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Security cameras play many different roles today. They assist homeowners with monitoring their property while they are away. For some commercial properties, they serve as deterrent against crime, but most importantly, they help those who live nearby be notified immediately should something occur inside the premises. When considering which types of home video systems should you install, keep these key points in mind:
What Kind Of Camera Do I Need?
There are several distinct categories of security cameras available currently; analog, IP, PTZ, HD day/night. Knowing which type of system will work best for your needs helps ensure both reliability and ease of use. Analog Video Systems consist of traditional closed circuit television recording systems that utilize motion detectors to detect movement and then transmit via antenna wirelessly an alert signal once a threshold event occurs. These systems often operate under standard NTSC standards, however, advancements like 1080P offer improved quality pictures. Traditional analogue technology does suffer though in terms of picture resolution.
IP Video Systems are digital devices usually equipped with wireless internet connections, allowing them to send alerts and stream recordings straight to cloud storage websites. One popular example uses the Zonoff software to allow multiple people to view a single feed simultaneously through their smartphone browser. Many times these devices are connected directly to alarm panels, providing for easier remote viewing and control functions. If this method sounds familiar, it should because Amazon launched its first consumer grade smart doorbell Alexa compatible device called Ring. Newer generations will soon provide the ability to speak commands directly to the unit without relying on third party apps. Most notably, a recent report showed Amazon’s video surveillance service can track activity within homes during periods outside business hours.
PTZ stands for pan, tilt, zoom, meaning that these units move around automatically following subjects as they walk past them, focus onto a specific subject and then zooming way back out again allowing long range views of the entire area being monitored. While many consumers tend to prefer fixed positions due to cost issues, these devices are becoming increasingly affordable making them perfect solutions for high traffic areas such as parking lots, lobbies, loading docks, yards and other outdoor spaces that need constant observation.

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Security cameras have become quite popular nowadays due to various safety benefits they provide us. They offer many things like alerting authorities while making emergency calls, recording video for court testimony, helping to identify criminals, giving evidence of suspicious activity, being able to see who came inside of your house/business, etc. So many new technologies are available but which are most suitable for small/medium sized business. For example CCTV Camera System Installation & Repair Vancouver BC Canada. Here is a quick guide to help anyone install their own system without needing complex software knowledge. We will be discussing common things to consider during each step and explain things at different levels. Also we try to cover common mistakes people often commit during setup process. Hope this helps and enjoy 🙂
1. Selecting Type Of Surveillance Camera
There are mainly 2 types of cctv surveillance systems either Analog or Digital. If your Osoyoos Business requires only single view then use Analog type, otherwise digital should be used as it gives way superior quality images. Most analog surveillance cameras come with night/day viewing capability whereas the latest models coming with IP capabilities offers 24 hours live monitoring without interruption. More information about Types of Camera Systems.
2. Selecting Manufacturer and Model Or Brand Name of Your Choice
Selecting the correct model depends upon whether you wish for day /night coverage. Some manufacturers offer both kinds in same model hence selecting the appropriate one becomes crucial in order to get the accurate picture. Other than this there are other factors like resolution, distance lens focal length, frame rate, color depth, CCD size, compression level(lossy), image storage method, whether infrared filter is required, weatherproofness, wireless connectivity options, network protocols supported, portability, number of channels, maximum pixel density, field of view range, and more.
3. Understanding Connectivity Settings RequiredBy Many Manufacturers
We recommend having good internet connection especially DSL or Cable connections around 1mbps speed. Internet speeds vary across countries therefore, setting your system properly according to available bandwidth could save big bucks on expensive long range internet bills.(i.e. A standard ADSL broadband line costs £16 per month).

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We live in a connected world today; with smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops, printers, routers, Wi Fi systems and other devices constantly connecting us to each other via the internet. And while many people use this technology to help them get things done, it can be dangerous as well.
Security cameras provide peace of mind. They allow you to monitor your property 24/7 without having to spend hours watching through the peepholes or windows of a building.
But if you have a small business, apartment complex, retail store or office space, installing a reliable surveillance system can prove challenging.
That’s why we decided to compile everything you will ever need to know about buying and setting up a high quality security camera system for yourself or someone else. We’ll take care of finding the perfect solution for your needs and making sure it gets installed correctly.
Here are some tips to help you find the perfect solution:

The first step is to determine whether you’re going to set up a standalone camera or combine several together. If you’re only going to install one single device, it should include motion detection, night vision capabilities and some form of zoom capability. However, if a combination of multiple units are required, then it is advisable to go with a wireless networked security package instead, which will save you both installation costs and maintenance headaches. You could choose a wired version as a fallback if necessary but they tend to cost quite a bit more than the wireless versions.
Next you must consider the type of video recording you would like. Do you simply want to record footage for your own personal viewing pleasure or perhaps as evidence for legal matters? Or is it something to sell and advertise in real estate transactions, insurance claims, court proceedings or other commercial settings?
Finally, you will need to decide which model is most suitable for your situation. Some models come equipped with built-in microphones for audio monitoring purposes, whereas others have separate mics for that purpose.
There are numerous brands available in the market to satisfy almost anyone’s needs; however, you’ll usually pay extra for those models that feature higher resolution.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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In this report I will be discussing four types of video surveillance systems that include cameras capable of recording HD quality videos which can help homeowners or business owners protect the premises against intruders, burglars, vandals and theft, and other criminal threats.
My research suggests that most people use these devices because they believe that criminals watch TV news shows like CSI, NCIS, COPS, A&E Network Investigative Reports, etc. And they see those programs as evidence which proves that everyone watches them.
But my view is just the opposite; instead, criminals follow crime dramas because those films portray realistic settings and situations that they can copy themselves from without being caught. They try to blend in with normal law abiding citizens and hope no one notices them.
There are many different places a person could get ideas for making a good job doing something illegal such as stealing items online. Once someone finds a way he or she thinks is safe to commit a burglary, then the next step would be watching to find ways around getting caught. One thing you must realize is that once a thief is caught red handed trying anything illegal, his life falls apart and he spends years behind bars until he gets paroled. If you put yourself in the shoes, and imagine having to face living with being sentenced to prison for 10 years while knowing you got caught through some type of technical glitch rather than being able to walk away freely after committing the perfect crime… would you still feel comfortable calling yourself a “thief”? You probably wouldn’t.
These days technology helps us be better informed and aware when buying products like electronics, gadgets, clothing and jewelry. For example today’s thieves go online buying stolen goods to resell, especially laptops with high resale value.
So why does this matter? Well, to understand why you should consider investing in video surveillance equipment you need to understand the difference between professional and amateur thieves.
Professional Burglary Thieves are ones who break in and steal property for financial gain. These crimes usually involve breaking windows, doors, fences, locks, alarms and electronic sensors on commercial properties. Professional burglars usually carry tools and weapons such as bolt cutters, sledgehammers, hammers, torches, flashlights and other sophisticated weapons.

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In this era of digitalization, smart devices like computers, tablets, phones, laptops, printers, scanners, cameras, surveillance systems, alarm monitoring equipment, fire extinguishers, thermostats, door locks, air conditioner/heating system controllers, water meters, sprinkler controls, garage doors, and many other gadgets provide us real-time information about everything around us. These electronic gadgets connect through internet networks that allow access to various types of applications including webpages, emails, video chats, voice calls, file sharing, gaming websites, streaming videos and music sites, photo galleries, shopping carts, blogs, and many other apps.
As technology continues its evolution, so does our lives. New technologies keep coming up every day, bringing better ways to communicate, work, live, play, learn, entertain ourselves and stay connected with people across the world. We use these advancements everyday; it becomes essential to protect our homes and offices and ensure safety and productivity while working remotely. For example, in case of emergency situations such as fires and earthquakes, remote workers will be able to get immediate help without leaving their office space or having to run outside to seek help. Remote teams also save precious energy because they aren’t spending hours commuting daily to reach their destinations.
Security cameras installed in offices and residences monitor activity in areas such as meeting rooms, hallways, common areas, bedrooms, restrooms, kitchens, garages, parking lots, and loading docks. They capture images, audio clips, and motion events on computer screens or mobile device displays and send them to cloud storage servers. Surveillance footage can then be accessed by multiple authorized personnel from anywhere in a networked environment. If you own a business that relies heavily on customer visits to locations such as retail stores and restaurants, then installing a high definition IP camera could be the perfect solution. Such video recording solutions would enable you to check whether your employees perform proper service procedures. A quality HD camera will record activities that take place inside your establishments and display them on a screen in order to identify customers who appear suspicious and track employee movements that lead toward theft.

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Most of these cameras come standard with some basic recording capabilities plus motion activated alerts which will automatically send you notifications whenever movement is detected. Some models even record audio. These cameras use SD cards or USB flash drives to store video clips after they’ve been recorded but most newer models offer network storage options to simplify things. We recommend getting a model equipped with 2Gigabytes of internal memory unless you anticipate needing only 500mb of space for each clip.
If you want Wi-Fi enabled options, be aware that many models won’t support Wi-Fi connections until 2018 or 2019. You should get this feature on older models because it significantly improves battery life (which makes wireless easier). If a camera supports multiple simultaneous streams, be conscious that it will take extra power to run them simultaneously without causing noticeable degradation in quality or speed. For example, running 8 streaming videos simultaneously requires twice as much energy consumption as running 1 stream per day. So be cautious about choosing the highest resolution setting possible. As always, check back regularly because technology changes rapidly so prices and specifications often vary.
We highly suggest reading our other posts in the series before making final decisions since we’ve already covered several topics including buying guides, troubleshooting tips, outdoor weather considerations, hidden costs, DIY options, accessories, reviews, comparisons & ratings….and more.
Please keep in mind that while we provide recommendations to help guide you through this purchase, ultimately the decision whether or not to buy something depends upon what you personally feel confident in trying on your own versus having someone else try it first. It’s just like asking “Should I buy Windows 10?” “Do I really need to upgrade my PC?,” “How reliable am I going to find tech support?”…

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This week we’ll be talking about some recent findings I made while working on my “Top 10” video series from 2020. We’re going through each of these products and putting them under the microscope to see which ones really stand tall against other competitors in this market space.
We’ve tried to include everything possible here, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. For instance, some people still use traditional analog cameras like FLIR SC450 because they are cheap and get the job done. They aren’t wrong, they just haven’t evolved yet…
There’s no doubt though, that many of us are moving towards digital solutions instead due to cost, usability, and ease of setup. And why wouldn’t you? Digital cameras provide a tonne of benefits including instant alerts via mobile apps, realtime live viewing from anywhere, cloud storage options, high quality HD footage, among others. All with minimal effort required.
I’m always amazed to find that despite all the advancements technology offers us today, many manufacturers still fall back on outdated designs and technologies. Some companies are stuck in the past and refuse to innovate whilst others keep innovating by implementing tech first and then trying to figure out ways to roll it into standard offerings. But regardless of whether you stay put in your current offering or try something else entirely, chances are good that eventually most of us will go through a similar decision making process. This leads me to the next point…
Digital cams allow for incredible flexibility and customization. A few years ago, someone would probably say it was impossible to install 100x 1080P cameras across multiple locations without spending hundreds/thousands of dollars per location. Not anymore; thanks to 4K resolutions, WiFi capability, and built-in wifi connectivity for remote viewing. One thing stands true however…the higher resolution in general gets better images but requires more processing power/bandwidth than lower resolutions.
Here’s some info for those who want an idea of bandwidth requirement for different resolutions….

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In today’s market, choosing good quality OOZOOOS HOME SECURITY CAMERAS isn’t just about “good enough”. Every household needs something extra special for the family. If we take this further; every office environment should be equipped with some sort of protection mechanism against theft & potential threats. But then again.. the question remains… does my camera cost me far more than I earn? So what exactly am I investing my time/money on? To get the most bang for the buck, one must consider these 3 things…
Do they offer great customer service? Do they help solve issues quickly, efficiently and without making false promises? Does their website make sense / read like a pamphlet? These answers will help determine whether or not to continue browsing through the options available to them. Remember to always check reviews prior to buying anything. Here is why… Reviews tell you everything you need to know about someone else’s experience in dealing with your issue. They’re unbiased, written by people who’ve had similar experiences or heard from other consumers the same way you did… which makes them trustworthy, especially since most companies don’t advertise their bad side. For instance, did you notice that almost no websites mention poor customer support unless it actually happened during their own use case? And don’t believe anyone who claims otherwise. Check the dates on those posts. People only write bad reviews after having a bad experience and trying to get others to buy from them in order to try and prevent others from experiencing the same thing. Also, remember that many reviewers won’t post negative feedback because they simply aren’t happy consumers themselves. Their objective is to spread positivity… So if you see something wrong going down in your home – say the worst possible word ever used about them – that’ll usually trigger another reviewer to come along and comment on their terrible service or products. Just be patient until they make a mistake, then go ahead and jump on it. We promise, everyone has made mistakes, but if nobody says anything about it, chances are your problem wasn’t really big enough. Plus, it’s better off being honest rather than letting someone have their perfect day ruined by a stranger telling lies about them on the internet..

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