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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular among property managers, homeowners and business owners alike due to many benefits they bring including improving safety in common areas like stairwells, hallways, and more importantly inside living spaces, protecting children and pets from abduction, theft, fire, crime prevention and more.
However, choosing which type of camera system would be most suitable for your needs, whether residential, commercial or both, and finding one that fits your space will take some research and planning.
While cameras used to just be installed in high risk/high visibility locations, these days it’s commonplace to see them being utilized across every floorplan. Here are five things to consider when determining which type of camera will suit your needs.
1. Camera Size & Range
Depending upon the kind of surveillance cameras required, one size does NOT fit all, especially since today’s technology continues to improve allowing smaller devices that offer greater coverage than ever before. For example, for indoor use, small cameras allow us to monitor multiple rooms and provide full view day and night while providing a range anywhere from 15 ft to 400 ft without obstructions of walls or furniture; whereas larger outdoor models give you 360° views of surrounding grounds without having to worry about obstructing trees or other plants.
2. Video Quality
If video quality isn’t top priority, then opt for lower resolution and longer recording times, but remember this choice could mean higher power consumption and cost during long periods of operation. Higher resolutions and shorter recording times generally result in reduced operational costs and less impact to electrical usage. If high video quality is critical, however, then you should invest in dedicated IP cameras with advanced image processing, motion detection algorithms, better optics, built-in battery charging systems or solar panels, and weatherproof design. Many of these newer models feature infrared illumination (IR), visible light IR and near-infrared imaging capabilities, so you get maximum coverage during daytime hours, and they’re able to distinguish people and animals easily thanks to enhanced lighting contrast ratios. And because they tend to consume less energy, they often come equipped with rechargeable batteries to maximize uptime during extended monitoring periods.

Peterborough's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this guide I will show you which cameras best fit your needs. We offer the most popular models in different sizes with all sorts of options. From indoor to outdoor use, the choice is yours. And if you’re unsure about whether a specific model would be appropriate for your situation, please contact us to discuss further.
We provide the highest quality products backed by exceptional customer service. If you’d like to learn more about our offerings, visit
For the purpose of this article, I will focus on commercial grade IP Camera systems that include both video recording capability AND motion activated alerts. These types of devices typically come equipped with night vision capabilities. They often offer remote viewing via mobile apps on smartphones or tablet computers. Some of these units can record video footage at high resolution while providing live streaming capabilities. Others allow you to stream to other locations via internet connection. Some even offer cloud storage capabilities!
Our recommendation is to consider the following criteria:
1) Size
2) Motion Detection/Alerting Capability
3) Recording Resolution / Streaming Quality
4) Remote View
5) Cloud Storage Support
6) Night Vision
7) Price Point
8) Compatibility Issues (USB Ports Required for many models)
9) Installation Options
10) Warranty Period
11) Reliability/Support
12) User Interface & Features
I am assuming for simplicity sake that you already have a good understanding of what the typical consumer uses their computer for. So the camera must support USB connections to connect to a PC or Mac. Most of the cameras on my list below meet those requirements. However they do vary greatly in terms of price point, size and feature sets. For example some of them only work as standalone units and others are built into monitors/TV displays. We’ll take a closer dive into each category shortly…
If you’re interested in finding out more details, you can find links to detailed reviews of individual models below. But first lets get started!
Here are the 10 top rated security cameras for business or home security, ranked according to popularity among consumers:

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Peterborough Home Security Camera Installation Tips & Tricks
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Security cameras come in many different sizes, prices, and capabilities. We break down the key criteria to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in today’s market. From indoor/outdoor options and price points to motion detection, infrared night video monitoring, HD resolution (720P), wireless systems, IP addresses, Wi-Fi, cloud storage, DVR capability, and many other specifications, we’ll provide a rundown of each system available below. We’ve broken this guide into categories like “best outdoor surveillance” and “budget,” so you can quickly find what fits your needs most easily. And of course, we always offer unbiased reviews of every single model we feature, and can recommend specific brands and models should they match up well with your priorities. If you still aren’t quite ready to commit, here are some quick links to get yourself started!
What Is A Wireless CCTV Surveillance System?
Wireless security cctv cameras use either radiofrequency signals or light pulses to send information back to a central base station. These types of devices are called Wireless Video Recorders because they record video without needing cables connected to fixed locations; however, these units usually connect wirelessly via RF signal only, meaning that they must remain close enough to be able to exchange data. They are typically used in places where traditional wired systems would prove challenging — for example, inside large buildings, underground parking garages, warehouses, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, schools, offices, retail stores, industrial sites, government agencies, airports, malls, and residential settings. Some manufacturers offer additional products for mounting outside and above doors in addition to the more typical wall mounts indoors.
How Does A Wiring Cctv Work?
Wired surveillance cctv can be either active or passive. Active wiring cctv requires power supplied to the cameras themselves while passive ones rely on power received from existing electrical lines or outlets. Wired systems tend to cost less than their wireless counterparts but offer fewer functions and lower quality imaging technology.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Security cameras play an important role in helping homeowners protect their property, but choosing which type of security system will be best suited to meet their specific needs can sometimes feel overwhelming.
Whether you live in a condo, house or apartment building, you should consider several factors before deciding whether or not installing a surveillance system is right for you. These include cost savings, ease of use, reliability, and most importantly the ability to get a good picture quality video stream. Here are some tips for selecting the ideal security system for your home or business.
1. Consider Your Budget First. When shopping around for a security solution, keep your budget in mind first. There are many different types of monitoring solutions available today ranging from basic motion detectors through to IP cams that offer high resolution streaming video in real-time. Some systems offer both audio and visual alerts while other only provide one form of protection. Depending upon your budget it could be worth spending a little extra cash to buy multiple products and integrate them together to achieve complete coverage. For example, you could install a wireless doorbell, indoor/outdoor lighting and window sensors to detect intruders. You could then combine this information with video footage recorded by a professional grade HD IP cam for maximum peace of mind.
2. Think About Where You Want to Place the Camera System. If you’d like a full overview of your entire residence, including areas outside your property, consider adding multiple cameras to cover these additional spots. However, if you just want to monitor activity in your own backyard, there are plenty of options in terms of camera locations. A popular location is near an exterior light fixture, since it helps ensure that it’s always turned on during daylight hours, making it easier for you to see who’s approaching. Another great choice is near windows, especially those facing away from your property. These spots help reduce blind angles, ensuring a clearer view of anyone standing nearby. Of course, depending on the size of your yard and the distance of potential threats, you may find yourself needing multiple cameras for optimal viewing.
3. Determine Whether Or Not You Need Audio Alerts.

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Peterborough security cameras are available across four different categories which include 1080P HD CCTV Camera/ DVR, 720P HD IP Camera / Network Video Recorder(NVR), 4K Ultra High Definition video recording and 8mm dome lens CCTV Camera system. We carry both brands of products and they offer great value for money. For example; A standard 2TB HDD network recorder will cost around £150 whereas same quality model would go for around £650 with only 1 TB storage space (more details below).
We believe that these days most people feel like “if I had it my way then everything could be perfect” but really when you take another step back and consider the world, things aren’t always as good as you think.
This includes how things work for us, or you, every moment of everyday life. So instead of complaining and getting stressed out about something going wrong, why not just get prepared.
Preparation isn’t anything scary, it’s just making sure you understand the situation. If you prepare well enough then nothing bad happens because you’ve planned ahead. And planning makes sense, since you won’t see a problem coming until it gets closer than you expect.
That’s exactly what this post is doing, showing you some ideas that help you prepare yourself for whatever problems might arise in terms of technology in 10 years time.
What follows is a list of topics covered from various sources over the past few decades. They cover many aspects to living today including; healthcare, transportation, education, crime prevention, work ethics, environmentalism, politics, privacy rights, food safety and the economy. Some examples listed below are; cell phones, internet usage, air travel and even the effects of global warming. These subjects touch on almost everyone’s lives today and they’ll no doubt continue to affect us tomorrow.
So what does all this mean? Well firstly, this guide helps to provide you with a general overview of potential issues arising from a technological standpoint. Secondly, it gives you the knowledge to become better equipped to deal with them should they occur.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Peterborough

For many years people have installed cameras because they thought they would save themselves the embarrassment of having neighbors spy on them through windows or peeking around bushes outside their homes. But then the world grew larger than just your front lawn. Today people install outdoor surveillance systems not only for those embarrassing moments but also for safety reasons. People use cameras these days to see who’s coming onto their property without alerting them first. They’ve got children playing next door and dogs barking down the street. And while some parents feel better knowing their kids aren’t wandering aimlessly around after dark anymore, others worry about whether anyone will notice what goes on inside while they’re away if there ever happened to be trespassers.
Peterborough residents face similar problems today since the city was recently ranked Canada’s most dangerous place to live for 2020 according to Crime Statistics 2014 released this week. For example, last year 3,068 incidents occurred in total across Greater Vancouver including 1,972 residential break & enters, 518 motor vehicle thefts and 36 homicides. So why do people keep getting burglarized, robbed, assaulted and killed nowadays? As mentioned earlier, people buy cameras in order to protect their families and properties. Unfortunately, the quality and types of cameras available today range widely, which often leads consumers to purchase substandard units while trying to save a few bucks. Fortunately though, technology continues to advance and offer higher resolution, brighter HD video recording capabilities making it easier than ever to identify potential threats and determine if homeowners should invest in a high-quality home security system.
We take advantage of advanced technologies like facial recognition software, motion detection tools, audio sensors along with other key hardware components offered by Secure Cam Inc. Our team installs every unit in house ensuring the highest level of service possible for clients regardless of scale. If you own something valuable and want a safe haven against intruders, you’d be wise to speak with us and get started installing more advanced CCTV cameras. We help ensure that you’ll still enjoy peace of mind no matter what happens on your home grounds. From helping you select a great unit to taking care of everything else once it’s up and running, we provide full support after sales and ongoing training options.

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This is post covers some of the most popular models available today. They include entry level products like HD 1080P cameras, mid range 2k solutions which use high definition video codecs such as MPEG2/H264 and high end 8k IPTV. All four offer outstanding image quality, advanced motion detection and cloud integration options but each will deliver different levels of service depending on whether they use traditional analog cabling or fibre optic cable. If your primary requirement is ease of install it makes sense to buy an entry level system and upgrade to higher specification systems as required. Or alternatively, go straight for a complete 8k UHD solution.
So lets take a closer look at these top 4 brands to help determine which would be good value for money.
Security Camera Manufacturers & Brands (previously known as CCTV manufacturers until 2018).
ArjoHunt BV; A fully integrated Dutch manufacturer offering excellent customer support through their website. Arjoshield series offer both wired and wireless digital surveillance. Their networked DVR is compact allowing them to place units anywhere without having to worry about cables trailing behind walls etc. Onsite viewing is possible though this isn’t always ideal due to power requirements. They claim a 99% coverage area with no dead zones for their product line. Features including night vision, IR heat sensor technology (for outdoor installations), 24hrs recording capacity, and remote monitoring system via internet link.
Panasonic CPD2300WU1CZG9S7000 Series WUXGA 1920×1080 12MP 30fps 720p / 25m Wireless 1080i DLP IP Cam Network Monitor
Sony HDR-XR100E 16mm lens 1 inch Sony CMOS Sensor VLTOR Camera with Built-In SD Card Reader
Samsung NX10 10MP Mirrorless Digital Still Cameras with 3″ LCD Screen, WiFi Capable Up to 5 Meters Distancing
Canon XF300 IS 32 MP Full HD 1080p Wireless Mobile Security Monocular Night Vision IR Motion Detection Day ND Filter
TASCHEN 2200LN3T8M3080 (M5690) 20° Wide Angle 0.

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In this article I will be discussing some things about how cameras work and why they are good for business security. We will cover everything ranging from how video conferencing happens to using them for surveillance purposes.
Why Use Video Surveillance Systems?
Video recording devices can offer many different uses including surveillance. Surveillance cameras allow people to monitor certain areas without being seen themselves. They are perfect for places like parking lots, warehouses, hotels, banks, and government buildings. Many companies use video recordings systems because they provide better coverage than other forms of monitoring. A video system can help keep watchful eyes on locations which would otherwise be impossible to observe. If someone has stolen something then police officers could search through old footage to identify who committed the crime.
There are lots of benefits to having a video surveillance system installed around your house or place of employment.
Here are just some of these benefits:
Surveillance Cameras Improve Business Safety
Cameras record events happening in real time. As soon as anything occurs, it gets recorded and stored indefinitely in case anyone needs to see it later. This helps protect employees against theft and injury. The system keeps records for years. They aren’t erased after a certain amount of time unless you instruct your camera service provider otherwise. Cameras are able to send images instantly to any device anywhere in the world. It’s possible to view videos remotely, but only via computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or TV screen. Most providers offer cloud storage options as well which makes it easier to store and retrieve your files. When you’re reviewing the tapes later, you’ll find yourself feeling less stressed since you won’t have to rush back to the scene immediately. You can easily go straight to viewing previous incidents, making finding information quicker.
Detect Theft
If your property was broken into, you wouldn’t necessarily notice until weeks, months, or longer had passed; by that point it’d probably already been taken anyway. Having a video surveillance system lets you quickly check your CCTV feeds and detect unauthorized entry. Your staff should be alerted immediately once suspicious activity is detected. It’s much faster than waiting hours for guards to arrive. A fast response to alarms saves lives..

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