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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems St. Thomas

In this article I will be comparing four different video surveillance systems in the market today, the first being a wireless indoor system for the home/office, the Nest Secure. Then I will talk about the next level being an outdoor system which uses a dome camera to see everything outside of the house. Finally the third category would be a hybrid solution which includes both an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Each of these products offer many features but they each come with their own unique problems. For example, some of the cameras have issues capturing images during periods of bad weather like rain or snow, and other times they just fail completely. So which one should you buy to protect your life and property in St.Thomas? Let’s get started…
1. Wireless Indoor System – Nest Secure
For most people, having a good quality indoor camera is enough protection against burglars. However, if your life happens to involve leaving your door unlocked, or you live in a high crime area then you should consider investing in an additional piece of equipment which is designed specifically for protecting homes and offices from intruders. These devices work by monitoring movement around the perimeter of properties, detecting motion and triggering alerts via text messages or phone calls. They’re usually installed inside of the walls so that you can keep them discreet while still providing complete coverage of every inch of your home or office. One thing to note though, the Nest is not compatible with Apple TV so you won’t be able to control the device through Siri commands either. Another downside is that you must pay $30 per month for 24 / 7 service and the device only supports 2 way communication so if someone breaks-in they can’t contact authorities until they’re already inside.
Pros Cons Pricey Monthly Fee Requires a Landline to Work Remote Alert Service Only Compatible with Android Smartphone Not Available as a Wi-Fi Camera
2. Outdoor Dome Camera – Honeywell ProHD 1080P HD IP Cam
If you’d prefer something that looks less intimidating than traditional domes, then Honeywell offers a great alternative called the ProHD 1080p IP cam. Like the Nest, this device is designed to protect your home or business from potential threats.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company St. Thomas

Security cameras provide us the ability to record images remotely for future reference but they must be installed properly, connected correctly and maintained regularly otherwise the recording quality will degrade quickly leading to poor image resolution. A professional installer who uses state of art tools to accurately identify issues and solve them before they become expensive repair bills. Here at Secure Cam all installations are performed by highly trained expert technicians providing reliable solutions. Our service department ensures each project follows a standard procedure which helps improve customer satisfaction every step of the way. We understand the importance of having high speed internet connectivity due to the advanced nature of digital video monitoring systems. If the connection does not meet minimum requirements then the system cannot operate efficiently resulting in degraded picture quality. Therefore we ensure we install only top rated providers of broadband Internet connections. Each technician installs a custom router capable of supporting multiple devices simultaneously while keeping network speeds fast enough to transfer large volumes of data without lags or dropouts. All work orders requiring power line cabling are handled through our team of certified electricians ensuring proper equipment grounding and bonding to prevent electrical shock hazards. Most importantly we use only tested & verified hardware products for maximum peace of mind. At this stage of technological advancement most problems can usually be solved easily via telephone contact with support engineers. However when required additional technical expertise should always be brought into play, especially during those times when unexpected events occur. For example installing CCTV to protect against theft, burglary, vandalism, weather damage and other emergencies can often lead to unforeseen circumstances, therefore backup batteries are crucial components to be considered during installation. When selecting wireless IP cameras consider factors like range, battery life and other environmental considerations including outdoor mounting options. Wireless technology continues to evolve as manufacturers try to overcome limitations inherent in older radio frequency technologies. Newer models offer higher transmission frequencies enabling greater distance range, faster response rates and less distortion and interference which leads to clearer pictures with fewer dropped signals. Some newer units feature integrated WiFi capabilities allowing remote viewing & control of the live stream using smartphones apps for iOS and Android devices. Many modern WiFI enabled cameras come equipped with web cams and streaming software making them ideal for realtime communications and notifications.

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Security cameras will be everywhere soon. And they won’t just be installed outside. They’ll be inside your home, office space and garage. We’ve rounded up some top products and ideas to help keep your business safe and sound this coming year. Here’s everything you need to consider in choosing a great security system for your future needs.
We’re confident the following information will provide you with the knowledge you need to select the most secure solution available today. Whether you’re a DIYer or professional installer, keep reading below to learn why these security solutions should be part of your family of devices.
1. IP Camera Networking Solutions for Your Business Needs
IP CCTV systems offer many benefits including flexibility of network setup, ability to monitor multiple locations remotely, security monitoring software integration, the ability to stream video footage remotely (including mobile apps), and much more.
2. Wireless Camera Networks For Small Businesses
Wireless networks aren’t only for large commercial entities anymore. Today, small businesses like yours can benefit from wireless technology through a wireless surveillance system. These types of wireless systems use either 802.11n or Bluetooth technologies for transmission. Either way, the result is increased reliability and lower costs than traditional wired networks. Plus, with wireless security cameras, the potential of downtime caused by cable cuts isn’t something you have to worry about.
3. Video Doorbells For Your Home Or Commercial Space
Video doorbells allow homeowners and apartment dwellers alike to view who is approaching while remaining completely private. Many companies use them as their primary alarm system because they allow anyone to see visitors without having to answer calls.
4. Remote Access Monitoring Systems
Remote Access Monitoring Systems are perfect for your next project whether it’s building renovations or construction projects. Remote Access Monitoring gives contractors the convenience of working from afar while providing peace of mind knowing someone else is watching out for your work area.
5. Alarm System Integrations
In order to maximize the security capabilities of any alarm system, integrating other security measures like motion sensors, flood lights, glass breakage alarms and smoke detectors becomes necessary. When integrated properly, each piece helps protect the entire residence or property against a wide array of threats.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Why SecureCam St. Thomas is right for YOU?

Security cameras provide protection against crime, theft, fire and other emergencies, they help in keeping track of valuable things like jewelry, cars, valuables, cash, documents, property records, and many other assets. They allow homeowners to monitor their premises remotely through online video streaming or phone alerts. These devices are installed and used for various purposes including monitoring homes, office building and commercial properties, surveillance and video recording.
Hikvision and Tandy both manufacture high quality IP cameras which have become increasingly popular and affordable over the years due to increased demand. Both brands offer excellent customer service support and have earned great reputation among consumers for delivering reliable products.
In this article, I will be discussing the following topics about these 2 top rated brands;
1. The History behind them
2. Their features and specifications
3. Pricing
4. Customer reviews and ratings
5. Installation guide
6. Conclusion
History Behind Them
Both companies were founded in 1990s and started manufacturing CCTV equipment under the name “Cambrian Technology Corporation” (CTC). CTC was acquired by the Chinese firm Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co Ltd (HKST), in 1999 and renamed it to Hikvision Inc. The same year, another Chinese firm named Tianyue Electronics Group Ltd. bought another camera manufacturer called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, known as TSMC. Together they launched a combined business venture named TSMC Holdings Inc..
TSMC became publicly traded in 2000, but HKST did not follow suit until 2004. Since then, both companies expanded in China’s domestic market while maintaining a foothold abroad, especially in North America. As of 2017, each company controls approximately 50% of global IP network camera sales, according to Statista.
Their Features & Specifications
Each of the above mentioned companies manufactures a wide range of IP cameras. Some of the most common models include HD1080P/720P indoor camera, Wifi Camera DVR, Network Video Recorder(NVR), Wireless Outdoor Dome Camera, Indoor Dome Camera and many more. All of these come standard with built-in Wi-Fi, motion detection sensors, night vision capabilities along with a long list of other advanced features.

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If you live in St.Thomas consider installing these top 10 best rated cameras that include indoor/outdoor options along with high definition technology to capture sharp images no matter the lighting situations in your environment. These top ten best rated products will be updated periodically so check back often because we regularly update this guide. When shopping around please keep those listed below in mind while comparing price range, functionality, ease of use, video quality, compatibility with other devices (smartphones), HDTV viewing capabilities, durability rating and warranty length. We believe each camera should meet all user criteria not just some and therefore recommend each item individually and collectively. Here are links to the individual reviews (click link for details).

St. Thomas Home Security Cameras Done Right

When it come to cameras, most would agree they keep us safe, especially during the holidays and other times of heightened risk. But while most people use standard point-and-shoot cameras these days, some folks still love having a professionally installed camera system which keeps them informed day and night.
What is the difference between the many types of CCTV systems available, and why should I consider investing in a professional service like Secure Cam instead of installing my own DIY system?
How does it work, anyway? A typical home surveillance setup uses video recorders/cameras connected wirelessly via network connections and/or infrared technology. If someone breaks into your house, you get instant alerts through email, text messages, phone calls, Facebook notifications… you probably already see the value of this type of monitoring!
But what really separates home networked monitors from more traditional installations is reliability; after all, who wants to be alerted every single hour that something’s going down, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?! No thanks – we live busy lives, but we don’t wish to miss anything crucial either. We simply need to know everything that’s happening around us…
Home Network Video Systems typically consist of 2 parts: 1) hardware devices at each end of your property line: motion sensors, doorbells, IP cameras and DVRs; and 2) software installed on your computer monitor or smartphone screen, allowing remote viewing. Your “monitor” becomes part of your existing Wi-Fi network, accessible anywhere on the Internet. You decide whether to view it remotely, from another location, or both. Some providers allow you install additional components onto a single device, including audio, zoom, pan/zoom, night mode and voice commands, depending upon your specific needs.
So what makes Secure Cam different? Why pay full price for home automation equipment when you could get the same quality products directly from manufacturers, just at substantially lower cost! At Secure Cam, you’ll benefit from decades of experience providing high quality security solutions to homeowners. As a locally owned business, located right in downtown St.

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St.Thomas Security Camera Installation Service: Our team will go above and beyond to help our customers protect their homes and offices with some of the most advanced technology available. We pride ourselves on being able to provide superior service without cutting corners or compromising quality. This ensures customer satisfaction. When it comes to selecting and installing video surveillance products, Secure Cam delivers industry leading solutions backed by comprehensive technical support programs. Whether it be indoor cameras or outdoor cameras, our experienced installers bring years of experience working with multiple brands and technologies. Not only does this ensure proper integration and functionality, but also provide peace of mind knowing they did everything possible to meet customer expectations while upholding high standards to prevent surprises down the road.
Home Security Camera Reviews By Actual Customers: Many companies sell “security camera reviews” that seem like free advertising, but aren’t actually trustworthy sources of information. Fortunately, we take great pride in providing honest opinions, giving you real people who live near you, and showing them just why we’re different than other providers. Unlike many sites which claim “many” satisfied clients, we simply ask those few individuals who have had good experiences after their purchase to write us, and then post those individual comments to publicly display their reviews. If it sounds better than any paid advertisement you’ve ever seen, it’s probably thanks to these honest testimonials…
For Your Safety & Protection: At Secure Cam, safety and protection are #1 priorities. All of our employees undergo extensive background checks/fingerprinting, drug testing and background check verifications, plus ongoing training to keep them updated with current legislation and practices related to safe guarding your property against potential dangers. They wear uniforms designed specifically for the purpose of easily identifying themselves so homeowners, renters, business professionals and law enforcement personnel alike will always quickly identify what type of company they work for.. Because every homeowner deserves to feel protected by knowledgeable, qualified experts who care about each customer relationship.
Customizable Product Selection: While our primary focus lies on delivering top quality equipment, customization options are part of the equation as well.

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Best Security Cameras St. Thomas

In today’s connected world, every business needs some form of protection against break-ins and theft. While most companies use basic CCTV cameras and alarm systems, they fail to fully protect them because thieves often pick through these devices quickly without being noticed. If you’re ready to upgrade your current security system and get some extra peace of mind, then you should consider investing in a commercial surveillance system. These systems come equipped with multiple types of high quality recording technology, which will allow you to record everything that occurs, no matter how obscure it seems. They’ll help you catch criminals red handed and deter potential perpetrators from breaking into your property again. We’ve outlined several tips below to guide you in choosing the best security solution for your specific situation.
Commercial Surveillance Systems For Your Business
When considering different security solutions for your company, keep things simple first — your choice shouldn’t be complicated. Many people opt for DIY options, but they aren’t always the best choices. A professionally installed professional security system offers many benefits, including better reliability (it requires less human error to operate), lower installation costs, and fewer problems down the line. Even if your office isn’t large enough to warrant the purchase of a complete multi-camera unit outright, you may still benefit from smaller packages that include only a few select units rather than having to buy separate components. Below are six key factors you’ll want to take into consideration while comparing available products:
1.) Resolution
Resolution determines just how detailed your recordings are and plays a vital role in determining overall image quality. Some cameras offer HD resolution, which typically records video in 720P or 1080i resolution; this type of footage is extremely crisp and sharp, and shows great detail during playback. Other models offer SD/SDI resolutions. Depending on whether or not video is recorded internally or externally, different resolutions will suit particular applications best.
2.) Recording Length
Most modern video technologies support long term storage capabilities. Although digital data tends to degrade after around 10 years, longer duration videos require larger amounts of space. Longer recording times ensure that you won’t lose valuable information stored on the recorder, particularly if it gets damaged or stolen..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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