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This guide will help you install any camera securely to avoid the “dangers” associated with DIY installations while providing customers great experiences and high value solutions.
We offer custom design options including mounting hardware, wireless capabilities, motion detection and additional equipment like panic buttons. These options allow you to get exactly what you envision without having to deal with problems in trying to find something suitable or being subject to substandard products sold on Amazon or eBay. Our cameras come with 1 Year Warranty & Lifetime Support.
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If you’re still reading this intro paragraph, then I bet you’re curious. So, let me tell you why these things matter; they really do.
First: If your camera was wired (which most cameras aren’t anymore), would you be able to use a power strip? Would anyone else be able to connect devices to it while it’s live? And could it withstand tampering? Probably neither yes nor no. These basic questions show us just how critical security is today. We believe in making your experience seamless, convenient, safe, fun, beautiful and worry free. Your device should feel like part of you but shouldn’t interfere with anything while it keeps watch. After all, isn’t life supposed to be a little bit better when security is integrated?
Second: Can people physically tamper with my camera? Absolutely. People who work in construction sites, garages, yards, on rooftops, or anywhere near exterior surfaces often will attempt to mess around with outdoor gear. A standard outdoor mount usually takes care of keeping them away, but you probably want someone watching in person anyway (even though cameras generally don’t see everything). You probably wouldn’t leave your phone unattended either. But I digress. This question is actually a non-issue because most companies provide 24 hour monitoring service so you always have eyes on your property and can monitor via web from almost anywhere. Even during holidays, there won’t be a gap in coverage and with our cloud video recording feature you can watch back events anytime you want.

Best Security Cameras Saskatoon

Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022
In this age of digital everything, cameras are becoming a central part of modern life. From smartphones to tablets, people use them to keep track of their lives and protect property — both personal assets like jewelry and homes, but also commercial properties like retail stores. But despite these benefits, many homeowners still rely on old ways of keeping watchful eyes outside.
While they provide great value, traditional surveillance systems aren’t always reliable. If someone breaks through security camera lenses, or gets inside and tamper with cameras’ wiring, then chances are that their footage won’t be useful anymore. And while most people wouldn’t dream of breaking into their neighbor’s house during peak hours, burglars will often hit places with fewer residents around the clock, like after work hours on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
The result? A lot of people end up spending thousands of dollars every year just to stay safe without any real evidence that they’re actually being watched.
So how does this affect consumers today? Well, first off, the technology isn’t quite there yet. While some manufacturers offer wireless options that allow you to place cameras anywhere, those models usually lack basic capabilities like day/night functionality, which makes it harder to see activity happening inside buildings. Even high-end models can be finicky; sometimes they struggle with harsh weather conditions like snow, rain, sleet, or ice, leading to blurry images that only become clearer once temperatures warm back up again.
But even in ideal situations, cameras can fall short. They tend to miss things unless they’re facing specific angles toward the subject, and they can get easily distracted by movement in front of their lens. So you’d probably better believe that some thieves have figured out how to beat security measures designed to keep people safe, including:
• Tapping power lines to cut electricity. Thieves could theoretically tap in at any location along the distribution network and steal enough voltage to cause widespread damage and disruption.
• Using metal detectors in order to avoid detection by conventional X-ray machines. Metal detection devices operate in the same way as standard X-rays, relying on differences in density to determine whether something metallic is present.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Saskatoon

Security Camera Systems can provide many benefits to homeowners like providing peace of mind while away, monitoring kids inside the house, recording activity around the property and even being able to watch video footage remotely via internet from anywhere. If you live in Saskatchewan then you already might be aware how safe & secured you feel knowing your family members are indoors. But did anyone ever stop and consider installing CCTV cameras to protect yourself outside? A properly installed indoor system will keep an eye on every inch of the space including a patio area. Most people assume only criminals install outdoor systems but most break ins occur during late night hours, which makes daytime cameras ideal. Some of the best outdoor systems come fully automated with motion detection sensors. Outdoor units include 2 way audio capabilities, meaning they record conversations inside the unit and send them back to the control panel which plays them back through speakers, allowing neighbours to hear whats going down inside. Most of these units offer high definition viewing which should give good quality images regardless of weather conditions. Even though some of the models below don’t support wifi, they still provide useful functions. One example would be having a monitor mounted above the front door that shows who’s coming & going. Another advantage is that indoor/outdoor cams allow for 24 hour coverage without needing power outlets or cable connections. And because the camera transmits video wirelessly instead of running cables, there are no exposed wires to trip over or get snagged. These wireless surveillance kits are perfect for homes with pets. Pets tend to wander, and can easily cause havoc on a wired unit. Many pet proof models feature auto shutters that automatically take photos whenever movement is detected. For small spaces and apartments, wireless options aren’t the only choice. Wired camera packages are small enough to fit behind picture frames, or under cabinet lighting fixtures. They typically connect to existing electrical wiring and use coaxial wiring to transmit signals across distances. While most of us prefer wireless, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of those who had old school analog setups. Their ability to go unnoticed was always fun. So what model should i recommend for someone looking to buy this type of device? We’ve put together a top 10 list which includes products that range in price points starting from $300.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Security cameras are becoming common place in houses, schools, restaurants, shopping centers, banks, hotels, airports, hospitals, factories, stadiums and government buildings across Canada. These surveillance systems provide valuable information which law enforcement agencies use to protect citizens against crime.
Whether you’re planning on installing them yourself or hiring a professional installer, choosing the correct type of security camera system will be crucial to ensuring its long term success. And since these devices come fitted with numerous options, many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed trying to decide which ones they should actually purchase. Today, I’ll be discussing some things to consider before deciding whether to buy a standalone security camera or a networked solution like Axis IP Camera System.
Standalone Security Cameras
There’s no doubt, standalones used to be the primary choice of most people who wanted video recording capabilities. They’ve got great flexibility and ease of installtion, but this comes at its own price, which makes them less efficient than networks. Standalone units often capture everything visible through the field of view of the lens, whereas Networked solutions keep only the footage captured during specific intervals of time (usually 24 hours). Depending upon what sort of situation you envision happening in your particular environment, you could end up getting caught short without having the necessary amount of coverage. If you’d prefer to have complete control over what gets recorded and when, then a network may be exactly what you’re looking for. On top of that, a single point of failure isn’t something you should ever count on. Whether it be water damage caused be rain or broken wires due to power surges, if anything happens to affect the wiring inside a device, it’s game over. Not exactly the ideal scenario. A few other factors worth considering include cost effectiveness, portability/mobility, reliability.
Networked Surveillance Systems
In today’s world, almost everyone wants internet connectivity wherever they go. Most homes nowadays already feature WiFi enabled routers and modems installed, which greatly increases the chances that someone will actually get to enjoy watching videos while they sit down for their evening meal. While networking devices offer several benefits, including convenience, affordability, mobility, and even increased value, their shortcomings outweigh those advantages.

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Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022
We will discuss some of the most popular technologies that will be used to capture video footage and provide live streaming video feeds over IP addresses for the next five years in order to protect homes, offices, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and other business assets across Canada. We’ll talk about these devices and how they work together to help keep people safe, monitor businesses, and ensure compliance, among a few other things.
In addition to discussing these technologies, we’d like to take a moment to explain why installing cameras should make sense for the homeowner, landlord/owner, building manager/contractor/builder, business owner, tenant, contractor, or property manager who wants to install surveillance technology in his office, residence, warehouse/facility, retail store, hotel/motel rooms, construction zone, manufacturing facility, hospital, government agency, school, university, military base, airport, parking garage, restaurant/bar, and many more locations! Here’s why…
1. Safety
People often call us because someone else broke into their house or office, stole expensive tools, appliances, electronics, jewelry, cash, or anything valuable inside that was left unattended during working hours or overnight. These days, burglars are getting smarter than ever. They’re finding ways around traditional locks and security systems, which means you may find yourself having to spend thousands of dollars just to put back something stolen from you. When thieves break in through windows, doors, skylights, crawl spaces under houses, roofs of cars, sewer pipes, utility lines, or anywhere else possible, it makes perfect sense to use surveillance to prevent them from doing harm again. Even better would be to catch them red handed while they’re actually committing the crime.
2. Theft Prevention
Whether it’s stealing money from ATMs, shoplifting merchandise, breaking into vehicles parked near schools and hospitals, taking the contents of safes, vaults, strong boxes, or even breaking into computers to steal credit card information, criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Saskatoon SK

In today’s world of high tech devices, people often feel like they live in some sort of cybernetic surveillance society. Whether this feeling stems from fear of crime, privacy concerns, paranoia, or just plain old human nature, it seems like every aspect of life seems to be monitored at least somewhat closely. As technology advances, this sense of constant scrutiny becomes even greater. People seem to spend a lot of effort trying to protect themselves against these ever present eyes watching everything we do. And yet, despite this increased concern, many consumers continue to purchase cameras in the hope that they will provide peace of mind. But which ones offer the most value for your investment?
This guide looks at five categories of commercial security cameras that will help you pick the right type to install. Each category contains different models of cameras with unique characteristics, but each offers something useful for a particular purpose and situation. For example, if you are concerned about theft, then perhaps you should invest heavily in video motion detectors, since these types of cameras allow you to capture images of potential break ins before they occur. Or, if you want to monitor employees for productivity, you’d probably benefit from installing IP cameras instead. No matter which model you choose, though, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of quality in a camera system. A good system will not only keep watch over your property, but will do so with reliable functionality and ease of operation. If you’re interested in finding the perfect combination of security camera and monitoring software solution for your business, check out Secure Cam’s full line of products. They include both indoor and outdoor solutions, as well as a complete selection of accessories and other related items. Whether you are interested in protecting your home or office space, or simply keeping track of who enters and exits certain areas, Secure Camera Systems’ line of solutions will fit your needs perfectly.

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In this video guide I will explain the best ways to install security cameras inside and outside your house/office/building without breaking the bank or causing unnecessary damage. We’ll talk about tips and tricks to help ensure good quality images and avoid common problems and pitfalls. Finally, I will show you exactly which type of system would work for each situation.
We’re going into detail about a few different situations; installing multiple IP cameras outside a building, setting up a motion activated outdoor surveillance solution, and finally covering some indoor solutions including wireless mesh systems. Each section will cover basic information on choosing hardware components, troubleshooting issues during setup, and providing some insight on why certain models and brands perform better than others. As always, feel free to contact us via email or through any of our social channels.
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Security Camera Installation Trends | For 2020 & Beyond
Why install security cameras? If you haven’t already noticed, people around the world are taking steps to protect themselves. People like you are turning to technology to help monitor homes, offices and other premises 24/7. They’re installing surveillance systems with advanced video analytics capabilities—including artificial intelligence—to keep them safe. And they’re doing this because of threats like crime, vandalism and terrorism.
In fact, nearly half of homeowners surveyed said their primary motivation was fear of becoming victims of crimes against property or persons in their neighborhood.[1] According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, burglars are stealing more than $5 billion worth of electronics each year,[2] making them the most costly retail theft per dollar stolen.[3] And according to the National Retail Federation, U.S retailers lost an estimated combined total amount of approximately $832 million due to shoplifting during 2017.[4][5]
These statistics demonstrate why protecting properties and keeping families safe is critical. That’s why a strong security system should be part of every household across Canada. However, many Canadians still aren’t utilizing these types of products. Why? Because you may find yourself choosing options that are outdated or lacking key functionality required for modern day monitoring needs.
So what does this mean? Well, the good news is that technology advancements continue unabated, ensuring you always get ahead of the game. Here are some areas where advancements in tech will impact our customers going forward; the ‘what’ of today, but more importantly the “how,” “when,” and “why” of tomorrow.
Home Automation Systems
If you use Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri on your phone to control things, then you probably understand the benefits of a connected home. These voice assistants allow you to interact digitally while being physically remote from devices and appliances that you would normally manage through physical controls..

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