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This post explores some key aspects to consider when choosing a system which will help keep you and your property safe while being cost effective. We take a critical eye towards most popular systems available today to determine which ones fit best in terms of value, ease of use, reliability & quality for specific needs. If you’re interested in keeping a close watch over your place of residence and business then be sure to read through this article today to get yourself prepared for the home/business security camera install project you’ll face in just a few months!
For people who live in residential neighbourhoods like ours; they have come across at least once in their lifetime someone trying to break into their homes either via breaking windows or doors, or other illegal ways which would leave them unprotected or exposed in front of these threats. For years, many residents relied upon burglar alarms to alert them when intruders were trying to enter in their yards, but unfortunately, alarm companies had no way of pinpointing exactly which house was being targeted because the signals emitted by those devices could spread from thousands of miles away or simply fail to reach far enough to detect trespassers because of obstructions such as large trees or buildings. While installing cameras as part of home surveillance solutions is not without risks, they provide a more efficient solution than traditional methods of detecting intrusions, giving homeowners peace of mind and protection against potential property damage or theft.
We’ve broken down our findings on the top rated CCTV cameras available for home monitoring to find the perfect setup for both commercial and domestic applications. Read on below and see what these products are capable of delivering while taking steps to protect your family’s safety and your investment in the long run. As always, feel free to contact us should you ever wish to discuss further details regarding home or office security cameras. We’d love to hear from you!
If you’re planning to put up a home security camera system, you’ll definitely want something reliable, versatile and high definition capable of capturing images with crystal clear resolution. Here are ten things you should ask yourself when shopping around for the right system.
1. Does the Camera Have Motion Detection Technology?
Motion detection technology helps prevent false alerts and reduces nuisance calls.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Squamish BC

This guide will help you understand how to install cameras effectively to get maximum coverage, monitor them remotely with ease, and most importantly keep everyone safe.
We will discuss the top 4 types of cameras available today and which ones will be the best fit for you depending on your needs. We will then show you how to properly place these cameras around the perimeter of your property and explain how they work to provide the highest level of security possible. Finally, we talk through monitoring options including cloud recording, live streaming, and remote viewing.
In this article we cover everything from understanding your current situation, choosing the perfect type of camera for your specific use case, setting up remote monitoring and recording, choosing the correct mounting location, setting up alerts to notify people via email or phone calls when something happens, choosing the best software to view recorded events and the many other things required to ensure complete peace of mind while living in your Squamish home or office space.
For example, some people prefer to use motion detection, others would like to record video 24/7. Some people would rather just have someone call when anything goes down and others want to be able to watch the event happen live, but still receive notifications when certain criteria are met.
There really isn’t an answer to every single question and problem you could ever imagine, but hopefully this gives you enough information to find the solution that’s right for you. If you’re ready to learn more about installing Security Cameras in Squamish, please feel free to contact us at Secure Cam. Our friendly team of experts are always happy to chat with you and walk you through the entire installation experience.
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Squamish Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

HikVision HS2112SP HD Dome Camera | 3MP 720P Resolution/30fps – 1080P 60FPS – 8mm Lens; 1/4″ CMOS Sensor: A compact 720HD dome camera designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, this model is perfect for use indoors or outdoors in areas exposed to natural light. Ideal for surveillance applications and for video recording of events which will be played back later.
HS1116S-1WIPC IP Outdoor Full HD Wireless Night Vision Camera CCD 12M Pixel|1080P 30Hz 24bit/96K Digital Video Recording – 120° Wide Viewing Angle / 5V Operation Battery Powered: Designed specifically for outdoor monitoring uses including residential properties, commercial enterprises, business establishments and institutions. Perfectly suited for long term surveillance requirements and for event recording purposes, this high quality video device offers outstanding image definition in good lighting conditions.
Tiandy F3280T 3MP Daytime Camcorder for Surveillance Applications| HD Day/Night Video Cameras: The TIANDY F3240T daytime camcorders combine excellent picture performance with easy operation for daily use in various environments. Built-in IR illumination system for day/night viewing. High resolution pictures taken during daylight hours provide sharp details while lower contrast images captured under normal indoor lighting help improve night visibility. Users can easily capture detailed moving images through 3 MP CMOS sensor without having to pay additional costs for professional cameras.
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Best Security Cameras Squamish

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Squamish’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this article I will be going through some of my favorite security cameras available today for 2020. My main focus was to pick products that would work really well indoors and outdoors without compromising image quality. Here’s what I picked:
1. IP Cam 1120WV HD 1080P Day/Night Network Camera Outdoor Security Surveillance System
2. iKee R30 Wireless Motion Sensor 1080p HD Home Security DVR Wi Fi Video Doorbell Camera & Access Control Automation Remote Monitoring Alarm System
3. Samsung WF7500 Wireless 1080p Full HD Indoor Dome Night Vision WiFi Smart Security Camera
4. Sony HDR-CX100R Action Camcorder with a Built-in 16MP Wide Angle Lens 720p Digital Zoom 4G LTE Cellular Mobile Phone App Compatible
5. Netgear Arlo Pro 2-Way Voice Enabled 1080p HD Wired IP Security Camera Security System
6. Visonic M9i HD1080 PIR Indoor /Outdoor 1080P Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Soundproofing Noise Filtering Microwave Oven Thermometer Humidifier & Water Filtration System.
7. Eufy Genie Pro 1080pHD WiFi Smart Plug Switch Power Strip Outlets Wall Sockets Lightbulb Holder Lamp Timer Fan Controller Air Purifier Heater & Aromatherapy Diffuser.
8. Amazon Dash Wand Plus 3rd Generation Alexa Voice Command Enabled Indoor Door/Window Visor Speaker Bluetooth Headphones Echo Spot 2nd Gen (Alexa) & Alexa Mini All in One Touchscreen Audio Streaming Device.
9. Ring Spotlight Floodlight LED 1080p HD Outdoor Security Spotlights
10. Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit Color Changing Lighting
11. Lantronix X300W Smart Wi-Fi IP Camera Surveillance Gateway Security Kit with Indoor Siren and Weather Alert.
12. Philips HMC7080IP Smart TV W/HDR+ Technology, 7″ Display, 1GB RAM, Android OS. (Samsung Tizen version coming soon).
13. iSmart Alarms 3 Way Multi Zone Smoke Detector with 2 Year Battery Life
14. Philips Wake-Up Call Clock Radio with FM Transmitter

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This article will cover some great tips and tricks for finding the perfect commercial surveillance solution for your property. We’ll be talking specifically about commercial cameras but many of these principles could just as easily apply to homeowners who wish to install video surveillance systems to protect themselves and/or their properties.
If you’re interested in seeing which type(s) of camera would work well for your needs then click here for my guide on choosing the best CCTV Camera System For Your Property.
For example, you may already own a few types of cameras in various places around the house. If so, why buy another one when you’ve got plenty already?
In many cases, a single camera will serve multiple purposes; a front door camera, perhaps, while also being able to record activity in the hallway outside of bedrooms, and also provide coverage of the driveway. This way you get maximum bang for your buck, while still covering everything you need.
So, if you’re planning on installing a whole bunch of different kinds of cameras then you probably won’t want to go with a single model, instead opting for something with lots of options like this HD 1080P IP68 Outdoor Wireless Network Video Doorbell Cam.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Squamish

Squamish is considered as one of Canada’s most beautiful cities and offers many outdoor recreational opportunities along with great service industries including tourism, education and healthcare. Many people live and work there because of the city’s vibrant energy and charm. For those who love living in nature but prefer being close to urban life, this Canadian hub is perfect location to move anywhere in North America. However, moving to Squamish must be done carefully for safety purposes. You’ll enjoy living in Squamish with no worries about crime rates since many years ago police department started implementing some preventive strategies with positive outcome. They’ve spent millions of dollars to ensure residents’ safety without infringing upon civil liberties. Police officers patrol every street daily, equipped with long range radar guns. Those criminals found driving dangerously will receive multiple warnings through automated systems installed around town. Some offenders could get hit with fines and penalties while other would have to meet with court officials and pay hefty fine. If they continue disregarding laws, they’d face arrest and detention. Since the implementation of these measures there had been fewer crimes committed around Squamish.
If you’re planning to relocate then choosing the ideal area should be among your primary considerations. One cannot ignore the importance of having secured house/office. A safe place should provide peace of mind and comfort like none else. When buying or selling property, whether residential or commercial real estate, one needs to understand that protection against theft and burglary remains vital. SecureCam provides quality products which help protect homes and offices during day and night hours. From surveillance cameras to wireless network alarm system and window alarms; they cover almost all areas and requirements. They offer affordable prices to customers based on their affordability level. Most importantly, they keep improving security technology that helps eliminate possible risks of break ins and help people feel comfortable in their places.
Here are Top 10 Security Camera recommendations that are designed to prevent intrusion, fire, smoke damage, electrical surge, water leaks, vandalism and burglaries, just to mention few top problems associated with properties:-
1. Doorbell Cam 2Wire Digital Video Motion Detection Wireless Entryway Alarm System
2. HD 1080P Indoor IP66 Dome Outdoor WIFI Network Surveillance System, Black Color

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Best 4k video surveillance systems in squamish (2020 edition). The most popular security cameras in Canada 2020. We provide top quality security system products including doorbells, baby monitors & motion sensors at affordable prices. (Homeowners, business owners, renters and landlords, builders and homeowners associations, condo complexes, schools / universities, hotels, hospitals, retail stores and banks/ credit unions/ financial institutions)
This article discusses the different types of 4k surveillance systems and which ones perform well under different lighting conditions and environments.
There are many choices out there today. So which should you buy and why? Here are my recommendations:
• HD security cameras are great for indoors because they offer better image quality than standard definition videos that use 720p resolution. For instance, I recommend choosing an IP (internet protocol) camera model over analog camcorders or network cams. These allow remote viewing and control through software applications such as Logitech’s Ring Door Bell Pro App, Zonar’s Cambridge Live Viewer, NiteIze’s Night Owl, and VueTrack’s Smart View.
Here you will find everything related to Security Camera Installation Vancouver BC and other cities across British Columbia. Whether you’re a homeowner needing help installing a DVR security camera system, or a property manager looking to install a DVR surveillance system to protect multiple properties, this page has all sorts of useful information.
We carry only trusted brands that stand behind their high tech equipment. Our team consists of experts who have helped hundreds of people successfully integrate security systems into their homes and offices around British Columbia.
For example, I would consider an indoor camera with night vision. If you decide to go with an indoor camera, keep in mind that night vision isn’t required. Some models come equipped with both infrared light and visible light day and night capability. But the most common type of indoor camera uses IR technology—it sends signals back and forth but does not emit visible light. An outdoor camera could include either. Some of these options cost less than $50 each.
When I say “daylight” mode, I mean that some manufacturers call it this way while others prefer “natural daylight.

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We provide many ways to help home/business owners protect themselves while enjoying convenience of remote monitoring from anywhere via internet service like Netflix, Hulu TV, Amazon Prime Video among other apps. We offer both indoor / outdoor cameras, all weather proof IP67 rated video recording devices, motion detection alerts and much more.
Why use a traditional wired alarm system when they are cumbersome & expensive to install? Use us for FREE home alarm systems! No hidden charges. All service contracts include 2 years warranty, 1 Year extended warranty & professional service and maintenance contract coverage.
1 year warranty covers manufacturer defects only, 2 Years Extended Warranty cover’s the Camera System and Service Contract including repairs and replacement of parts during term of warranty period under the terms and conditions described below :
Service Contract includes repair or replace part(s)/service(s) due to malfunction after normal operational life of products. Please contact Customer Care Department should the unit stop functioning normally, after the end of the warranty period.
2 Years Warranty covers Product: Camsystem or device that detects motion, smoke, fire, water leakages, burglary attempts, theft, power surges by detecting intrusion inside protected premises, door opening and closing, window panes breaking. Our cameras work well day and night, indoors. You will receive 100% satisfaction guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the camera then just call us or send email and we will take care of everything. After sales support is available 24×7 through chat and phone calls. We always respond back to customers quickly.
Extended Warranty Policy applies specifically to items manufactured or sold exclusively by Secure Cam Company Limited. Upon purchase, this Extended Warranty policy becomes binding upon the customer and cannot be canceled once purchased.
Please note:
This Warranty does NOT apply to any products which are subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, negligence, damage caused by accidents, improper handling, tampering or failure to maintain, or use contrary to instructions provided by Authorized Retailer.
To claim Warranty please call us first. If no response received within 3 days of original order date, a full refund shall automatically issue to client..

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