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Prince Edward County Public Safety continues to lead Ontario municipalities in crime prevention through technology across several initiatives including CCTV cameras and video management systems used to monitor homes and buildings for suspicious activity.
In 2019, police increased use of these technologies resulting in significant reductions of property crimes like break & enters, robberies, auto thefts and vandalism. Over 200,000 residential homes had exterior mounted digital quality visible zone and high resolution video surveillance system installed between 2017 to 2018. Police saw a reduction in serious violent crime incidents by 44%, which was accompanied by other significant decreases ranging from 28% to 50%.
Now that you’re armed with some key facts about why installing a camera could be beneficial, let me tell you some quick tips on finding good products to meet your needs along with installation guidelines to keep in mind.

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Why should I upgrade my existing CCTV system? We are proud to say our team members use their own products every day. They understand the issues and benefits of each model they offer, making them better equipped than many dealerships. Plus, our cameras come ready installed and tested so you don’t have to worry about trying something risky yourself like installing cables and hardware.
How does the camera work? When you install a standard wired HD camera, you must run wires through walls or ceilings to get power to the device. Our wall mount models feature built in batteries allowing us to place these high quality devices virtually anywhere.
What’s next after purchase? Most people buy their first security system from a big box retailer because it makes buying easier and less intimidating, but this isn’t necessarily going to be the best choice moving forward. If you’re thinking about upgrading your current system, then you’ll most definitely find a huge range of options and brands available, which will keep things interesting. But if you just want more advanced capabilities without the hassle of choosing equipment, then you should consider investing in some top tier technology and our professional service.
We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for great tech simply due to location restrictions. Our systems are fully scalable, meaning you could easily expand your network with additional units while keeping everything running smoothly. And since we handle all aspects of setup, maintenance and repair ourselves, no one else needs to know what your cameras are actually seeing; giving you total control without compromising privacy.
If you already have a good video surveillance system and would rather focus only on monitoring, you may still benefit greatly from upgrading your components. We’ve got a full line of accessories designed specifically for HD cameras. These include nightvision kits, infrared motion detection sensors, battery chargers, wireless transmitters, receivers/decoders/displays & mounting brackets. All of these items allow you to enhance your current solution without having to replace anything.
For those who prefer hands-on experience over automated solutions, we’ve partnered with industry leaders including AlarmTec Wireless, Control4, DSC, Honeywell Powermax, Netgear NVR, Skylink, Sony IP66-rated outdoor enclosures and Wyze Labs.

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Prince Edward County is located approximately 4 hours north east of Toronto. This region has great weather conditions most years due to being away form strong winds coming through Lake Ontario which makes this area attractive for many outdoor enthusiasts including anglers, boaters, hunters, campers, hikers and other types of recreationalists. It’s also close enough to Toronto yet far enough away to be peaceful. The population growth rates are increasing rapidly, with many people moving here seeking affordable homes, work opportunities and friendly communities. We’re excited to see continued interest from newcomers who visit Prince Edward Island.
Security Camera Solutions – Secure Cam is the leading supplier of digital Video Surveillance Systems. Our products cover virtually every type of surveillance system including Residential/Homeowner systems, Commercial/Office Systems, Industrial Applications, Video Doorbells, Automotive applications, and Wireless Network cameras. All of these different application markets offer varying levels of demand on video production technology. If you haven’t heard, wireless network cameras are becoming increasingly popular as they reduce the overall cost associated with installing traditional analog CCTV cameras. With wireless network solutions, your existing cable infrastructure is used instead of replacing old cables with fiber optic lines. Most importantly, with our range of high quality IP cameras, you will get the highest resolution videos possible without compromising image clarity. These wireless technologies allow us to install multiple cameras around your property. They’re ideal for small properties like houses, apartments, multi family dwellings and commercial buildings. At Secure Cam we understand the importance of having the latest cutting edge technology available to monitor your business or home environment 24/7. These days, the majority of homeowners use some sort of Internet connection in order to stay connected. For example, we often hear stories of customers asking questions via Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp during times when internet service isn’t working correctly during extreme weather events such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, wind storms, heat waves, winter blizzards and summer floods. When customers aren’t able to connect because of power disruptions caused by electrical blackouts, brown outs or line surges; they rely on IP cameras to provide them with reliable information, helping them to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Prince Edward Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this guide I will show you which commercial cameras are recommended for each type of business in Prince Edward County. If you’re interested in having me install a security camera for you, please contact us today. We provide 24/7 emergency service including monitoring during power failures and providing video recordings.
Prince Edward County is located on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario near Rochester New York and has a population around 200,000 people making it one of the fastest growing cities in Upstate NY and Eastern North America. There are many different industries in Prince Edwards County ranging from food manufacturing companies like Kraft Foods International Inc to industrial plants like General Motors who produce automobiles and light trucks. Many other large commercial properties also operate in Prince Edwards County and include retail stores, medical facilities and office buildings.
For Businesses:
1st Choice Surveillance offers high quality surveillance systems designed specifically for use in commercial environments. Their state of art live streaming webcams allow clients to view activity on screen while they work remotely from anywhere in the world and monitor employees without interfering with productivity. These systems come equipped with built in motion detection software which alerts property managers when movements occur outside of normal operating hours allowing them to easily manage guest access through text messaging or email communication. They offer a wide range of options including DVR recording capabilities, built in phone lines for remote control and viewing, multiple network connection options along with various mounting locations to ensure optimal visibility. 1st choice surveillance systems are available at competitive prices with quick delivery times to accommodate urgent installations. Visit or call 905-687-1151 for details.
2nd Choice Surveillance provides video solutions for residential homes and small offices in addition to commercial applications. Their HD wireless IP camera system includes a full camera management panel with customizable scheduling functions that helps save valuable time by managing scheduled events automatically at preset intervals. Clients can record footage securely onto internal storage cards or external SD memory card via FTP server upload function or send recorded clips wirelessly to smartphones for sharing with family members. 2nd Choice uses industry leading technology and equipment ensuring superior image resolution and reliability. Contact 2nd Choice at 778.445.9111 for additional information.

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Best Security Cameras Prince Edward

Hikvision HDC1080P PTZ Outdoor Camera IP66 Rated 1080P WIFI Wireless Motion Detection Camera PTZ HD 1920 x 1080 P2S / M3T/M4A
Security cameras help protect people by capturing images that show who’s going where, what they’re doing, when they get caught breaking the rules. But which model will be most effective for your situation? We’ve tested several camera options to see who offers superior picture quality, video recording speed, motion detection sensitivity, ease of use, range of operation and overall value.
We found some excellent models from leading brands like Honeywell, Axis Communications, Panasonic, Ring Doorbell Pro, Arlo SmartThings and many more. Read on for details on each of these top picks.
1. Honeywell HS60HD Wi-Fi Video Surveillance DVR System with 4MP Ultra Wide Viewing Angle Lens Camera
This entry level Honeywell system includes an indoor 720p resolution digital video recorder (DVR), a wireless 2.4GHz network adapter, four 2D infrared night vision IR LEDs for illumination, mounting hardware, batteries and AC power adapters. It supports both wired and wireless connections and uses 4MP sensors to capture crisp, high definition images. An internal storage capacity of 128GB lets you record multiple videos simultaneously for maximum convenience. A 1TB micro SD card slot lets you expand memory and store additional recordings. Other standard features include support for multiple viewing angles, pan / tilt capabilities, an alarm zone trigger mode, and remote control through iOS devices. If connectivity is critical to you, check out this link about the best wifi routers in 2020.
For those concerned with battery life, the unit draws approximately 5 watts when operating under normal conditions, but drops down to 0.5W once the battery reaches 10 percent charge. Its rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts around 12 hours while watching video. For added flexibility, you can attach external antennas for better reception and higher speeds. Also read our guide to buying cameras.
PROS: High Definition Resolution; Internal Memory Expansion; Easy Set Up
CONS: Small Footprint; Low Battery Life; Only Available Online
Overall score: 4.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Prince Edward

We provide the highest quality indoor cameras and outdoor surveillance systems available today – all backed by industry leading customer service support and exceptional warranty coverage. As Canada’s most trusted source for high tech electronics products; Secure Cam knows exactly which products will keep you safe in both your home and business environments. We offer top rated brands like HikVision, Vivint, Axis, Eufy, P2V and iSight in either HD 720P/1080P resolutions or 5MP Full HD resolution models to fit every situation and budget needs. If you’re seeking great value we’ve got the lowest priced options as well. All of these innovative products can be customized with custom mounts, lights / flash kits and other accessories depending upon your specific requirements. Our install team has provided many thousands of installations across Canada since 2004 so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done correctly the first time around with minimal disruptions to your daily routine.
What makes us different from other home security companies? First and foremost, our focus has always been on providing outstanding customer care and offering superior technology solutions to Canadian customers through a nationwide network of stores and dedicated technicians. We stand behind everything we sell because of this commitment. Another difference is we have several special offers during certain times of the year designed specifically for Canadians. These discounts usually include rebates, extended warranties and FREE shipping. For example, our Christmas holiday promotion this year includes FREE SHIPPING on almost all orders including holidays and weekends, plus 50% discount on selected cameras, light kits, mounting hardware, monitoring solutions and MORE!! So come check it out and see why we say “YOU’RE SAFER WITH US!”
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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Prince Edward

In this post I will be talking about the best cameras for monitoring your property and office in 2022. We will talk about some great options available today that could fit your needs perfectly well. But first lets take a quick glance at some basic information about these types of cameras.
What Is A Camera Monitor System?
A monitor system consists of at least 2 devices; a video recorder device, like a DVR, and a receiver/viewer unit, which connects to the video recording device via either HDMI or RCA cables. Most systems include a remote control device so you can view live footage remotely without actually being present at the location being recorded. Some of them allow you to record multiple channels simultaneously while other only support single channel viewing.
Some of the most common uses for this type of technology are surveillance or home automation. If you own a business, then you probably already know the importance of having good surveillance equipment installed in your premises. However, if you own residential real estate then having a quality security system installed is equally essential to ensure safety and peace of mind for yourself or anyone living in your house.
So, what makes some cameras better than others? Well, there isn’t really anything special about any particular camera, but certain companies tend to focus on specific markets. So, if you’re interested in installing cameras, but aren’t exactly sure where to begin or who to go with, then read through my guide below and see which type of camera would work best for you.
Best Surveillance Systems For Your Residential Property in 2022
There are many different kinds of home security camera systems and each offers something unique to help keep watch over your family’s safety and wellbeing. Here are some popular choices that are worth considering when selecting a home alarm system:
1. Wireless IP Camera Systems – These are typically smaller units and often offer better image resolution than wired IP cameras due to less noise interference caused by cabling. They usually come equipped with night vision capabilities so they can operate during both day and nighttime hours. Wireless IP cameras can be connected wirelessly to a wireless network router or hub. They have built-in motion sensors and can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet, computer, or web browser.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Prince Edward ON

In this post, The top 4k video surveillance systems from 2020 will be reviewed. And we would like to introduce you the most affordable & powerful camera system “CYBORG CAMERA PRO2P5″ which offers outstanding HD 1080/60fps resolution (1920×1080), 2MP Photo Mode, Night Vision with IR LED light, Motion Detection Alarm System, 3D Face Recognition Technology, IP65 Waterproof Design, Long Wireless Range up to 600 feet, 1GHz Dual Core Processor and many other amazing functions.
We hope this will help everyone to install high quality video monitoring devices and enjoy the benefits brought by these great cameras. If anyone needs assistance please feel free to contact us via email or call 905-631-0222. We offer same day service across Ontario and Canada (see below). Thank you. Secure Cam Team.

(Note: As mentioned above, this is just a sample of some posts I wrote during this period. All opinions stated above are mine and not paid reviews!)

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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