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This post discusses the top 10 Security Camera Trends for 2022:
1. 4K Video Surveillance
2. Wireless Technology
3. Cloud Storage
4. Smartphone/Tablets Compatibility
5. HD Live Stream
6. Voice Control
7. Automated Alarms
8. Night Vision
9. IP Cam
10. Remote Viewing
11. Motion Sensors
12. 2 Way Communication
13. HD Quality Images
14. 24 hour Recording
15. Low Light Performance
16. Long Battery Life
17. Easy Access Controls
18. Wireless Network Connection
19. Customizable Settings
20. Flexible Mount Options
21. High Resolution Photos
22. Low Noise Level Microphones
23. Wireless Connectivity
If you would like to learn more about SecureCam’s products and services, visit us at We provide professional video surveillance installations in Revelstoke, Squamish, Whistler, and beyond.

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Revelstoke Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

There’s no doubt that CCTV cameras will become ubiquitous; but which types should you buy? If only the security industry could agree on standards. But they haven’t yet — and this leads many companies to offer confusing options (and sometimes poor products), leaving consumers feeling overwhelmed. We’ve made some recommendations and put them together in a straightforward guide…
Revelstoke is located approximately 100km east of Vancouver Island near the town of Armstrong.
HikVision HD2-12W 12MP Wifi/GPS 720P IP Camera
This camera is perfect for small residential properties requiring high quality video that will be viewed on computers, tablets, phones and gaming consoles. Its compact size makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use and includes a wide angle lens providing excellent image resolution.
Tiandy TDC51080 1080HD WiFi IP Camara
If your requirement is higher definition then consider upgrading to the Tiandy TDC51080 1080HD WiFI IP Camera. With 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps you’ll get superbly sharp images and crisp detail with great audio capabilities built in. Features include 4x digital zoom plus 2M wireless range making this HD camera suitable for homes of up to 800m away. This device is designed to work indoors or outdoors.
In addition to selecting the appropriate type of surveillance system required we recommend taking careful consideration of placement to avoid interference caused by other electronic devices in close proximity to the camera(s). For example if placing several units across multiple rooms you would want to ensure each unit has enough headroom above their intended location, otherwise the signal strength of these units won’t meet minimum requirements. When choosing a camera model try to match the recommended distance from obstructions like walls etc..

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Revelstoke

This post will go through the most common issues you run across when searching for quality cameras, then provide some examples of things to check while shopping, along with links to trusted reviews and install videos for each device.
Here’s a rundown of the top four types of video feeds I recommend at affordable prices that come with excellent customer support and reliability. These feeds record HD 1080p resolution images 24/7, they offer a wide field of view, and they include night vision, motion detection, and remote viewing with smartphone apps available via Apple App Store or Android Playstore. So take a minute to scroll down this page, search around, and watch those install videos to see which system meets YOUR requirements best.

1. IP Camera – Most home installations should consider going with an entry level IP Cam like these ones below, but be aware IP Cams cost almost $100 less than higher end units depending upon the model. Many IP models allow 4K streaming capabilities, 2x zoom, night vision, and full weatherproofing.
2. Network Video Recorder System (NVRS) – A networked NVR unit gives you complete control over many different devices connected to that router. Some models offer additional storage functionality. This type of system can handle everything from monitoring small residential properties to recording multiple high definition streams simultaneously. They range anywhere from just under $300 upwards of several thousand dollars and typically require separate software to monitor them live from anywhere online. If you are installing anything remotely complex like surveillance cabling or multiple rooms this is probably NOT something you would DIY without professional consultation.. However, if you simply wanted basic camera feed playback, the following is a great cheap alternative choice.
3 &4. Outdoor and Indoor 1080P Dome Camera – Depending upon the size you are planning to cover, outdoor dome systems ranging in price from under 100 bucks upwards of 1k give you amazing coverage with little maintenance required except changing batteries occasionally. For smaller home projects and businesses who primarily want good overview shots indoors this type of camera does a decent job.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Revelstoke

1/2/2020: We’ve updated this post for 2020, read below for why we made these changes to better suit your needs today…
Why should I use a CCTV Camera for my property?
CCTV surveillance cameras keep watch 24 hours per day, seven days a week. For most people, the only reason they would install a system like this is if something went wrong on someone’s property.
Some common examples include burglary, vandalism, theft, fire damage repair, and other security concerns. If you’re worried about some other crime happening around your house or business, having a good networked video solution is essential.
Most homeowners don’t realize surveillance systems exist until something bad happens, but many of them are surprised to learn that the costs associated with hiring a professional monitoring service like ours run anywhere from less than $300 a month to thousands of dollars a month depending upon what level of coverage is required, and whether cameras have motion detection capabilities. Here’s a quick overview of a few reasons why installing a quality security camera system could be beneficial for your home or office.
Protect Your Property & Yourself
Do you own property? Protecting that investment means getting insurance protection for both physical and legal losses. If anything goes haywire on your property it could cost you hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars in repairs while you wait for the claim to be processed. Having footage recorded automatically keeps this claim paperwork to a minimum. And if the worst does happen, being able to see who was inside the area will help law enforcement find those responsible without resorting to costly warrant processes.
Keep People From Breaking Into Your House Or Business
If intruders are caught on film breaking into your home during the night time hours we’ll send you email notifications every morning letting you know exactly what happened.
This is another example where knowing what went down helps protect not just yourself against lawsuits, but also potentially save lives. Think of this scenario: A burglar breaks into a house after dark. They leave shortly afterwards and then come back after everyone’s asleep to steal valuables and belongings. Because of our technology, you’d get an alert letting you know that person entered the premises and left minutes ago.

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Revelstoke's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Are you planning to buy a security system but confused which surveillance cameras would be suitable for your home/office security needs?
In this article I am going to help you find the most relevant products available in my opinion to suit your specific business requirements. My aim is to provide some guidance around choosing the ‘best’ options available today. For each section below we will consider:
4K Resolution Camera – These days almost every household has at least 2 devices connected to internet: smartphone, laptop computer, tablet and perhaps another device like TV or gaming console. So, unless you live completely offline then having video streaming capabilities is essential to ensure continuity and quality of service. If you own multiple people living in your house they will probably want different levels of privacy on their own personal devices. Having a high resolution video stream is ideal to identify who you are watching the screen and whether someone else is sitting beside them. A good webcam should support 1080P Full HD resolutions, which gives you crisp images and detailed colour reproduction. Most modern smartphones offer 1080p recording capability via apps. However, these tend to use the front facing lens due to its higher light sensitivity. So, if you really must capture a full 360 degree view then look towards professional grade IP camcorders. These come in 3 types: fixed position, omnidirectional and pan / tilt. Each type offers slightly different functionality depending upon the price point you wish to spend. We recommend starting with a Fixed Position model. Once you understand how to operate your camera correctly and configure your settings appropriately, the next challenge is ensuring a smooth connection to your router and network infrastructure to allow transmission of streaming videos. Some manufacturers claim that wireless connections work fine at distances upto 100 meters away however, many homeowners experience issues ranging from signal interference to intermittent drop outs. If you have wifi enabled in multiple rooms across your dwelling, check connectivity regularly and adjust your setup accordingly, particularly if you’re trying to transmit audio simultaneously. Wireless technology continues evolve rapidly. Newer generation 802.11ac WiFis promise faster speeds up to 433mbps while 5 GHz networks are currently capable of 300 mbps, both of which are far beyond anything offered by traditional WiFi standards.

Best Security Cameras Revelstoke

Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, is located near beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, hiking trails, golf courses and world famous ski resorts. We enjoy life surrounded by majestic beauty but unfortunately this natural environment does attract a lot of criminals including thieves and vandals who often target property around us. These crimes include break-ins, vehicle theft and vandalism.
Security cameras help prevent these crimes because they provide video evidence of suspicious activity that was happening in broad daylight. Our customers can rely on our expertise to install the most effective surveillance solution in order to protect them, their families and assets during times like these.
For homeowners and business owners alike, having surveillance installed will enhance both safety and peace of mind while reducing insurance costs and risk exposure when dealing with burglars or other unwanted visitors.
We install only high quality state-of-the art IP Video Surveillance Systems using reliable brands such as Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony & Zmodo that offer excellent image detail, wide angles lens coverage and advanced night vision technologies.
At Secure Cam,we pride ourselves on providing great service and support after sale to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat purchase.
If there is anything else we could be doing better please feel free to send me suggestions via email and I would love to hear from you!
Thank you
Paul Kitchin CEO
(416) 961 2530

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Security cameras are everywhere in homes and offices. They protect against crime, help people live safer lives and keep businesses safe. But they aren’t cheap. So which ones should homeowners invest in?
To find them, we spoke to the experts. We interviewed industry leaders like John Odom, VP of Product Development and Marketing at Vivint, who helped us develop criteria for choosing top rated products. And we talked to real estate agents who use security systems for clients. Together, these sources gave us insight into the most popular types and brands of security cameras available today. Here’s what we learned.
The first thing to consider is whether a particular type of camera will work well in your specific environment. For example, indoor/outdoor video recording is ideal for outdoor surveillance; but for indoor security, night vision isn’t always effective. Also remember that different devices offer various capabilities, including resolution, field of view, motion detection sensitivity, audio quality, and battery life.
We found some interesting statistics that shed light on what consumers are looking for in a security system. According to research by ADT, nearly 40% of Americans say they would be “very concerned” if someone broke into their house while they weren’t around. Another study showed that nearly 80 percent of respondents said they wanted a security system to detect intruders before they got inside — meaning, they’d prefer a notification rather than just seeing activity via video after the fact. The same report revealed that almost half of respondents felt they couldn’t afford to replace stolen items. These findings suggest that people value convenience, affordability and peace of mind above all else when buying security cameras.
So which types of security cameras are worth considering? Below, we present the five main categories of security system, including what makes each model unique and why you should consider them for your home or office.
Video Doorbells and Ring Video Interfaces
These are great entry points because they alert you to potential break-ins without requiring anyone to come outside. A door buzzer sends a signal to the camera whenever it detects movement near the front entrance of the property.

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Security Cameras will protect you against burglars who may be lurking around outside your house. If they find an unlocked window or door, then they could easily walk inside and steal whatever valuable items they wish to take. A well installed camera can deter criminals from breaking into your property.
However, a great camera does not guarantee protection. Even though installing a quality device in your front yard, back garden or garage is relatively inexpensive, a poorly designed camera won’t provide adequate coverage. Poorly protected windows and doors may mean nothing stops them getting through. They may even leave without disturbing anything and go undetected for days or weeks until someone reports seeing suspicious activity.
Your first step should be choosing which type of video recording system makes most sense for you. You probably already know whether indoor cameras would work better than outdoor ones. But you’ll need to check whether motion detection capabilities are a must. Do you want a high resolution picture or simply a short clip of action that’s enough to get police involved? Some cameras automatically record videos while others only allow you to manually trigger recordings. Make sure you get everything covered.
Next, decide how far away from the camera lens you want people to stand. Most systems come with recommended distances but some manufacturers recommend minimum distances to prevent blurring caused by movement. Check these recommendations carefully because if you’re close enough to touch the lens while moving in front of the viewfinder, the image will appear blurred. Also consider placement. For example, placing the camera in a bedroom closet may help stop intruders coming straight down stairs. However, putting it behind some shelves in the hallway could actually encourage thieves walking past to try to sneak past unnoticed.
Finally, decide which types of alerts are required. These include things like a person approaching the camera, doorbell ringing, smoke detector going off, car alarms sounding, pets barking and power being turned on / off. You may want to go for something basic rather than having every possible alert triggered. Afterall, you don’t want false positives spoiling your fun. So pick out those events that are truly worth raising alarm bells..

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