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We live in a world full of technology that makes life easier than ever. We no longer depend solely on ourselves; rather we rely heavily upon machines and gadgets which help us perform certain daily routines on an almost 24/7 basis. However, this convenience should come with some degree of fear because while these tools have numerous benefits, they could be used against us just like everything else. For example, people who use drones to film themself flying through neighborhoods can potentially become victims of theft. If someone sees something suspicious happening but cannot report it due to privacy concerns, then the person could risk having his property stolen away after taking advantage of him. When cameras became common place, criminals started to see the potential benefits in stealing things without being caught doing so. In order to protect themselves, citizens and business owners alike invest in CCTV systems to prevent burglars from sneaking into their properties and robbing them blind.
Cameras do a great job at keeping thieves away and provide valuable information for law enforcement units regarding criminal activity across town. They are also beneficial for catching petty crime, helping police officers identify suspects and gathering evidence of various types. As far as homeowners go, installing high quality surveillance video equipment is paramount to protecting their valuables from intruders. While many companies offer basic products that will record sound and motion detection footage, nothing beats professional grade gear in terms of overall functionality and versatility. Not only does a proper CCTV system capture video footage with ease, but it helps keep residents safe from burglars by alerting authorities via phone call. Even better, most modern models are capable of streaming content back to smartphones allowing homeowners to view recorded events instantly and remotely. A properly installed video alarm security monitoring system may be a necessity in today’s technological society; however, it is certainly worth spending the extra cash considering how much time and effort can be saved with a well designed and maintained network of devices.
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Security cameras are a great way to keep track of people who enter your property without being present yourself. If you own a business, installing these devices can help deter thieves or burglars. For most homeowners, they offer peace of mind and help protect against theft. They also allow you to record events like break-ins or other suspicious activity, which will come in handy down the road if you ever face legal action.
We recommend a few types of security cams depending upon the situation and the needs of your home/business. We cover them below with some recommendations.
For a small home or office, you can easily install a basic motion sensing camera. These work well enough for recording video footage but lack advanced features such as night vision capabilities.
If you live somewhere with heavy foot traffic, consider adding a doorbell cam to capture images whenever someone approaches the house. A good example would be a front facing doorbell cam, which captures photos every 30 seconds until you press the button again.
To monitor larger spaces in greater detail or for longer periods of time, consider investing in a professionally installed surveillance system.
These systems typically include multiple sensors placed around the perimeter of your home and connected through a central hub. They can monitor movement, sound levels, air quality, temperature fluctuations and light exposure to provide detailed information about your surroundings. Some models can alert authorities via text message or phone call when something goes awry.
In addition to monitoring areas inside your home, many security cameras can detect motion outside, giving you additional coverage. For instance, some outdoor security cameras can detect cars approaching your driveway. This feature helps prevent theft, especially during times when you aren’t home.
Finally, if you’re interested in protecting large properties, consider hiring professional security guards to watch your premises. Many cities have companies that specialize in guarding homes and offices. These professionals often use high-tech equipment such as closed circuit television systems that enable them to see everything happening in your space.

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Smiths Fall is a small city located north east of Ottawa Canada. It was founded in 1872 by Scottish settlers named John Smith & William Sutherland as “Sutherland Settlement”.
Today, this little town is known mainly due to the presence of several large manufacturing companies including General Dynamics Land Systems which produces tanks and military vehicles among other things. The population is around 15 000 people living in the area.
Security cameras monitoring Smiths falls is now considered the most affordable way of protecting yourself against home burglars.
This article will help you understand why security cameras are becoming increasingly popular and how they work. We will also talk about some tips and tricks to install them correctly as well as some products available on
What Is A CCTV Camera?
CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television Camera. These devices record video footage that can be viewed remotely via the internet through your computer or mobile device. They are installed by homeowners and business operators alike because they offer many advantages over traditional surveillance systems.
For example, a security system is usually controlled through a central control unit, while a CCTV device records images locally. That means you only pay for the recording space used.
Additionally, you can view live footage 24 hours per day without paying extra for additional viewing windows. Finally, CCTV cameras provide better image quality than analog systems. This makes them ideal for identifying faces in crowds, and they often come equipped with zoom capabilities that allow them to focus specifically on certain areas.
How Do I Install My Own CCTVs?
If you already own a house and would like to use your existing wiring to power a CCTV system, then simply purchase a compatible DVR (Digital Video Recorder). If not yet purchased, consider getting a professional installer who has experience installing these types of equipment.
There are two common ways of powering CCTV cameras; AC Power supply and battery backup. Both methods offer different benefits, but both are equally effective. For instance, if your home is wired for AC power then it will work regardless of whether electricity is present or not. However, batteries are useful during times when power goes down or is lost entirely, which could happen when you leave home unexpectedly on vacation.

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Smiths Fall’s best commercial Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022 include Smart Video Walls; IP Video Surveillance Systems & Wireless Audio/Video Interceptions that offer remote monitoring capabilities from anywhere around the world via web browsers; Cloud based solutions which store video footage on centralized servers accessible remotely through various software options, including PC and mobile devices as well as cloud storage providers like google drive, drop box, Box and many other file sharing sites. These systems are highly customizable enabling homeowners, business owners, and government agencies alike to customize cameras for specific applications, budgets, locations and needs.
Best Residential Security Camera Installations for 2020 will focus less on high resolution and high megapixel cameras but rather will be on smaller sized cameras that provide better visibility and coverage of areas typically overlooked. Some examples would be motion sensing outdoor lighting and indoor IR motion sensors. Cameras should always include 2 way audio capability in order to allow users to speak clearly and understand ambient sound levels while viewing live feeds.
Smart home technology is advancing exponentially and will soon become mainstream as these technologies trickle down towards consumer use, offering home owners convenience and peace of mind. As consumers begin adopting internet connected homes they will demand the ability to manage this system remotely allowing them to manage multiple rooms simultaneously, view live feeds from a central location and receive alerts in realtime. They’ll expect a seamless experience when interacting with their home technology and they won’t tolerate poor quality images due to poor network connectivity. All this functionality combined with the fact that most people prefer privacy from prying eyes, makes smart home tech one of the fastest growing markets in this decade.
For those who are building custom homes or remodeling existing dwellings the addition of security cams can help protect assets, deter theft, reduce liability, increase property value and improve overall safety by providing instant awareness of intruders, potential hazards and crime scenes. A Smiths Falls homeowner installing a new alarm system will want to consider adding several types of security cameras to cover every corner of the house including the basement, garage and exterior spaces. Most alarm companies recommend having 3 different angles and distances covered per camera location for optimal security monitoring.
In summary, Security Cam installers must keep pace with evolving technology by ensuring their products meet or exceed current standards.

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We will provide you FREE standard shipping anywhere in Canada if you order $100+ worth of products.
This makes us one of only 3 companies in North America who offer this level of service and support
We use the latest high end cameras which include night vision capabilities
Security Cam Smiths Falls is proud to be working with industry experts including NVR manufacturers including Aironet and Arlo Pro and other leading technology providers
All installations come with 24/7 monitoring on-site for up to 30 days during peak seasons like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year etc..
At Secure Cam Smiths Falls we install our own network of wireless sensors on each property, meaning you get reliable coverage wherever you go. If the sensor goes down we replace it immediately without charge. All systems run continuously day & night at no additional cost, giving you peace of mind that everything is being monitored. Our team arrives promptly ready to serve you with a smile and answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in going above expectation every single time.
Your experience begins once your installer unboxes your system and explains the equipment they purchased along with a detailed inspection of your existing wiring/technology. They then explain how to setup / configure the entire package and ensure things work properly while providing tips and tricks to maximize your enjoyment during usage.
Why should I consider hiring them? Simple, because they care enough to take extra steps to help protect my family and keep me informed via text messages or email whenever something goes amiss on site. Additionally, since they handle most of the complex tech details for me, I’m able to focus exclusively on running my business instead of dealing with multiple vendors and keeping track of various parts orders and delivery dates. Furthermore, having someone monitor me remotely ensures nothing gets stolen and that I stay safe as well as productive during those crucial hours after closing for holidays like Xmas Eve and Christmas Day. At the end of the day I’d rather spend quality time with friends and family than worrying about whether my property was secured or not and whether thieves had broken in yet again.
For business customers, Secure Cam offers many unique benefits:
Installations can be scheduled at anytime you desire (subject to availability).

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There are many different types of video recording devices available today; however only a few of them offer high quality footage in real-time without significant delay (which is why they typically cost more). High definition cameras provide a wider perspective which makes everything seem bigger. However due to this higher resolution, it will take longer than standard def videos to record because each pixel needs capturing individually. Most often these images come with resolutions ranging from 5MP-12 MP. For most people 1080P HD is enough. 720P is sufficient, but some people like super fine details so 2160p videos are ideal, and a bit better still UHD recordings would be great but unfortunately these are rarely seen outside movie theaters. All in all, HD is good enough, and unless your business really requires ultra high detail pictures then we suggest sticking with HD.
For those who demand excellent audio clarity, digital microphones are usually used for surveillance purposes. Depending on whether your device connects through Ethernet cable (wired network connection), wireless technology or both, this part can vary greatly. Some are standalone units while others connect to traditional IP phones. Some devices are connected via Wi-Fi connections allowing remote control from afar while other models use cellular connectivity which allows live monitoring from anywhere. As long as you get something with adequate sound capture capabilities, you should be able to hear just about anything worth listening to.
Smartphones have become the primary tool for taking photographs, especially nowadays. They allow us to easily capture moments and keep track of events happening wherever they go. But for professional photographers and videographers alike, smartphone cameras fail to deliver top notch picture quality on their own, hence making dedicated security cameras essential to achieving flawless imagery. Smartphone cameras are generally built around 12 megapixels but can sometimes shoot 16MP photos depending upon the model. While 8MP is considered average, 18MP could be perfect, but obviously you pay a hefty premium price tag along with higher memory usage. If your photography requirements are moderate rather than advanced, 10 million photo capacity cards will suffice, although even in this case having multiple card slots allows greater flexibility if you wish to double down on storage space.

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Hi Everyone!!
We hope everyone had a great holiday season and 2018 was safe and happy 🙂
Since we started this blog back in 2011 I thought today would be a good day to update some things since 2012 which includes updating the products we promote via this blog. We will continue to keep doing these blogs every quarter, but instead of only promoting cameras/security systems, they will include other home improvement topics.
In December 2017 Hikidash announced that they acquired SSTI Technologies, who makes digital video recording software, and would integrate them together, making the Hikidash offering better than ever. The integration should increase the market presence of Hikidash greatly over the next 5 years. Also during the same period, SSTI released their own version of Digital Video Recorder (DVR), called DVR2Go. Many people prefer the quality of HDTV over standard definition, however many devices record in SD format because most smartphones record 720p or 1080p resolution recordings. Thus, many videos recorded on smartphones lack detail due to compression artifacts even though the resolution looks fine. In order to improve audio quality, I recommend recording high quality microphones around various parts of the house; like above ceilings, inside closets, under furniture legs, near doorways, hallways, kitchen island counters, garage door openings, car hood and windshield areas, under stairs and so on. Using multiple mics helps capture voice accurately through stereo sound waves while eliminating the problem of microphone clipping.
Also, many companies offer cloud solutions from Amazon AWS or Alphabet GCP, allowing anyone with internet connection to store images anywhere in the world instantly. For example, GoToMeeting offers a web client that records in MP4 format, a codec that supports 4K UHD video quality. Other providers that record video in 4K format are Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Final Cut Pro X. However, many people still use Windows Movie Maker to edit photos for sharing on Facebook or Instagram. If you’d rather do everything yourself then try Windows Live Photo Gallery Free download or Apple iMovie.

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I am happy to announce the release of my next edition Secure Cam’s Top 5 Camera Company’s Directory 2019-2020. I will be updating this directory every summer until 2020. We will provide top ranked cameras per type of service including but not limited to Surveillance Cameras, Alarm Systems, Network Video Recorders, IP Cams & Outdoor cams. Below I listed the companies who are providing me their latest information and products. If this was of interest to you then please feel free to use this link provided. For further assistance regarding cameras and other security products contact us via phone or email
1. NVRvision Inc.
2. Digital Protection Solutions Inc.
3. ADT Corporation
4. Arlo Products International Ltd.(Canadian Distributor)
5. Intermec Corp.

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