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For homeowners who value quality in their homes and feel they deserve it, this article will walk them through installing the highest rated IP cameras for 2020/21/22.
Whether you’re building a new house, renovating your existing property, or just adding some outdoor living space with patio doors, these top-rated indoor video systems should be part of every homeowner’s arsenal for maximum security & peace of mind.
1×4 Outdoor Camera System
These 1 x 4 inch weatherproof dome cameras offer 360 degree coverage and full HD 1080P resolution. They come complete with mounting hardware which makes them quick and easy to install, allowing customers to protect themselves against burglars without having to climb onto roofs.
2×3 Indoor Dome Camera Systems
Available in both wired and wireless configurations, 2 x 3 inch dome cameras provide excellent viewing angles for capturing footage inside your entire area. These models feature motion detection technology, meaning they’ll automatically capture videos whenever movement occurs.
5″ DVR with Wireless Range Finder
This 5 inch 720p digital video recorder offers an intuitive touchscreen control panel, making setup fast and simple. It supports remote monitoring via smartphone and Wi-Fi with no monthly service fee required, and can record multiple channels simultaneously.
8X10 Weatherproof Digital Camcorder
Designed specifically for outside use, this camcorder is compatible with most smartphones. Thanks to its 8 X 10 lens, users can watch live streams anywhere within range of WiFi signal. Users simply download the free Live Viewer App and connect through the web portal for instant streaming.
2MP Night Vision Video Doorbell
Perfect for keeping track of children while letting parents rest easier at night, this doorbell includes night vision capabilities. When enabled, it automatically records short clips whenever someone enters or leaves the front door, making it easier than ever to catch those sneaky little rascals sneaking back inside after bedtime curfew.
The above list shows only the recommended security products that SecureCam recommends. We’ve also listed other great options below:
If you’re interested in getting started, check out our DIY guide:

Palmerston's Best Commercial Security Cameras

This article will cover some key commercial cameras that should be installed for business use and protection purposes including our own top pick for office cameras which will be discussed further down this page.
Before installing these cameras though it is worth mentioning that they should be treated like any other electrical device in terms of electricity supply requirements; therefore having the correct connection points and power supplies available prior to installation, ensuring that the camera can connect via Ethernet cable or WiFi network, along with testing it thoroughly beforehand.

For example: We recommend a minimum 3 x 5v USB power adapter. If you’re planning to run multiple security cams you’ll probably need extra adapters to avoid running out of power during peak usage times. A good way round this problem would be to install them onto separate PoE switches and plug those into surge protected outlets. Another alternative could be to consider switching to battery operated systems, although this requires additional maintenance and upkeep.
Another thing to note when buying the camera system is whether or not it includes motion detection technology or not. Some systems include these functions while others charge extra for the functionality. These types of feature can sometimes save valuable footage being deleted due to false alarms being triggered or missed events happening due to poor video quality. Having said that, most people who are installing security cameras will be aware of the importance of keeping footage safe and backed up regularly so that in case something does go wrong, you still have a record of what happened.
To conclude this section we’ve added in our top picks below, but remember we offer a complete solution service to ensure your camera system installs, operates and maintains to industry standard specifications; we can provide everything required to keep things working effectively including regular firmware upgrades and software updates.
In summary then, here are some great examples of the different options available today:
We hope you find this article useful, please feel free to post comments and questions or ask about anything else in relation to CCTV cameras.
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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Palmerston ON

Here’s a quick guide to install video surveillance cameras safely inside homes… but why would anyone be interested in doing this? Well, as technology continues to advance, homeowners will increasingly find themselves dealing with potential safety issues.
Whether they’re concerned about crime, pets, children, home invasions, or just keeping tabs on your kids after school hours, people across Canada are arming themselves with digital devices to help keep them safe. As a result, many families are turning to electronic security systems to protect their properties.
To properly assess whether these types of installations are worth making, experts recommend starting small and expanding gradually. For example, installing only one CCTV camera to monitor entrances/exits and hallways could prove sufficient to deter crime while providing peace of mind. If, however, you’d like to expand your system, consider adding other angles — perhaps additional exterior windows along driveways to spot suspicious packages being dropped outside, for instance.
If you opt for professional monitoring rather than DIY solutions, there are several options available for Canadians hoping to outfit their property with state-of-the-art security equipment. Companies such as Secure Cam offer high quality networked cams, offering both indoor and outdoor viewing capabilities. These days, most security companies use IP cameras, which enable remote recording without needing physical connections at each end of the line. Some products feature wireless connectivity; others employ Ethernet ports capable of communicating signals through walls and floors. All models include motion detection software, allowing family members who visit frequently to trigger alerts should someone walk past a monitored space during certain times of day (such as early morning). Depending upon the model chosen, a range of optional accessories (or “extras”) can further extend functionality beyond basic surveillance. Many brands feature night vision modes, allowing users to record video in pitch dark environments. Others incorporate audio components, enabling residents to hear intruders so they can better respond if necessary. And some models allow users to integrate a smartphone device into the setup via Bluetooth connection, eliminating the need for dedicated computer hardware. Wireless routers are often bundled with IP cameras since they provide consistent signal coverage, especially useful on larger properties. They can connect multiple points around a house simultaneously, and can accommodate various antenna configurations depending on specific needs.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Cameras provide excellent visibility but they can be expensive to install properly; we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure every job goes smoothly without complications. Our team will install the cameras correctly and take care of everything else for you during, and after your project, including 24/7 monitoring and response. We offer many different types of installations, ranging from simple pole mounts and ceiling mounts to complex networked systems connected via IP cams which allow remote viewing, alerts and other functions. These include:
Pole Mount Video Surveillance Systems
Floor Mount Panels & Ceiling Cables
Wireless IP Camera Networks
Camera Monitors & Display Screens
WiFi Routers & Connections
Monitoring Software
Security Camera Accessories / Remote Controls / Controllers
Remote Viewing Apps
And Many More!
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Palmerston Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this day & age, it is essential to protect yourself against theft or vandalism of items that hold sentimental value, like jewelry, cash, electronics, artwork and other valuable possessions. A security system should include cameras to monitor these assets 24/7 for peace of mind. However, many people struggle choosing which type of video surveillance system would be ideal for their needs and lifestyle.
At Secure Cam, we understand the importance of having a quality security solution installed and maintained properly. Our team will take care of everything including professional installation and maintenance. We offer FREE no obligation surveys, quotes and recommendations to ensure you get just the right solution for your home or business. If you decide to purchase from us, our prices beat most competitors.
We provide a range of products to suit both residential homes & small offices, through to large commercial properties, schools, hospitals, and factories. All of them feature high definition 1080P HD Video recording with night vision capabilities. We use industry leading IP technology which enables remote viewing via smartphone apps.
Why Secure Cam Palmerston is RIGHT FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS
• No Hassle Installation Service
All installations are professionally carried out by trained installers who come recommended by your neighbours and friends. They will arrive on time, complete the job quickly and leave nothing behind.
• High Definition 1080 Pixels Recording
High resolution cameras record images at 1280 x 720 pixels, giving crisp details in every frame. These recordings are saved onto SD cards, allowing you to easily transfer footage to computers or smartphones for immediate monitoring.
• Remote Viewing App Available
All our systems come equipped with SecureCam mobile apps available for iOS & Android phones. Simply download the appropriate version for each type of device you own. Once downloaded, simply login with an existing account or register with a new username and password. Then you’re ready to go live!
• Night Vision Capability
Most modern video surveillance solutions can record footage during normal daylight hours but lack the ability to see clearly in low light conditions. We ensure all of our devices offer full night vision capability to allow you to view your property safely, day and night.

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For those who wish they could record video footage 24/7 but just don’t have space for expensive security cameras. Or perhaps the cost of hiring specialist installers adds up. We’ve got news for you – installing the most popular security cameras is easier than ever these days thanks to DIY kits. But which ones will work well in real life situations, and won’t leave you spending thousands on a flawed system months after putting them live?
To be honest, many times people buy cheap security cams thinking there is no point paying extra cash because they’ll eventually get nicked anyway. However, this article sets out to show exactly why having quality equipment installed professionally can actually save your business hundreds of dollars down the line without impacting your peace of mind. After all, you only spend a fraction of the money replacing stolen items rather than repairing damage caused due to bad cams. So sit back, relax and learn everything there is to know about the top four brands offering DIY kit options in Australia. Read on…
If you’re interested in high definition 720P recording with zoom capabilities then check out Hikvision’s HD DVR VVX933HDK series. These little beauties come fully equipped with 10MP, night vision capability and weatherproofing making them perfect for indoor use on ceilings or walls. A built-in microphone records sound while 2 microphones pick up movement as far away as 60 metres with noise reduction technology. They operate via batteries meaning if power fails, the cam still works giving you plenty of coverage.
One other feature worth mentioning is these cameras support both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections letting you connect multiple units together over distance with ease. Their IP66 rating ensures dust ingress protection and rain resistance are both above average ensuring years of troublefree operation. If you prefer smaller cameras they offer mini versions (WVC3200MK2LN2T) too. All the models include motion detection alerts that go straight to your phone allowing you quick and convenient action should unwanted guests take offence at your presence.
There aren’t many things better than enjoying a nice glass of wine whilst watching fireworks display in front of some amazing scenery.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Palmerston

In this edition we talk about the best cameras for 2020. We talked about them during 2019 but today I thought is better to talk again because things always change, especially technology which changes everything. As I say, the main thing was still motion detection, but you must see all types available. Some people prefer video recording while some use audio only. If you decide buy something, remember to check the technical specifications to verify whether it fits your needs. Also, be aware that many cameras offer wireless remote control feature, meaning that they connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi network or through 3G connection.
For those looking to install a camera without professional help, here are the most popular models:
• IP Camera – These are cheap products sold everywhere. They work well but usually lack advanced options. Most commonly used for CCTV monitoring, these devices will detect movement, sound and sometimes light level. However, there is no way to customize anything except the resolution. On top of that, they often come on a small mounting base or tripod. For example, a typical model costs less than $50. Some brands include Netgear and TP Link.
Some other models allow full customization including external USB port, power supply size, color temperature and brightness adjustment. Here are examples of some well known brands:
– Kewl Pro 4K Dome/IP Network Camera System ($150-$250), offers 1080P HD resolution and 2 megapixels for good image quality. You can also record videos up to 30 minutes long in DVR mode at 1 hour per day. A built-in microphone lets you monitor sounds and talk live. Plus, it has an Ethernet LAN connector and can operate both wired and wireless via WAN link;
– Arlo Outdoor Network Video Doorbell & Motion Detector ($199.95), uses Bluetooth LE connectivity and supports streaming video of recorded events to compatible mobile phones. Features include push notifications and night vision capability;
– Axis P7200 Wireless Day / Night Vision Surveillance IP Cam ($169). Its main selling point is its ability to adjust color temperatures ranging from 2000k to 10 000k..

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