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Point-of View cameras offer excellent video quality but they come packed with complex hardware and software which requires training to install properly and use effectively. They are often prohibitively expensive unless you already own another system like this. If your primary concern is keeping intruders outside then these cameras won’t meet your needs.
Most point-of view systems rely on motion detection technology to activate alerts; while that’s great for detecting suspicious activity, they lack a robust alarm response feature that’ll actually scare someone away. These devices typically will only have audio/video recording capabilities and no live streaming capability. Finally, most models lack remote control functionality; a big drawback for anyone who wants complete peace of mind.
What should you watch instead? For most people, I recommend investing in either IP cams or wireless networked surveillance products. An IP cam is simply a standard webcams connected via ethernet cable and placed near a window and pointing towards potential areas of interest. Most systems today provide multiple angles for monitoring. Wireless networks allow your entire house to be monitored simultaneously regardless of where you place them. IP cameras tend to cost less on average than traditional point-view cameras because many manufacturers sell through Amazon Prime or other retailers offering subscription discounts every week. However, wireless solutions are still significantly cheaper than traditional cable or cordless alternatives. A good way to save money on a whole-home solution would be to buy several different brands and model numbers and swap them around regularly until the price per unit drops below $100. That could take anywhere from six months to half a year depending on the manufacturer.
Wireless Network Cams
If your home was built after 1990 then chances are good that your wiring setup uses Ethernet networking cables, otherwise known as Cat5,6. Either type of cable is fine for security purposes as long as it isn’t old—a lot of older homes used coaxial cables, or CATV wires, originally intended for televisions, to wire buildings. Coaxial cables are still commonly found in rural areas but you shouldn’t run across any in urban environments. Regardless of whether you’re installing new cabling or swapping existing items around keep things neat and tidy during construction. That reduces clutter that could interfere with proper signal transmission.

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Pointe Claires is a city located just outside Montreal, Quebec Canada and this article will cover some key features of these cameras, along with other options and information on choosing them correctly for your commercial purposes..
For many business people who live away from their main location, the thought of having video surveillance systems installed in their homes is scary. They worry they won’t be able to get help quickly should something happen. But thanks to advances in technology — especially digital solutions — today’s surveillance equipment makes installing such systems relatively straightforward. And the benefits far outweigh those worries. If you’re considering having a professional install video surveillance systems around your point clair house, office, or retail establishment read through the following guide to see which system would work best for you and your needs.
Before making final decisions, however, first understand why you’d probably want a full-service monitoring solution. Some folks find it comforting knowing someone else keeps tabs on things while they’re away; others simply like being alerted of problems whenever possible. No matter what, though, you’ll want to factor in both ease of use and price before settling on anything.
In addition to deciding whether to hire a contractor or buy everything yourself, consider these factors when shopping for the ideal home security system.
Cameras & Software Solutions
Digital equipment isn’t always necessary, but depending on your specific situation, a combination of hardware devices and software applications could provide the most reliable coverage. Digital monitoring systems often offer greater flexibility than analog models, letting you view recorded footage remotely as well as monitor events via email and text alerts.
Of course, no single device offers every function under the sun, so you’ll also want to consider some basic criteria, including battery life, portability, network capabilities, resolution, and image quality. Most modern DVRs come equipped with Wi-Fi networking support, allowing you to connect multiple units wirelessly without running cables across long distances and tripping power lines and breakers. Wireless routers generally aren’t suitable for indoor wireless surveillance because the signals interfere easily enough to limit effective range, but outdoor networks aren’t immune either. Depending on your setup and environment, you can sometimes solve connectivity issues by adding several additional routers.

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What type of video footage should I record? Is this something I should consider installing? Do my existing cameras meet the needs of my current property/business? Here is everything you will always be wondering when buying and setting up your first security camera system. Read these questions and answers below!
1.) The most common questions people ask themselves after they buy a security camera system. These can range anywhere from “How often should I check the recordings / videos?” All the way through to “Should I get a motion detection system or just regular CCTV monitoring?” We cover all these topics below, but first things first–what types of recording options should we offer?
2.) A few years ago, when point-of-sale systems began to take hold, many merchants saw increased sales due to having customers enter sensitive information such as credit card numbers and expiration dates. However, over the past several years, consumers have shown concern for privacy; therefore, the market penetration rate for POS solutions has decreased significantly since 2011. As retailers continue to struggle with declining foot traffic and increasing eCommerce competition, POS integration will remain an area of focus for both brick & mortar locations and small business operations. So while your main objective may be to sell products or provide customer service, POS integration could help improve overall productivity and streamline processes.
3.) When shopping for the next home improvement project, homeowners will find that there is no shortage of home renovation ideas. While some remodels seem obvious choices like updating lighting fixtures or adding extra kitchen appliances, other renovations go unnoticed until homeowners begin noticing problems. Whether it’s finding mold growth behind walls and ceilings, water damage around baseboards, or a squeaky floorboard underfoot, homeowners who notice signs of wear and tear typically seek professional assistance. For those who notice potential issues before a leaky faucet turns into damaged drywall, a minor repair job becomes a bigger headache than anticipated, especially during peak seasons like summer months.
4.) With the popularity of smartphones and tablet devices, home automation has become quite popular among consumers today.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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When choosing the perfect type home security cameras, consider these factors to ensure success:
1) Privacy– While most people appreciate having privacy while watching live video footage from their own devices, many feel uncomfortable seeing themselves onscreen. So make sure the device offers good resolution and privacy settings to keep this aspect under control. For example, some models allow only motion or sound detection without recording videos. If your model does not offer this feature, ask yourself why you would purchase this particular item in the first place. Remember, surveillance equipment should be used for protection purposes; thus, a high quality system that records and sends alerts via email will serve the purpose better than something less costly.
2) Motion Detection – Many systems simply alert occupants once they detect movement, which is a useful tool but not necessarily enough detail. For instance, if someone walks past but no longer appears during playback, they won’t really learn anything except that “something” was going on nearby. However, in other cases, like those occurring outside of business hours or holidays, detecting and reporting activity could prove invaluable. Ensure that your unit reports details regarding who detected the intrusion, whether they moved toward/away from the area, and perhaps even captured a picture with the camera. Some units have built-in facial recognition technology, enabling them to identify individuals automatically, providing additional information and helping to prevent false alarms. These capabilities must be carefully considered before deciding upon buying a particular unit. Finally, note that many cameras are designed specifically for outdoor use. Outdoor cameras typically provide higher resolutions and greater sensitivity due to lower lighting conditions, giving homeowners excellent coverage across long distances. While indoor installations often come with night vision capability, outdoor models often include infrared LEDs, allowing them to capture images even when light levels drop below 20 luxes (a level commonly found outdoors).
3) Camera Location – One of the easiest ways for intruders to bypass home alarm systems is through doorways, windows, skylights, roof vents, crawl spaces, chimneys, and the attic. Thus, locating each of these areas within range of the monitoring center and ensuring sufficient visibility is critical.

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While cameras continue to be used more often than ever, this does not mean they are always a wise choice. We believe there isn’t anything worse than having an expensive piece of equipment that’s less valuable than a paperweight because nobody knows it exists. So please read my thoughts below before getting started, especially since I’m going to tell you some things you probably already knew (but most people haven’t). And I promise I won’t leave out anything super obvious.
First of all, consider where these devices will actually get installed. If someone else owns the house or apartment building then they could install them without telling you unless you specifically ask which I wouldn’t recommend. Even though I personally hate that practice, it seems like common sense to me that if the person who lives somewhere should own the place he/she lives in or she would simply rent a space instead… But we’re talking about security devices being installed.
If you live in a rental I am assuming you’ll still only see them in photos… but again you’d better have proof of ownership otherwise the renter can claim ownership and keep whatever happens to fall under… oh wait.
But even if it’s totally legal I find it weird that landlords aren’t required to provide actual pictures of everything they put in tenants’ apartments… you know like a picture of a lamp or something. Sure I’ve seen houses where every single thing was photographed but none of those places had renters living there and it made no difference whatsoever.
Anyways back to our topic. You are going to buy a security device anyway whether it’s a good idea or not. Why? Because most times when you call customer support they say “Hey that model of IP Camera we sell just broke down” or some crap. They almost always blame human error as part of why it went kaput. So buying another one for $50-$100+ more makes perfect sense to prevent further aggravation. Besides, if you really wanted to avoid paying more and installing yourself, go ahead and steal the hardware for $0.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Pointe-Claire

For many people, they just like knowing someone was watching them while they slept. Or perhaps they care about keeping track of whom enters/leaves their property without needing to be notified every day. Others, however, want to keep watchful eyes on specific areas of interest. Afterall, who wants to live with blind spots? Here’s why you should consider installing cameras from SecureCam Pointe Claire….
Cameras come in numerous sizes, shapes, and types. So which type will work best for both you and the area being monitored? First, take a look at this overview of various categories…
Wireless Network Camera IP Surveillance Wired Network Camera IP Wireless Network Camera Motion Detection Doorbell / Alarm Remote Control Outdoor DVR Indoor Digital Video Recorder Selfie Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Night Vision Thermal Illuminator Hidden Recording Mini Dome Camera HD 1080P WiFi Camera Wi-Fi System Smart Cam System Digital Day & Night Time Lapse Video Camera Wi-Fi PTZ Camera 2MP Network Camera 2 MP 720HD Network Camera 1MP USB Camera 4K 8MP USB Camera 3G Cellular Phone Camera WiFi Camera Wifi Access Point Cloud Camera Camera Dvr Mobile CCTV Camera Network Storage Device Computer Monitoring Software Firewall VPN Router USB Microphone Audio Capture App Control Panel PC Monitor PC Antenna Wi-Fi Range Finder RFID Reader IR LED TV Wi Fi Sensor Monitor IR Viewfinder WiFi Hotspot Cell Tower Mounted Camera Dvr Spyware Spying Phone Audio Microphone Phone Tracker GPS Gps Tracking Location Finding Mobile Phone Wi-fi Signal Meter Proximity Alerting System Remote Controler Android Tablet Monitoring APP IOS Gadget IoT Devices Spy Kit
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In this article I will show you which cameras work great for Point Claire homes and offices today.
We recently put together a video series covering all aspects of security including the top cameras to install in point claire homes. We recommend checking it out here –
This guide covers everything from choosing the RIGHT system to installing them yourself. If you need help getting started please message us.
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For those who haven’t heard yet, SecureCam offers complete online ordering through their website as well as direct delivery service anywhere in Canada. Our mission is to provide every Canadian homeowner with the highest quality surveillance products available while providing value. And that means making sure that they get exactly what they order without hassle. No hidden fees, no additional charges, just fast shipping straight to your door.
Here are some tips to ensure you maximize your investment:
1. Choose the Right Camera System for Your Needs
2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Secure Cam staff is happy to assist you with any question or concern you might have regarding security systems. They understand these systems better than anyone else since they’ve installed thousands of cameras themselves. When shopping around make sure you shop locally and visit real life locations so that you can see how things fit into daily living.
3. Keep a backup power supply handy! Having a generator helps reduce issues like surges and power cuts, but remember most camera systems aren’t designed to use generators. Many people rely on battery backups until their generator arrives. Make sure your batteries are charged enough to operate during power failures and surge situations. Check back in 2 weeks if weather isn’t cooperating to run your outdoor camera system.
4. Do you live near traffic lights? Or perhaps near busy roads? Is your house prone to crime? Ask yourself these critical questions when selecting a camera position. Some places really call for motion detectors or infrared night vision capabilities. If your property is located next to industrial areas then you should consider infrared detection equipment. These days many homeowners enjoy having audio alerts along with visual images.

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Pointe Claire Camera Systems and Installations provide top quality security systems, camera surveillance products and services. We install state-of-the art solutions designed to keep people safe inside and outside of their homes. Our mission is “to help protect life through enhanced safety technology”.
Here is my guide on finding the perfect solution for your security cameras for pointe claire qc. In this post I will cover everything you need to know about selecting the Right Camera System and the most popular Camera Brands to use in order to get some great pictures.
My Favorite Point of Viewing Options: One of the first things you should consider while choosing the right type of system is whether you would like to view the video feed live or just record the footage. If you prefer viewing the feeds live then I recommend getting a motion detecting alarm which alerts you whenever something happens in front of the camera. On the other hand if you only plan to monitor once every few days, recording videos to be reviewed after they happen could be better suited. Most modern cameras come equipped with either WiFi connection options or cellular connections allowing them to send recordings via email or cloud storage.
Camera Types: When deciding on what type of system to go with, you should decide on whether you wish to purchase the hardware yourself, or hire someone else to do the work for you. While buying the camera equipment yourself saves you quite a bit of cash initially, hiring another person to complete the project ensures they get exactly what you wanted; meaning no mistakes when setting up the equipment. For example if you chose wireless cameras because of battery issues but ended up having none installed with the system, there really isn’t anything you can do except pay twice to replace those batteries since they did not arrive already charged. Also note that most companies charge extra for shipping and installations, so make sure you factor these costs in when comparing prices.
If you opt to buy the hardware yourself, look for a camera package deal. These packages usually include multiple cameras, mounts and wiring kits along with power supplies making it easier for you to pick out the exact components you need. Some companies offer discounts for larger orders such as 20+ cameras in one shipment..

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“These guys did a great job. We’ve used secure cam Toronto to install a commercial grade security/surveillance camera system for our shutter manufacturing facility in Markham. Fair price, quality installation, excellent service. I can access all the footage easily on my phone!! Thanks Dan & team. Definitely recommend!”

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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