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Port Elgin Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this article I will be discussing some of my favorite products from both companies for home use, business use, outdoor use and indoor/outdoor combination units. These cameras come with many options like motion detection sensitivity, night vision capability, wireless connectivity and remote viewing capabilities and can run anywhere from under $200-$1000 depending on your needs.
Hikvision Security Camera Product Line Up:
• HVZ821W-C (Wireless 1080P Full HD IP Camera with Night Vision Capability), $599.99 retail price, $349.99 on (Amazon Affiliate link). • HS1112W-C2 (1080P Wireless 2MP Day /Night Full HD Video Door Bell Sensor with Motion Detection and Alarm Notification), $499.95 retail price, $399.94 On (Amazon Affiliate link). • HCN1040-C1 (720p IP Cam Network Monitor & Control App Remote Viewing System with Audio/Video Streaming),$699.00 retail price, $429.96 On (Amazon Affiliate Link).
Tiandys Products For Business Use Only:
• TKM01-B3 (IP 720P Full HD Camera with 2x Wide Angle Lens), $199.99 Retail Price on Amazon.Com (Amazon Affiliate Link). • TKN02-B7(HD 720P Wireless 1080P Full HD Camera with 7X Zoom Power Ocular), $179.98 Retail Price on Amazon.Com (Amazon Affiliate link).
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For those who haven’t read my earlier posts about cameras in 2020 yet, I decided to go ahead and write another post on this topic since this will be around until 2025. So, you’re going to want to follow along because things get really interesting once you reach 2023… but first let’s talk about Port Elgin homes in general and why you should have some form of monitoring system installed in them…
If you live in Port Elgin Illinois you probably already know that most people don’t take good care of their property; they just expect somebody else to watch it 24/7 while they relax inside during the day. But that isn’t always practical or possible for everybody. And even though it sounds like a no brainer to install surveillance systems for everyone, not many homeowners actually end up doing it.
So, the question then becomes “Why?” Why would anyone want to put these expensive devices on their premises when nobody ever seems to use them anyway and there are cheaper alternatives available?”.
Well, in short, the reason is safety…and privacy.
Surprisingly enough, crime still happens everywhere despite being monitored constantly through CCTV. A burglar breaking into someone’s house won’t be deterred unless something drastic happens. They’ll keep trying till it succeeds. If they fail, they’ve lost nothing except perhaps getting caught on tape. On the other hand, having a device like a security camera pointed at your doorstep makes it far easier to catch the offender red-handed, which will certainly increase your chances of successfully prosecuting him in court. That could mean saving your own life or preventing injuries or loss from occurring.
People are increasingly concerned with who is watching them and whether they have anything to hide. This is especially true in places like China and Russia, both countries with authoritarian governments where citizens aren’t allowed to speak freely without fear of persecution. For example, you’d better believe that every conversation you had with your spouse in front of friends and family members was recorded on video at least somewhere in order to protect against blackmail. Or imagine living next door to someone whose job requires extensive travel outside the country and he wants to spy on you whenever he goes abroad.

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Where should I get my first home security camera solution?
Should I buy a DIY kit or pay someone else do the work for me?
Who will be involved in monitoring live videos 24 hours per day?
Does my computer-based video recording device look professional enough?
Will my webcam capture sufficient detail?
Is this really worth spending $1k+???
When installing cameras for myself why did I chose Secure Cam?
Can I trust these companies to keep my private information confidential?
(and many other questions!)
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Homeowners and Building Owners are tired of being burglarized. They’re frustrated if they lose thousands of dollars every year because their office was broken into again. Many people would love to invest extra money in home automation technology but feel intimidated due to lack of knowledge and expertise around setting them up correctly. For years building contractors struggled to figure out who to go to for proper wiring installations, and whether the existing electrical service met national standards for safety and efficiency.
Nowadays, homeowners can simply purchase preconfigured surveillance kits which typically come with high definition cameras, microphones, nightvision capabilities along with wireless internet capability using WIFI routers. But these preassembled packages often involve complicated setups and expensive wiring connections that most consumers aren’t willing to tackle themselves. When dealing with complex products like this, consumer confidence greatly decreases. Instead of investing several hundred dollars upfront to learn what’s required, homeowners end up buying cameras and accessories separately only to receive poor quality and unreliable customer service. If you own a house, chances are you’ve experienced issues with old security monitoring equipment already.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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In this blog post I am going to show you 5 high-quality HD video surveillance systems to install at home or business. These cameras will help protect everything including; your family, car(s), home, office, business. And most importantly they keep everyone safe while protecting property & assets and making your life easier during working hours. All these cameras come standard with motion detection alarms, email alerts and more. Here’s my top picks with links below each picture.
#1. Hikvision WVH744SIP IP Camera System (Amazon Affiliate Link ) [5 Pack]:
This wireless 1080P HD indoor & outdoor 7″ dome lens wireless network camera system was built to withstand harsh weather conditions like windstorms, rain, sleet and snow storms, and harsh environmental elements like hot and freezing temperatures. Even though the camera is waterproof, you still shouldn’t use them in extreme weather. For long term protection, place these units outside facing towards the sun with good airflow around the unit to avoid condensation. But for short term storage in a garage, basement or closet, just leave them inside out of the elements.
If you already have an existing cable connection then connect to Wi-Fi router. Then go to, select your device type and enter default settings. The rest should be self explanatory and if not we provide detailed manual instructions in the link above. Make sure your web browser says https instead of HTTP at the end of the address bar because otherwise you won’t see the image display properly.
#2. Arlo Pro 2 Security Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor WiFi Smart HD Day&Night Network Camera Kit ($200 Amazon Affiliate Link ):
Arlo Pro 2 provides 1080P Full HD day/night view images through wifi technology. If someone breaks into your house during daytime, you’ll instantly get notified via phone call, text message, emails, and push notification. So you don’t miss anything suspicious happening inside. During nighttime mode, no light emitting makes it harder for burglars to break into without being noticed. You’re protected 24/7, 365 days a year, which includes holidays and inclement weather.

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Port Elgin Camera Installation Trends
We’re updating this section every few months to keep things current and exciting. We’ve seen some interesting changes since 2020, including more affordable options, lower costs due to Amazon Prime Day, increased camera quality, and other improvements. If something significant happens during our next update period, be sure to check back to see which products changed positions; otherwise, here’s everything I’m seeing today. Note: These prices reflect cameras ordered through SecureCam’s website – many stores offer additional discounts. Prices vary widely across regions and cities, however, so always shop around!
Best Security Camera Brands and Models
At first glance, the market seems fairly well populated by reputable brands like Netgear, Arlo, Ring, Vivint Smart Home, Nest, ADT Pulse Insight, DropCam, Blink, Canary, Flir, Hikvision, Panasonic, Axis IP/Network camera models (including models sold under DSC). Each product offers unique benefits, depending upon usage needs and price point. Below you’ll find links to several top vendors’ websites, along with my recommendation.
Cameras For Interior Use & Commercial Applications
Most people who buy a security camera expect them to protect against burglars. But many homeowners end up investing in expensive, elaborate systems they rarely use because those early purchases made sense when they purchased the house but aren’t necessary anymore. Here are ways for home buyers to determine whether certain types of hardware will work for their particular situation.
Homeowners should consider factors beyond protecting property, though. Many times, they install surveillance equipment simply to satisfy vanity concerns. Some people feel happier watching video feed streams than talking to friends while living there, for example. Others worry neighbors won’t get along without knowing what other residents are doing 24 hours a day. Still others just enjoy staring at screens instead of being “out” in society. As long as everyone agrees these devices shouldn’t interfere with daily life, then a system can provide privacy, peace of mind, community awareness, convenience, and entertainment value—and still serve its purpose as intended. These factors tend to play less important roles once people move in permanently rather than renting the place.

Port Elgin Home Security Cameras Done Right

I wanted to talk specifically about some of my favorite brands and products because I believe they offer good value and functionality along with great customer service support should something go awry during use.
We live in a modern world full of technology advances but still, many people are still concerned about the safety of their property and loved ones. If this describes you then perhaps you will find these recommendations useful.
Here are some of the things I like most about each particular model mentioned below.
First thing first, we have 2 cameras installed in Port Elgin Ontario. They are placed outside our front entry doors and both provide us with excellent views of what is going on inside and around. For instance, while guests arrive at our office door there is no way for them to see who or what has come thru the front without raising an eyebrow…and since they just passed through, chances are it was me. A quick check shows they have arrived safely and they will be happy knowing I went straight to work rather than stopping somewhere else first. All I did was hit “record” and boom, instant playback! As long as someone stays standing still enough for me to get a shot at them, I am able to capture video of everything happening in realtime! I love being able to watch visitors walk past and greet them right away through our monitors instead of waiting until they knock on our door.
Next, we have 3 Nest Cam Outdoor IP Camera (with Cloud Recording), which provides us with amazing high quality images, motion detection capabilities and ability to record remotely over wireless networks. We also have a couple other outdoor cameras that I would recommend checking out if you haven’t already seen them; however, the above Nest Cam offers fantastic image quality and it is really affordable in terms of per unit cost. I can easily pay $100/month for 10 units of 1 hour recording capacity and yet if I had purchased individual units of different models, those price points vary dramatically depending on manufacturer/model specific requirements.
Finally, with respect to indoor monitoring, there are several options in the market today ranging anywhere from very basic to extremely advanced.

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Best Security Cameras Port Elgin

Most people buy some type of security cameras these days; however, they rarely get them installed correctly. Most consumers assume that since most companies offer products for sale, then the manufacturers will install those products properly. Unfortunately this just simply isn’t true. At Secure Cam we understand exactly why installing quality cameras is important, and we are experts when it comes to doing things like connecting your cameras, programming them, and ensuring that everything works perfectly. We are happy to provide detailed instructions to help you through the entire process. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week should you encounter issues during or after installation. Once again, we feel that providing excellent video solutions shouldn’t be complicated. Here are four steps that explain everything you need to know about setting up a system for the highest level of peace of mind.
1. Plan Your Project
Doing research beforehand helps ensure that you won’t forget anything down the road. Think carefully about whether you would prefer wired systems or wireless ones, motion detection or keychain fobs, dome style cams versus pan/tilt/zoom model, and many other options. Determine which types of areas you want to cover with your security system, and select a few models to narrow down potential suppliers. After getting recommendations, visit each retailer individually until finding a vendor who meets your needs.
2. Connect Your Cables Correctly
Make certain that you connect all cables to both power sources. Also make sure that each of your camera’s ports is connected correctly, especially if you use multiple units. Make note of the direction in which the cable runs, because each manufacturer offers slightly different routing options depending upon location. Next thing to consider is proper placement, which varies according to the device(s). Finally, test each unit individually to ensure that nothing is going haywire.
3. Program the System
After completing step #2, take a moment to go over the details of your system. Do you wish to control the movement via wall switches or programmable remote controls? If so, decide if you prefer universal remotes or single station controllers, and determine the desired frequency range for operation.

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Port Elgin’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this world filled with hackers and cyber criminals, having video surveillance is becoming increasingly essential for most homes today. However, many people still struggle to find the perfect security cameras solution which will keep them safe while protecting privacy. Here’s a quick overview of some of the top security cameras options available today, including indoor / outdoor models, IP cameras, wifi enabled units and more. These high definition devices should help protect against burglars and intruders who may try to break into the property. If you’re searching for the ultimate portable device, check our guide below to learn more about the latest technology advancements in digital doorbell products.
Security Camera Options For Your Home & Business…
Indoor/Outdoor Digital Video Motion Detectors: One of the simplest ways to get started in your quest for affordable, yet effective home safety equipment is to invest in an HD camera system that offers motion detection capabilities. A wireless model like the Nest Aware HD WiFi Cam with Night Vision will allow homeowners to watch live footage via the Nest App anytime, anywhere. Additionally, these systems will automatically alert the homeowner with a loud alarm whenever movement is detected. Many brands offer this feature including Canary, Ring Video Doorbell, and IControl Alarm Systems; however, they often come with additional costs depending upon whether you want cloud storage or not. Some other popular models include the Panasonic PTZ DVR, Samsung SmartThings Outdoor 1080P Wi-Fi Camera 720P HD Action Cam, and Hikvision 2MP 1080HD Wireless IP66 Weatherproof Day And Night Dome Security Camera System. Of course, you’ll be able to view videos recorded by the unit through the Cloud Recording function found only on the higher end models. But, regardless of price range, these indoor/outdoor cams are excellent choices for anyone interested in keeping an eye on visitors outside of their front doors. Learn More >
IP Cams: An increasing amount of business establishments like restaurants, medical offices, retail stores, gas stations, schools, malls, hotels, gyms, warehouses, auto repair shops, banks and more are turning towards networked CCTV solutions instead of analog closed circuit TV (CCTV)..

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