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For many property managers it is imperative they monitor whether their tenants are paying rent or doing other things inside their rental units. Property managers will often install cameras inside properties to help them track who enters the house, which helps them determine if the tenant isn’t being honest about living inside his/her unit. Some homeowners may be installing surveillance cams outside their homes to watch over their properties from afar. For both renters & landlords you should consider the benefits associated with monitoring these devices. There are many options to consider including HD and IP cameras and DVR’s; however, all types of video recording systems come with different attributes and capabilities depending on your needs. Many people use these gadgets as a way to deter would be intruders in order to keep themselves safe. Other times people just like to watch over their investment property because they love watching their possessions move around while sitting comfortably somewhere else…or maybe they’re worried someone could steal something valuable in their absence. Whatever reason you decide to spy on your home or office; choosing the correct type of camera system is key. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect camera device for the job.
Monitoring Systems
There are multiple ways to record footage and store it digitally. A couple of common methods used include digital camcorders and digital storage mediums. Digital Storage Mediums (DSMV) allow images to be stored on computer drives with several advantages including large amounts of space without requiring ongoing maintenance. Another advantage to this method is that once captured it cannot lose quality or get damaged through weather or physical damage. On the flip side, storing pictures on computers requires constant upkeep and care due to it being susceptible to malware attacks, viruses, and loss. However, DSLR style cameras provide more flexibility than DSMVs as they offer greater image resolution and the ability to zoom or focus on specific areas. These qualities enable them to capture better still shots of details inside spaces but they take longer to upload images onto computers making them less ideal for real time recording purposes. While these models cost far more than DSMs, they are worth every penny since they are able to capture high definition photographs (HD).

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Red Deer AB

This guide is written as per my personal experience installing various models/types of cameras. I am talking about the best cameras I could find locally or through my research. Each section contains information about the type of Camera used, why I chose this particular model, and which ones I liked better than other types. My purpose behind putting together this is to help those who would like to install these products themselves but not sure exactly which model they should purchase. Also, I will talk briefly about some common issues related to installations and troubleshooting. I hope it helps those in the market for a security cam. Please feel free to ask questions below if you wish to talk more detail about certain things discussed above.
Red deer area is covered in many different brands of security cams but most are cheap knockoff versions that offer little value when trying to buy them. So I started doing an intensive search for quality security cameras and found that most companies sell them via internet orders only. Most people in red deer cant afford to pay for shipping costs. As well, the prices listed in stores are usually way higher then buying them online and paying for delivery. But once you get past the first hurdle of finding a good deal, it turns out that getting great deals on high end security cameras can actually be quite easy. And I am happy to say this is no longer the case since Secure Cam came onto scene.
If you live in an apartment complex, condo building or multi family residential property, chances are there are probably already security systems installed. If you want something really unique, try setting up motion detection. Motion detection detects movement around areas using various sensors that detect light, temperature changes and vibration. These sensors send signals to alarm panels that notify monitoring centers. While it won’t keep intruders away forever, it’s a nice safety feature. A lot of newer homes include integrated doorbells and video surveillance. Many newer buildings use wireless networking technology to connect devices like thermostats, door locks and smoke detectors together. Some older residences have basic cable wiring while newer homes often come with fiber optic internet connections.
Homeowner insurance covers damages caused by breakins, fire damage and theft. However, coverage varies depending on policy terms and exclusions.

Red Deer Home Security Cameras Done Right

1. Best Wireless Camera Systems for Your Business
(Red Deer & Calgary area) SecureCam offers wireless systems that work great in both indoor locations as well as outdoor environments. Our range extenders help extend coverage outdoors to protect against intruders who could be hiding behind bushes outside your Red Deer home. These cameras work seamlessly indoors without having to worry about the interference caused by other electrical devices like smartphones and tablets. And since they run on batteries, you won’t have to constantly worry about changing those pesky cables every few days. We offer several models ranging in price point that cover various budgets and needs. Check them out today.
2. Home Automation System – Smart Plug Technology
One of the most popular and cost effective ways to automate your home is through smart technology. Whether you’re interested in turning lights on/off remotely while you’re away or scheduling regular maintenance checks via email, this type of system will keep everyone happy — including yourself because everything happens automatically. If you’d rather stay hands-on with these types of functions, many companies offer DIY kits on Amazon. They’ll provide instructions along with parts needed for building a custom solution for your home.
3. Remote Monitoring Solutions
While some people prefer to manually monitor certain aspects of their homes’ operations, many homeowners enjoy remote monitoring to catch potential issues early on. By being able to watch live video feeds and receive alerts on things like temperature and motion triggers, your property is protected 24/7. Some solutions allow you to view footage on demand and record videos to save for evidence purposes down the road.
4. Smart Garage Door Opener
If your garage door’s old or damaged, upgrading to a smarter alternative makes sense. Most manufacturers feature openers that integrate with your smartphone so you can unlock doors simply by swiping across compatible apps on your phone. If you already own a model, consider replacing the older opener with another version that integrates better with newer versions of Android and iOS software.
5. IP Cam Surveillance
An IP cam surveillance device records high definition images, allowing law enforcement agencies around the world to investigate crimes and capture criminals at large.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Red Deer

Why use Hikvision cameras? When choosing which model/brand to purchase please consider these factors;
1. Price Range ($500-$2000+ USD). Most of the products offered by both Hikvision and Tiyande fall under this price range. However most consumers will be looking for something affordable yet effective.
2. Product size (smaller, medium, large). The smaller, compact models offer better portability while the larger ones offer greater visibility.
3. Image resolution(HD 1080P 30fps or 4K 60fps). While HD1080p offers excellent picture quality some people prefer higher resolutions due to their superior image sharpness.
4. Installation type (cable only, IP Camera, wireless network). A wired connection provides the highest reliability because a wire cannot break whereas a wireless network suffers interference from nearby devices. If possible, opt for the cable version of the product unless you live in an area without electrical power. An advantage of installing a wireless camera is that they’re easier to move around since cables can get tangled easily.
5. Number of Cams required per location(Single, Double/Triple units). For single locations, 2 cams should suffice. 3 cams recommended for multiple locations including offices, warehouses, retail shops etc.
6. Video recording modes (daytime / night time). Depending on how busy the premises are during different times of day different video recording settings would work best for each scenario. Some cameras also allow motion detection recordings meaning no action takes place, then recordings begin automatically once someone enters the view of the camera. Another useful feature is to record sound simultaneously allowing for multi-point audio monitoring purposes.
7. Remote Access capability. While many of us like having control over our home security system remotely, it’s worth mentioning that this functionality isn’t always available. Check your manufacturer instructions prior to ordering for details.
8. Wi Fi connectivity. While some manufacturers offer built in WiFi capabilities, make sure that the system supports 802.11n standard and has sufficient bandwidth capacity to run smoothly across a wider region. If WiFi support is optional then check whether the device uses wifi bands 1/2/3 (or 5GHz), otherwise you won’t benefit from faster speeds.

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Best Security Cameras Red Deer

Red deer homes and offices are filled with valuable assets. Your safety needs to be top priority. Secure Cam will help guard against unwanted guests while allowing you peace of mind, providing real time monitoring of your property 24/7. We carry only cameras that exceed industry standards which include video quality, ease of use, ease of installation, affordable price tag and dependable customer service. Our experience includes installations inside buildings, outdoors, commercial properties and everything in between.
We believe every client deserves complete ownership and satisfaction from the entire project life cycle including; equipment selection, delivery and setup service. We offer full support from initial consultation through after sales care. Once we take control of the project from start to finish, we leave no stone unturned ensuring total confidence and peace of mind during your installation period. If your new investment requires specialised maintenance or repair work our team will ensure this problem does not get overlooked. When choosing a surveillance system for home or office, consider these points below.
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First and foremost, when buying a security camera you should ask yourself why you would ever need them and whether they fit into your lifestyle. For example if you live in a house without neighbours then chances are you wont really notice an intruder unless they break something or damage someone else’s property. But if you live in a neighbourhood with lots of traffic and potential criminal activity then having some sort of protection is key. Here are just some examples of situations in which different types of CCTV systems become essential components of your home.
1.- Protection Against Burglary. A basic alarm won’t protect anything but at least if you hear it go crazy, call the police and they’ll come around. Having a proper burglar alarm will deter burglars who prefer taking the risk rather than breaking things. Some people install alarms that send alerts straight to your smartphone when motion is detected whereas most have built in audio or visual indicators (beeps, flashing lights). They’re usually quite cheap to buy, often less expensive than hiring a private contractor to put one in place while many models offer 24 hour recording capacity. Another type of burglary deterrent consists of devices like glass detectors.

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This article will be updated regularly until 2020 December 31st which covers many areas including reviews, prices, specifications & installation instructions of these top 10 products which includes both indoor and outdoor cameras, but for this overview I am focusing solely on indoor cameras only.
These are the Top Ten Indoor Security Camera Reviews which include video quality, HD Video, resolution, price/value ratio, ease of use, wireless connectivity, storage capacity, battery life, nightvision compatibility, IP Rating (IP50), weather resistance, lens type and warranty information. We’ll see some of the highlights below.
For those who still haven’t decided whether they want to go with traditional surveillance systems made up of motion sensors, DVR recorders, monitors, keypad entry devices, doorbell chimes, remote controls and other similar solutions or DIY solutions like camera’s, Wi Fi enabled DVR’s, web browsers, software applications and apps on mobile phones the following is something to consider while deciding to install surveillance cameras.
1. Motion Detecting Sensors
2. Wireless Door Bell Chime Systems
3. DVR Recorders
4. Monitors
5. Keypad Entry Devices
6. Remote Controls
7. WiFi Enabled DVR’s
8. Smartphones Apps
9. Mobile Phone Apps
10. App Based Surveillance Solutions
I personally prefer installing my own CCTV system since most commercial grade solutions cost a lot and offer no real flexibility, in fact the best ones tend not to work well indoors. If you really want to save cash though, then buying a readymade solution would probably save you plenty without compromising security, which is why this guide is aimed specifically at people interested in doing it themselves.
For instance, what I found was that there wasn’t anywhere near enough support available for setting up security camera packages. Most vendors simply sell hardware, leaving customer service aside. It took me ages just trying to find someone competent to tell me exactly how to get everything working together—something the average consumer should expect when paying hundreds of pounds. Instead, I had several days of reading forums and email exchanges asking ‘how to’ questions I could easily answer myself after five minutes research.

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In this blog post I will go through some basic questions and provide answers to help you decide which type of system would work best for you.
What Type Of Camera Do You Want?
There are several types of cameras available today to fit almost every need. Here are four popular choices: IP Cameras, PTZ, Network Video Recorders & Fixed Cams. Each category has advantages and disadvantages but each is great at doing something specific.
For instance, fixed cams are perfect for monitoring large spaces like lobbies or entrances. They offer high resolution images and video and usually come equipped with night vision technology. IP cameras are good for monitoring areas with lots of movement. They typically use motion detection software to trigger recording and send alerts. PTZ cameras are ideal for smaller environments where you want fine control over where your cam points. These cameras allow panning, rotating, tilting & zooming to get you exactly what you want without wasting energy. Network Video Recorder, aka NVR’s, record video to disk and stream it live via internet to anywhere in world via web browser. You can view them remotely on multiple devices simultaneously. All four categories can be used individually or together depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.
Security Level Needed
If you just need to monitor activity in a single area then you should probably look towards a PTZ camera. If you’d like full coverage across your entire property (including inside/outside), a network recorder is probably better suited for your needs. For example, if someone is breaking into my garage door but they aren’t actually going upstairs I’m less interested because I can see them coming down the driveway. But if I wanted to catch them walking around in my house while I was sleeping I could easily watch the whole scene unfold using a network recorder. A fixed camera can be placed anywhere in your space and can provide a lot of useful information. However, since it only monitors one point of entry it won’t alert you until after it happens. So, if you have a small dog who likes to wander outside you’ll want to put one near the front entrance.

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This guide will be updated every few months as technology advances.
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