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We offer both IP Camera Systems & Wireless Network Video Surveillance solutions designed specifically around your needs. We work closely with our customers in order to understand their unique situations which will help us determine whether they are better suited for IP cameras, wireless network video surveillance systems such as Ring Doorbell Cam or the combination of both technologies. If you would prefer, we provide custom installations at affordable rates.
Whether you have an old house or new construction project, we install and monitor these devices professionally, safely, securely, and reliably. Our highly trained technicians use only industry standard equipment to ensure maximum image quality. All of our products come with a 3 Year Warranty and free lifetime technical support. And our service includes regular scheduled maintenance visits to make sure everything is working properly.
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If you find yourself asking “What Is A Smart Security System For My House Or Business?,” then you should consider getting a professional opinion to see where you stand today. Contact us via email at info@securecameraquintewest.caor call 1-705-897-8882 and schedule a no cost consultation and quote evaluation.

Quinte West's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to increased concerns regarding home and office safety. Our aim is to provide information which will help you purchase the highest quality CCTV Camera systems available today. We hope this guide helps educate readers of all skill levels in choosing the correct system for their specific needs. If you have other questions feel free to send us an email via
Home owner and business customers alike enjoy watching live video feeds of their property 24/7. Video surveillance products used widely across Canada and the United States have become one of the quickest selling consumer electronics categories since they first entered mass retailing during the early 1990s. As demand surges for these devices, manufactures continue expanding distribution channels, adding new models and upgrading existing ones with higher definition digital images. At Secure Cam Systems Inc. we understand what makes a great home or commercial surveillance device, providing homeowners and business owners with high technology video solutions that meet their unique requirements.
What type of person uses monitoring equipment?
There are two main types of people who use monitoring equipment; those who own homes and buildings, and those who work in companies. A large percentage of all home owners use some form of protection against crime and theft whilst working in the home environment. Others use security alarms for both purposes. Businesses are also starting to adopt advanced security technologies and monitoring methods. These days many small offices and retailers are installing security cameras not only for better management but mainly for improving business operations.
In addition to basic motion detection and audio recording the newest generation of IP Networked Surveillance Cams include full HD color imaging, night vision capabilities, auto focus, geofencing alerts… Read More
Why should I install a security cam system?
There are several reasons why you should consider investing in a networked surveillance solution. When installed correctly, a good alarm system offers peace of mind and protects you from dangerous situations. By arming yourself with knowledge about the market trends regarding home and building security, you can begin making informed choices that align with your personal preferences and your family’s needs. Here are some common applications of residential and business network cameras.

Quinte West Home Security Cameras Done Right

Security cameras are installed in many places today; however only a small fraction meet real business applications like protecting property and personnel. We will go through some of these trends below including remote viewing options, internet video streaming (IPTV), cloud storage and integration options, and IP Video phone solutions. All products mentioned on this page offer both 2 way audio recording capabilities and live feeds. The majority of them come already equipped with motion detection and/or alarm systems which makes them ideal home security devices. Many manufacturers use top quality equipment but don’t always provide proper support nor training upon setup. For example, we often see people setting up Nest Cam Indoor Wi-Fi models without ever connecting anything else to the network. A lot of us who own one of these units would love nothing better than to install another “Nest” outdoor cam onto an existing property because of the high resolution footage they produce. However, installing Nest cams outdoors requires additional expertise and experience beyond simply plug & play functionality, unfortunately most people don’t realize that until after they’ve spent hours dealing with poorly maintained indoor setups.
In addition to having great customer service departments, if you purchase from reputable manufacturer’s then you’ll be able to rest assure that you’re getting long life components and robust hardware that won’t break apart just because someone forgot to properly clean under the unit once per week while keeping the batteries fully charged.
1st Generation CCTV Cameras had issues with image distortion and poor color reproduction due to a wide angle lens. Most newer generation professional digital cameras utilize smaller, less obtrusive lenses that deliver consistent images regardless of direction, distance, light conditions, or type of target being filmed. If you would prefer a larger view range, opt for an older model instead.
Some early and cheap cctv cams in existence lacked good lighting / ambient illumination for night filming. They also offered no protection against tampering by individuals attempting to capture private activity during daylight hours. Nighttime technology has advanced significantly since 2002 allowing consumers to film events as well as personal activities 24/7. Some manufacturers include a built in infrared illuminator to illuminate scenes and improve nighttime recordings. Others still rely on external flashlights.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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HikVision 4K HD Camera: A high definition digital video surveillance system which contains many advanced functions like motion detection and night vision. Also includes IP PIR sensor and 2MP color photo capacity for remote monitoring and live streaming via smartphone apps.
Tiandy F8HD 1080P Full Digital Video Surveillance System: This model offers 8x optical zoom together with an ultra wide angle lens. Its compact design makes this the perfect solution for small areas of coverage. And when paired with WIFI range extender and outdoor antenna, you will get full HD video recording.
And More To Come….(2021 Editions Here Below)
We hope that these blogs help you find the best solutions for your 2022 needs!
For those looking forward to upgrading their systems next year, you’ll be happy to learn that we offer custom installations of up to 100 cameras and accessories. For the best experience, please contact us today for a quote. Visit our website to see additional details or call 1 800 723 5747 toll-free.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Quinte West

• As society becomes increasingly tech savvy, cameras become the de facto tool for surveillance.
Over 3 billion Internet connected devices will be deployed worldwide by 2020 — meaning that almost every single person on earth could be watching us through these “eyes in the sky.”
While many believe the days of unencrypted WiFi signals being easily intercepted are long gone, this technology isn’t going anywhere soon. Even today millions of people unknowingly use weak wireless networks without encryption protections which leaves them vulnerable to hacking attempts by criminals who seek to intercept personal information traveling across those channels.
Cameras provide real-time visibility of activities occurring in different parts of the world. They protect against burglary and other crimes, making homeowners feel better equipped to handle break-ins and suspicious activity around their homes and properties. Not only does having a camera increase safety inside the home but they also allow residents to monitor places like gardens, driveways, garages, patios and pools; keeping watch with total peace of mind while providing valuable documentation of anything happening during regular business hours. Most importantly, they help keep children safe whether outside or indoors, ensuring parents always feel confident knowing nothing is hidden when someone walks in the door.
At SecureCam, we understand that selecting a reliable home security system requires more than just price. If you’re shopping for a high quality security solution consider these factors first.
What’s Included When Adding An Automated Camera System: A well designed security system includes everything necessary to automate the monitoring and recording of events taking place in both indoor and outdoor areas. Depending on the model you choose, each automated security system package generally contains professional grade cameras, video storage systems, motion detection sensors and alarm controls. Depending on the manufacturer, additional items such as integrated lighting controllers, remote keyless entry kits (if applicable), Wi-Fi connections, keypad locksets, DVR recorders and nightlights round out the available options. Each unit installs easily, uses minimal power and can typically be monitored via smartphone apps allowing customers complete control anytime, anywhere. These advanced capabilities are why most consumers elect to purchase home security packages. While some products include basic models, advanced features often come with added fees and hidden costs depending on the type of contract chosen.

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Today’s most advanced video surveillance cameras provide excellent quality HD videos which makes them perfect for both indoor & outdoor installations. While some cameras offer crisp resolution with high definition imaging, other models produce grainy static images at lower resolutions but still offer incredible value for homeowners. Read this complete guide to the top 20 affordable 1080P IP networked video cameras available today in 2018 for 2017 and 2020 editions.
Cameras like the Arlo Pro 2 Plus HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera lets you keep tabs on your house and yard while reducing false alarms, making burglars less likely to mess around inside your property. At $80/year ($120 full premium), it offers solid bang for buck value; plus you get 24×7 live streaming recording via cloud storage, alerts and motion zones.
Whether you prefer wired connections, wireless technology or both, these innovative devices deliver crystal clear visuals thanks to intelligent software algorithms that detect movement automatically and prioritize the alert level accordingly. They stream live audio through WiFi allowing neighbors to communicate clearly whether they happen to be next door or across town. Some have built-in night vision infrared LED lights that show the outline of the intruder moving toward your house without having to put down your drink and pick up your telephone. All four models above will help prevent intruders from breaking in during busy hours when visibility conditions aren’t ideal, letting you sleep easier knowing no unauthorized visitors are lurking nearby.
We’re talking about reliable protection that won’t break the bank. As you read this article, consider each item’s ability to meet your unique needs. You’ll find plenty of useful information below, including reviews and links to buy the products mentioned — just remember: the ultimate decision is yours. And please feel welcome to comment below. Your feedback helps us improve the usefulness of these articles.
This page includes many recommended products, check the Related Products section below for additional items.
Product 1: GoGuardian NVR Series GVNX41080S Network Video Recorder
This device is equipped with dual 10MP sensors capable of capturing 16 megapixel photos and 30fps Full HD H264 Motion JPEG Videos.

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Best Security Cameras Quinte West

In 2020, consumers expect video surveillance systems to be integrated seamlessly into daily life. While this isn’t always practical or economical, most homeowners will agree that they enjoy having a view of their homes while away — whether it’s through cameras mounted outside their windows, in their front yard or along their driveway, in the back garden, living rooms…etc.
However, there is often confusion surrounding which type of system would work best for them. In fact, many people aren’t aware they could actually benefit greatly from installing a combination of CCTV / IP Camera Surveillance Systems in their own property, rather than relying on just one specific device.
For example, some people have installed outdoor HD/daylight cameras with motion sensors to get a better idea of who is coming & going into their properties. However, these types of devices still rely on human observers, meaning someone needs to check each individual camera every few hours — or worse yet, miss those “important” moments altogether. Other customers prefer indoor cameras and use a smartphone app like Live Viewer to control their viewing experience remotely. But again, these solutions only offer partial views inside the house and they won’t help detect intruders unless the homeowner alerts authorities to suspicious activity via phone calls.
To solve this problem, Secure Cam offers a range of products that provide a total solution for both commercial and residential applications. These include standalone indoor and outdoor wireless cameras; indoor IP network cams with remote management capabilities; combined indoor/outdoor wired video streaming units capable of monitoring multiple locations simultaneously; and multi-room audio recorders perfect for any office space. No matter which type of security system you opt for, our experts will ensure you receive the highest quality service possible.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Quinte West ON

What makes Secure Cam unique?
We provide high quality products with the largest selection of options available anywhere. We offer both indoor / outdoor models, wireless and IP cameras and accessories including hard wired mounts, batteries and power supplies. Secure cam is dedicated to providing customers service above competitors. Our mission statement “To help protect homes and businesses while offering peace of mind for people who buy security systems” speaks for itself.
Are they reliable?
All Secure cam products come with 100% guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. If anything goes wrong, just return the system back to us under warranty. No questions asked. Most manufacturers will only honor 30 days after purchase. After this period, customer needs to pay shipping charges from the point of original order. We understand that sometimes unexpected issues occur during install and therefore we always recommend calling an installer to assist with installation, however, if you experience problems while using the device call us immediately.
How do I decide which model fits my needs?
There are many factors to consider. When picking a surveillance solution, be aware there is no absolute answer to whether something is better than another. Each person’s situation differs, and every property requires different things. We suggest the following steps to ensure choosing the most appropriate type of protection for your circumstances;
Consider cost – price per unit should factor heavily into decision making. Do you intend to monitor multiple locations or one primary area? For example, we suggest buying 1 indoor/outdoor camera as opposed to several individual units. Consider size – the larger the space being monitored, the bigger the required equipment becomes, thus requiring additional costs. Consider monitoring requirements – what types of activity are occurring inside your building? Is it primarily commercial or residential? Does everyone living there need coverage 24×7? Determine frequency of usage – some buildings will see less traffic than other properties, meaning fewer cameras would suffice. Also know how often footage must be viewed. Will it be stored for reference purposes? Determining these variables will determine the level of investment, as well as the amount required per unit..

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