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In this years edition of “Trending Tech & Gadgets For Your Business”, we will be taking a quick look back at some of the most popular products used in commercial applications today.
Parkhill offers many options of high quality digital video cameras capable of being installed outside without having to wire them directly into electrical outlets. We’ve selected these models because they offer great value while delivering reliable functionality and good looks.
Best Digital Video Camera Options Available Today:
Honeywell HDC2000HD 1080P 60Hz 1MP Wireless Outdoor IP Cam System – Honeywell is one of the largest manufacturers of indoor/outdoor surveillance systems worldwide. Their HDC2000 series outdoor wireless cams range in resolution from 720p to 2K full HD resolution and feature the industry standard 720P streaming protocol. These units receive power via solar panels which charge internal batteries making battery life extremely long and provide excellent image transmission capabilities. Other advantages include built-in GFS software for automatic detection and alarm notification, auto-daylight illumination, motion alert zones, audio recording, email reporting, email alerts and remote viewing. They’re available in white, gray, blue, black, red, yellow, orange, pink, green and purple colors.
LumaSense DS3080GZ2 30% Wide Angle Day / Night Monocular Surveillance Device – LumaSense is another leader in providing top performing day night monocular devices at very affordable prices. While both companies specialize in producing infrared imaging technology, the differences lie in how each one operates. Like most other similar products from competitors, these cameras work well during the day but struggle with lighting conditions at dusk and dawn due to lower than average light levels at those times. Unlike most other competitors, however, these units come equipped with multiple color LED lights allowing them to function 24 hours per day regardless of the ambient environment. Some additional benefits include an optical zoom capability from 3x through 10× and night vision abilities that allow users to observe images under 0.02 lux, providing visibility down to 12 feet indoors. A rechargeable lithium ion power source extends standby time and also supports continuous monitoring.

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In this edition, I am featuring some of my most popular posts for 2020 and beyond! One will talk about the Best Security Camera Installations Trend for 2019, And another Post will cover “Best Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensors for Your Home/Office Space” For Next Year. Lastly, A video tutorial on ‘How to Mount Dome Style Security Cams Using Popsicle Poles’ which was published back in August 19th 2018 will be added.
We hope these articles help improve your knowledge on the topic. Please feel free to send us feedback to [email protected]. Thank you! We love hearing from our readers. Comment below on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Parkhill

Best HD video surveillance systems park hill: If having better definition while still recording 1080P footage sounds good enough then this solution will be perfect for you. These cameras generally capture 8MP images along with 1280 X 720 resolution which is plenty detailed enough to determine people sizes and movements but still keeps things crisp. Although they aren’t able to record higher than 24FPS these come with some amazing nightvision technology allowing them to see clearly in dark areas like parking lots or backyards.
Most popular HD video surveillance solutions for parkshills: As technology continues to advance, so does the quality of video recordings. While the older models mentioned previously still work fine for smaller applications they’re getting harder and harder to find because most modern homes opt for high end products. However even though manufacturers keep releasing newer versions, many customers continue to prefer the tried and true designs instead of going through another upgrade cycle just to get updated tech.
There’s always a tradeoff of course, as no single system offers everything every customer needs; if you decide to go with a traditional fixed wired setup for example, then chances are it won’t be easy to switch to wireless unless you buy a different kit specifically designed for that purpose. Another obvious issue is cost. Sure, buying a cheaper model isn’t necessarily bad news but these days, if something costs less, it usually doesn’t offer anything above what other brands provide.
Security Camera Installation: Whether you’re installing indoor / outdoor HD security cameras or standard CCTV for commercial use these professionals will help take care of all the details including power supply, mounting brackets hardware, cabling requirements, lens selection, frame numbers identification, software configuration & testing and network connection and bandwidth routing/installation. We offer professional service installations across the United States as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our installers are highly trained specialists who understand every aspect of camera design, integration and operation and we stand behind each job 100%
If you’d rather save yourself the trouble of dealing with cable management issues and simply purchase the equipment already installed in your house, a DIYer friendly package would be easier to manage in terms of maintenance and upgrades.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Parkhill

This guide will talk about the latest technology trends for security cameras in Parkhill Ontario, Canada including; indoor and outdoor cameras, wireless options, remote viewing, IP video recording, motion detection alerts and many more. We’ll be discussing what makes each type of system better than another and how they work together.
We’re excited about this update because we’ve seen some exciting developments lately in both the industry and our own products! Our newest line of products includes a complete range of camera systems designed specifically for use inside buildings like offices, hospitals, retail stores and industrial facilities. These indoor cameras allow us to provide customers with solutions tailored around specific needs while keeping costs down. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for updates as we continue developing innovative ways to keep people safe and provide peace of mind wherever they live, learn and play.
In addition to these changes, we’d love to hear feedback from readers and see suggestions for improvements on our website or through email. Please reach out anytime at
For additional information about Secure Cam’s products please visit
Thank you for reading.

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In this article I will be giving you my top picks for the best security cameras available today to protect your business and homes in 2022. These cameras offer the latest technology and the most advanced features that you could ever ask for. They are also designed to work perfectly with your existing systems like alarm system, CCTV, doorbell cam or motion sensor. If you own a house or office building then you should definitely consider buying these security cameras because they are extremely convenient.
In order to keep things interesting, I am going to break down each category into a separate post to provide a detailed explanation of why we chose them and some information about the specific model. We hope to see many readers enjoy reading through this series and find it informative and beneficial. So please continue to read below.
Best Outdoor Camera Systems
If you live in a rural area where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic around your property then outdoor security cameras aren’t really necessary unless you want to monitor a particular area for a longer period. However, if you live in a busy city environment then having an excellent outdoor security camera would be essential. If you’d like to get started with your outdoor camera purchase I recommend checking out my guide which covers everything you need to know including how to install your camera outdoors.
Outdoor cameras come in different shapes and sizes but I believe there are only 3 types worth considering when choosing the perfect outdoor security camera. Here are those 3 categories…
1. Pan/Tilt Cameras
Panoramic cameras allow us to take 360° video footage and pan across the entire field of view while keeping the subject clearly visible. These cameras usually include the ability to tilt as well which gives you complete control over your camera angle. If you’re interested in getting a high definition outdoor camera I highly suggest opting for something along these lines because these models tend to produce better quality images than standard HD ones.
2. Fixed Position Cams
Fixed position cams are designed specifically for use outside of buildings and typically consist of 2 lenses (one wide angle lens and one telephoto lens). When installed correctly they can produce crystal clear images in almost every situation without the need for any additional lighting.

Parkhill Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In today’s post I’ll be discussing some of the most common issues that people face while trying to install a home or business surveillance system for the first time. These tips should help you avoid these problems, but they won’t guarantee that they wont occur. However, we’ve tried them over and over again in our own installations, and have learned which ones work best and why. So hopefully this information will save you and/or someone else from going through this pain.
1. Make Sure Your Camera Is Plugged Into An Electrical Outlet That Can Power A Monitor And Lights
This seems like a no brainer, right? But many times you find yourself installing your camera only to realize after putting the box down that you forgot to plug one end of it into power…and then having to run back upstairs to get another extension cord, and then running downstairs again to grab another outlet.
2. Have Someone Watch Where All Of The Cables Leave From To Keep Them Straight.
If you’re not careful, cables tend to wind around each other and become tangled pretty easily. If you’re planning to use multiple cameras on different areas, keep track of the cabling and try to keep it organized. You’ll thank us later.
3. Use Tape When Stacking Boxes On Top Of Each Other To Prevent Damage Or Cracks
Taping boxes together helps prevent damage caused by shifting weight and makes stacking easier. We usually recommend wrapping tape several inches past the edge of a box before adding anything else (like the next smaller box).
4. Don’t Forget About Those Cable Runs Under Ceilings & Floors
Ceiling fans, vents, light fixtures, sprinkler systems, ductwork, water piping, plumbing pipes and HVAC lines often go under ceilings, floors and walls. Be aware of these things when placing your cameras because they can affect the way they operate. For instance, ceiling fan blades could interfere with motion sensors.
5. Use Proper Installation Tools
We’ve found that screwing things together without proper tools tends to cause issues down the road. For example, if you try to tighten screws without a Phillips head driver, you risk stripping threads on the screws themselves.

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In addition to providing products designed specifically with the purpose of protecting assets, and keeping them safe, Park Hill also offers complete solutions including cameras, storage devices, accessories, mounting systems, video distribution networks, monitoring software, cloud DVR recording, professional services and support. We offer a wide range of digital surveillance technology that will fit perfectly in your environment whether you’re building residential homes, retail stores, manufacturing plants or commercial offices; wherever people work and play. We take pride in delivering exceptional service that exceeds expectations while maintaining excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. At Park Hill, the ultimate measure of success lies in satisfied customers.
At Secure Cam we believe every job requires attention to detail and meticulous execution. Our experienced team members understand each project’s unique requirements and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations through innovative thinking, creative problem solving and uncompromising commitment. As professionals who truly care, our highly trained teams provide unparalleled expertise and knowledge of industry standards ensuring maximum protection of facilities within their scope. If you seek superior levels of service in the field of Digital Video Surveillance and Monitoring Solutions, then contact us today. From design consultation to technical implementation, our dedicated experts are committed to helping you select the right solution for maximizing value while reducing costs. Call us anytime toll-free 1-800-942-4287. Feel free to visit us online 24/7
We have different types of cameras available depending upon the type of facility you wish to protect and monitor. These include wired IP Camera Models, wireless IP camera models, network camera models, PTZ camera models, hybrid camera models, NVR camera models and many other CCTV cameras which are being launched day after day. Every single day new cameras are going to be introduced, updated and upgraded but always for better resolution, higher definition and enhanced features like motion detection and zoom capabilities. So keep yourself abreast of these latest developments, and get ready to buy the most advanced products on daily basis.
One thing however remains constant in the world of video surveillance. Whether you live in a small village or a large city, no matter in rural areas or remote locations, you would certainly face thefts, break ins, kidnapping attempts etc.

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This post covers some great news regarding our products for parkhills this season 2020. Secure Cam will be offering 2 different cameras types for 2020, both offering 1080P resolution, but the difference lies in the size/weight. We will offer 3 models that range from 4″ HD to 8″ HD which offers you many options depending upon your needs. Also, this seasons models range from $100-$300 per camera, which again offers us some flexibility in choosing our customers. So far we are pleased with the response thus far and we feel there is good market demand for these cameras.
We recommend installing our cameras into ceiling voids or above floor level areas of interest such as hallways, staircases, parking lots, bathrooms, bedrooms, breakrooms, kitchens and other high traffic areas. For example, if you live next door to someone who owns a dog then it would be wise to install a camera in the area they walk around most often! If you want to see what type of footage we take and the quality of images we record please follow these links below.
For more information on our cameras, service, prices, features, accessories and warranty policies visit

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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