some things to consider before installing a security system.
1. Do Your Homework First
Before making final investment decisions, first research the types of surveillance devices available. Some systems include motion sensors while others use IP video recording software. Make sure you understand the capabilities of each type of device prior to choosing which will work best for your property or business.
2. Determine Whether the System Needs Upgrade Or Replacement
If your current surveillance equipment was installed several years ago, it may be outdated in terms of technology and design. Consider whether the existing system needs replacement or updating. If your system isn’t working properly anymore, then it’s probably better to just buy another unit than attempt a repair. However, if you are unsure of whether you should replace or upgrade your existing unit, ask yourself these questions: Is my existing camera still functional or does something prevent me from seeing the footage I need to see? Does it record video at night and during bad weather?
3. Decide On A Budget
When considering the purchase price of surveillance products, remember that prices often fluctuate depending on the model, quality of components used, size of your space, number of units required and installation cost.
4. Understand Installation Options & Costs
Depending on the system you decide upon, there are different ways of integrating your chosen product with your building infrastructure including mounting options, wiring and power requirements. Also, keep in mind costs associated with professional installations versus DIY installations.
5. Decide Upon Monitoring Frequency And Resolution Requirements
Some surveillance cameras allow you to view live images and recorded videos, whereas other models only display recordings. Depending on the resolution level you desire, this information could vary greatly in terms of storage capacity.
6. Find Quality Products At Reasonable Prices
While it’s great to save money on high end products, it’s equally important to get value for your money. When shopping around for a good deal, consider buying more expensive items if you’re satisfied with the overall package offered by the cheaper alternative..

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