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This post covers everything you need to know about installing cameras, including choosing the most suitable system for your needs; planning ahead to avoid mistakes during implementation and monitoring; selecting the right products and suppliers to meet your requirements; getting the job done efficiently and effectively; and more.
Our Recommendations For Your Next Security Camera Installation
Here are some recommendations for choosing the best security cameras. If you’re thinking about buying a security package, these tips will help you find what’s right for you.
Consider your space carefully. Is this something you could use multiple times every day? Or just once a week or twice per season? Think beyond traditional surveillance areas like entrances or parking lots—you’ll be surprised how many other places around the house might be useful. Consider all of them, but prioritize those with high visibility (like hallways and windows).
If possible, keep things consistent. Don’t put cameras everywhere unless they serve a particular purpose. A single camera won’t provide enough information to protect your entire property. You want to ensure coverage of key parts, while avoiding overlap or redundancy. Remember that each area should offer different levels of detail, depending on who will see footage in real time and whether you’d want to see motion on video feed 24/7.
Make it visible. Make sure anyone seeing the camera knows exactly which direction to watch it. Keep lights turned down or out to reduce glare and allow people to see clearly inside dark rooms without having to step outside. Also, consider putting a reflective strip on walls facing toward the viewfinder lens to improve night viewing capabilities.
Think small. Smaller, less obtrusive models tend to work better than larger ones because they blend seamlessly into existing structures. But keep in mind that smaller isn’t always easier—small screens often struggle to show images quickly enough for live feeds. So try both options for size, and test your specific model in action to determine which performs best for your situation.
Know your equipment. Security packages aren’t cheap, yet you shouldn’t sacrifice quality simply because you can get a cheaper deal. Check vendor reviews, read manuals closely, and take note of technical specifications like resolution, frame rates and storage options.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Québec

We will take a closer look at the top rated surveillance cameras of 2020 and see which ones made our final Top 5 list of best security system and camera systems available today. We’ll discuss why they’re great options and which ones should be considered for your own home/office use in the next few years.
In this video I show you some amazing products from various different manufacturers, from basic 2MP models that cost less than $100 USD up to high resolution IP HD 1080P 60fps full motion HD security cams with night vision, thermal imaging, audio recording, and remote viewing capabilities running $1k+. These cameras come equipped with many advanced technologies, including wireless options to allow them to be installed anywhere in your house/business without being tethered to power outlets. They offer multiple mounting points allowing flexibility. Some feature built-in storage space for recorded footage, while other offer cloud storage for ease of management through mobile apps. Many include integrated audio recording devices that enable you to record sounds in areas away from traditional microphones. Finally, most of these cameras provide a live view on their monitor for checking security conditions remotely via smartphone or computer.

Québec Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this article, I will discuss some of the most popular types of security cameras used today, and what they offer to you as a homeowner. The first section will be devoted entirely to outdoor surveillance, while the remaining sections will cover indoor security systems.
Outdoor Surveillance Cameras
Cameras are often thought of in terms of being either stationary, like those found around swimming pools, or mobile, mounted on vehicles. While both options can work well as deterrent devices, they both have their limitations. Mobile cameras suffer from poor range due to battery life issues; stationary ones are vulnerable to tampering and vandalism.
For these reasons and many others, many homeowners opt for a system of fixed, motion-activated video recording devices, which record everything that moves through range. These include doorbell cameras, exterior cams and window peepholes.
While these products offer excellent coverage of areas outside of view, they are less useful than you would expect. They tend to capture more noise than actual activity, making it difficult to distinguish faces, license plates, vehicles and other details.
This makes them ideal for use around the house. If you live near a busy street or parking lot but don’t feel comfortable opening up your front door every morning, a motion detector cam could help deter breakins. Or perhaps someone’s stolen your car keys but left behind your dog, who is always wandering away from home unattended — a doorbell cam could alert you when the animal returns home without having to leave the couch.
Indoor Surveillance Cameras
If your property consists mostly of empty rooms, then an exterior camera won’t give you much of anything. But if you own a business, apartment building, condo, office space or warehouse full of valuable inventory, you should invest in an inside security solution.
Inside solutions typically come in two forms: wired and wireless. Wireless models rely on radio frequency waves to communicate signals back and forth between camera units. Wired cameras transmit data via power lines, usually Ethernet cable. Either way, these systems allow you to monitor multiple locations simultaneously.
Wired solutions are generally cheaper than wireless alternatives, and they provide better resolution and image quality.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Québec’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this post, I will be showing you some of my experience installing cameras and providing service quotes for clients who are building or remodeling their homes or offices.
If you haven’t already seen the videos of Secure Cam’s work in action, take them below before reading further:
Free Quebec Camera Installation Video 1 & 2 –
This week (August 15th, 2020), we installed 5 security cams in 2 locations over the course of 3 visits total which took us approximately 40 minutes each time. We went to 4 different properties and did multiple installations of both outdoor and indoor cameras. The location had just finished tearing down walls and ceilings because they would no longer fit within the rooms being renovated. One client called us specifically asking for help getting security cameras put back up after demolition. They wanted two indoor security cameras. Both of these areas are located near construction sites. These places were great examples of having cameras placed in a high visibility area. If a thief tries to break in during the day while someone is inside or outside working, there should always be eyes watching from the exterior. Another reason why these spots came highly recommended was due to what happens in those spaces. People come through every day on foot either walking around doing yard work or driving vehicles like trucks pulling lumber through the yards. While we weren’t able to measure exactly how many people walk by per hour between each surveillance camera in place, we could tell that there wasn’t going to be enough cover from view once cameras were added. Having additional cameras available was more than worth it considering the potential negative impact it could cause to business without the presence of a security guard patrolling. When reviewing footage, I found myself seeing the same patterns emerge again and again. Many times, people coming on foot would use shortcuts rather than following roads that led towards actual buildings.

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Québec Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

We will talk about the top 5 commercial security cameras in Québec for 2020/21 and how they work. We’ll then move forward and explain which cameras are trending and will be popular in the coming years.
In this post I’m going to tell you why I chose these particular models and why I recommend them to my customers. This article was inspired by my experience working with my clients to install security systems in homes across Quebec since 2012. My aim was to help people find the best system possible to monitor their property while keeping costs down.
Here’s some things you should consider before choosing a security solution for your business or home.
1. What type of surveillance do you really expect to see? Is your main concern being burgled or just having someone walk around outside the house without permission? If the answer is “both”, you’re better served by getting a system capable of motion detection.
2. What level of protection do you require for the equipment inside? Do you need something that records 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Or just during certain times of the day and night? A DVR can record footage but is usually only suitable for recording short clips rather than full length recordings. An IP video recorder like Secure Cam’s HDIPV4 offers both recording and playback capabilities at the same time.
3. How often do you want to view recorded material? Will you use footage regularly to keep tabs on activity around your residence, such as who enters and exits the property, who goes where, or what time things happen? The longer the storage period, the bigger the file size. For example, Secure Cam stores videos for 30 days on SD cards, 60 days on USB sticks, 90 days on internal memory, 180 days on cloud servers, and 300+ days on our networked server. All of those options offer different file sizes depending on the resolution used.
4. Where are you located in Canada? Depending on whether you live in the province of Québec or elsewhere, you may be covered under provincial legislation regarding privacy laws that protect home dweller’s personal information against collection and usage by third parties.

Best Security Cameras Québec

HikVision offers 4 models of IP cameras, all with excellent quality optics. They offer both fixed lens cameras and dome lenses. Their Hik Vision HZKW series, which includes 3 types of HD resolution sensors, will be available this Spring/Summer season.
They have 2 different types of motion detection devices for indoor and outdoor use:
Motion Sensors
PIR Detectors
TIDiS PIR Motion Detector
They provide many accessories including wireless routers, batteries chargers, power cords, battery packs, external boxes, antennas, cables and mounts. All these products come complete with mounting hardware, wiring kits and instructions.
Tiandy Security Camera Company, founded in 2005 is another manufacturer offering 4 models of high end security solutions; 1 model for each type of environment they cater to. These include Dome IP CCTV systems, Fixed Lens IP CCTV Systems with night viewing capabilities. Both models are equipped with advanced video processing technologies to help identify moving targets quickly and easily.
All their products feature the most innovative solutions available today to protect your business against intrusions and theft, allowing you to keep track of everything happening outside your building 24 hours per day from anywhere in the world, including your smartphone. If anything goes down, Tiandy Security Camera can send alerts via email, text message, push notifications, SIP messages, voice calls, web chat and other forms through any device connected to internet.
Their products are backed by extensive monitoring centers across North America that can instantly respond should something happen in realtime.
Both manufacturers are known for being leaders in technology innovation and providing customers with state of art equipment and exceptional customer service.
This is just a brief summary of what they have to offer but please visit them website to see their full line of offerings

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• Our team will show you step-by-step which cameras would be suitable for both residential homes and small office buildings. We provide you with the most cost effective solutions, but they won’t come cheap! Read this quick guide below for tips on finding your perfect camera solution for yourself or someone else’s home or business.
• Secure Cam offers both cloud storage and physical recording devices.
• If you’re going for a wireless surveillance system, check first that your router supports IP video streaming.
• For wired options, it’s always good to try a few different types of cabling. Make sure your cable is rated for power use and that it will work properly inside walls.
• Finally, consider getting motion sensors instead of relying only on video surveillance. They offer several benefits, including better audio quality, night vision capabilities, and increased accuracy rates.
Best Camera Solution 2020:
If you are planning on installing a security alarm in your residence or building then choosing the correct camera system is vital.
We recommend a combination of high resolution digital network IP cameras and a DVR unit. Digital Network IP CCTV systems record video footage onto computers via either the internet or SD cards or USB sticks. These units allow us to view live feeds anywhere around the world.
This type of technology is ideal if, for example, you wish to monitor multiple rooms throughout the entire house, especially those that are frequently used during certain times of day. A key advantage of these kinds of cameras is that the recordings stay safe on the computer no matter who uses them as long as Internet connectivity remains active.
However, these models tend to be relatively expensive. If you’d like to keep costs down, however, many manufacturers sell basic DVR systems without cameras. This could prove useful when you just want to watch a single area of interest at certain times of the day.
For those who prefer analogue cameras, a DVR with a built-in recorder will suffice. Analog cameras record directly on VHS tape. However, these aren’t really worth considering unless they’re specifically designed to be able to record 24 hours straight. Otherwise it becomes increasingly harder to find tapes once you run out of space.

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We believe people should feel safe wherever they go, whether that be their own homes, office spaces or retail locations. Today, businesses, homeowners, governments all face threats which include cybercrime, vandalism, theft, accidents and natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. A good quality surveillance system will help monitor these risks while providing peace of mind knowing that everything is covered 24/7, 7 days a week.
Many cameras can record audio but only some offer complete video capture. Audio recording devices have become standard equipment in vehicles (both cars and trucks), allowing drivers to listen in and alert themselves to unexpected situations. Audio capability was always available in CCTV systems, however it wasn�t until recent years that manufacturers began producing wireless microphones designed specifically as part of their IP camera lineup. These mics provide superior sound quality, making them ideal components for monitoring areas outside walls and fences. Additionally, many modern outdoor models automatically adjust microphone settings based on conditions detected through weather sensing technology. As well, most modern high definition cameras incorporate night vision capabilities that allow viewing in total darkness; this means footage recorded during nighttime hours could actually be viewed in daylight. Many newer models, including those offered by leading brands, feature advanced motion detection functionality so operators no longer have to watch live feed 24/7; instead alerts are generated whenever movement occurs. Finally, remote management tools allow customers to easily control their units remotely via mobile device or computer, regardless of location or network configuration.
Cameras, just like all other digital appliances, can get damaged due to various factors beyond customers’ control. Camera damage does happen, especially after being left outdoors without cover or protection. Most cameras come with a warranty so please refer to the manufacturer’s policy for details regarding coverage. However, if damage happens unexpectedly, call Secure Cam immediately. We’ll work quickly to return your unit back to top form and ensure it delivers exceptional service going forward. Our customer care agents are experienced professionals who strive to keep each client happy and satisfied with every aspect of working together. Call us today at 1 877 599 2199 or visit

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