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Owen Sound is recognized worldwide as Canada’s smallest city. A place known for historic architecture, small town charm, incredible natural beauty and world class festivals like the Great Canadian Ribfest and Canada Day fireworks show.
Nowadays, people who live and work outside of Owen Sound tend to be transient. They spend most of their days traveling the globe while spending weekends enjoying local destinations without feeling attached to this tiny community. When they return home after weeks away, residents often find themselves isolated, disconnected from each other and alone during those long winter nights.
What many individuals choose instead is turning these nights into opportunities for security solutions. A family member could stay overnight to keep watch over the house while parents fall asleep watching over them. Residents could connect with friends via video calls rather than face to face meetings. Students could study late night hours safely knowing no harm will come to anyone inside.
If you’ve ever thought of adding some extra protection to your property, then we’re excited to introduce you to Secure Cam, a premium outdoor camera system designed specifically for homeowners, business owners, students, and travelers. At $149/month plus taxes and fees, Secure Cam offers everything you need to protect your possessions anywhere in the country.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Owen Sound ON

In this post I will show you why installing cameras in OWEN SOUND is different than other parts of Canada, in particular Toronto area; in fact most cities across North America.
Before buying/renting/buying your own camera system (or leasing), read my OWEN SOUND HOME SECURITY CAMERAS installation guide first because this is the main reason people fail in getting the job completed successfully.
I wrote this article after being called upon many times for help since 2010 until 2019, especially in OWEN SOUND.
This article covers ALL OF THE FOLLOWING topics which should be covered BEFORE doing ANY OF THESE TASKS:
How to install CCTV Camera System?
What if i see something weird while doing these work?
What if a fire breaks out?
And so forth…
Nowadays I am more busy as a CCTV installer / monitor company owner then ever before.
There are some things you MUST learn to avoid common mistakes when dealing with cctv systems:
Don’t take shortcuts
Read everything twice
Ask multiple questions during purchase, installation
Get professional service (cameras come with professional equipment installed. They are NOT like cheap consumer products).
If you follow my OWENSOUNDHOME CCTV INSTALLATION GUIDE properly, you shouldn’t have issues whatsoever.
So get started reading my guide below, or simply visit, call me at 705-865-6222 or email me at david@securecam.

Owen Sound Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Owen Sound, Ontario – March 15th, 2020
We are excited to be able to offer some updates regarding changes that will happen around this coming summer season with regard to the Owen Sound Camera Store. For those who live outside the immediate area, please feel welcome to visit us via our website. We understand the convenience of being able to buy cameras online but with Covid 19 restrictions still going strong in many parts of Canada, we wanted to ensure no potential customers would miss out due to location limitations.
In order to keep our business running smoothly during these unusual times, we decided to take measures early on to protect ourselves against the possibility of losing sales during the pandemic. As most of you already know, when people go back to work they tend to spend additional cash on things like home improvements and furniture. Our main objective was always to provide quality products to help protect homes while keeping costs down. However, with the sudden increase in demand, especially after the government made the announcement at the end of January to extend stay at home orders through May 1st, we had to adjust our focus. With that said, we have seen a steady decrease in our weekly revenue since then which is not really surprising considering many people are staying inside longer than ever. While we do expect this trend to continue until June or July depending on the state of affairs in each province, we did come across something interesting recently, namely the sudden surge of purchases on Amazon Prime. Since their announcement in mid February, we noticed the majority of our traffic came through Amazon instead of other eCommerce sites like ours. This caused a slight disruption because we use third party websites like Facebook Ads Manager, etc. to track conversions. Unfortunately, this could mean fewer overall conversion rates in April/May, however, it does allow customers to get great deals on high value items.
While we cannot guarantee the same level of savings in the months ahead, we can assure everyone we are committed to providing top notch service and customer support. If you should find yourself needing to return a defective item, rest assured your safety remains paramount. All returns must meet our 100% satisfaction policy or else a $100 restocking fee applies plus the original shipping cost paid.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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We live in a world saturated with technology and devices but most people fail to notice the importance of keeping them safe. If you own a device like computer/laptop, mobile phone, internet router or TV then chances are that someone would be able to hack or spy upon it without detection. As long as this happens, they will get full control of your private information which could lead to financial loss, identity theft, emotional distress and many other consequences. These days, security cameras are becoming increasingly popular because of the ease with which these units can install themselves to monitor a space. They come equipped with various advanced features including a microphone, nightvision capability and Wi-Fi connectivity but they can still be improved further to better suit individual needs.

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Security Camera Installation Trends | Secure Cam Owen Sound
Home & Business Security Cameras For Owen Sound Ontario | Securecam OWEN SEOUL
Protect Yourself From Theft And Loss Of Personal Property In Your Owen Sound House Or Business!
Whether you own a house or small business, you probably already appreciate the convenience of having CCTV Surveillance installed. After all, many people feel safer knowing they’ll catch thieves red handed if their property ever gets nicked.
If you’d like to see exactly why you should install video surveillance cameras around your Owen Sound residence, consider these facts….
1. Crime Statistics Canada Data shows that crime rates are decreasing but still happen regularly across Ontario. If there was no police presence near your home, would you really be safe inside your home?
2. Over half a million Canadians are victims of theft every year which makes it one of the most common crimes committed nationwide. When thieves realize someone will monitor your property 24/7, they often attempt less risky ways to achieve their objective. They’ll take advantage of opportunities with higher profit potential than breaking in. Thieves who find themselves on surveillance footage will usually stop trying because they fear being caught. Even though surveillance is expensive, it saves lives because criminals won’t try anything once they realize the homeowner will notice them. Plus, it helps identify thieves, leading to faster apprehension and prosecution.
3. Many types of break ins occur during hours of darkness including daylight robberies. A well lit area outside of your doors and windows is essential if you want an effective deterrent against nighttime burglars. Having a motion activated light is another way to deter intruders because they’ll assume this could mean they’ll get filmed while coming towards the front door, therefore making it less attractive. Of course, lighting isn’t enough to actually prevent break ins but by implementing good light options on both sides of your entrances, chances are high intruders won’t go through the effort of getting past the lights and then be disappointed when they realise the owner must be awake watching live video feeds.

Owen Sound Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this article I’ll be talking about why SecureCamera is the perfect choice for homeowners and business owners who want video surveillance systems installed in 2018 and beyond in Ontario Canada homes and offices. We offer complete packages including cameras, mounting devices, remote viewing software, batteries and other supplies. Our technicians will help install them correctly and professionally.
We’ve seen first hand the benefits video surveillance brings to the following situations:
Safety: Protecting children and pets while away at school or daycare; keeping track of kids and animals on vacation; making sure family members arrive safely after traveling long distances. These are just some examples but they’re common uses that people often forget to consider until something bad happens.
Crime Prevention: Whether you use surveillance equipment to prevent break ins at work or keep watch over children and property, crime prevention becomes easier with proper monitoring. If you see suspicious activity like someone peering through your window late at night, or if you notice strange vehicles outside your house, chances are good police would love knowing about it. And if the person(s?) responsible happen to get caught doing these things, the evidence helps prove they weren’t only guilty of breaking the law but also committing the act themselves.
Business Solutions: Surveillance cameras are increasingly being used in business environments to assist with office safety and productivity. They can easily monitor staff coming into and leaving the building without disturbing those inside. Businesses could benefit greatly from installing surveillance cameras in areas like the warehouse floor, loading dock, storage facilities and employee parking lots for added security and improved worker safety. They provide valuable information regarding potential theft and fraud, which improves business efficiency and boosts profits. For example, one study found that companies with automated monitoring saw $10 million saved annually due to decreased inventory shrinkage. Another study estimated that the average small business owner saves approximately $2,000 per month thanks to better visibility via video surveillance.
How Do You Use Video Surveillance Today? Have fun trying out different ideas with us today –

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Our next blog post will be talking about Owen Sound Home Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022. We will discuss some ways that technology will continue moving forward with cameras, wireless networking, and software. If I could go back in time 20 years ago and tell my younger self “This is going to be big,” (and it was!), this would definitely fall under that category. These changes aren’t just happening behind closed doors. They are impacting every day life.
We hope you enjoyed reading these blogs. Thank you for taking the time!
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I’m John Day. I love dogs, coffee and beer — but not necessarily in that order. My wife calls me “Mr. Fixit.” Why? Because everything else falls apart and I try to help everyone around me instead of being selfish. No offense intended; most people are nice and caring. I guess I just tend to focus elsewhere. But hey, whatever gets us closer together… I’ve always loved writing and telling stories since elementary school. And this led to other things, not the least of which was acting and producing music. Today’s modern world offers multiple avenues for creative expression, and I simply enjoy playing different parts along the way. Music remains my first true passion, and I’ll always write songs no matter who hears them. Writing fiction keeps me sane while exploring worlds I’d otherwise never discover.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Owen Sound

In this blog post I’m going talk about which cameras to buy. Since people tend to get stuck buying “the cheapest” solution because they like saving $$$$, please keep in mind that cheap usually translates to being less effective. If you’re just starting out, be realistic with yourself and understand that your investment should pay dividends well after your initial purchase period ends. Even though these are some simple guidelines I’ve provided below…
I’d still say there are 5 main factors to consider before making your final decision:
1) Video Quality – Obviously the first step will be to check you can see the video quality properly. For most DIY installs, the default setting is 1080P but 720P would probably suffice in many situations. Do note however, you’ll almost always go through higher resolution settings unless you specifically bought an HD version, otherwise why bother upgrading?
2) Image Resolution/Detail – Most of us live busy lives, we simply cannot watch every inch of footage daily. A good rule of thumb is 1fps per square foot, i.e. 10 feet = 10 seconds / fps; 15ft=15seconds / 2fpz. Some cameras allow you to manually adjust the image resolution via software, while other models offer different levels of detail depending on distance.
3) Viewing Angle & Field Of View – Both play an integral role of whether you actually find the perfect viewing angle for specific locations. When it comes to indoor use, ideally, you should try to view as far away as possible without obstructions blocking your line of sight. On the flip side, if you have views towards the exterior of your house then you need to ensure those areas aren’t blocked. We recommend checking both angles as often times outdoor space tends to block more than you anticipate, especially during warmer months. Again, this aspect depends largely upon location.
4) Storage – This ties into resolution of course; how large is the storage capacity. While 4K is great, you will likely only record 4 hours worth of recordings, unless you invest extra funds. A common recommendation is 12GB of recording space is enough for a 3 day average, plus more if you decide to install advanced motion detection functions..

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“These guys did a great job. We’ve used secure cam Toronto to install a commercial grade security/surveillance camera system for our shutter manufacturing facility in Markham. Fair price, quality installation, excellent service. I can access all the footage easily on my phone!! Thanks Dan & team. Definitely recommend!”

Mitch Skolnik


“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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