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Best Security Cameras Shelburne

In recent years, homeowners across America have taken control of their homes and neighborhoods — and they’re turning toward technology like surveillance cameras and alarm systems to protect themselves against potential dangers outside their doors.
But while many people enjoy the added safety and peace of mind provided by these technologies, some aren’t exactly thrilled about a constant stream of footage being stored on devices and computers inside and outside of their house. They’re worried about privacy concerns related to storage of video files; about having security software installed on their laptops; or simply not knowing whether or who’s watching them through their system’s live monitor feed. For those concerned about protecting their property and personal information, here’s what you should be considering when installing a security solution for your home or office.
1. Privacy
If your primary concern isn’t crime but instead just keeping prying eyes away from private documents and other sensitive material, consider investing in the latest digital cameras designed specifically for this purpose. These devices will allow you to take photos and record videos without leaving evidence behind, making it harder for someone to steal anything from you. Some models even offer biometric identification capabilities.
2. Video Monitoring System
There are times when monitoring video feeds from multiple sources around the home isn’t enough. You could be interested in recording activity from specific rooms, certain windows, entryways and/or exterior entrances. If this sounds like you, and you feel comfortable doing so, then a dedicated networked DVR could prove useful — especially since you’ll still have the ability to play back recorded events whenever necessary.
3. Remote Control & Notification Systems
Most modern security systems come equipped with remote controls that enable owners to check status reports via smartphone apps. And while the convenience factor can be appreciated, not everyone wants to use yet another device to operate their system. Instead, why not take advantage of automation tools available today and leave things to run entirely hands-off? Many products feature sensors, motion detectors and alarms that alert residents automatically when something triggers, helping keep everything running smoothly and reducing human error when maintenance needs arise.

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Security cameras provide peace of mind to home and business dwellers across America. Whether you are concerned about crime or just want to be prepared in case of disaster, having a security system is an investment worth making—and installing a quality system from trusted manufacturers like Secure Cam will protect both you and your property.
In this edition of “the top 10 most requested posts of 2020″, I take a closer look at how technology is rapidly evolving in the market today, specifically focusing on security cameras for homes, offices, retail stores and other areas. Here are some examples:
1. New Camera Systems
We know that the industry moves quickly but there are many exciting developments taking place in the field of video surveillance systems. From IP-based solutions to wireless options, here are some highlights:
• Wireless options continue to become more prevalent in the market
Wireless cameras offer convenience because they eliminate wires and plugs, which often cause problems. They allow people to use them anywhere without worrying about being tied down by cables and cords. This makes these devices ideal for outdoor settings, especially when paired with a remote monitoring service.
2. Smart Video Analytics
Video analytics software has grown increasingly popular among consumers who want to monitor their own footage. Some companies have even built apps designed expressly for smartphones and tablets. For example, Ring has created video analysis applications for iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro 9.7 inch models, Apple Watch Series 4, Samsung Galaxy S9/Note 8 and Google Pixel 3 XL phones. These tools help homeowners see exactly why someone would break into their house—or at least get notified if something happens so they can investigate.
3. Cloud Solutions
Cloud storage offers another way to store data—which is convenient for anyone trying to keep track of everything. Many cloud storage providers offer free trials, and many even include backup capabilities. These options also work well for small businesses that need a reliable solution to save documents, files and other types of information. Amazon, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Skydrive and more all include cloud storage capabilities.
4. IP-Based Surveillance Options
IP camera systems provide a great alternative to analog cameras.

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In terms of home security cameras, 2018 was undoubtedly a breakout year; even mainstream news outlets started covering this industry like no other and the consumer market responded accordingly. 2019 looks poised to be another great year with innovative technology constantly improving, which will only drive adoption rates higher and further establish these devices as the standard across industries.
So why did 2018 bring us innovation after years of stagnation? Well, aside from some exciting tech advancements, the main catalyst behind these positive changes came down to economics. Simply put, new products are less expensive than they used to be thanks to technological innovations — but most importantly, the cost of installing them continues to drop significantly every year due to advances made by companies and consumers alike. As a result, while there haven’t been many dramatic shifts yet, there’s little doubt that the consumer demand for these systems will continue to rise exponentially.
Security Camera Installation Trends
Homeowners began taking notice early in 2017 of the price drops of traditional doorbells by Ring Video Doorbell and Nest Hello. Even though both offer similar functionality (i.e. motion detection), Nest did away with the $249 asking price tag, allowing individuals who couldn’t afford that upfront purchase to still maintain their monitoring experience. Since then, video doorbell manufacturers like August Advanced Technology Solutions Corp and Visonic Ltd have continued to lower prices, bringing costs closer to those of basic alarm sensors. So far, it seems that security experts are happy with this trend because cheaper doorbells are easier and faster to install than older models and allow homeowners to invest in multiple installations without sacrificing coverage areas, meaning fewer false positives and better customer service overall. Furthermore, since most people already own smartphones capable of accessing cloud-based security footage remotely through apps like Live Viewer, many of today’s newer units boast integrated Wi-Fi hotspots so individuals don’t need internet connections in order to view recordings. All of this translates to significant savings for would-be customers and increased customer satisfaction for vendors willing to adapt accordingly.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Security Camera Installation and Monitoring Trends for 2022
In recent years, the use of video surveillance systems has increased significantly across the U.S. According to the International Data Corporation’s 2017 US Residential Video System Report, there was a 50 percent increase in residential video system installations during 2012–16.1
This trend indicates that homeowners and business owners continue to install security cameras because they provide valuable information regarding crime prevention, personal safety, home/office protection & property management.
However, many people who own surveillance equipment often struggle with choosing which model and type would be most suitable for them.
For example, do I buy a basic model that will cost less but won’t offer high resolution images? Or should I spend extra money buying higher quality cameras that will capture better pictures and videos?
If you ask me, both options are valid. However, there are some factors worth taking note of, including the size of your space, budget, desired image & video qualities, ease-of-installation, reliability, price range and other similar considerations. Below is my guide to finding the perfect security camera solution for you.
Best 4k HD IP Cam Surveillance Solutions for Small Spaces
When talking about small spaces, this usually refers to areas like garages or smaller bedrooms. These types of rooms typically don’t have enough area to fit multiple monitors so having an affordable security monitoring device with good quality video and sound recording capabilities becomes crucial.
One way around this issue is to purchase a single monitor camera that offers excellent audio and visual qualities while providing the capability to record footage from different angles.
These devices come with a wide array of settings that allow you to adjust the brightness levels, contrast ratios, zoom ranges, focus modes, frame rates and more depending on your individual needs.
Some models include night vision technology, allowing you to see clearly whether someone enters your garage after dark. Other advanced features to consider include infrared motion detection sensors, auto shutters, panoramic viewing screens and more.
Here’s a quick overview of four top camera brands for monitoring homes with little space available:
1. Ring Doorbell 2 Pro
Ring Doorbell 2 Pro delivers great value and reliable service.

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Shelburne's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Shelburne is a small community located just outside of Boston MA. We offer everything from high end condos to single family homes in various types of neighborhoods including the historic district. As a homeowner we understand what people desire most, a safe and comfortable living environment. Our mission is simple; provide quality products and service to ensure safety and comfort while keeping things affordable.
In order to keep Shelburne Safe we recommend the use of a CCTV system. This includes both internal cameras and external cameras installed around the perimeter of your property. These are typically hidden behind walls and fences but are easily viewed through the front door, windows, garage doors, and other places you would normally enter/exit your home without having to step foot inside. They also help deter criminals who might be casing your house for potential entry points. The benefits of installing a surveillance device include providing peace of mind knowing someone is watching for suspicious activity and helping prevent theft.
We believe this is the ideal way to protect our customers. If you feel differently than us then please contact us today and we will work together to design a solution that fits your needs perfectly!
If you’re interested in finding additional information regarding Shelburne’s surveillance options then click here to visit Shelburnes Surveillance page. We hope you enjoy reading and find useful information that helps you better protect your home and business.
Thank you for visiting Secure Cam. Please contact me should I ever assist another customer in making a decision for a home security camera system.

Shelburne Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Shelburne is often described as a small town but its people live big. A community full of great neighbors who care about each other. We pride ourselves on being the place to be because we’re close enough to everything that matters, yet far enough away to relax without having to worry about traffic jams and other daily distractions. If this sounds like your ideal lifestyle, then there are few better places than Shelburne. Shelburne real estate values continue to improve every year while many of New England towns struggle to stay afloat during tough economic times. But for some reason, even though Shelbourne is booming it feels less crowded. Maybe it’s because everyone knows your business. When people see us working around town they stop to tell us just how impressed they are with you. Whether you are shopping for a house on Beacon Hill or building an addition onto your own home, you’ll get help finding exactly what you want, when you want it delivered. As a matter of fact we’ve helped clients find homes for sale or rent for decades. With the latest technologies available today, we’re always trying to provide the most cutting edge products that will allow your family and employees to remain safe and productive wherever they work. Our mission is simply to keep you happy. So come visit us anytime. And remember… If you can’t find the information you seek online and you’d like personalized service please contact me to discuss your specific needs. You deserve only the highest quality customer service possible and I promise to deliver it. Thank you for visiting my website. Have a nice day.
Shelburne Home Camera Installation Tips:- Make sure there are no obstructions blocking line of sight to front door. Check for anything outside window blinds (if present). Turn all windows inside doors shut to prevent sunlight shining through. Remove furniture/furniture covers (to prevent shadows). Avoid placing cameras near fireplaces, heat registers & vents. Keep curtains/drapes closed if lights outside go on or off. Be prepared to remove coverings from ceiling fan light fixtures. Install cameras high above floor level (avoiding water heater pipes, air conditioner duct lines). Use caution around electrical outlets, heating units, sprinkler heads and fans.

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HikVision HDW-8X2HD IP Camera Series – A great choice for indoor/outdoor use, this model offers 1080P resolution, day/night operation, 2x zoom and motion detection with IR night lighting. It also records video to SD card. Its built-in microphone is perfect for recording audio.
Tianda TCM3050CIP Outdoor Security Camera – Perfectly suited for outdoor surveillance, this high definition camera captures crisp images in both color and black & white modes. It has a wide field of view of 120° x 90° and supports panoramic viewing, which makes it easier to keep track of multiple zones simultaneously.
Shelburne VMS-1120PV Security Dome Cam – Ideal for residential applications, this dome cam provides excellent visibility in dark environments. It has a 1MP image sensor and is capable of taking pictures in both still and moving modes. Its integrated speaker produces sound at a volume equivalent to 75dB. And it is compatible with Alexa devices, allowing users to control it via voice commands through Amazon Echo speakers.
We hope you enjoy these products and find them useful, but they are just samples of what we offer. If you would like to learn more, please visit www.securecamerafactorydirect.

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In this post I will be going over some basic information related to installing security cameras for homes and offices. If you would like us install your security system, please contact Secure Cam today. We offer free estimates and install products in over 80 cities across Canada. Our trained professionals who provide installations include video experts certified under DRSSA / CITB.
If your interested in knowing why installing monitoring cameras is better than just buying them, read my article HERE.
1. Why Should I Install Video Surveillance Systems For My Homes/Offices Instead Of Just Buying Them?
There are many factors involved when choosing which surveillance cameras should be installed in your homes and office environments including but not exclusive to the following:- Cost effectiveness, ease of use, reliability, durability, ease of setup and maintenance, flexibility, functionality, compatibility and support. These considerations often factor into decisions made between DIY systems vs professional installations due to cost and ease of use.
Here’s A Few Reasons Why Professional installations generally work better than Self Installations..
Installing a DIY security camera solution requires several components to complete the task. Some of these things could potentially become problematic down the road and cause issues requiring repair. They usually come at additional costs. A professionally installed CCTV solution eliminates this risk altogether while allowing you to continue to enjoy all the benefits of having 24 hrs monitored recording of your property without the hassle of trying to maintain it yourself as well.
2. When Is Better Than Never?
When Is Better Than NEVER? One key difference between most DIY security solutions versus professionally installable ones is the ability for remote viewing. By connecting remotely via internet connections and mobile apps, homeowners can see exactly whats happening wherever they happen to live. This type of connectivity enables people to check up on properties whenever it suits them whether thats during working hours or outside regular business hours. Remotely viewing your house can help prevent theft or unauthorized entry through doorways or windows. Its great because you always get instant alerts whenever someone enters or leaves your property.
3. Who Will Monitor Your Property Every Day?
Who Else But Yourself? Most security cameras self-monitoring software packages rely on motion detection with no human intervention..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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