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What Is A Smart Security Camera And How Can They Help Protect Your Property/Business From Theft?
In this era of “Internet Of Things” many people use IoT devices like thermostats, smoke alarms, locks or lights which communicate through network connections. These types of products help us save energy, control temperature or light settings remotely, etc. But did you ever consider that these same technologies exist today on cameras? Yes they do!
A lot of consumers are already buying smart surveillance cameras due to their high accuracy and reliability; however, most manufacturers still lack good customer support and service after purchase. So why would you buy a smart security camera without knowing how well supported it will be?
This guide will show you some key things to look for in a Smart Surveillance Camera. We discuss the different type, sizes, quality, price range, features, and other considerations when choosing a smart camera system for yourself.
For those interested in having an outdoor IP camera installed, this article explains the basics of outdoor wireless IP video technology as well as common issues to watch for during setup.
We talk about which indoor camera brands offer great value and excellent customer service, along with a few hidden secrets to avoid when shopping around.
We look at Hikvision’s top rated models and tell you all of the details of why these particular ones stand above the rest.
And finally, we go over the differences between HD versus Ultra High Definition (UHD), including their strengths and weaknesses, pricing ranges, resolutions and frame rates.

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We believe in providing quality products backed by superior customer service, while creating a positive experience for the consumer. We strive to help consumers protect themselves & families without breaking the bank.
For those who live near busy roads/highways, this will be beneficial because they won’t feel like they’re living behind bars anymore.
In addition, many homes today already contain surveillance cameras inside them. These types of systems typically consist of motion activated digital video recorders which capture footage automatically every few minutes and then upload these images onto cloud servers via internet connection. They often come equipped with webcams or other methods of transmitting images back to monitoring stations. However, due to technological advances, these solutions are expensive and sometimes difficult to setup, install, manage, and maintain. Our solution offers homeowners, business owners, and property managers with high definition HD resolution video recording capability, along with advanced image processing tools, allowing us to remotely control and view recorded images through our mobile apps, PC’s, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more. Our system operates 24 hours per day / 7 days a week, regardless of whether you’re in town or away on vacation. The only additional costs are related to monthly subscriptions for viewing, storage, and bandwidth usage (which includes storage space). All of these components work seamlessly together to provide complete peace-of-mind coverage, no matter where you happen to be. If you’d prefer, you’ll always have the ability to use traditional analogue cctv equipment as well. And since it uses existing wires and cables as part of the design, there will be minimal impact on your electrical wiring. So, why should you consider using us instead of going with another vendor of CCTV Camera Systems in St.-Hyacinthe? Simple… Our products are better than theirs and cost less.
Here are just some examples comparing the most common features offered by competing vendors:
1- Video Recording Resolution 1080P HD Quality
2- Network Support WiFi 802.

Best Security Cameras Saint-Hippolyte

Security cameras should be installed in every building and residence. A well-designed video surveillance system will help protect people from criminals and thieves. If left unmonitored, they could provide evidence against them after an incident happens. Therefore, many companies in this space offer some sort of contract services; however, choosing the correct model, setting it up correctly, and monitoring the device efficiently would save you a ton of hassle. Here’s everything you need to consider in selecting the most suitable systems for your location.
When considering which type of camera you’d like, keep these things in mind: size, cost, reliability, and resolution.
Size Matters
In addition to determining how large of a space you need monitored, you’ll have to decide whether you’re willing to compromise quality to achieve maximum coverage area. For example, while higher resolutions typically produce better images, having fewer pixels per unit length makes each pixel smaller and therefore less visible — especially to people trying to hide criminal activity.
Cost Can Sometimes Be More Important than Quality
If you can’t afford high end brands or premium models, or you just prefer the lower priced options, then you won’t necessarily get top tier tech either way. However, choosing cheaper products isn’t always the worst idea because it often leads to greater value across the board. You’ll receive a lot more bang for your buck.
Consider Your Needs
Some applications monitor locations only during business hours, though other programs extend camera operation until late night or early morning. Others allow remote viewing through mobile devices. Finally, some operate autonomously with no human intervention whatsoever. Some programs are available without monthly fees, but will charge extra once per day, whereas others impose charges for daily use regardless of usage.
Monitoring Frequency Can Affect Cost & Efficiency
How frequently you view footage varies widely among different software packages, ranging from several times per hour to dozens of times per hour. Of course, watching more videos tends to increase both costs and the amount of bandwidth consumed overall. Yet some applications allow you to watch live feeds anytime 24/7. So, a cheap solution isn’t automatically a subpar choice simply due to its price tag.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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In 2020, many of us will be moving away from analog technology toward digital devices like smartphones and computers. However, when it comes to surveillance cameras, some things just won’t go away completely–they’ll only become part of another system. For example, while it’s convenient to keep a smartphone next to your bed for checking notifications during sleep hours, having that same device recording video isn’t practical because it would mean turning it on every night at midnight. Similarly, there are certain situations where analog solutions work well enough, but they’re simply impractical for larger operations. As a result, most companies opt instead for installing multiple systems across different floors or locations. These separate installations aren’t necessarily bad; they often make sense depending on a client’s needs. But, sometimes, these setups end up being quite complex.
For this reason, SecureCamera developed its own modular solution: SmartLights™. SmartLights are designed specifically to help solve problems associated with traditional CCTV camera configurations. They allow for smaller footprint deployments than other competing products on the market today. Plus, their small size makes them ideal to install almost anywhere in a building. And unlike standard IP or network cameras, each module connects easily to any Smartphone via Bluetooth or Wifi without needing extra cabling. Because modules communicate wirelessly, there’s no need for additional power cords or wires either. All of this makes setting up and maintaining a large scale installation effortless.
To learn more about our SmartLights line of products, visit
We’ve compiled everything we learned through working closely with customers who use the SmartLights system to create this guide to the top 20+ smart lights. We hope that if you see yourself among those people, then reading this information will serve as valuable knowledge for making decisions on which lights are worth buying and why.

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We help install and monitor Security cameras for homes and business spaces in Saint Hippolite, Quebec Qc. We cover most areas around Montreal including West Island and East Island. If you’re thinking about installing or monitoring surveillance devices please visit us today!
Our Blog posts covers topics related to home safety like “How to Install Motion Sensors”, “Do I Need Alarm System For My House?”, “What’s A Good Budget Camera?” and other articles which will answer security questions regarding the different types of motion sensor systems available and what they should be used for. Also check out this article written specifically on DIY CCTV installation.
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In these days, many people who own real estate properties are starting to invest in building automation technologies especially through IoT technology. Due to several factors, building owner will find themselves forced to seek the assistance of experts in order to manage their buildings remotely while ensuring proper maintenance. This makes building an automated system extremely popular among property owners. While some of them prefer to use wireless lighting controls while some go ahead with smart thermostats. All those things mentioned above work great but still lack the essential part which is indoor sensors. Indoor sensors play a significant role in making your life easier because they measure various conditions and send alerts immediately whenever something goes bad. They also offer advanced functionalities such as video doorbell and smoke detectors. The following guide will show you how to get started with setting up the most basic type of sensors which are infrared occupancy sensors.
1. Setting Up An IR Illuminator
Before buying an item for your house, it is recommended that you test it first inside your testing area. Once everything seems fine just proceed to your actual project. When searching for an illuminable IR sensor, keep in mind you need 2 pieces namely transmitter and receiver. Both transmitter and receiver emit high frequency noise and these noises interfere each other once transmitted to target object.

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In 2018, the market continues to move towards IP cameras to address customer demands around high definition video quality, ease of use in remote viewing and the convenience associated with cloud storage capabilities. As customers demand higher resolution images, many manufacturers are adding additional megapixels to increase image capture range. Additionally, some higher end commercial models feature pan/zoom capability which allow users to zoom in or out without changing lenses or moving cables. The addition of HD recording combined with improved motion detection algorithms also help improve day light performance while reducing false alarms.
For 2020, expect improvements across most areas including 1080P60 or better resolutions at 60 frames per second, built-in WiFi connectivity along with an ability to connect via Ethernet cable, enhanced motion detection software, and wireless control options. We will continue to see greater affordability from vendors targeting consumers who wish to expand monitoring beyond front door entrance points or simply enhance existing residential or business perimeter coverage. Finally, advancements in facial recognition technology combined with increased computing power should lead us toward seeing integration of biometric identification into networked systems for added consumer peace of mind and reduced operational costs for both homeowners and contractors alike.
Saint-Hippolyte understands your needs well, and they’ve got everything you’ll ever need to get started installing your own network of security cameras. They offer several different types of wireless networks depending on which products you’re interested in. If you’d prefer WiFi only installations or a system with wired ethernet cabling instead, this article covers those alternatives as well. Our selection includes indoor units like Dome and Rave series outdoor mounts, and the Pro model of the Outdoor Camera which has night vision functionality. For smaller applications, the Mini range offers great value with a single unit capable of covering multiple rooms and doors. All Saint-Hippolyte Security Cameras include free professional installation, lifetime technical support, and 24 hour emergency response.
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We have listed below the top 5 security cameras available today for your home or office. Please note each device contains specific information and links to further articles regarding these devices. Feel free to reach out to Secure Cam Customer Support Team to learn more about them.

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This week I am going to cover some of the latest news about the world of consumer electronics including cameras, TVs and other devices connected through Wi-Fi networks.
For example, I will be talking about some exciting developments around the development of Internet Of Things technology which will see devices become smarter, smaller and cheaper.
I believe this trend is really just getting started because of recent advances in technologies like 5G wireless broadband service, cloud computing, big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). All these things together enable us to connect millions upon billions of different devices and sensors to the network. And they allow them all to communicate with each other without any human intervention. But to get started, lets take a closer look at some of today’s most popular IoT products. Here are my top picks for 2020: 1. Samsung Smart TV 2. Amazon Echo 3. Nest Cam 4. Ring Doorbell
We also talked about a great solution called Secure Cam. Secure cam is a high quality web enabled surveillance system designed specifically for residential use. We recommend installing it on your main entrance door. If someone wants inside your house but does not live there then this is a better choice than having a key hole installed for anyone who lives there. Also, with Secure Cam you are able to keep track of everything that happens from anywhere, all day long. So whether you’re away traveling or watching tv, you’ll always know exactly what activity takes place at your home. You will get detailed alerts via phone call or email whenever anything suspicious occurs. Plus, you can monitor multiple properties remotely from your smartphone, tablet computer or laptop. This means no matter where you happen to go, you can still stay in total control of your assets and protect yourself against thieves while keeping costs down and hassle down.

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We believe every person should be able to feel safe in his/her own homes. At Secure Cam® we understand this sentiment and strive to provide homeowners with affordable high-quality cameras. Whether you live near waterfalls, forests, lakes, mountains or anywhere else with natural beauty, we will help you find a solution to keep watch over these areas for peace of mind. We offer a wide range of products including dome, box, pole mount, fixed outdoor and indoor models for residential use and commercial solutions like industrial monitoring systems. Our customers come from around Canada and the United States and many countries across the world. If you would like to receive information regarding our products please contact us today or visit us on-line at
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