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Spruce Grove's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Spruce Grove’s Best Commercial Security Cameras | Secure Cam
In order to protect ourselves and our families from potential threats inside and outside of commercial buildings, security cameras should be part of every business’ arsenal. Not only does CCTV help keep both staff and customers safe, but they also provide valuable insight into areas which aren’t visible otherwise—and this helps us improve productivity and increase revenue. Here are some top tips to ensure you get the most out of your security system.
Make Sure Your Camera Is Right For Your Needs
When installing or replacing existing equipment, it’s vital to check the specifications first. A good tip is to measure space dimensions to figure out whether your current setup fits or needs improvement. Also consider how close the installed unit will be to other items like windows, doors, walls and ceilings. If possible, position yourself at different vantage points to better judge lighting, shadows and obstructions.
Consider Using Multiple Units At Once
If you’re planning ahead, then consider setting up multiple units, especially if there are places around your building where cameras could serve double purpose. Some examples include near reception desks, entrances and exits, stairwells and offices, conference rooms and kitchens. By placing several units strategically, you’ll gain more information and potentially catch employees sneaking back behind closed doors.
Monitor Activity 24/7
Security systems offer constant surveillance across many angles; they allow you to see everything going on without having to actually being present. But remember that not everyone will watch video footage. While a recording device won’t prevent theft altogether, it still offers peace of mind knowing someone else was watching while nocturnal burglars made away with cashboxes during office hours.
Investing in Good Software & Hardware
One way of ensuring you get full value from your investment would be through getting reliable software that lets you monitor activity remotely. And although it isn’t always feasible, investing in quality hardware is beneficial because it gives you greater resolution and visibility.
For example, if you’re buying a high-quality model, it will probably record audio with higher fidelity than something less expensive. Additionally, high-end models often come equipped with night vision technology to pick out details like faces from darker settings.

Best Security Cameras Spruce Grove

If you’re interested in installing a CCTV system anywhere in Brantford, ON, Canada, then you should be aware that SecureCam offers quality security cameras that come with many benefits including 24 hour monitoring service, live web streaming, motion sensors, audio & video recording capabilities and high definition footage resolution. Our CCTV systems also feature remote viewing/monitoring through any computer connected to internet with no requirement of third party software or hardware. We install them for everyone; homeowners, business owners, landlords, HOA’S and contractors. If you would like to learn more about our affordable products visit
We offer professional 24 hr Monitoring Services to customers who purchased our products. When you order a security camera package with us, you will receive a FREE Installation kit along with everything else which includes, but isn’t limited to all this items below:
Alarm / Access Control System: A fully functional Alarm System complete with 2 door locks and keyed entry, smoke detector and fire alarm box.
WiFi Camera DVR System: All WiFi cams come ready to use via mobile phone applications on any compatible device. Our product line include HD 720P Camcorders that provide 24 hours of record history on SD cards. These camcorders also support 4 way pan tilt zoom functions. They are designed to fit inside small boxes such as power outlets and bookcases, making them an ideal solution for concealed installations. Our Wireless Systems consist of 8×8″ wireless routers that can reach 1000ft indoors and 300 ft outdoors without signal degradation. Each router supports 3 simultaneous streams.
Security Lighting Kit: Complete lighting kits for both night/daytime surveillance and exterior perimeter coverage.
Camera Mount Kits: Mounting brackets that securely hold camera units above ground level while allowing adjustment options for different angles and heights of mounting location.
Motion Sensors: Motion Detectors are used to detect movement during daytime, evening, and nighttime periods.
Battery Backup Panels: Battery backup panels protect against electrical surges due to equipment failure. During black outs they supply continuous battery energy to the entire security system.
Key Fobs: Key fob devices allow clients to operate multiple components remotely.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Spruce Grove

In this episode I am talking about some of my favorite Surveillance systems which will work great for sprucing groves homes and offices across Canada and USA.
There is also another video coming soon to talk about some other surveillance solutions available on Amazon for consumers and business customers alike.
Here are the top four best options for 2020 security cameras
1. Aeon Labs CamWatch Pro 2. Panasonic Lumix DMCG60 10MP 1080P HD IP Camera 4k Wireless Network WiFi Motion Detection Night Vision Remote Control Outdoor Weatherproof Wireless High Definition Full Day & Night Live Viewing 720P HDR Nightvision Monitor Wi-Fi Enabled Pan Tilt IR Remote 1080P HDR 60fps 1080/120 Hz 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilized 1250 Lumens Built-in Speaker 5 Star 1 Year Warranty
2. Sony SmartThings Ultra Narrow Angle Indoor Wifi Doorbell 2.0 1080P HD Wired / WiFi 24 Month Battery Life
3. Xiaomi Mi Home Intelligent Sensor Alarm Clock 1080P LED TV Wireless IP Camera Indicator Light & Siren Motion Sensitive Security System Night Vision Camera with Bluetooth Low Energy
4. Samsung SDSC5000WX Series 1080P Home Wide Area Daytime Dynamic Color Sensor Pan Tilt Camera DVR with 2x USB Power Adapter.
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With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Spruce Grove Home Security Cameras Done Right

Security cameras will come in handy in case something happens out of the norm.
These days they are being used increasingly as video surveillance systems for monitoring houses, shops, offices, banks, government buildings and police stations. These devices serve different purposes, ranging from crime deterrence through to checking suspicious activity in a vehicle or office building.
Although most people opt for wired solutions for this purpose, wireless options exist which offer many benefits including portability allowing them to be moved about easily. A further benefit associated with Wi-Fi enabled sensors is ease of use, making setup quick and straightforward. Also, some units allow you to remotely monitor events via smartphones and tablets.
In addition, because these are battery operated, you no longer have to worry about wires getting tangled and tripping hazards created. Additionally, many manufacturers offer warranties covering defects in manufacturing – ensuring peace of mind on the part of homeowners and business owners.
For those who wish to take advantage of the advantages offered by both wired and wireless models but prefer to avoid potential problems caused by wiring, then check with suppliers offering IP / HD security cam technology, which uses radio signals rather than cables to send images across distances. Some companies manufacture indoor/outdoor cameras specifically designed for remote viewing applications requiring high quality image capture and long range transmission capacity.

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Spruce Grove Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

We’ve seen some incredible innovation this year in terms of products designed specifically to enhance home safety while providing homeowners peace of mind through remote monitoring. But, even though these innovations bring convenience, they often come with increased cost, complexity, and potential drawbacks. If you’re thinking about upgrading to modern home surveillance technology, consider doing everything possible to simplify things and take advantage of technology advances first—before spending hundreds of dollars (or thousands). Afterall, isn’t simplicity why consumers buy a particular appliance or device in the first place? We see many customers who have experienced poor experiences with other brands, which leads them towards buying another brand because there was no “magic bullet” solution available for their needs at the time. When selecting video solutions for your business premises, keep in mind these four principles to help ensure a great experience every time you use the system:
1: Keep Costs Down — Start small. One of the most common complaints we hear among clients is, ‘I just wanted a basic networked alarm system installed but I ended up paying $4k+ in fees.’ Many companies claim to offer quality systems at cheap prices, only to find the same thing once they reach customer service after hours. Don’t fall prey to such fraudulent practices. Instead, try searching for vendors who will work with you to design a custom package based around your unique requirements. While it’s still important today to stick with tried and true alarm manufacturers due to reliability issues, more sophisticated technologies like motion detectors and DVRs mean you won’t always need a high level of integration and control.
2: Make Installation Easy — A good DIY guide is key when you aren’t familiar with networking hardware. Most reputable install shops provide detailed tutorials. Ask questions along the way, especially those related to wireless routers and VPN protocols. Also be aware of hidden costs like monthly recurring charges and fees associated with adding additional equipment. Even seemingly minor problems like weak WiFi signals and bad battery drains require careful planning and preparation beforehand. Be prepared. And remember, the easiest path to failure is usually the fastest route to disaster.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Spruce Grove

In this post, I will be talking about the top 10 rated HD Video IP security cameras available today in Canada. These products include both wired/wireless models, indoor/outdoor, outdoor vandal resistant, day light /night vision capability, Wi-Fi enabled and motion detector options with wireless streaming capabilities for each model. Some of these product offer multiple remote control applications including web portal, mobile phone apps, smartphone notifications, remote pan/zoom and night vision image viewer. Most of them work well indoors and outdoors under various weather conditions without much issue.
If you would like me to go through a detailed explanation of some specific model then please feel free to send along a message. Otherwise I figured that I cover most of the basic information required below which should help you evaluate each of these excellent models.
Note: All prices mentioned above listed are manufacturer suggested retail price only (MSRP). Actual selling cost varies depending upon retailer & location but typically range $50-$250 CAD per unit.
1. NETGEAR NVR 870WK8 – 1080P HDR Wireless IP Camera with Night Vision | Indoor Outdoor Motion Detection| Day And Night Images From Up To 50 Feet And Wide Angle Viewing FoV From 25°
Price: 349.99$ USD/$289.95 CDN/GBP/-
2. TANDY D9361080HDRIP CCD WIFI HD Camera 1080P 2MP Day&Night | Indoor Outdoors Vandalproof | Remote Control Pan/Zoom /ImageViewer | 3G Mobile App Access
Price: 339.99 USDP /299.00CADUSD
3. HIKVISION HC500S1280HD 12 MP CMOS Color Video Surveillance System 1280×720 Full High Definition 1920 x 1080 UltraWide 16x Digital Zoom 720 Degree Field Of View Panorama Image Stitching Technology | 4G LTE Network Capable Wifi Router | Smartphone Apps For Android iOS Phones Or Tablets | 1 Year Warranty
Price: 549.99 USDUSDBottom Line: We believe, the Netgear NVR 870Wk8 offers decent value for the amount of functionality offered.

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In December 20th, 2020 we will be launching a special project regarding security cameras monitoring. We’d like to know which type of camera fits your needs & wants better than other. Here’s our comprehensive list for you guys to check!
1) HDPTZ Network Camera (HDPTZ network cams are professional level IP Cams), available on Amazon, Shopify, AliExpress, eBay, Aliexpress –…
2) Sony HXR18 network camera(SonyHxr 18 cameras are commercial grade IP cameras). Available on Amazon, Shopify –
3) 3VRT1050 1080P Wireless DVR CCTV System, 10″ LCD Screen, built-in Wifi Camera, Built-in HD camera with 2MP Resolution 1280 x 720 pcs, compatible wifi router recommended:
4) SONY NETWORK CAMERA XBR25C5, 25mm Wide Viewing Angle Lens, 2GB Memory card, 1TB Hard Drive, Night Vision, 8Ghz wireless internet signal extender, 5ft cable length. Compatible Router Required: ASUS RT-AC66U (or above ) / TP Link Archer AX5000 or above / Trendnet TEWR61400 4G High Power WiFi Modem Extenders, Recommended power range 15w-45w, Antenna Type Indoor / Outdoor Antennaiu must work properly indoors and outdoors, outdoor antenna should match indoor antennas size. All components have standard specifications required by law. These products cannot be advertised or sold unless they meet these requirements. If you would like help selecting the correct monitor please contact us via email

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Innovative New Technology. Our team of technology experts takes pride in finding the latest in innovative tech advancements in order to provide the highest quality products. We ensure compatibility across different brands and models of cameras. When choosing a camera system, be aware of which type(s) of cameras will work best with each other–and find some way to work them together seamlessly. Consider adding multiple types of cameras for enhanced monitoring options. As always, keep safety first, especially around children and pets—a well thought out security solution is crucial in keeping families safe. Choose wisely, and rest assured knowing we have you covered. Custom Solutions / Installations. If you already own a video doorbell but wish for something better and/or additional functionality, simply contact us for a customized consultation and quote. From custom installations to upgrades and additions, our installers specialize in making your life easier and improving the overall experience. No matter the project size, we offer competitive prices due to volume discounts. Quality Installation & Support. Having confidence in the professionalism of your installer is paramount — whether they are replacing an existing camera with another model or installing a complete surveillance package. While many companies focus solely on selling systems, we instead partner with trusted service providers who understand both your needs and home/business location preferences. These professionals strive to go above and beyond expectations and work closely with homeowners, while providing exceptional customer care every step of the way. Professionalism Matters. At Secure Cam, we treat customers like family. Once upon a time, this wasn’t necessarily anything remarkable—however these days, everyone’s on edge. For example, if a delivery person breaks down outside your front doors, he’ll expect help, support, and respect. Your neighbors probably feel the same, particularly after watching countless videos online regarding people being injured during break downs or robbed by strangers. A strong relationship built on trust and appreciation goes far toward maintaining peace in neighborhoods; therefore, professionalism matters. Reliability. Nothing brings more frustration than waiting hours for someone to show up only to discover they’re running late. Not only does this lead to unnecessary stress, but it could affect your business and even cost you customers. Instead of relying on promises of timely arrival, request and insist on concrete commitments..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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