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Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Home Security Camera Installation Tips
There are many different types of cameras available today, but choosing which type is most effective will depend upon several factors including size, price point, resolution/quality, ease of use, reliability, mounting options, weatherproofing capabilities, and other considerations. If you would like assistance selecting the appropriate security system for your property, please visit
This article discusses some basic information regarding each brand and model reviewed, along with tips on setting up these systems, plus recommendations for products that provide value for money while delivering outstanding quality. We hope this helps guide you towards making informed decisions concerning your choice of cameras during the next few years; happy viewing and Happy Holidays!
Hikvision DVR Cameras (
Tiandys DVR Cameras (
Best Selling Models in Saint- Augustin- de- Desmaures:
PIXIA P3120HD 3MP HD IP 1080 60FPS Security Camara $99.95 View More »
CAMARA E1T5M2W 720P 2 MP IP 1080 30 FPS Video Security Camera $59.95 View More »
SecureCam also offers complete integration solutions that include cloud storage, video analytics, 24×7 monitoring, live streaming, email alerts, and mobile apps. All components work together seamlessly through SecureCam Cloud™ technology, giving homeowners peace of mind and enabling them to manage multiple locations. Learn more at

Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this article I will be reviewing some of these products and talking about why they are great options and which ones will fit well for the Saint-Augustin-de-desmaures area.
I am going to talk about the top commercial grade cameras available today and then give recommendations on what type of camera would work best for each use case.
We’ll cover everything including:
Why a Camera Is A Great Investment For Your Business.
How To Pick The Right Size & Type Of Camera For Your Use Case And Budget.
Choosing Between An IP or PTZ Camera (or Both).
What Features You Should Be Looking At When Shopping Around.
And Much More…

Best Security Cameras Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures

Security cameras are used for surveillance purposes and as deterrents against crime, burglary, robbery, vandalism, fire hazards & other property damage.
They provide protection, convenience, peace of mind and safety. They help protect homes and offices by providing video evidence for police investigation, insurance claims, lawsuits and court hearings. A burglar will be arrested after being caught on camera committing a crime.
There are several types of security cameras available including indoor, outdoor, dome/balloon, IP, PTZ, thermal imaging, motion detection and wireless. Most homeowners use security cameras indoors. Outdoor security cameras are useful for capturing events outdoors or near trees and shrubbery that obstruct view. Dome or balloon security cameras capture 360 degree views around them. Indoor IP cameras allow you to see and speak face-to-face with visitors at your residence. A PTZ camera automatically tracks moving subjects. Motion detectors alert you when someone approaches your house, while wireless cameras transmit images via Wi-Fi, 3G cellular networks or satellite signals.
Here are the top 10 most popular types of security cameras and their uses:
Indoor Camera Types:
1. HD 1080P Security Camcorder
2. 720HD Security Camcorders
3. 1080P IP Camera
4. 4K IP Cameras
5. 2MP HD Wireless Video Doorbell
6. 8GB SD Card Digital Video Recorder
7. 12 Gigabyte USB 3.0 Memory Stick Pro Duo Flash Drive
8. 24 GB MicroSD Memory Cards
9. 16 GB Micro SD Memory Sticks
10. 32GB MicroSD Memory Sticks
Outdoor Camera Type:
1. HD1080P Weatherproof Camera
2. 720HD Weatherproof Camera
3. HD1080P Night Vision Camera
4. IP Camera
5. 1080P Thermal Imager
6. PTZ Camera
7. HD 1080P Day /Night Surveillance Camera
8. Wireless HD 1080P Camera System
9. 1080 P PTZ DVR
10. HD1080P PTZ Camera
11. Dome Camera
12. HD720PTZ Camera
13. 4k PTZ IP Camera
14. Wireless IP Camera

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There is no denying that technology continues to evolve every day; so much so that many consumers expect high quality products to be both aesthetically pleasing and intuitively functional. For those who seek ultimate convenience while providing a secure environment for themselves, family members and visitors, this reality becomes even clearer. A good example would be CCTV cameras; they have gone through dramatic changes in recent years especially regarding functionality and price points. Yet people continue to rely on them for safety purposes because they offer superior resolution, night vision capabilities and long battery life amongst other attributes. No doubt, it is safe to say that most homeowners will remain committed to installing better quality security systems in 2022 than ever before.
Here are some additional benefits to being proactive about securing your home/office today.
1. The average person spends anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hour per day just viewing screens on smartphones, laptops, game consoles, tablets, TVs…etc. Of course, a smartphone isn’t quite as useful without internet connectivity but I digress.. Even if everyone is always connected via WiFi or Bluetooth these devices still consume precious bandwidth which costs money. If everyone was able to watch a live video feed 24/7 it could bring thousands of dollars back to the coffers each month. Furthermore having multiple layers of protection ensures that no single point of failure exists thus ensuring maximum uptime should something go awry.
2. Security professionals spend countless hours investigating video footage, reviewing reports and trying to determine exactly why a crime transpired. However, they often lack the necessary tools required to effectively assess those situations. Having instant visibility via live HD feeds helps law enforcement officers solve crimes faster and more efficiently. They gain valuable insight into how things really occurred allowing them to react instantly rather than waiting days or weeks for evidence to surface. Not only does this help eliminate wasted funds spent on investigations but it gives victims closure much sooner enabling them to move forward.
3. Being ready for potential emergencies may seem like a daunting task initially but investing in higher quality monitoring solutions should keep you well prepared regardless whether it’s a fire alarm or flood situation. As mentioned above, having constant coverage with numerous sensors positioned around the premises helps minimize false alarms. Additionally, emergency responders need less information to reach a victim quickly.

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This week’s post dives into the world of indoor cameras and discusses everything they mean for homeowners and small business owners. Whether you’re thinking about getting a baby monitor system for your first child or something more elaborate like monitoring your entire property, you’ll find this guide useful for determining which solution will work best for you.
If you’ve ever used video surveillance equipment, chances are you already know a thing or two about them. Even if you haven’t, though, you’ll soon discover why these devices became popular. After reading through this article, I’m confident you’ll be able to determine whether investing in some sort of security system would improve your quality of life—or save your hide once again.
Before heading down the path toward choosing a specific type of device, take note of the fact that each model performs slightly differently than others with regards to their usability, functionality, price points, safety protocols, ease of use, and many other factors. Knowing the difference should help you narrow down the potential choices and eliminate those that won’t fit your needs well enough. If you’d rather skip straight to discussing the different types available, feel free to scroll past this paragraph. Otherwise, read ahead!
Home Surveillance Systems:
There are actually quite a few ways to go about installing home surveillance systems; however, they generally fall under four broad categories: IP cameras, PTZ/Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, traditional fixed cameras, or doorbell recorders. Each category offers specific benefits to both consumers and installers depending on the intended purpose of the project. For example, while fixed-location systems tend to provide higher resolution images thanks to wider lenses, pan-and-tilts can offer better visibility and greater flexibility by rotating freely around an axis and offering 180 degree viewing ranges.
Regardless, whichever method suits your lifestyle most is ultimately what matters. While some people prefer traditional methods, others appreciate the convenience offered by wireless solutions; whatever your preference is, ensure you pick a design suited to your situation and your financial capabilities.
When selecting the optimal model for your project, consider a couple things.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures

This post talks about the most recent trends in 2020 security cameras products and installations. We provide the top 5 security cameras and security system reviews for your Saint-Augustine de Desmaures property, business, home office, apartment building, condo, warehouse, etc.
We are providing a detailed guide to installing these types of devices in your property. If you own a home, office space, or commercial facility then this article will help you decide which type of device would be the best fit for you. Our experts review each and every model of security camera available in the market today, including wireless IP cameras, indoor/outdoor HD video recorders, network storage systems, motion sensors, DVR security packages, and many other options.
In addition, we talk about some of the latest innovations and technologies that will impact the way you view and protect your properties in the years ahead.
For example, the latest generation of high definition 1080P video recording devices offer better picture quality than ever before. These new models feature larger screens for easier viewing, improved audio capabilities, longer battery life, higher resolution images and more advanced software to enhance image quality in both color and black & white modes. They also come equipped with more powerful processors and wireless connectivity to support multiple simultaneous connections.
If you’re interested in finding out why you should install the right type of security equipment for your needs, please read below.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures QC

In order to keep track of what is happening in your house/office, a good video surveillance system should be able to record high definition videos, provide live viewing and tracking capabilities, allow remote management and monitoring and offer alerts and notifications.
Here we present four top rated products for this purpose that will provide excellent value and functionality in terms of quality and price and which will meet most needs.
1. Samsung C6300 Camera System
This is the latest version of the award winning Samsung Smart Cam that combines HD 1080p recording and motion detection technology into a single compact device. Its sleek design makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use including use in homes with pets or children. A built-in speakerphone allows hands-free operation, while the 3G mobile connectivity enables remote control and live streaming via apps like Skype™. Other advanced features include night vision, pan & tilt function, digital zoom, image stabilization and 2X digital zoom. It offers a wide angle lens of 170 degrees horizontally and 115 vertically so you get a great view of everything without having to move around a lot.
2. Hikvision DS-8201W Wireless 8CH IP Network Camera
HikVision’s new wireless network camera with HD resolution is designed to cover large areas in realtime. It supports IP cameras, DVRs and other devices with a camera and can connect them through Wi Fi networks. You can install a total of eight units with different resolutions in each location, and they support both wired and wireless connections simultaneously.
3. Netgear Arlo Pro Wifi Outdoor IP Camera
NetGear’s Arlo Pro Wifi camera is a powerful and reliable wireless security camera for small spaces. Thanks to its high definition 720P images, it’s perfect for monitoring your property. It records in 4K UHD quality, allowing detailed views of people, animals, vehicles and more. You can remotely monitor up to 50 cameras in multiple locations from anywhere with Internet connection thanks to its cloud storage. And because this camera uses 802.11ac WiFi, it’s compatible with almost every router and modem.

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This post will guide you through the basics of choosing which type of cameras is right for your business or residential needs. We will go over some basic information regarding each type. Then I would like to show you my recommendations of each category, along with why they are recommended. Finally, we will talk about monitoring options available for all types of cameras.
We recommend having a few different types of surveillance cameras around the perimeter of your house and/or office in order to get coverage everywhere.
If you live in Canada, this video shows a great example of how a system could work:
For those outside Canada, this link gives you an idea:
Here are just some examples of the kinds of systems you can use:
1. IP Camera Systems
IP Cams provide a lot of flexibility in terms of placement but are typically only good up until a certain distance away. They tend to be less expensive than PTZ cams but offer fewer viewing angles.
2. PTZ Cam Systems
PTZ Cams allow you to zoom in on specific areas of interest with ease. They are usually cheaper than IP Cams and can cover larger ranges. However, PTZ Cams are generally harder to install since there are many moving parts involved.
3. Hybrid System
Hybrid cams combine both IP and PTZ technology, allowing them to have most of the advantages of both technologies. These are usually the most cost effective solution as well.
4. Dome Mounted Cams
These are usually installed inside a ceiling or other high point in the home or building. They provide a full 360 degrees view and can often be used in conjunction with another cam system in case someone does get past one of these cams.
5. Outdoor Monitored Cams
Outdoor monitored cams provide the ultimate protection against intruders. They are placed near windows and doors to monitor activity outside while still providing the ability to see who/what is coming through the door.

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