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Security Camera Installation Trends For 2022
In today’s world, most people use some form of electronic device — be it smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, TVs or other devices — for everything they do. Whether we’re talking about getting work assignments completed, keeping track of daily finances, checking in on family members who aren’t living with us physically, chatting with friends while watching TV together, or browsing the web during downtime at work, there are few times when these gadgets won’t be involved to varying degrees. This makes many homes and offices vulnerable to theft, break-ins, vandalism and accidents because everyone seems to leave something behind every day; this includes valuable items like jewelry, cash and appliances just waiting to be stolen/damaged. Many homeowners rely on traditional methods to protect themselves from thieves – locks, deadbolts, fences and gates (among others), but these preventative measures often fall short as technology advances and crime becomes increasingly sophisticated. A good video surveillance system could potentially prevent burglars from breaking in at night, helping keep your valuables safe and protecting against damages caused by thieves. So, how does one go about making their property both safer and smarter at the same time? First things first, let’s take a quick look at which types of cameras exist, what each type looks like and why you should care whether it will fit perfectly in your home or office setting or not.
Cameras Today, We’ve Got…
IP Video Surveillance Cameras
Video surveillance systems typically consist of several distinct parts — hardware, software, integration points and management tools — working together to enable remote monitoring and control via an IP network connection. As part of the overall package, modern video surveillance solutions include a small number of high definition or HD digital cameras installed around properties to capture images at resolutions ranging from 1080P down to 720p, depending on the needs of the specific solution being deployed. Some manufacturers offer higher resolution models for those needing exceptional detail resolution for viewing on monitors, televisions or laptops; however, these come with additional costs as well as size considerations. Another component to consider is the storage capacity required to store captured footage.

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In this article I am going to talk about the most popular point-of-sale systems available today, including some great options for small business owners. If you already own a POS system but would like to upgrade your equipment, these options will help keep you ahead of the competition. These devices allow you to easily monitor multiple locations simultaneously while providing valuable sales reporting information.
If you haven’t heard yet, point-of sale (POS) technology has taken the world by storm, allowing consumers and merchants alike to stay connected 24/7 with ease and convenience.
This is because they provide instant cashierless transactions without having to go through checkouts. They eliminate the hassle of counting cashiers and keeping track of paper receipts. And they also save time.
In addition, many retailers offer discounts or rewards programs, which encourage customers to use them instead of paying with credit cards, increasing customer loyalty. But what exactly makes a good point-of-sale device?
There are several factors involved in choosing the correct POS solution; however, the first consideration should be whether to invest in hardware or software solutions.
Hardware is typically considered more cost effective than a software solution, although both types come with varying degrees of flexibility depending on your specific needs. Hardware devices also tend to provide better value for money.
However, they often lack customization capabilities, meaning you cannot modify them according to your unique requirements.
Software offers greater versatility; therefore, it is easier to tailor the software to meet individualized demands. Software can usually be upgraded and enhanced, whereas a hardware device requires replacement.
Another factor worth considering is whether you want a standalone unit or as part of a larger integrated system. Standalone systems are usually easier to install than those that integrate other hardware components such as printers.
But standalone units can sometimes prove more expensive than combined solutions that include additional hardware.
So what type is ideal for you? Weighing up each feature against your particular situation, you might find yourself drawn towards one of the following categories:
1. Small Business Solutions
2. Large Business Solutions
3. Retail & eCommerce
4. Foodservice Solutions
5. Hospitality Systems

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Point-of-View Camera Installation – Our industry leading point of view cameras offer multiple panning options; they allow us to place them in locations most people wouldn’t normally consider. We install these around windows and doorways because those areas are typically well lit and thus easier to see through the small lens size. These same cameras work great inside closets, basements, storage rooms, bathrooms and hallways where lighting conditions are less than ideal. They will easily pick up movement and audio without being obtrusive. For this reason, many homeowners prefer POV style security cams over traditional dome camcorders which tend to be bulky and large obstructions in dark spaces. Many times when we encounter a homeowner who wants a “camera in every corner” approach, it translates into having cameras installed throughout their house including bedrooms. While this sounds like it would help detect potential intruders during sleep hours, the reality is that no matter how carefully someone looks, he or she won’t spot anything untoward unless something big pops and makes noise. On the other hand, Point Of View type security cameras only record motion and sound while passing through certain points and angles. If someone approaches your front door unnoticed and attempts entry, the camera captures his or her face in the frame for verification purposes. Once verified as legitimate via facial recognition software, the intruder is immediately recorded as detected and actioned in realtime. Even if they try to hide while still near the threshold, the intrusion detection system records and alerts the authorities. So for anyone interested in reducing false alarms due to ambient light conditions, Point Of View cameras provide excellent coverage coverage with minimal obstruction concerns. When installing Point Of Views, we recommend placing them above eye level and below ceiling height since the majority of burglars target living rooms and kitchens first anyway.
Motion Detecting Wireless Dome Cameras. Some people ask whether wireless network enabled cameras provide better or worse video quality than wired networks. The answer is actually both ways depending on usage situation. First, consider a fact that nearly 90% of homes use Wi-Fi nowadays instead of broadband Internet service. Therefore, if you intend on watching live footage for long periods of time, then wireless connections should suffice.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Pointe-Claire Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this post I am going to talk about why you should consider choosing a Smart HD IP Camera System like ours from Secure Cam. We will be talking through some benefits and advantages for each category but first lets take a look at who these cameras are aimed for.
Pointe Claire & District Residents – These are great for people living in older homes or apartments in which there isn’t any space above doorways for mounting a traditional security system. If you live in a condo building then chances are you will find most units are equipped with fire doors which makes them perfect for installing an external video surveillance solution without having to go inside. Also, many condos have underground parking garages which can be accessed via exterior stairs leading up through the garage bay area. So, if you work late hours and leave your keys outside while getting ready for bed you could install and monitor these systems remotely from your smartphone.
Homeowners with no space inside walls or ceilings. Many homeowners choose to install point-of-view security solutions instead of standard wall mounted security cameras because they simply just do not fit the décor. They might need something unobtrusive or hidden away in cupboard space, under the kitchen counter tops, behind appliances or in closets.
Business Owners. Businesses of all sizes can benefit greatly from investing in a home or business video surveillance solution. Whether it is for increased awareness or monitoring purposes it is always beneficial to keep tabs on employees during non working hours or after hours, especially in larger facilities where theft becomes a problem. Video Surveillance Systems provide you with peace of mind knowing that someone is watching at all times, even though you cannot see them doing anything suspicious yourself. They allow you to catch thieves red handed, while keeping everyone safe. For example, you don’t have to worry about leaving valuables unattended, or leaving windows unlocked, since anyone caught trying would immediately get noticed and potentially face consequences.
Security Professionals/Law Enforcement. When dealing with law enforcement professionals there are certain circumstances that warrant the use of covert video recording equipment. Some examples include situations involving domestic abuse, kidnapping, and rape investigations.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Pointe-Claire

Security cameras come in many different varieties, but most people use them because they want to protect themselves and their property. If you haven’t considered installing some form of surveillance equipment yet, maybe these articles will convince you otherwise. We’ll start by talking briefly about the types and styles available and then move onto which ones would be good additions to your home, business, or rental property.
We’ve got great tips, videos, tutorials and other useful information on choosing the perfect security system for you. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor security setup, indoor security solution, or just general info on pointe claires security cameras, this article should help you get started. And since we like the idea of supporting community members who love helping each other out, we added an Amazon affiliate link below for anyone else interested in getting this information for themselves. Hope it helps 🙂
(Pointe Claire, QC Canada)
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Included below are links to part 1& 2 of “Ultimate guide to installing the best security cameras for your Pointe-Claire home or office.”]]>

There are lots of options when it comes to selecting security systems today.

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We will tell you which cameras offer the highest quality video resolution. Our experts recommend video quality matters most when selecting a Camera System. We explain why 1080P should be the minimum standard. When you go higher than that, like 2k, 4k, 5k, 8k or 10k then you really get to appreciate just how amazing they are compared to the lower resolutions. However, these types of resolutions cost significantly more. So, unless you absolutely must have HD video, stick with 1080P for maximum value.
When choosing a model for pointe claire QC homeowners, there’s no doubt the market today is awash with many choices but if you’re looking for something affordable, functional and reliable you’ll find that the following four models stand head & shoulders above anything else available. But what makes them superior? Read below…
4. 1st Watch Pro IP65/IP66 Waterproof
2nd NVR One Touch HD Network Video Recorder
3rd Axis VVU9000 Full HD Wireless Network Dvr System
4th Panasonic PTZ Dome Camera
Best 4k surveillance system Point-e Claires
As mentioned earlier, there is good reason why this group of products do well because of their ability to withstand water damage; therefore ensuring footage captured remains intact whether rain showers flood, sprinkler systems spray or swimming pool ladders dunk. Not only does waterproofing mean no water gets inside making the contents of each camera accessible anytime without having to drain and dry the unit, it also protects against dust ingress meaning fewer maintenance visits required for cleaning and maintaining indoor viewing areas. Furthermore, these units tend to be less expensive than other brands yet still provide excellent picture quality, especially considering many manufacturers sell their models for under $500 USD!
1st 1st Watch Pro Series Outdoor Camera
For those who enjoy watching wildlife on private properties, owning a high definition outdoor monitoring device comes highly recommended since it enables you to keep tabs on wild animals right outside your door whilst enabling remote control functions such as night vision capability, recording function and auto-record functionality. Additionally, these devices enable you to record what happens outside without obstructive wires interfering with viewings.

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We take pride in providing professional service for residential point-of-sale installations and security systems. We provide the highest level of customer care while delivering quality products for your protection.
2. Why should I use Secure Camera Products & Services for my Point Claire home/office install?
You will receive FREE estimates, no obligation sales quotes, 24 hr emergency response, fast shipping, and exceptional support before and after purchase. If you find yourself dissatisfied with a security system, contact us immediately so we can resolve an issue without delay. Your happiness matters most to us so please feel free to call our team 24 hours/day 7 days per week. If you have questions regarding our products or would like to discuss other topics related to security cameras, feel free to send us an email anytime.
3. How Do I Contact My Sales Rep / Support Team When Purchasing A New System For My Point Claire Home Or Business?
Contact us via phone or chat through our website and get instant help with your question(s). Our friendly customer support staff members are available Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm PT.
4. What Is the Difference Between IP Cams and Network Cameras?
IP cam technology was developed during the early 90’s, but network cams became popularized due to high resolution, ease of setup, portability and affordability. Both types of devices work similarly; however, they each offer unique advantages depending on which type suits your needs better.
Network cams operate on either wired Ethernet networks or wireless 802.11x networks. They utilize both radio frequency signals and power lines as communication channels. While this makes them relatively portable, many people consider the higher price tag associated with these units less attractive than their counterparts utilizing Wi-Fi and Ethernet.
For those wanting an additional layer of security, IP cams allow remote monitoring capabilities. These cams transmit video footage and audio recordings to an external source, typically located on a server somewhere else. Some models include integrated speakers and microphones, allowing you to listen to activity outside of your house, while still enjoying peace and quiet inside.

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1) Our mission: We provide top quality camera systems installed professionally, locally, and affordable. Installations include wall mounts, cameras, and other accessories. All of these products come completely assembled and tested to be ready to go immediately after delivery. Once complete, each system will get monitored automatically.
2) Quality
Quality matters most to us; this includes everything from our cameras down to the smallest details like brand names, logos, etc. They help establish credibility, brand awareness and customer trust. For example, many customers use SecureCam because they already trusted them for installing security cams around Montreal since 2013. But, besides being recognized as an industry leader in Montreal security cam installations, we also offer additional support along the way including technical questions/answering support, monitoring reports, remote viewing and troubleshooting assistance among other things. If something goes awry during the setup, then there is always someone who knows how to solve the issue efficiently and quickly.
3) Local Service
We believe in providing excellent service both prior to and following sale of the surveillance equipment. Whether in person, or virtually via phone or email, we aim to exceed expectations. Our commitment to excellence extends further still to offering competitive rates and transparent fees, which ensure that every client receives exactly what was promised and nothing less.
4) Community Involvement
At the highest level, we strive to represent our community positively through participation in the various associations. By doing so, we hope to bring attention to the cause while simultaneously promoting ourselves in return. A small contribution to an association can yield big rewards, namely positive feedback, credibility, referrals, potential business partners, and much more. On the flip side, if our actions aren’t aligned with our stated principles we would expect negative consequences that could potentially derail years of work put forward. Simply saying “no” isn’t acceptable either…if it’s truly against protocol, ethics or morality, then we’d rather err on the side of caution than risk putting bad impressions towards our associates, clients, friends and family..

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