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Why should I use a Local Home Alarm Company like Secure Cam? If you live in Port Dover Ontario you need a reputable alarm system installed NOW! Our local experts will provide professional service while installing a top quality door bell / intercom unit. We are fully licensed & insured, which provides peace of mind knowing that any potential damage/losses during installation will be covered!
We specialize exclusively in high end residential installations including home automation systems, wireless video cameras, home alarms, outdoor flood lights, garage doors and other electronic items. Each project receives personal attention and consideration; each customer’s personal needs and preferences are met individually.
Our install professionals work together with leading manufacturers in providing high quality products specifically designed for indoor and outdoor usage. Their years of experience allow them to help customers select the perfect combination of equipment to meet specific requirements and budgets with minimal stress or downtime. We offer FREE estimates, 24 hours emergency response, 7 days a week call centre availability and after sales support through email and texts messaging. All SecureCam team members go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive exceptional service whether they’re buying a single item, multiple items or hiring us to design a custom solution! Read More >>>
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“I had many quotes but none could come close to comparing to the level of knowledge that SecureCam’s staff brought to this project.”
Linda F.- Client Review
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Who Is Behind Secure Cam?
In September 2016, Secure Camera was founded and began operations under the guidance of Mr. Peter, who continues to lead the firm as President and CEO today. He grew up around technology. His dad built him his first computer at age 3!
Peter developed a passion for computers early on and aspires to continue guiding the industry forward through innovation. Through research, testing, prototyping, analysis and development he hopes to elevate the next generation of technology experiences available to consumers.
Having worked across various industries in Canada and abroad since 1999, Peter strives to bring in a broad expertise in different types of technologies in order to keep pace with evolving consumer demands. As part of the Canadian startup community, the founder now resides in St. Catharines, ON.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Port Dover ON

This article will talk about the most common questions people ask regarding cameras. It’s designed to help educate potential customers who would like to learn more about this technology. By reading through these posts, you’ll get more information than just what you find advertised on television commercials or see on store shelves.
There are many things to keep in mind while planning how they should be deployed, whether indoors or outdoors, inside or outside, fixed or mobile. These can include size, functionality requirements, and placement among other factors. Some products offer great value but lack key functionalities; some are highly customised offerings that provide incredible options but come at high prices. And then there are those wonderful solutions which fall somewhere in the middle, offering good quality equipment with reasonable price tags.
While researching for my latest column I came across something quite interesting about security cameras used today. Most of us use them because of convenience rather than security needs. They fit perfectly well with our lifestyles and allow us flexibility in choosing times of day or days of week to monitor certain places without being tied down to hours that we must spend watching screens. So although it won’t hurt anyone’s feelings if someone gets burgled during prime viewing hours, it shouldn’t mean losing sleep. However, there are instances when keeping a close watch on your property, especially in areas prone to crime or break ins, could prevent further losses and perhaps save lives.
In order to ensure that they continue monitoring your business 24/7 for as long as possible, make sure to select a system capable of doing so seamlessly. When dealing with multiple systems it becomes easier to forget that someone was supposed to check or adjust the settings every once in awhile. Remember, no matter how large the network of devices you connect to, it still takes only one unplugged device for everything to go dark. A good way to reduce false alarms is by having different types of alerts. For instance, instead of always receiving an image of each motion detected around the office premises, send out alerts whenever movement is sensed near computers (or anything else), phones and laptops. Another thing that might catch burglars’ attention is setting up alarm reminders.

Port Dover Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this article I will talk about my top five favorite products from 2017/18 for 2020/21. Each category I will rank them 1 through 5 based on personal preference, ease of use, and overall quality.
My Top Five Favorite New Products for 2020/21
First lets take a quick tour of some of the most popular products released recently by Secure Cam Inc.. Our cameras include many options available today like 4K Ultra HD video recording, high dynamic range color imaging, infrared night vision and motion detection sensors. These high tech features help us capture great images and videos regardless of light levels whether indoors or outdoors. We have several models that fit both residential and commercial applications including outdoor security packages, indoor surveillance systems, small form factor dome style devices, wireless routers which work over wifi, and wired solutions. If none of these options meet your needs we offer custom designs built specifically around your business requirements.
We are excited to see a lot of advancements coming next year. Here are just 3 examples from recent releases that caught our attention…
Home Surveillance Camera Package #1 – Black Friday Special Offer
Here’s another example of a good “Black Friday” deal… The Black Box Home Surveillance package offers 4 x 1080P IP cameras. For only $249 per box this includes 4 x 1080P day & night live viewable digital video recorders / DVRs, 2 x USB hubs, power cables, Ethernet cable, wall mounts and mounting brackets along with batteries. This is truly a bargain basement price!! Plus the Blackbox uses the industry standard NIST compliant FIPS 140-2 Level II hardware crypto module (US Government Approved). No special knowledge required. All boxes come fully tested and ready to go out side the door. This is perfect for anyone who wants a complete system without having to spend hours installing everything themselves with no extra cost!
Port Dover Home Security System Design
Another interesting feature being offered is a completely custom design solution for your specific port dorby residence or office location. Many times people purchase these basic kits and then install them at another house after they move…. This way they get all the benefits of their existing kit but still save BIG bucks.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Port Dover

We will be talking about the top 5 cameras currently available today and which ones we believe are going to dominate this market space. We will then take a brief history lesson in regards to the evolution of these things called “Security Cams” so hopefully everything makes sense after reading this article. Then, without further adieu, lets jump right into some of these great products.
In order to keep our discussion short and sweet, I am only including those companies that actually sell through Amazon as well as other retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Costco.
This leaves us with just 3 options for a good quality IP Camera – Nest, Arlo Pro & Ring Video Doorbell 2. These cameras run anywhere from $99-$249 depending upon which model you get. They each have different strengths and weaknesses but overall they represent a pretty darn good deal in terms of price point and ease of use. If you go this route for yourself please try not to skimp on getting a decent camera because once installed you really won’t see them until something goes haywire, at least in my experience.
If you would prefer to purchase a system from someone who sells through Amazon rather than buying locally, check out the following link:
Please note though, that most of these systems come with a monthly fee for cloud storage which isn’t cheap! So I personally wouldn’t recommend this option unless it was absolutely necessary.
I have listed both indoor and outdoor models here. Indoor units typically cost around $100+ whereas outside cams usually start closer to $150+. As always, prices vary greatly across brands and models but generally speaking we feel that the Nest Cam Outdoor is priced fairly competitively given the fact they aren’t selling through retail stores yet. If anything else, we hope this helps save people some time shopping around for a unit because honestly the selection seems pretty slim.

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Port Dover Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Today’s homeowners are often security conscious and will invest in top quality cameras which produce crisp images indoors. In addition to being installed outdoors they must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions without becoming damaged. These issues present some obstacles but many manufacturers have risen to meet these challenges and provide options for those who appreciate high definition resolution indoor pictures along with outdoor viewing angles. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting and installing a security system:
1. Camera Size & Resolution
This should be chosen according to the size of your property. For instance, large houses generally require larger sensors than smaller homes. A good rule of thumb would be 8m x 7m per pixel count. If choosing multiple cameras this ratio increases proportionately. While higher resolutions offer sharper details, having more pixels does come with increased file sizes. Some users like to save space on a storage device and prefer lower image counts while other people enjoy watching hi res video footage on their TV screens. Most modern cams support 1080P HD resolution which is great for both still picture and video recording. Check the manufacturer specifications to see whether they include digital zoom functions. Digital zooming enables you to magnify areas that appear small. However most users say that digital zoom isn’t always necessary and in fact causes blurring, especially when the area of interest is far away such as across a street, driveway or field. Higher resolutions also benefit from improved signal/noise ratios.
2. Outdoor Lens Coverage Area*
Outdoor lens coverage varies widely and depends upon several factors including lighting levels and the type of terrain encountered. Ideally you’ll get enough horizontal reach to cover every wall and corner. But if you’re looking for the highest possible view angle you won’t go beyond 100′ unless otherwise specified. Also check the minimum height above ground level that the camera can detect a face. Typically a typical cam ranges anywhere from 2″ to 6″ depending on model. *outdoor sensor coverage refers to the distance detected when it detects someone in front of the camera
3. Motion Detection Sensitivity Range**
Motion detection sensitivity usually varies from 50% – 99%. As stated earlier the ideal range is 60 – 80%, however sensitivity settings vary greatly among brands. Lower values increase false positives.

Port Dover's Best Commercial Security Cameras

HikVision HDW-5500-2L/T1-C30T-IP Camera – 2MP HD video resolution, night vision, motion detection up to 1 meter, built in speaker, wireless transmission distance up to 50m, IP66 standard waterproofing protection, 3G network support, remote monitoring via smartphone APP, cloud storage service for 30 days after uploading, built in WiFi module, 1 USB port for cable connection, 1 HDMI input/output port, built in microphone for audio recording.
Tiandi DVR-4200HD – 4K Ultra High Definition TV Resolution, Night Vision Up to 20°(10m), Motion Detection Up to 10m, Built-In Speaker, Wireless Transmission Distance Up to 100m, Wireless Remote Controller Support, Cloud Storage Service For 30 Days After Uploading, Built-In Microphone And Audio Input Jacks, Built-In Wi-Fi Module, 1 USB Connection Slot, 2 HDMI Output Ports, 2 Video Outports, 5V Power Supply, 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty.
We hope this post helps you decide which type of cameras will be suitable for your property. If you would like us to install a particular model please get in touch with us today. We provide professional installations across Ontario, Canada.

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Cameras have come such far since they first hit the market and today there are literally hundreds of options available. From basic HD cameras through to DVR like systems which record every possible moment in high definition video footage, there really isn’t anything left uncovered.
In this guide below, I’ll be highlighting five products which will hopefully satisfy most needs but remember, the choice of camera type used does alter things slightly.
Camera Type & Capability Comments 1080HD/2MP Yes A great entry level unit giving great picture quality and excellent battery life. 720P Upgraded 1080P Good resolution, good colour reproduction and decent image noise reduction making it the most popular choice between professionals. 3G Networking Wireless Technology Can often run on batteries as well as wifi. 4K Upscaled 2 Megapixel Great detail, sharpness and contrast makes this camera ideal for indoor use. Motion Detection Indoor Use Only Outdoor Use Not suitable as an indoors only system due to heat, cold and motion detection issues. WiFI Connected to Smartphone / Tablet Over WiFi Allows remote viewing via smartphone or tablet. No longer required in recent years thanks to the availability of smartphones like iPhone, Android Tablets etc. Camera Remote Control Remote control can be enabled via an App on either Windows or iOS devices allowing full hands free operation of the camera. Panorama 360 Degree View Full circle images taken simultaneously with each photo meaning no overlapping areas. DVR Recording Ability Record events which occur during viewable times. Events include temperature changes, sound, door opening, intruder alarms etc… Audio Alerts Enable audio alerts to warn staff of movement in certain rooms or outside locations based on rules configured within the software. Multiple Rooms Support Built-in scheduling capabilities allow multiple doors to be monitored separately without having to manually reconfigure settings for each. Timer Mode Set Time delay trigger or alert for specific periods depending on configuration. Waterproof Weather Resistant Capabilities Designed specifically for waterproof operations including protection against rain water and pool environments. Low Light Performance Excellent night time operation allowing longer exposure times resulting in crisp pictures and videos and improved dynamic range. Wide Angle Lens Ideal for monitoring larger spaces ensuring better coverage across large outdoor areas. Night Vision Uses IR LED technology to see clearly regardless of ambient light conditions.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Port Dover

Security cameras will continue to play an integral role in keeping homes safe and secure, but they won’t be relegated solely to high traffic areas like entrances and driveways. They’ll increasingly come equipped with additional features, which could lead them to become part of everyday life inside the house.
This article covers everything you should consider while choosing the perfect outdoor or indoor Security Camera solution.
If you’re just starting out with a project, this guide will get you started down the path to buying the ideal Security Camera system for your needs. We’ll discuss factors like resolution, price range, motion detection capabilities, mounting options and other considerations.
We’ll provide tips and tricks along the way that will help you find the right fit between cost, function and aesthetics. Our experts’ recommendations include popular solutions available today, including IP cameras for indoors and outdoors use, Wi-Fi video doorbells, keychain fobs and wireless microphones.
We hope this comprehensive piece helps answer some frequently asked questions about selecting the appropriate Security Camera equipment.
Our recommendation: Secure Cam’s line of HD 720P security cams are great value-for-money products that feature advanced technology and reliable operation. They offer excellent night viewing capability thanks to built-in infrared LEDs; plus the ability to record videos continuously and capture still images every 30 minutes makes these devices highly effective tools that can easily replace older analog systems.
They work well outdoors because they can withstand windy conditions. And since they connect wirelessly through an integrated receiver unit (IRU), no cables are required — they simply plug straight onto your wall outlet or power source.
For most residential applications, we recommend getting a model like the C1HDW. Its 2MP color sensor captures sharp photos with good contrast and color fidelity, and the IR LED light lets you see better in dark settings during both day and nighttime operations. Plus, it records footage continuously so you always have proof of events taking place outside your property, no matter how long it takes until someone calls you about it..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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