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This post will be talking about top trends for monitoring systems, cameras, and the most popular products. Secure Cam has many great solutions so I am going to go through them to help find and select which solution would work best for your individual needs, and then walk you through setting one of those up for yourself. We have several different options including IP Video Cameras & Systems, PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom, Network Camera System and much more. If you haven’t already checked out our website Our products come highly recommended because they are made locally in Ontario Canada. So if you’re interested just click below on the image to check us out. Also visit this page to watch video demos of some of these products. Here’s to another great year in monitoring!!!

For example, here’s how people talk about this topic in Facebook conversations today: As you can see above, a majority say “no thanks” to video surveillance. They believe that privacy isn’t really a big issue.
But the reality is that people should consider video surveillance carefully—and they should ask themselves whether installing a camera system makes sense for their families, employees, customers, and business partners.
If not, they shouldn’t get spooked. But if yes, then read on for ideas about why they might actually like having eyes watching them every day.
Why People Might Actually Like Video Surveillance
Video surveillance could provide significant benefits to both individuals and organizations. For instance, a person who wants to keep tabs on his kids while he travels for work might install an inexpensive indoor surveillance camera system. Or someone whose car breaks down frequently might use CCTV cameras near a busy road to track her stolen vehicle after she leaves it running unattended overnight. These scenarios highlight examples of how people could benefit from video surveillance, but more importantly, they show how anyone could.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Puslinch

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to setup the cameras & monitor them properly from day 1.
Best 4K HD security camera systems in 2020
We’ve tested multiple top brands including Samsung, IPI, Dahua, Axis and Hikvision and found some excellent options available today which can deliver amazing 1080P footage quality without breaking the bank. A few models offered exceptional value for price especially when used alongside a central hub device like Cloud Cam. If you want to stay current, check back often.
4k video surveillance and monitoring systems for office use
For those who aren’t interested in going all in with a full system but want the benefits from having some form of protection monitoring, or perhaps for small business owners simply wanting extra eyes watching the shop front during non working hours. We have reviewed many different products from entry level IP66 units costing less than $100 USD up to mid range professional grade indoor/outdoor 4K resolution CCTV systems priced well beyond £15000+ per unit. Some companies charge additional monthly fees after you take delivery of the kit to ensure regular monitoring of the device. Most offer cloud storage facilities allowing you to store recordings on remote servers should anything happen while away from work.
If you’re trying to decide on whether or not a 4K camera would be suitable for your purposes then I recommend starting with these 3 basic questions; Do you primarily want motion detection alerts to alert via email upon movement in certain areas?, Would you prefer to see activity taking place live 24 hrs a day 7 days a week or just record events as they occur? Does cost play a part in what type of solution you opt for i.e.; are you happy paying a fixed price per year or would rather pay once upfront and get continuous coverage for x amount of years?
Why did we include both 2MP and 8MP models in this article? Well a large percentage of people who install video surveillance cams have no idea quite what sort of image quality they could expect from their devices. For example, most consumer grade cams sold in stores are rated at 1024×768 (2 MP), yet most higher end commercial grade products have resolutions exceeding 2048×1080 (8 MP).

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What Is A CCTV Camera?
In general, they are used as an additional layer of protection against theft. They consist of four main components: cameras, recording devices, video management software and communication equipment.
Homeowners use them mostly because burglars could get past the front door (or other entry points). Businesses install these devices outside windows and doors in order to increase visibility of employees inside while keeping unauthorized persons out. Some police departments will place surveillance cams around schools or residential areas after school hours when children return home.
How Can I Make Money By Renting My House To People Who Don’t Have Homes Of Their Own? In 2019 We started this little business where we rent houses out to people who can no longer afford homes of their own. If you’ve seen those commercial real estate commercials where the person rents his house back to himself then you’d be interested in renting someone else’s property. For us the first step was figuring out which properties would make sense to offer renters to. Since a lot of homeowners move every few years if you’re able to find a vacant house somewhere near your current location it makes sense to lease it out to someone else who wants temporary housing. While there aren’t many cities anywhere close enough to my hometown, I did manage to come across a couple of places within driving distance; both locations had good reviews so that made me hopeful. After scoping out some of the most popular neighborhoods I settled on a small apartment complex just north of downtown Fort Mill. Here’s why I chose it: 1. Short commute Time — Most of the apartments in the area are single family residences with yards and garages attached. All of them also include full kitchens so tenants only have to worry about grocery shopping. 2. Great Rental Potential — Based on comparable rental units nearby, I estimate that each unit should generate $1,500 annually. At 3% interest this works out to ~$30/mo per renter assuming 25 days of vacation during the summer months. Even though it’s slightly above market rate due to neighborhood costs going up a bit faster than average, I still expect to earn significantly less monthly than the typical renter living farther away. 3.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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In today’s world everyone needs to be aware of the risks they face and take steps to reduce those risks. At Secure Cam, we’ve developed this guide to help you understand the most common threats facing homes and offices around the world that could lead to loss of property and personal information theft. We’re happy to provide guidance in choosing a solution that best meets your specific requirements. Here’s why we believe SecureCam Puslinch is the perfect choice for you:
1. Quality Camera Solutions
All SecureCam cameras come backed by 24/7 service support from certified engineers who will install & maintain your system while providing troubleshooting assistance via phone calls, email correspondence, live chat sessions & remote diagnostics tools like RemoteViewer. Our team will keep you informed along every step of the way. If you ever encounter problems during installation, simply reach out to us again to complete the project to your satisfaction.
2. A Simple System for Easy Installation
No matter whether you choose a DIY option or work with a professional installer, the entire experience should be simple. From initial research and selection to final setup, installing a SmartHome device shouldn’t leave you overwhelmed. For instance, many systems use proprietary apps which limit interoperability. But we offer both Android and iOS apps so you get a seamless integration between devices, regardless of manufacturer or operating system used.
3. Customizable Features
If a standard model just isn’t enough, you’ll find lots of options available with each unit. You can customize camera locations, control methods and setup modes depending upon the situation. Want to place your cameras where no passersby would see them? Or perhaps where only authorized people will view them? No problem – that’s exactly what we allow through our unique ‘SmartVault’ feature. And if you’d prefer to monitor multiple areas but aren’t ready yet to invest in separate units, check out the MultiZone feature. All these features are available without additional costs.
4. Flexible Payment Options
We recognize that you often need financing for certain purchases. Luckily, we accept installment loans and credit card payments for security products, making life easier for anyone interested in getting started.

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In this post I will be talking about some of the most popular cameras available today and the ones coming down the pike, which I believe are going to be the big winners.
I am going to discuss both indoor and outdoor options, but first, let’s talk about the types of cameras.
There are basically 3 different categories of camera. They are: fixed lens cameras like the traditional analog video recorders; pan/ tilt cameras like those found on digital point & shoot cameras, and dome style cameras that offer 360 degree visibility. We offer all these styles in many sizes ranging from small 1 inch diameter units that attach to walls to large 2.5 foot domes that provide coverage from floor to ceiling.
Now that we understand the various camera type offerings we should move onto discussing why they are becoming increasingly popular.
1. Video Surveillance
Video surveillance systems are used primarily for business purposes. However, with advances in technology such as IP and cloud computing there is no longer any reason not to use them for residential applications either.
For example, the recent trend toward remote monitoring of baby monitors or pet feeding stations makes perfect sense when one considers that these devices can easily be accessed from anywhere via smartphone apps.
2. Automated Door Access Control Systems
These systems allow users who forget keys to remotely lock doors without having to get up and retrieve something.
This is especially useful during times when people tend to stay away from homes, such as at night while they sleep.
3. Indoor GPS Tracking Devices
GPS tracking devices for cars are already common place for fleet managers in commercial settings, however there are similar products being developed for homeowners as well. These types of products use cellular networks rather than satellites, therefore allowing you to track vehicles indoors.
4. Smart Garage Doors
Smart garage door openers use sensors, actuators and software programs to automate opening and closing operations.
They are particularly handy in areas where power outage occurs frequently since the garage door opener operates automatically once power returns.
5. Motion Sensors
Motion sensors detect motion and alert occupants when someone enters a certain area.

Puslinch Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

For many years, surveillance cameras haven’t really mattered. They just watched things happen, which was usually enough. And until recently, they had no place to go but sit still in front of monitors connected to big computers doing nothing most of the day. But times change and technology evolves, and these days, not only does video matter, it matters massively. Surveillance systems should be part of every business today. More than ever before.
We talked to professionals around the industry and found some amazing insights into the evolving state of video technology across both retail and B2B use cases. We hope this will help answer some questions you always wanted to ask yourself regarding B2C (Business to Consumer) applications like monitoring traffic patterns at busy intersections, recording employee movements, keeping watch over cash registers during peak hours, and identifying suspicious behavior through facial recognition software, among other uses. Here are five ways 2020 could shape digital surveillance adoption for the next decade.
#1 Smart Homes & Businesses Will Be Bigger Than Ever
If you’re reading this article, chances are good that you already own a home security system — if you don’t, check out our full range of home products including alarms, doors, windows, DVRs and more. Even though we live in an age where people tend to stay put instead of moving house, homeowners remain acutely aware of threats and crime because of high-profile events from recent history. If those scares aren’t enough to convince you to invest in a home alarm system, consider the fact that a study conducted earlier this year showed nearly half of millennials who rent say having security measures would deter them “a great deal” or “almost entirely” from buying homes. Of course, if someone breaks into your property, a 24/7 security guard won’t necessarily prevent damage or injury, but he or she can certainly alert you to the problem sooner rather than later. For less serious incidents, however, cameras offer peace of mind while saving you time and effort. Many companies claim to provide professional service, but few actually deliver. Secure Cam provides quality equipment and reliable support as well as timely service.

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Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022: As the market continues to mature there will continue to be advancements in technology that bring us closer to complete solutions; like facial recognition. However, currently one thing remains true: cameras still work better than human beings.
While humans rely heavily upon cognitive thinking and perception, cameras use computer algorithms to identify people and automatically classify them. While this feature won’t replace police officers, detectives, investigators, bodyguards or private security guards entirely anytime soon, it’s just another tool they’ll appreciate having available during emergencies.
Pushing the Boundaries: Most people understand why it would benefit society to protect children, elderly, pets, valuable possessions, business assets and so on. But many aren’t aware that some of the most vulnerable people — those who live under oppressive regimes or face persecution due to ethnic cleansing or domestic terrorism — could potentially need our help. These communities exist around the world and deserve protection as well. And thanks to advances in machine intelligence, it seems possible that the global community will develop a comprehensive way to address these crises sooner rather than later.
When someone needs immediate attention, speed matters and police response times tend to remain relatively slow. If you’re concerned about protecting yourself or others from harm, a surveillance system installed near an entrance/exit point or other high traffic area can provide early warning should anything happen outside while providing detailed images of your property. A properly managed network video recorder can monitor events occurring across large areas 24 hours per day, seven days a week, helping ensure that anyone attempting criminal activity against you is quickly identified and dealt with accordingly.
But beyond identifying potential threats, installing surveillance systems can improve communication, efficiency, productivity, safety, convenience and overall satisfaction among employees. At Secure Cam, we’ve already seen incredible benefits for customers since implementing the latest technologies; from reduced absenteeism, increased employee engagement, improved customer service via real-time monitoring, greater sales and revenue growth, and decreased risk management costs through compliance programs. We see additional gains yet to come in the years ahead.
From the moment you decide to invest in a surveillance solution, you can expect to reap multiple rewards from choosing a quality model.

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We live in a world riddled with hackers, cybercriminals, phishers, cyberbullies, child predators, identity thieves and other scammers who try to gain unlawful control of someone else’s information, wealth and/or belongings through internet use. However, it should come as no surprise to learn that most modern people spend far more time watching videos than interacting with each other face to face — which makes “online safety” one of the hottest topics among parents, teachers, law enforcers and everyday individuals. As well as being vulnerable to malware attacks like viruses and keyloggers, many devices used to connect us to the Internet are incredibly easy targets for hackers and malicious actors alike because they tend to be left running without much supervision. If your smartphone falls victim to a hacker attack, he can literally watch you take photos, listen to your conversations and steal your personal information (like bank account numbers).
In addition to these vulnerabilities for mobile devices, the physical and remote locations chosen for computers often leave them highly exposed to unauthorized intruders. Many consumers believe they’re safe behind their desktops, but this simply isn’t true given the fact that just about anyone could walk by and see that computer while it’s turned on. Likewise, computers sitting next to sinks or swimming pools or inside laundry rooms invite theft, damage and unsightly guests. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t aware of exactly how bad things can get unless attacked themselves — until after they’ve already paid thousands of dollars for a stolen device, had sensitive info compromised and fallen prey to scam artists.
Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself. Whether you own multiple PCs or just a single laptop, installing a basic level of security software on every system is a good place to start. But depending on your needs, there are also some high-end options available, including anti-virus programs designed specifically for gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones; encryption suites; parental controls tools; VPN apps; Wi-Fi protection programs; cloud storage solutions; firewalls and other specialized monitoring products designed primarily to keep everything working normally when potential threats strike.
Of course, the cost of owning a properly protected PC will only go down — for everyone — once widespread adoption begins….

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