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Quebec City Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In these days a lot of people who own homes in cities use video surveillance system installed just outside the front door. These systems provide great benefits but they always come with issues. For example, most times it takes hours to install them correctly and then you spend countless amount of dollars trying to find someone trustworthy to help you get connected everything up properly.
Today I will explain why this approach won’t work in the years ahead and instead focus my attention on some modern alternatives which offer better value than traditional solutions while offering similar capabilities.
One other thing worth mentioning is that since many manufacturers nowadays sell through big retailers like Lowes etc. If you shop around you should be able to find prices under $180-$220 bucks per unit depending on options. A decent quality setup can cost less than $300 total including professional installation.
Hikvision offers a full range of cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments for the following technologies:- HD 1080P day/night capable IP66 rated weatherproof cameras.- 4K UHD resolution IP65 rated waterproof high definition cameras.- 2MP 1080P day mode only waterproof outdoor and dome cameras,- 3 Axis gyroscope stabilizer 4k ultra wide angle cameras allowing for 360° images.- Panning / tilting capability enabling remote viewing.
Tiandys outdoor cameras include:- 720P Day Vision Camera(IP66 Rated)- 640X480 Resolution Night Vision Camera (IP66 Rated). They are available standalone or with the iHCS360 Wireless Security System. – 4x digital zoom lenses. One or Two axis tilt/panning cameras allow for panoramic views of large areas.
For those who prefer to stay indoors; there are several wireless systems offered by companies like Vivint Smart Home and Netatmo. Both vendors offer similar products for a fraction of the price usually found elsewhere. Some may claim cheaper however if you factor in the cost of an annual monitoring contract it is no longer really “cheaper”.
I hope that helps answer the question ‘What type of security solution would work best in 2020 and beyond?’
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Best Security Cameras Quebec City

There are many different types of cameras available today; however, most people only consider buying HD video surveillance systems because that’s usually what they’re interested in installing. But while high definition recording technology is convenient and useful, there are other advantages to having a lower-resolution system installed at your home or office. For instance, a non-HD camera will allow easier viewing during inclement weather conditions or night hours when the lighting isn’t optimal. And depending on what type of home automation system you’ve got planned, a non-HD camera could be just what you need. However, even though these products aren’t always considered, installing a camera that records less than full frame resolution requires no professional skill whatsoever — and that’s why we’ll focus on those options first.
Best Camera Prices & Trends:
We decided to keep this post fairly brief since there isn’t really anything groundbreaking or exciting about our recommendations. Instead, this article highlights some basic info that every homeowner should be aware of in order to determine which model or models would work best for them. We hope that after reading through this guide you’ll feel comfortable making a purchase decision.
Best Surveillance System Recommendations:
To help you decide which type of camera will fit best into your specific situation, we created a quick and simplified chart below. You’ll see four columns representing each type of system mentioned above, and then across the top row we’ve listed the different categories of cameras: fixed outdoor/indoor, indoor only, wireless, and networked IP. If you’re unsure about something, simply ask us, and we’d be happy to provide additional assistance via email or phone call.
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Security Cameras Monitoring Company Quebec City

In this guide we will tell you which cameras would be suitable for your business premises and provide information regarding the top rated models available today. We will cover everything from the most basic security cameras to higher quality options including IP CCTV systems, wireless video doorbells, indoor/outdoor PTZ DVR cameras, HDPTZ outdoor surveillance cams and nightvision devices.
We will show you some examples of different types of security cameras, both fixed position or pan & tilt, digital and analogue, both indoor only or multi-camera system. All our reviews focus on the value for money provided per unit price.
This post contains affiliate links to products featured in this article. When making purchases through these links, I earn commission from them but they come no extra cost to you. Learn More
Our mission is to help people understand all aspects of the home security market. When reading articles, please remember that each individual opinion expressed herein does not necessarily reflect the opinions of nor are endorsed in any way whatsoever; therefore always use caution when working around appliances or equipment of any type. Also keep in mind, if we receive compensation from certain partners listed on this website, we will disclose that fact along with other relevant details about those specific partnerships (such as whether the partner offers a service discount). Our privacy policy is located at
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• We are committed to you—and always strive to earn and keep your trust through superior customer service and quality products & installations. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional attention to detail and excellent communication during each step of the way.
We understand that no project is ever perfect; however, we will work diligently until the job is complete! We welcome suggestions, questions, and ideas related to any aspect of our business. Please feel free to contact us anytime.
• Our cameras cover every area of need — indoors AND outside your property/business. Whether you wish to protect your home against burglary OR simply ensure your family members aren’t wandering around while you’re away, we offer numerous options built specifically for different types of areas, environments, and budgets.
All video streams go via satellite connection with zero line loss. So regardless of distance or weather conditions, your captured footage is crystal-clear.
• If the “cloud” of choice isn’t enough, we use only the latest technology available to provide your home or office high resolution live streaming video surveillance anywhere in North America. And since most cloud storage services limit storage space per device, we recommend having multiple devices setup. All devices connect easily with each other remotely through Wifi connections and/or mobile apps to view live feeds 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
• When choosing a system of this size, security systems come in many sizes. Some include additional peripherals like door alarms, key locks, window sensors, panic buttons, motion detection, etc. Others offer advanced software that connects your existing lighting controls and appliances to the main hub(s). Either way, it’s important to weigh various factors prior to purchase including convenience, ease of configuration, reliability and price!
We’ll help you find the ideal solution for your needs and preferences. For assistance, call 1 877 494 0982 or email today!
Your safety matters…to us. As well as ensuring your peace of mind, protecting yourself and loved ones should be considered as something you pay attention towards. At Secure Cam QC & Beyond, we believe that everyone deserves safe living, whether they are home or away.

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Quebec City Home Security Cameras Done Right

Installing a single point of entry security camera system in Québec city is relatively hassle-free. A good choice would be installing either wired doorbell cameras like those found in Amazon Alexa devices, IP cameras, DVR systems, or wireless HD PTZ networked security cams which include a web portal for remote viewing. If choosing the latter, remember the fact that most require internet connectivity through Ethernet cables connected to your router/modem, while some require wifi connection. Either way however, getting these installed should only take around 1 hour (maybe less) per camera depending on experience.
However, once again things get messy when talking about multiple points and different locations in the home or office space. For this scenario, you will definitely benefit from one of the many solutions offered by professional companies who specialize in providing security camera installations across various regions including Canada. They can easily install several types of high tech security products that include video monitoring systems, motion detection sensors, indoor surveillance cameras (IP), biometric identification software and door locks. Depending on the complexity of each individual project they could offer everything from just installing the initial equipment and wiring to full integration with existing alarm control panels. These experts can help you decide what type of solution(s) are necessary based upon their expertise and knowledge of the current situation. They will then determine whether the job needs to go ahead without disruption or whether additional planning is required prior to execution.
If after doing your homework you still believe you can complete the project yourself, consider hiring an experienced contractor to perform the work for you. Depending upon the size of the project, this method could cost anywhere between $500$3k. Keep in mind though, that you won’t save anything unless you hire someone who does exactly what you ask them to do (and that’s usually why they charge that price).
Regardless of installation difficulty, make sure to keep in touch with us so that you can always stay informed about the latest technologies used in security cameras. We love keeping our customers updated with industry news, especially when it involves security cameras.

Quebec City's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Security Camera Trends For Your House And Business
Innovations & Improvements Of Secure Cam’s Latest Technology
How Our Product Line Can Provide Peace-of-Mind Protection Against All Potential Threats
If you’re looking for some extra protection, then check out the latest innovations and improvements on our newest line of products. We’ve added several new models this season that will help protect you against potential threats like intrusions, burglary and vandalism. Here is just another update from the world wide web… If you haven’t noticed already, the technology sector continues to advance at a breakneck pace. As soon as one innovation gets introduced it becomes obsolete almost instantly; leaving us scrambling for something “new”. But if we continue down that path without taking advantage of the advancements being made, things could get really bad. This is why it makes sense to keep current as well as stay ahead. So while many people are still trying to figure out which direction they should take, we decided to provide a little guidance with these few tips and ideas to consider….
1. Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure nothing looks suspicious outside your house or office. Even if someone isn’t doing anything malicious you’ll be surprised how often people try to sneak past unnoticed. They may seem harmless but once you notice them, they become dangerous. Keep track of everything around you, whether it be vehicles, packages or pedestrians. Remember to avoid parking areas near busy streets. Also watch who enters your property and where those entrances are located. A lot of times people enter through back doors and windows because they assume no one would ever see them. However, there are a large amount of ways to gain entry undetected and they usually come from unexpected sources. Don’t ignore small details, it pays off big time.
2. Invest in a good alarm system. When it comes to investing in a high quality alarm system, it’s always better to spend less money than pay more. While it’s tempting to spring for the most expensive model, there is no guarantee that it is going to work correctly. Instead of waiting until something happens to install a professional monitoring service. By hiring a professional monitoring service, you are guaranteed 24/7 coverage even during power failures and natural disasters.

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We will be updating this guide frequently, but some of these products are already outdated. We recommend checking back often; however, we’re adding some additional information below:
Security Camera Systems For Your Quebeck Canada Businesses 2020
In order to get a good price for your home or business, you must contact several different companies, each offering varying prices and features. Once you’ve made arrangements for everything else like permits and insurance, however, finding a quality system isn’t nearly as challenging anymore than choosing which high definition television to spend thousands of dollars on. And for most people, getting started is half the battle — once you find a vendor who offers great service and value for both current clients and potential customers, you’ll probably stick around long enough to see them win many awards. Here are four tips for selecting a commercial surveillance system and installation, including a few things to avoid.
1. Pick A Vendor Who Is Friendly and Will Answer Questions
This can seem obvious, but people tend to overlook the importance of customer service because they assume someone selling a $10,000 piece of equipment will take care to ensure the buyer gets exactly what he/she paid for — afterall, why would anyone buy anything less!? But the truth is that no matter how skilled you are at installing video systems, every project requires at least a little bit of tweaking and problem solving along the way. If the sales rep won’t answer questions, chances are, neither does the installer nor other techies working on site. Don’t rely solely on a website’s claims either. Call the vendor first — if they actually sound interested in making sure you understand what you’re buying before you drop tens of thousand of dollars down the drain.
2. Check Reviews First
Before signing any paperwork, go ahead and check reviews posted online (if possible). These days, it takes just seconds to search on Amazon, Yelp or other vendors’ websites to uncover information about recent projects completed by a particular vendor, including issues and problems resolved, comments left by satisfied clients, plus photos and videos of installations in action. While it’s always best to read through reviews yourself, you should definitely consider them as a starting point for evaluating quality before committing yourself to purchase.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Quebec City

We have seen some amazing technology advancements in recent years – especially those related to Smartphones. But despite these technological advances, I believe they haven’t yet made many strides in the area of real estate monitoring. Until now. Secure Cam Canada is proud to announce “Smartphone Connected Cameras” – A revolutionary piece of equipment designed specifically for real estate property management use cases; enabling tenants/property managers to monitor activity with ease through the internet, while eliminating the traditional hardware setup associated with today’s solutions available in this market space.
What does this mean to your business?: If you own a building then chances are, you already understand that having reliable surveillance cameras installed in every single unit is essential to keeping your buildings safe and making it easier to get work done during non peak hours. As well, these types of systems provide peace of mind for both property owners and renters knowing that they will always be able to see who is coming onto or leaving the premises – 24×7×365. However, with increasing rent costs around town, more and more business professionals are opting to live rent free inside their office spaces, which means less income being generated per square foot. This trend presents another huge problem – because most of us work 8+ hour days we simply cannot afford to pay someone else to watch our properties 24×7×365.
To combat this issue, our team of dedicated engineers were tasked with developing an innovative solution that would eliminate the need for human intervention 24 hours / 7 days a week and allow tenants/owners alike to view footage anytime, anywhere – regardless of technology skillset. We wanted to ensure that anyone could install and operate our system easily and efficiently without needing prior experience or knowledge of operating web cams.
This led to the development of our proprietary remote control feature called Remote Viewing which enables our customers to check video recordings online from any device connected to the Internet including smartphones, tablets and desktops. It makes setting up and managing a whole building incredibly straightforward and efficient – allowing everyone to focus on running their day job instead of worrying whether a tenant was breaking down the door, cutting wires or climbing a wall trying to steal something. And the best part about it……

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