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Best Security Camera Brands
Security Camera Features & Design
What Kind Of Protection Do They Offer Against Theft?
Smartphone Apps For Monitoring Your House While On Vacation Or Away From HOME.
How Many Cams Should I Buy If I Have A Large House Like Me?
Should We Install Cam #1 First And Then Add Cam 2/3 Later As Needed?
Installing Multiple Smart Security Cameras At Once On One Wiring Feed Line
Is An External Hard Drive Required When Installing Video Surveillance System?
In Conclusion
Which Is Better
For My Purpose—Small Businesses, Homes, Small Commercial Spaces or Large Corporate Facilities?…or… All Of The Above?
If Someone Breaks Into Our Property Will They Still Be Able To Watch Their Handiwork?
Do Lenses Help Prevent Theft?…Does Size Matter?
Will Thieves Steal Another Day? Will Someone Take Advantage Of New Technology Today?
Can We Avoid These Problems By Using High Tech Software?
When Does It Make Sense To Use Professional Services Such As Those Provided Through Smart Security Systems Inc.?
Are There Other Important Issues Related To Smart Cameras I Should Consider Before Buying Them…?
Are There Other Products Or Technologies On The Horizon That May Change Things…?
This post covers many questions, but only briefly answers some. Here Are Some Questions We Haven’t Yet Answered!
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We get it. We see everything. A lot. And, our cameras watch everywhere—even when they aren’t watching.
There’s no place left for crime. No place left for thieves.
No place left for people trying to sell you fake goods.
So, it makes perfect sense to be proactive about protecting yourself, your belongings, and most importantly, your family and loved ones.
When it matters most, protect yourself. Protect them back. Start today with the industry leading SecureCam. We’ve got great prices and quality products ready to go.
Innovative technology meets cutting edge design to deliver outstanding value while giving you peace of mind at the touch of a button.
If you’re thinking “I’d like some security,” then check us out at Or call 1 888 779 9792 to find out which model fits like a glove around your unique lifestyle.
You deserve good protection.

Why SecureCam St. Albert is right for YOU?

We believe we get people excited about video surveillance because they feel like someone really cares about them, especially after being robbed once already. They see us as their friend who will be there 24/7 and protect their property and privacy while still providing them peace of mind.
When you use SecureCam, you can expect to benefit from these key benefits. We want to help keep people safe around your business, family members, pets, housemates, children, friends, neighbors, community leaders…and everyone else who needs protection. And for those people whose homes or offices aren’t yet equipped with cameras, we’re proud to offer solutions that work well whether used indoors or outdoors.
Here’s why St. Albert and surrounding area customers should consider installing a home alarm system with security monitoring service from Secure Cam.
1. Peace of Mind
Security isn’t just something that happens elsewhere. A home burglary leaves lasting effects at both a personal level and professional level. People often worry how this experience could affect future employment opportunities, relationships, or even physical health issues such as stress related illness due to fear of crime.
But thanks to modern technology, we’ve created products that allow homeowners and business owners alike to monitor their surroundings whenever, wherever. Whether it’s through a mobile device, computer screen, tablet, or smartphone, people can rest assured knowing they’ll always be aware no matter where they go.
This helps prevent potential break-ins, burglars, theft, vandalism, fire damage, water flooding or other emergencies from happening in the first place. When it does occur, a homeowner or office owner gets immediate notification via email or text message which gives them enough information to alert emergency personnel or call police immediately.
2. Safety
If you’re a parent, then you probably know it takes only seconds for kids to become victims of crimes or accidents. It’s crucial to take action fast to stop those potential outcomes from happening. But it’s tough sometimes to do things quickly when you’ve got little ones running around. Fortunately today’s digital technologies mean parents can easily monitor everything their kids are doing without having to physically observe, check, and interact with them every minute of the day.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in St. Albert AB

For most homeowners, security cameras aren’t something they see every day. They aren’t installed until someone breaks into their house — or worse yet, gets hurt inside because of some negligent act like leaving doors unlocked. But once security cameras are properly installed, many people find them surprisingly valuable. Here’s why:
Security cameras offer peace of mind.
Whether it’s knowing who was outside your window a few hours ago, keeping track of children while away at school, or simply monitoring activity around your property, having video evidence helps keep everyone safe and secure. Plus, many modern systems allow you to stream videos live via apps on your phone.
If somebody does break in, cameras often provide critical information that could help police nab offenders. Many high-quality devices record HD quality footage, which makes viewing easier than ever; plus, some newer models include facial recognition technology that automatically alerts authorities if faces appear. And since most burglars prefer to strike quickly, you won’t necessarily catch thieves coming back later. So, even though these devices usually cost thousands of dollars, the benefits far outweigh the costs.
Cameras deter crime.
Many crimes take place during times when no one else will be home to notice suspicious behavior. Burglary rates tend to spike after dark, but daytime crime tends to remain steady. As a result, when criminals enter homes, they generally expect nobody to observe their presence. However, having surveillance equipment around can serve as a deterrent against opportunistic attacks.
When crime occurs, cameras typically capture everything. If a burglar tries to remove a stolen item, for example, the security system could still show the thief entering an area. Or say, if kids get caught playing near a pool without supervision, an intruder would stand out against a background of normal swimming action. Surveillance cameras catch bad actors doing things that might otherwise go unnoticed. When this happens, law enforcement officials can use that proof to obtain search warrants. Or if the homeowner isn’t present at the moment, the intruder could end up being arrested.
Cams protect pets.

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St. Albert Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

How Many IP cameras should I buy?
What type of Camera System will be most effective in my situation?
Security Cam FAQ’s
If someone breaks into a property while you’re away…can they steal anything? No! Because these types of security products have motion detection and alarm capabilities. Motion Detection lets them know something was there but no images are taken or saved unless an unauthorized person enters the property. Alarms notify police/fire department immediately upon activation which could lead to faster response times than in past years due to technology advancements like 911 text alerts (911 texting). A good example would be a house burglary with no images captured because this system was armed while you were not present, yet the burglar entered anyway, alerting authorities and resulting in quicker arrest and prosecution rates leading to lower crime costs overall.
Why use video surveillance in St.Albert Alberta?
Video Surveillance helps prevent crime before it occurs or after its already occurred. When used properly and monitored constantly, it can help keep people safe during emergencies or other events of concern. With the ability to capture pictures and videos of activity, you’ll reduce risk factors associated with break ins, fire hazards and vandalism. Additionally, many insurance companies offer additional incentives for having a working Video Surveillance system installed in business’ premises or residence.
Who uses video surveillance systems? People who live next door to each other often get along well until one decides to move in across the street. But if the neighbor doesn’t feel comfortable leaving his kids unsupervised, perhaps he should consider installing some form of surveillance equipment just in case. After all, in today’s age everyone knows what happens on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and they are willing to take risks knowing that everything stays private at least in theory. Even if a stranger was caught peeking through windows, nobody really needs proof that they did. They simply got spooked by the fact that they saw someone else doing it, whether true or false. And even though it may sound weird to install CCTV equipment at a rental house, it turns out that renters in general tend to leave houses unlocked so why not protect yourself against potential problems in this area. On top of all that, landlords love getting the extra income that video surveillance brings in.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems St. Albert

Security systems in homes and offices should be monitored for the purpose of detecting intruders in order to prevent burglary. In recent years, many homeowners install cameras in their house/home office for monitoring purposes.
In this article, I will show some of my favorite Security Camera products available today for home security applications in Canada:
HikVision HD Video 1080P IP Cam
This is probably the most popular type of video surveillance system used in Canadian houses due to its ease of use and affordability. Hikvision offers the highest resolution of 1080p HD video with night vision capability.
The Hik Vision HD camera supports wireless transmission via IEEE 802.11 b/g /n Wi-Fi technology for remote viewing.
Tiandu Y2C Series Digital Wireless Doorbell Camera System
With this door bell camera system, you no longer need to worry about getting locked outside of your building or having someone ring the front door bell while you aren’t around. Just push “record” button once someone rings the door bell and then view live footage remotely through your smartphone or tablet device. You can watch the recorded videos anytime via email notification.
Yiwan Li Xiongmai Door Bell Camera System
This wireless digital doorbell cam offers excellent picture quality of 1280×720 pixels and can record sound in high quality MP3 format. You can connect it wirelessly to other devices through Bluetooth 3.0 technology or USB cable.
Zanox DVR IP Camera Systems
These are great options to monitor and protect your property from unwanted visitors and potential thieves in realtime. They come complete with 2 way voice communication capabilities which enable them to send alerts from your mobile phone or computer if they detect motion inside your home. These cameras offer excellent image resolutions of 1080P HD and 720P HD video recording quality, making these ideal for both residential and commercial settings. If you’re searching for affordable yet powerful video security solutions for your business in St.

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We live in a world of constant connectivity and convenience, yet it seems like nothing is private anymore. We rely heavily on technology to keep us safe and connected to each other; but, as we become more dependent on technology, it only gets harder to protect ourselves against threats. Whether you own a business or just a residence, having surveillance cameras installed will be essential for keeping your family and property safe. If you haven’t already purchased security cameras, then this guide should help you find some of the top options available today.
In order to determine which system would work best for you, it’s first necessary to decide exactly what type of protection you’d like to achieve. For instance, if you’re concerned about theft, you’ll probably need something capable of capturing motion and sound. However, if you’re primarily worried about intruders breaking into your house while no one else is around, the presence of a video recorder won’t really matter.
There are many different types of systems available, including traditional analog models, digital IP cameras, and hybrid solutions like those offered by Secure Cam. Each of these devices offers varying levels of functionality depending on whether they use wired or wireless connections and offer various degrees of video quality. Here are four of the most popular choices for both residential and commercial installations and how well they perform.
1. Analog CCD/CMOS Surveillance Camera System
These older style cameras typically consist of either black & white or color images that record onto film or tape. Although this model is still used widely across the industry, it does suffer from poor image resolution and lack the ability to record audio. While some newer models are able to capture 1080P HD video, the majority of them cannot record high definition content. These cameras are usually mounted indoors near windows or doors for maximum visibility.
2. Digital IP Camera Network Solution
Digital network cameras are often considered “the next generation” because they combine a high degree of flexibility along with excellent picture quality. Most models feature multiple megapixel sensors, allowing them to deliver crisp, detailed images. Many IP cameras allow remote monitoring via mobile apps, enabling you to check in to see who’s coming and going without ever leaving your home or office.

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Best Security Cameras St. Albert

If you’re thinking about getting some cameras installed around your house this fall, you’ll definitely have options for both indoor/outdoor cameras and wireless cameras. Here’s everything you should be watching for.
Camerases – We’ve already talked about why it’s worth having more than one camera in each location you’re interested in monitoring. But there are other things to consider when choosing which type of camera system will work well in your situation. For starters, outdoor systems often include infrared nightvision capabilities. These help keep unwanted intruders away while still letting you see them clearly. Indoor cameras typically use standard visible light video technology. So they won’t provide infrared capability unless you buy additional equipment. Wireless cameras offer the most flexibility, because they allow you to move the entire unit wherever you’d like without needing wires, power cords, or physical mounts. They usually come equipped with motion detection capabilities, but some models have audio recording, too. If you decide to go wired, you can get IP addressable units that connect wirelessly to Wi-Fi networks. And you could always opt for something simple, like just a single HD quality digital camera. (Read More…)
Wireless Camera Options | Wired Systems – If you have a specific place in mind, you can find plenty of great options for both indoor and outdoor cameras. Some popular brands include Ring, Netgear, Arlo, DVRTekkon, Canary, Nest, HikVision (See the full list below).
Indoor Security Cameras – When considering indoor camera options, you have several choices. First, you can stick with basic analog video. Or, you can upgrade to 720p resolution, 1080i high definition, or 4K UHD resolution, depending on whether you want better image detail on smaller screens. Most modern cameras support HDMI connections, allowing you to plug the monitor straight into the camera. Some even feature built-in speakers. You can even pair multiple cameras together, which helps reduce blind spots. (read more here:

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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