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This post will be updated monthly for 2020/21, as well as any other updates that arise during this period, including new products & technologies.
If the above quote isn’t enough info about why you should use SecureCAM cameras, then read below…
Why use SecureCams in 2022? Because they’re the most reliable, affordable, high quality, long lasting solution available today. We provide top rated customer service, support and warranty coverage backed by industry leading technology and a team who’s only job is to keep customers happy, satisfied and coming back again and again.
We also offer custom made solutions for specific needs, whether it’s just one camera installed for you, a complete system, or multiple cameras for security purposes. And because we sell through dealerships, you get great discounts on all systems sold through them.

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In today’s world, the average person spends nearly half his/her day working inside some sort of enclosed space. Whether it be a commercial building, house, car, apartment or office; most people spend a large portion of their daily lives indoors. As this is true, many companies choose to install video cameras around these environments because they believe that having surveillance systems could prevent theft, burglars and other crimes. However, installing them isn’t always cheap or quick. If you’re thinking about getting a CCTV system installed, then it’ll help if you do your research beforehand. Doing so will ensure that you end up choosing the type of solution which makes sense for your needs and environment. Here are some key questions that should guide your next step towards finding and buying the perfect business security camera system for your property and business…What Is A Surveillance Camera Used For And Why Do I Need One?Surveillance cameras come in different shapes and sizes but each serves a purpose. Most often than not, these devices use either CCD technology or CMOS sensor chips. Both of these technologies allow them to capture high quality images and videos at night and during bad weather conditions like snowstorms or heavy rainfalls. These types of sensors work well when used with infrared filters. When placed properly on top of windows or doors, they can detect movement through heat signatures and light reflections. They can pick up details about faces or license plates, making them ideal for monitoring traffic. If you own a retail store, a parking lot, or another location where customers drive or walk by regularly, chances are good that you’d benefit greatly from having motion activated security cameras. Many retailers use them to keep an eye on their inventory, monitor customer behavior, and catch shoplifters before they make away. Businesses who sell goods via delivery trucks, taxis, or vans rely heavily upon CCTV footage as evidence against thieves attempting to steal merchandise while it’s still in transit. Even small restaurants have found themselves better able to spot food poisoning outbreaks if they’ve got CCTV footage documenting every table service interaction. Finally, if you’re running a construction project, a security camera can give you peace of mind knowing that nothing untoward happens behind closed doors.

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Security cameras play a huge role in protecting people and organizations against potential threats, especially during these uncertain times like 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. While some consider them intrusive, they actually serve multiple purposes from keeping tabs on things around your property while doing laundry inside the washing machine to monitoring employees who work outside your office or store premises. Some surveillance systems include recording capabilities which allow footage evidence to be stored permanently in case a perpetrator makes unlawful entry to someone else’s properties. If this sounds interesting to you, read on to learn why I am recommending you get a digital video recorder for yourself today. Here Is A Comprehensive List Of Digital Video Recorders And Their Benefits.
Why should you consider getting a digital video recorder instead?
Because no matter whether you’re looking at installing indoor or outdoor, wireless or wired devices, your choice is bound to affect the overall functionality of your system, including resolution, frame rate, lens type, storage capacity… and price. When considering buying something, ask yourself “What would my life be without this?”, because when it comes to choosing products that will help protect personal safety and increase productivity, nothing beats investing wisely on a top quality device. Also, keep in mind that many models provide additional options like motion detection alerts, email notifications and live streaming capabilities. Not only will having extra tools benefit you when you monitor your surroundings, but that’s another reason why you’ll enjoy being able to see everything that happens through your own eyes 24/7/365. You’ve got enough stuff going on already; adding more equipment isn’t really necessary unless you find the task easier or safer when performed remotely. Most importantly, ensure whether you intend on staying indoors or outdoors depends on the weather conditions of each season; otherwise, you will probably end up spending more than anticipated on power bills since surveillance cameras and DVRs are sensitive to electricity consumption. For homeowners who install IP cameras, the most common method is via WiFi network. However, in case you prefer Ethernet connections or simply wish to go ahead with traditional wiring methods, both types are available.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Orillia ON

We live in a world where people are becoming increasingly aware of crime and safety issues. As technology advances, the way the average person lives has changed drastically. People no longer feel comfortable being outside their homes without having cameras installed around their property.
Cameras are used in many different ways, but they are usually used for surveillance and monitoring purposes. They provide us with great information regarding who is coming and going from our house, whether someone is trying to break into our place while we’re away, and if anything suspicious happens inside. These devices help keep us safe.
If your home isn’t adequately protected against intrusions and crimes, then chances are, you’ll be spending an awful lot of money fixing things later on down the road. A good quality video system can protect your family’s well-being and prevent costly problems from occurring. If you’ve decided that installing a security camera will benefit both yourself and your loved ones then this article should prove useful to you. We hope you find these tips beneficial.
1. Deterrent Value
2. Surveillance Functionality
3. Motion/Alarm Detection Capabilities
4. Remote Monitoring Capability
5. Night Vision Technology
6. Camera Mounting Options
7. Wireless Connectivity Features
8. Storage Capacity / Resolution
9. Operating System Compatibility
10. Pricing Structure
11. Customer Service Support
12. Installation Requirements
13. Warranty Coverage
14. Video Quality & Image Resolution
15. Video Streaming Features
16. Audio Capture Capabilities
17. Battery Life Expectancy
18. Power Consumption Characteristics
19. Environmental Friendliness
20. Reliability
21. User Interface
22. User Friendly Design
23. Wireless Range
24. Network Availability
25. Cloud Recording / Backup
26. Network Connection Types Supported
27. Network Accessibility
28. Network Bandwidth
29. Network Latency Issues
30. Data Transfer Rates
31. Remote Monitoring Options
32. Smartphone App Integration
In today’s fast-paced society, home and business owners alike often overlook the importance of protecting themselves and their families against potential threats. However, it is crucial that you invest in high quality security systems for your residence.

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Orillia Ontario Canada has become ground zero for high tech surveillance technology. Many residents, especially those who live near water bodies like lakes, rivers or oceans, prefer to install outdoor video cameras than traditional indoor monitoring systems. While these devices provide valuable protection against theft, they can be pricey investments. If you’re considering buying a new system this holiday season (or next), take advantage of our exclusive deal below. We’ve got great deals and discounts available on popular brands including Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro, Nest Cam Outdoor IP Camera, Samsung SmartThings Camera, Arlo Baby, Blink XT2 Wi-Fi Enabled Night Light Bulb and many more! Our experienced installation team will go above and beyond to deliver top notch service that’s fast and efficient while still providing the highest quality experience possible. Contact us today to book an appointment through November 30th only!
We offer a wide range of products under our SecureCam label for both residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re interested in installing a door phone, motion activated lighting, or a full blown security system complete with DVR or NVR capabilities – we aim to help you find exactly what works best with your needs and wants.
Whether you already have a working security system in place, whether you’d love some additional coverage for the holidays, or would simply appreciate having peace of mind knowing your family is protected 24/7/365; this guide is designed just for you. We’ll discuss common misconceptions regarding various types of cameras, discuss the different ways each type can work, along with which ones could potentially benefit most in terms of value, functionality, versatility and price point. For example…
Do I really need a DVR? A basic HD recording capability is enough to capture footage for proof purposes, but the higher end models typically come equipped with extra bells and whistles such as advanced facial recognition software, remote control functionality, weatherproofing, night vision options, integrated WiFi, SD card storage, built-in speakers, battery life indicators and other features. Some even include smartphone connectivity allowing you to view events remotely without being physically present in front of the device.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Orillia

Orillia Ontario Canada is home to many great things like Lake Simcoe, beautiful parks, beaches, wineries. We love going hiking in summer and snowmobiling during winter months. Our community has something for everyone! But, there are times when we feel unsafe and it’s nice knowing that someone is watching over us 24 hours 7 days a week.
We believe that having a good quality home security system installed will provide peace of mind to anyone living in a safe environment.
Security Cam’s mission is to help keep people safer in their homes & office through high quality cameras and affordable prices.
In this post i am going to be talking about some of my personal experiences installing security systems and will show you some tips on choosing the perfect system for your needs.
This guide is meant to serve as a general overview of the different types of products available on the market today, but I’m hoping that you’ll find it useful regardless of whether you’re buying a new camera or replacing/repairing an existing system.
I’ve divided these posts into four sections; cameras themselves, monitoring companies, DIY cameras and finally, the final word on security.
Before getting started though, let me say this upfront…there really isn’t “one” type of security camera.
There are several factors to consider when deciding which model suits your specific requirements including size (width), resolution, frame rate, storage capacity, night vision capabilities, motion detection sensitivity, image compression settings and most importantly, price.
If you’d prefer a video walkthrough of each section then click below. Otherwise, read on!
Cameras themselves
The most common security camera is probably still the 2MP HD 1080P camera, although 4K (3840 x 2160 px @ 30 fps) models aren’t uncommon either. Most cameras come equipped with both infrared LEDs (“NightVision”) and visible light CCD sensors (which are used during day). Some of the higher end units feature 3-axis pan tilt zoom capability and some include WiFi connectivity (and thus remote viewing via mobile devices). If you can afford them, I would recommend upgrading to a 720HD or 8MP unit.

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Best IP Camera For Your Next Project
If you’re planning on upgrading next year to the latest technology in surveillance cameras then be sure to check out some of our top recommendations below. If you’re still deciding which system will work best for you but aren’t quite ready to commit just yet, take note of these points.
Camera Hardware Performance & Reliability
This is often overlooked area of consideration when choosing a replacement camera, though really should be part of every discussion involving upgrades.
Relatively speaking this shouldn’t matter hugely, however for those who wish to capture action shots that feature dynamic movement, capturing high quality video without motion blur may become increasingly challenging. We’d recommend investing in a better performing model first then moving upwards to the higher end systems when funds allow.
In many cases higher resolution won’t result in improved picture quality unless paired with good hardware performance. Generally speaking most models produced today offer around 1080p resolution, and this level of output isn’t particularly exciting when viewed through a display with less than HD resolutions; it’s possible to find lower resolution options available but they usually cost more.
While 1080P is generally considered a minimum standard in 2020, many manufacturers are upping the ante and delivering 2k+ images via network/internet streaming with ease. Higher image count offers greater detail, sharper contrast and richer colour palettes in HD imagery. When used alongside a suitable internet connection such as Fibernet / SFFoam (see below), the impact can be dramatic. While bandwidth requirements increase along with video frame rates, this type of connectivity remains relatively affordable.
Quality of Lens Coverage
There may come a point where your existing lens coverage simply becomes inadequate no longer offering sufficient viewable space to accommodate additional sensors required by newer designs. Consider replacing your current setup if none of the above solutions suit your needs. Of course, the reverse is equally true, meaning that those interested in acquiring top tier products could begin by installing a cheaper solution and upgrade once demand warrants the financial investment.
We’ve outlined this issue extensively elsewhere and given links to similar articles. Simply put, the bigger the sensor, the wider the field of view.

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In general, most people will assume that they should use video recording devices to protect themselves against burglary, theft, fire and other incidents involving property damage. However, many people are unaware that today’s modern digital video cameras are extremely versatile, enabling them to be used in multiple ways beyond just surveillance purposes. For example, these products can also act as “home automation hubs”, providing a wide range of convenient functions like motion detection, light sensing and doorbell notification. As well, some high quality models feature additional features including night vision capabilities, weatherproofing and Wi-Fi connectivity. If you live in Orillia, ONTARIO Canada then this guide will help you find the perfect security solution for your needs.
We take pride in being able to provide reliable and affordable solutions. We believe strongly that having top notch customer service paired with cutting edge technology really makes us stand head above everyone else out there. Here’s why we feel confident enough to guarantee you won’t regret buying one of our awesome security systems.
First of All, A Brief Introduction About Our Company
This article was written by Secure Cam. They specialize in helping families install home alarm system through video monitoring, wireless IP network, outdoor camera and motion sensor.
They offer the highest standard to customers around every aspect regarding Orillia home security camera. Their staff is highly experienced having worked professionally installing various alarms and accessories since 2005. Most of their clients come back because they always do great job. So far no complaints found among Orillia homeowners who hired our team.
Second, What Makes Us Different?
We understand security needs vary depending on different scenarios. Therefore, we are not limiting ourselves just to selling only home alarms but rather doing business with customers on anything related to home safety whether residential or commercial. Having said that, we are proud to say that we are licensed and insured to offer excellent Orillia home security systems. Aside from meeting technical requirements and regulations, we pay attention to each individual requirement of client when choosing hardware components and software settings. Moreover, our professional tech support team keeps upgrading the firmware regularly to ensure stable connection..

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